Worst start for hedge funds since crisis

Performance hit by Ukraine, tech stock slump and yen reversal

Barclays reaches deal on Somalia services

Money transfer group Dahabshiil wins time to find replacement bank

German publishing head hits at Google

Döpfner criticises EU’s recent settlement with Google

Stocks higher after China GDP data

US government bonds and yen weaken

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Pro-Russia militia intensify defiance

Nato strengthens presence on eastern border

Algeria set to retain its ailing leader

State apparatus, business and public all support ailing president

BofA hit by $6bn legal charge

US bank reports first loss in nearly 3 years

Gunvor’s earnings rise by a quarter

Swiss-based oil trader sees diversification strategy pay off

China GDP growth slows in first quarter

Expansion of 7.4% is slowest since third quarter of 2012

Elior plans €700m flotation

Private equity backer Charterhouse eyes €4bn valuation

Investment bank weighs on Credit Suisse

Pre-tax profits fall 36% on slide in debt trading

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A French mix of exotic high-tech

Raphaël Gorgé is updating his family’s industrial knowhow

Job seekers line up at a job fair at Tianjin University

A game change in public service

Demand for once coveted civil servant jobs in China is declining

Chinese munis will help curb shadow banks

Beijing hastens launch of municipal bond market

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"The challenge is to balance unequal outcomes with equality of opportunity, namely justice before the law, best in class health and education. The key measure is intergenerational mobility, and it is not surprising to discover that the US has among the OECD countries one of the worst results."
By Paul Summerville Victoria, BC on ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’, by Thomas Piketty

"It's time to end all the fix markets - Libor set the stage and gold markets reinforce the need. Why continue the fiction of a committee or panel setting the daily price in large liquid markets?"
By WashMichael on Gold: In search of a new standard

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