EU asks Erdogan to agree to migrant plan

Sweeteners may be offered in return for agreement

Landmass of GB needed for Chinese meat

Additional 15-20m hectares of agricultural land needed

Italy seeks to prosecute S&P and Fitch

Agencies accused of inflicting unjustified damage with ratings

US mass shootings prompt gun sale surge

Fears over tighter arms laws lead to higher demand

VW ‘uniquely awful’ governance at fault

Boardroom lacked diversity, expertise and independence, say observers

Israel limits access to Old City

Palestinians banned after fatal stabbings in the historic Old City

Uber hitches ride on car-sharing bandwagon

Transport insurgent faces challenge in technology engineering

Lunch with the FT: Marian Goodman

US investigates Afghan hospital attack

At least 19 dead in bombing of Médecins Sans Frontières hospital

Pro-Europe campaign plays catch-up

Out group has already formed its executive team

Portugal goes to the polls

Anti-austerity party poses threat to PM Pedro Passos Coelho

Coke and McDonald’s ask Blatter to quit

Budweiser and Visa join Fifa sponsors seeking swift resignation

Comment & Analysis

Michael O’Leary, CEO: Ryanair grows up

A more adult approach has lifted the budget carrier’s profits

Vladimir Putin and Silvio Berlusconi on holiday in Sardinia in 2003
©Livio Anticoli

Berlusconi and Putin: the odd couple

In exclusive interviews, the two share a worldview, with the ex-Italian premier endorsing the Kremlin’s actions in Syria and Ukraine

Currency, banknotes, Euros, Dollars Swiss Francs

New UK mortgage rules will hit foreign workers

Lenders pull out of market ahead of new EU rules

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"If you are a long-term investor, you can simply ride out the volatility. No one compels you to trade when volatility spikes. All the author can claim is that algo trading increases volatility; no one can prove it alters an asset's underlying value, or that the market price does not converge on the intrinsic value. Buffett is not bothered if an algo shakes his stock price up and down."
By Newyorker2014 on Markets: Can they really be tamed?

"Having resigned from four companies in the last decade (two of them blue-chip, two of them start-up), I've never once had an exit interview. Such a missed opportunity. As with customers, your most valuable are the ones who are dissatisfied. It is a very old-fashioned British attitude that assumes management have nothing to learn from their staff."
By Snid on Useless exit interviews carry a heavy cost

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