Amazon profit offers relief to investors

Ecommerce group’s investments lift Prime membership by 53%

EU fails to agree new Russia sanctions

Foreign ministers split on response to collapse of Ukraine truce

ECB to launch probe into bankers’ bonuses

Remuneration ‘should be consistent with . . . sound capital base’

Tsipras to meet eurogroup chief in Athens

Creditors fear Greek plans to roll back reforms

Oil’s fall pushes Germany into deflation

Prices slump for first time in more than five years

Russia buys record amounts of gold

Central banks boost gold price as they diversify currency reserves

Google suffers shortfall in paid clicks

Growth slows in desktop search business

Saudi king faces balancing act

Salman must navigate liberal and conservatives forces

Airbus in radical management shake-up

Group faces questions over A400M transport aircraft

McDonald’s struggles to maintain empire

New chief inherits challenges worldwide

UK 10-year borrowing costs hit record low

Falling inflation and ECB bond-buying create demand for gilts

Comment and Analysis

Falling oil prices prompt central bankers to reconsider

World Bank expects global inflation to fall 0.4-0.9 percentage points this year

Mutual gain that blights science industry

Low-level corruption is disturbingly common in health and medicine, writes Anjana Ahuja

Syriza and voodoo economics

The new Greek government seems to believe that a spending splurge will pay for itself

Best comments from our readers

"Just as high prices have pushed people to reduce usage, invest in new supply and hunt for substitutes, low prices will encourage exactly the opposite."
By Funnymoney on Tricks of the mind turned oil into gold

"Good summary; indeed Netanyahu is progressively losing his master touch (not everybody is of the opinion he had one) - high time for him to lead the opposition."
By 2plus2shouldbe4 on Netanyahu’s Washington trip risks creating losers all round

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