Scottish Independence

Sony warns of $2bn full-year loss

Forecast loss increases fivefold as smartphones struggle

Stubb attacked for ‘Finlandisation’ policy

Finland’s PM backs controversial nuclear reactor

BuzzFeed eyes shift to viral videos

Online media company to invest more in video production

Europe equities firm ahead of Fed call

Hopes for PBoC injection lift Chinese stocks

China central bank in $81bn injection

Latest move to prop up world’s second-biggest economy

SoftBank’s Son tops Japan rich list

Tycoon’s wealth buoyed by looming Alibaba mega-IPO

Valls wins vote and vows to continue reform

French PM says competitiveness is ‘indispensable’

Stubb attacked for ‘Finlandisation’ policy

Finland’s PM backs controversial nuclear reactor

US hints at ground troops for Isis fight

General says US military could join Iraqi soldiers in battle

Survey reveals dim view of globalisation

Half of US respondents say trade destroyed jobs at home

ECB poised to start its lending spree

Central bank will offer up to €400bn in cheap loans

Comment and Analysis

Europe must keep populist right at bay

Amid disillusion with establishment parties, the radical right cannot be ignored, says Tony Barber

Battle for oil in ‘Africa’s last colony’

Oil exploration highlights 40-year-old conflict in Western Sahara

Composite picture of Sinopec and Citic logos

China SOE reform no bonanza for bankers

Banks will keep busy but a rush of fees is uncertain

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"Minecraft is the crack cocaine of video gaming. Still, my sons finally appreciated my Java tuning abilities. Every cloud..."
By backlash on Microsoft buys Minecraft, Lex digs in

"Make sure that those who investigate can go anywhere and report what they believe. 'The top' is a dangerous place for most investigators and too many duck out of going there, let alone reporting on what they find."
By Anthony Fitzsimmons on Lessons in failure from the error management gurus

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