Iran hangs woman convicted of killing alleged rapist

Death sentence sparks international condemnation

Putin unleashes fury at US ‘follies’

Russian president blames America for undermining post-Cold War order

ECB stress test likely to snare 25 lenders

About 10 banks with shortfalls may still need extra capital

IMF introduces floor on interest rates

Aggressive monetary easing threatened to turn it negative

US governors order Ebola quarantine

Medical worker isolated in New Jersey tests negative for virus

Prices of 1980s sports cars accelerate

‘Bedroom wall’ syndrome sees fans who had posters drive sales

Deutsche Bank to set aside further €1bn

Charge to bring total litigation pot to €3.1bn

Grunge-era underwear

Swedish sub hunt ends in farce

Search has exposed Stockholm’s military’s shortcomings

Private equity firms eye Portugal Telecom

Moves could delay plans by France’s Altice

Ukraine elections mark generational shift

Young hopefuls emerge from crisis-torn country

Rail line sparks Jerusalem tensions

Service touted as breakthrough to navigate divided city attracts violence

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An illustration for Spotify
©Mike McQuade

The Spotify effect: Streaming’s capital

How did Sweden – a nation of 10m – become the ‘streaming’ capital of the world and the crystal ball for the future of the music industry?

Why it could pay to bet against consensus on Europe

Valuations make sense if the US is about to boom further, but that is hard to swallow

McDonald’s: Eating their lunch

The world’s largest restaurant chain has missed a dramatic shift in what consumers want to eat

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"In Greece there is also talk of allowing private citizens to declare bankruptcy, but there would be no jingle mail: single-home owners with debt would be immune from having their home liquidated. In the US, people give the houses back to the banks and walk away. In Greece people will send the mortgage contract back to the banks and keep the houses."
By Daniel 21 on Gillian Tett: The jingle that sounds the road to economic recovery

"The problem with Amazon is that it appears to have a business model predicated on becoming the dominant force in all its markets. If it fails in doing this, it will be a very expensive flop indeed. If it succeeds, then eventually its dominance will likely lead to anti-trust regulation and break up."
By Vintage on Amazon shares tumble as losses blow out

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