Apple iPhone boom as China switches on

World’s most valuable company returns further $70bn to investors

US scuppers $30bn semiconductor merger

Deal between Japan’s Tokyo Electron and Applied Materials collapses

Tsipras moves to rein in Varoufakis

Greek PM reshuffles negotiating team as creditors lose patience

Google considers shake-up of News service

Internet company to partner with European media groups

European stocks gain as Greek hopes rise

Wall Street retreats from record highs

Oil groups have new vigour for cost cuts

Drive to cut suppliers’ bills and get better tax deals

US-Japan defence pact aims to check China

Guidelines enable closer military ties in the event of conflict

US scuppers $30bn semiconductor merger

Deal between Japan’s Tokyo Electron and Applied Materials collapses

Fitch downgrades Japan’s credit rating

Concerns on fiscal policy prompts cut from A plus to A

China seeks united front in reactor push

Top nuclear companies told to work together on export projects

China detains Sinopec president

Wang under investigation for ‘serious violations of discipline’

Sweden’s jet scandal claims fresh victim

Head of powerful Industrivärden business empire sacked

Comment and Analysis

satellite hovering over Earth
©(Composite image); Nasa/WENN

Satellite industry aims smaller and lower

Size and cost revolution encourages start-ups to launch niche enterprises into orbit

The Iran deal that never was

All the celebrations and lamentations disguise an awkward fact. There is no Iran nuclear deal

Block trades find favour in Asia

Trade in $18bn of Chinese and Indian stocks changes market dynamics

Best comments from our readers

"A central question now is are there similar creditors to Lehman's, investors that have effectively lent hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars to Greece when they don't know they have done so and will be shocked if a default leads to losses on their investments? Few Americans know what assets they really own by owning shares in mutual funds."
By Doug Cliggott on US fears a European sequel to Lehman Brothers

"Where does HSBC think it will be able to relocate? Hong Kong? Isn't the concern about China the reason why it moved to the UK in the first place. Singapore? In the long term is that where it wants to be? New York where the regulators are even more difficult? It does not really have too many choices but to sit tight."
By Disputator on HSBC reviews future of UK headquarters

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