Japan Inc cuts business spending

Tankan survey shows business spending plans are at their weakest in two years

Buhari triumphs in historic Nigeria vote

Victory is repudiation of corruption that marked Jonathan era

Convicted former Hanwha chairman paid $16m

S Korean companies disclose directors’ pay for second time

Stocks end quarter on downbeat note

Euro under pressure from Greek worries

Iranian negotiators haggle down to wire

Diplomats acknowledge tactical brilliance of Tehran dealmakers

Isis cleared from Tikrit, says Iraq PM

Iraqi troops attack after US-led bombing, says Haider al-Abadi

Oil slips as nuclear talks near deadline

Iran set to release supplies if final obstacles to deal are cleared

Lubitz reported ‘severe depression’

Airline finds documents on medical troubles of crash co-pilot

Korea records biggest trade surplus on record

New data suggest imports contracted by 15.3% from a year ago, reflecting a decline in the value of oil imports

Scotch whisky exports suffer 7% drop

Changing US tastes and Chinese corruption crackdown dilute demand

Oil majors over a barrel with reserves

Deteriorating performance raises long-term questions

Comment and Analysis

Why American companies are borrowing more in euros

The real appeal of the euro as a funding currency isn’t the absolute level of yields so much as the tightness of credit spreads

India: At the coalface

Failure to boost energy supplies will hurt Modi’s goal of turning India into a manufacturing force

Shipping graphic

Shipping anchors itself in capital markets

Era of low interest rates boosts sector but sparks supply worry

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"It boils down to competition for resources. When they are ample civility prevails, when not there is a scramble with no regards to rules and fairness. An example: when there is enough seating in the bus, people observe queues and when not there is a rush to enter first.."
By Trutheludes on Stop, look and listen to the unwritten rules of life in China

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