Property buyers eye London bargains

Currency movements post Brexit vote create discounts in wealthiest areas

Victors’ visions clash over life after EU

On the most important policy issues, Leave supporters do not agree

Sturgeon weighs second independence vote

Route to new Scotland referendum not straightforward

A Nordic model for the British Isles  

Look to the Nordic countries for a new, sustainable constitutional settlement, writes Hugh Carnegy  

29.10.07 Crispin Odey photographed in his Upper Gosvenor Street office. PHOTOGRAPH BY DANIEL JONES 2007 TELEPHONE: 07815 853503

Hedge funds win big from Brexit bets

Crispin Odey and Marshall Wace reap short-selling gains

Leavers divided over trade and immigration

Policy differences begin to emerge after vote

Jockeying begins to succeed Cameron

Choice will be made as Britain is still negotiating its EU exit

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Five consequences of UK’s exit from EU

Financial markets will be more sensitive to eurozone vulnerabilities

How Remain camp could have avoided defeat

The 11 ‘mistakes’ that led to the Brexit vote


Expatriate reaction to Brexit

British citizens living everywhere from Dubai to New York voice their feelings on the UK exit from the EU

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"So, I am no longer a European citizen of the most beautiful, culturally advanced, historically rich, architecturally endowed and ecologically diverse region in the world with whom we enjoy free trade. All the Europeans I know have similar values to me. Well, I have to say Iam very disappointed with Brexit. What have I done to deserve this? "
By Neil at home on Britain takes a leap into the dark

"if the EU can quickly deliver change that substantially addresses the concerns of many Leave voters, it would be ludicrous for Westminster to press ahead with Brexit in circumstances where the majority no longer want it - hence another referendum. So - over to you EU leaders - deliver on this quickly and you could stop other exits and maybe convince the UK to stay after all."
By Devil's Advocate on ‘A bad day for Europe’: Brexit stuns EU leaders

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