Munich killer obsessed with mass shootings

Police say 18-year-old gunman was ‘classic mass shooter’ with no political motive

Clinton gets chance to reset narrative

Leaked emails show rift between Sanders and party leadership

Canberra faces test on Chinese investment

Power grid stake sale draws fire from independent politicians

Isis claims Kabul blasts that killed 80

At least 230 more injured by attack targeting Hazara Shia

Brexit ‘stampede’ out of UK funds

M&G, Schroders, Fidelity and Invesco lose billions in withdrawals

Clinton dismisses Trump’s dark vision of US

Democrat’s upbeat message aims to contrast with ‘fear and anger’

First trip to Poland by Pope Francis

Vatican suggests main objective is to connect with a nation

Johnson expects City to keep passporting

Foreign secretary says Brexit can be ‘fantastic’ for UK finance

S Koreans fear return to authoritarian past

Censorship of the arts fuels concerns of suppression of dissent

Moscow’s building boom belies recession

Mayor plans to complete massive street programme by 2018

Hungarian prime minister backs Trump

Orban praises presidential candidate’s opposition to liberal internationalism

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Ratings recovery: Jeff Zucker likes to be close to the newsroom
©Pascal Perich

Jeff Zucker, CNN — newsman on a roll

A focus on the big story and election drama has helped revive the cable channel

Clinton: star of the Republican convention

Democratic candidate served as a unifying force for party members

The mortal threat to Labour

The party’s future is uncertain as it loses touch with the working class, writes Jon Cruddas

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"My experience as someone who's good in maths is that the brain is not like a muscle that can be trained and made more powerful. Yes the brain can memorize stuff but it can not be trained into becoming a more powerful processor. Just like running a computer 10 hours per day will not increase its processing power. Hence my recipe for my small kids is to let them enjoy life."
Occam on Why Singapore’s kids are so good at maths

"Living in Canada is like the nice family living above a bikers bar."
Fernly on Donald Trump promises security and prosperity as US president

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