YouTube live video views grow by 80%

Website playing catch-up with Facebook and Snapchat in real-time content

Barroso’s Goldman job runs into petition protest

More than 76,000 sign demand for action from EU

Clinton aide dumps husband Anthony Weiner

Abedin’s decision follows indiscretions by ex-congressman

Wall Street starts week on positive note

Investors contemplate US rate rise before end of year

World Bank falls short in savings target

Bank is having to adjust its contentious restructuring programme

US calls on Syria allies to end infighting

Clashes between Turkey-backed rebels and Kurdish-led forces

Warsaw charm offensive for London bankers

Latest Europeans to target City business after Brexit

Mexico locks in oil export prices at $42

Government hedge for 2017 part of move to protect public finances

Obama’s healthcare problems turn critical

Malfunctioning insurance exchanges are undermining president’s signature reforms

Mylan plans cut-price version of EpiPen

Generic alternative will cost $300 for a pack of 2

Angry impeachment scenes rattle Brazil

Explosive Rousseff trial raises questions about political system

Comment & Analysis

US banks in activists’ sights

Activists circle as many US banks fail to make a double-digit return on equity

Fitbit steps up digital health ambitions

New trackers mark first foray into ‘mindfulness’ trend

Japan puts its seniors to work

Companies are employing and re-employing retirees into their 80s and 90s

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

I am suspicious when people do not take time away cleanly. If they take time out they must do a formal handover, thus putting their work in order and exposing it to a colleague's scrutiny. If there's something nasty in the woodshed, the vacationer will have less chance of keeping it hidden. I recall three who never let their work go. All three ended up being dismissed."
DoctorG on Poolside working is no longer a sign of importance

"Let me tell you this as an immigrant. When you come to a western country, you become more conservative than your people back home. You latch on to norms and customs that can differentiate you from the rest of the population, which you cannot understand. You start to view some of the customs you would not usually embrace at home as an honor badge."
LOANDBEHOLD on The burkini row shows the depth of west’s crisis of confidence

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