Russia steps up east Ukraine rhetoric

Lavrov says Moscow would ‘stop’ attempts to trigger a civil war

Japanese ship seized in wartime claims row

First case of Chinese court seizing assets for reparations

Venezuela sees a pragmatic revolution

Maduro is taking orthodox steps to rescue the economy

Carmakers lobby to delay EU emission rules

Claims industry has used outdated tests on efficiency

Police move adds to S Korea ferry fury

Legality of decision to stop relatives marching on Seoul queried

Japan posts largest-ever trade deficit

Deficit has ballooned wider under Abenomics

2014’s worst hedge fund performers so far

Alternative managers made their weakest opening since the crisis

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Investors eye more Apple share buybacks

Impact of iPhone sales in China set to be revealed

Myanmar media freedom under attack

Worries stoked ahead of first free elections in half a century

Obama aims to revive ‘pivot to Asia’

US president visits region anxious over China’s rise

BP refuses to fund spill studies

Arguments over costs central to legal actions

Comment and Analysis

Israel’s Ukraine silence at odds with US

Relations already under strain over Iran and Palestine issues

The master of cold war diplomacy

Two books that laud the impact of Zbigniew Brzezinski, Kissinger’s great rival

US on back foot in web negotiations

Washington has lost ‘moral authority’ after Snowden leaks

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"I was taught in MIT in the late 70s by Prof Bhagwati. He was funny and very very kind. He used to giggle as he told some odd jokes. He deserves a Nobel."
By Tomtom on Lunch with the FT: Jagdish Bhagwati

"Would it not make much more sense to locate the Olympics in Greece, in a purpose-built facility that would generate business and income for a severely constrained local economy on a regular, four yearly basis? All these mega projects run over budget and leave the host country encumbered with huge debts."
By Wyvern on Rio’s preparation for 2016 Olympics faces crisis

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