Bill Gross sues Pimco for $200m over ousting

Ex-colleagues accused of being ‘driven by a lust for power, greed’

Live: VW grilled in Congress

Michael Horn faces questions on diesel emissions scandal

German prosecutors conduct searches in VW probe

Documents sought at Wolfsburg HQ and private residences

Nato chief warns Russia over Turkey

Putin’s moves in Syria top agenda ahead of alliance gathering

AB InBev owns several of the world’s biggest beer brands, including Budweiser...
©Charlie Bibby

AB InBev attacks SABMiller bid rebuffal

Belgian-Brazilian brewer says rival’s stance ‘lacks credibility’

Blatter and Platini suspended by Fifa

Move puts succession plan into jeopardy

Steve Jobs
©Magnolia Films

Jobs’ Apple legacy ‘hijacked’, says Ive

Design chief does not ‘recognise this person’ in new film

BoE checks commodity exposures

Regulator asks financial institutions to reveal risks

EM slowdown hits German exports

Data show sharpest monthly fall since financial crisis

Plan to detain more failed asylum seekers

EU ministers discuss tough measures to step-up deportations

Greek banks anxious as bailout nears

Lenders fear implementation details may deter private investors

Comment & Analysis

EM impacted by global US dollar recession

IMF forecasts largest annual shrinkage in world growth, measured in US dollars, since records began

Big pharma thinks twice about price rises

Valeant and Allergan chiefs signal end to ‘buy and raise’ deals

3G founder is thirsty for beer dominance

Brazilian billionaire closes in on dream with AB InBev and SABMiller merger

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"When I taught maths and physics at MIT, I forbade my students the use of a calculator. Why? Because a numerical answer is beside the point. One must learn the concepts of how to model and approach a problem to understand these fields.Once this knowledge is solid, then comes a consideration of how and when to apply it."
By Susan Brown on Stop teaching kids to add up — maths is more important

"What does the new package of financial goodies amount to? The printing of trillions more in paper liabilities to purchase existing paper liabilities - debt that will never be honoured; 'money' that has never been within a mile of real productivity. Having started a fire, policymakers now want us to believe they know how to put it out, by adding more paraffin to the blaze."
By MarkGB on Global economy: The case for expansion

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