Cryan sees no virtue in bankers’ bonuses

Deutsche’s new chief says big pay packages do not add up

Abe calls for minimum wage rise

PM targets annual 3%increase in ploy to boost consumer spending

China PLA reforms raise hackles in ranks

Articles in army newspaper warn against mishandling of changes

Five Disney copycat hotels fined in China

Comes a month after regulators pledge special support to Disney

Microsoft enters Myanmar minefield 

Client company founder denies links with drugs trade

Japan watchdog raids Murakami’s home

Securities regulator probes activist shareholder

Private equity targets Premier League

Fast-rising income and cost control have generated irresistible financial rewards

South Korea takes aim at zombie companies

Need for action highlighted by huge losses among shipbuilders

Hastings wins A$10bn TransGrid auction

Consortium beats Chinese bidder in race for NSW power network

US farmers turn to storage as grain prices sag

Silos are bulging as growers wait for prices to recover

Russian groups’ ties with west unravel

Three companies have signalled plans to withdraw from London

Comment & Analysis

Investors psyched by the endowment effect

Tendency to overvalue assets is costly and reflects investor fear

Islanders on climate change’s frontline

South Pacific island nations raise hopes for Paris talks

Leverage and liquidity are risks to watch

Asset managers must work with regulators to detect problems

Best comments from our readers

"Humanity is not so grand as the term 'clash of civilizations' implies. There is simply a petty struggle for power within and between nation states, with aspiring leaders using the easiest means necessary to garner attention and support."
By Civilization on Do Paris terror attacks highlight a clash of civilisations?

"If Richard Branson (without having had his successes) sought a job in a large corporation or prof services firm they'd laugh him out of the interview. 'Where's your MBA...?' they would scream and be glad they turned him away. Such is the ignorance of not seeing the wood for the trees."
By Etranger on Headhunters and CEOs are less valuable than they think

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