Yahoo looks to boost value of Japan unit

Shares up despite disappointing first-quarter earnings

Female Goldman banker agrees settlement

Mother of two claims she was cheated out of millions in bonuses

China food group looks to be global player

Cofco aims to meet changing appetites at home

Obama pushes for ‘fast track’ authority

President dismisses critics from his party on Pacific trade deal

BP declares no taste for megamerger

Dudley tries to cool speculation after Shell-BG deal

Teva offers $40.1bn for US rival Mylan

Cash-and-shares proposal continues consolidation in pharma sector

Oil has hit its lows, says Vitol chief

Ian Taylor sees pick-up in demand and delays in Iran output

Auschwitz guard admits ‘moral guilt’

Trial likely to be one of the last big Holocaust court cases

Beijing breathes easier as smog disperses

China’s poorer areas choke as heavy industry quits cities

Abe gears up for speech to US Congress

Japan PM’s words, notably on WW2, will influence US relations

S Korea PM offers to resign over scandal

Lee Wan-koo faces bribe claims after tycoon’s suicide

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April 20, 2015. Leg 6 to Newport onboard Dongfeng Race Team. Day 1. Jin Hao Chen 'Horace' and Martin Stromberg on watch.

China Inc turns to sports sponsorship

Dongfeng’s team in ocean-going race brings unexpected benefits

Australia migrant strategy unlikely in EU

Tony Abbott, prime minister, promotes hardline strategy

Ingram Pinn illustration

Mythology that blocks progress in Greece

It will not end well if those involved cling to false beliefs

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"I'm a massive fan of airships. You might not think you want to spend three days in the air drifting to New York - but if that's compared with a highly fraught 15 hours (seven hours in the air, two hours wait at either end, plus the journey to and from the airports) leaving you frazzled and good for nothing. Maybe not."
By manticore on The future of flyingt

"What accounts for the different EU and US consumer response to 'oil savings'? Perhaps EU savings rates are already sufficiently elevated? But why should we feel so confident that the US consumer is going to revert to stereotype and start spending their petrol bonus at the very point when pump prices are again rising?"
By Eris on Oil shock morphs into global monetary shock – again

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