UK focuses on national security in EU poll

PM links Britain’s membership to the fight against Isis

Swedbank ex-chief reported to prosecutors

Prospect of criminal probe over suspect transactions

Ghosn defends Renault over emissions

Chief executive says group’s cars ‘followed the norm’

US and Europe stocks rally after turmoil

Banks bounce back while gold and bonds suffer profit-taking

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Mini-brains spark drug testing revolution

Aim is to replace animals in pharmaceuticals research

UK ‘outers’ aim to tap Trump’s rocket fuel

Foot soldiers fighting to leave EU echo anti-elite mood of US race

Syria plan could be an echo of Ukraine

Diplomats fear that Moscow aims to cement the division of Syria

CATALINA ISLAND, CA - MAY 30: Musician Kip Moore performs during Whatever, USA on May 30, 2015 in Catalina Island, California. Bud Light invited 1,000 consumers to Whatever, USA for a weekend full of unexpected concerts, classes, adventures and more from May 29-31. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Bud Light)

Rolls-Royce lauded for turnround progress

Shares surge on chief’s 2016 guidance despite dividend cut

Uber picks up $200m from Fridman

Taxi-booking app is looking to raise as much as $2.1bn

Trail of broken trades forces a rethink

The bets that show how certainties have crumbled in the past six weeks

Rush to develop Zika vaccine

Industry response contrasts with slow reaction to Ebola outbreak

Comment & Analysis

Banking turmoil: A rout for rationality

This week’s fierce sell-off had no clear catalyst. Bright news is needed for confidence to return

The general view on Kings road, Chelsea, where a new cross rail station is proposed.
©Charlie Bibby

Only tenants truly live the London dream

Renting has given me the freedom to live in areas that should be beyond my means

Short sellers eye London property stocks

There is trouble ahead for high-end property developers

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"I think it's summed up nicely by 'reddit'. We are taught at school what's inside the cell of a plant but not how mortgages or credit cards work. Personally what I find most worrying is the lack of propensity to risk. Very smart millenials are happy to stay in a low paid job with a big firm rather than branch out by themselves. The entrepreneurial spirit is being lost." "
By Sunny on Why millennials go on holiday instead of saving for a pension

"Economics Lesson 1: When there too many carrots for sale in the market, the price of carrots falls. So it is with the price of money, interest rates. If central banks have grown genetically modified money there will be more carrots, I mean money, in the market and the price of money will fall further."
By What free market on Negative US interest rates take banks through the looking glass

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