Hong Kong clashes leave scores injured

Radical groups among protesters in running battles with police

Investors buy CDS amid bank bond fears

High trading volumes come as Deutsche woes intensify

Bloomberg says he is eyeing 2016 run

Media billionaire’s entry would reshape White House race

10-year Japanese bond yield hits zero

Japan enters new JGB era as yen rises and stocks swoon

Obama requests $1.8bn to fight Zika virus

Alarm in the US and elsewhere grows over illness’s spread

Fund queries Argentina’s holdout deal

Aurelius claims discrepancy in how Buenos Aires treats creditors

India keeps top GDP place with 7.3% rise

Oil price fall aids economy but analysts question data reliability

‘Kremlin’s banker’ faces UK jail sentence

High Court finds Sergei Pugachev has breached court orders

Africa Internet set for ‘unicorn’ title

Axa investment aims to tap growth in demand for online products

Saudi billionaire loses UK immunity claim

Estranged wife wins right to fight for share of £4bn fortune

Brazil’s real: how low can it go?

Currency has further to fall given the state of the economy

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Fund managers ready for ‘smart beta’ wars

Asset managers swoop for niche players as interest hots up

Bankers’ rock star excesses seem off key

Investment banking no longer needs highly paid whizz-kids

Delhi Notebook: India’s wedding syndrome

The government manages one-off events but not longer-term projects, writes Victor Mallet

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"I am stunned that you feel technology — mostly in the form of Uber and Zipcar — has finally made it viable for city dwellers not to own a car. I've lived in London for 25 years without a car. I never regretted a day of it, nor felt any inconvenience, though we brought up three children. Taxis and rental cars did exist before Uber and Zipcar, as did bicycles and shoes."
By Leo Schulz on The art of living car-lessly in the city

"Clearly, when we signed up to the EU, presumably, the cost-benefit analysis worked in our favour. We knew what we were signing up to. The question is: were we wrong then, or are we wrong to want to leave now? How has the cost- benefit changed?"
By wolczr on FT Debate on Brexit: We Tories are all Eurosceptics now

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