Ukraine tries ‘you invaded us’ debt defence

Conflict with Russia condensed into $3bn court fight

World’s biggest hedge fund gains $22m state aid

Loan and grants will keep Bridgewater in Connecticut

Isis surprise attack wins Syrian rebel territory

Significant push toward Turkish border threatens supply corridor

US growth at start of 2016 revised higher

GDP revision shows that economy has withstood global volatility

Gawker fight pits Valley against media

Case raises questions over how tech elite wields power

Lloyds eyes dealmaking return with MBNA bid

Group prepares move for Bank of America’s UK credit card business

Navy officers face ‘Fat Leonard’ inquiry

Admirals investigated over allegations of bribes and prostitutes

Venezuelans resort to looting as food shortages bite

Scarcity of basic goods threatens to worsen social unrest

How Cameron marshalled world leaders

PM hopes to highlight lack of high-level backing for Leave push

Axa shakes up management team

Buberl rejigs team as he prepares to head the French insurer

Equity fund outflows pass $100bn in 2016

Further $9.2bn shed in week ending May 25 despite brighter data

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Agribusiness: Swarm of controversy

A Bayer-Monsanto merger is an environmentalist’s nightmare but how solid is the underlying science?

Quid, Civic Analytics, Resonate, Nationbuilder and Fiscal Note are five of the new breed of analytics firms
©FT montage

‘Big data’ analysts count on your vote

Start-ups sell corporate marketing techniques to political campaigns

Diamonds illustration
©Shonagh Rae

Spending in the age of Snapchat

‘One of the most powerful forms of conspicuous consumption today is not the accumulation of goods but the accumulation of memories’

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"For a bonus system to work, the measurable outcomes should not be known by the employee so that, theoretically anyway, they would be expected to apply maximum effort and standards throughout their work. The basis being, it is difficult to game a system if you don't know what to game. Of course the need for transparency renders that a non-starter!"
By Trecar on Burger flippers deserve bonuses, bankers do not

"Perhaps banks should think about letting out office space to their staff rather than simply giving it to them 'for free'? This would encourage optimal space use, better working from home etc. if you priced it right you could ensure only the most productive employees could afford to come in to network with management. And you could claw back that ever pesky headcount cost."
By protestantethic on Bankers set to share desks as part of London space-saving moves

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