User growth accelerates at Twitter

Stock jumps after earnings beat expectations

Hedge fund tycoon versus the apocalypse

Singer’s warning on electromagnetic pulse he dreads

German borrowing costs reach record low

10-year yield of 1.12% is lowest since early 1800s

Dark pool probes draw in trio of European banks

UBS, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank subpoenaed

Israeli military pushes deeper into Gaza

Strategy targets tunnels but will attract international condemnation

Pfizer refuses to rule out tax deals

US drugmaker calls for ‘fundamental reform’

Xi’s ‘tiger’ hunt breaks old party taboo

President risks stability with campaign against high-profile figure

Cyprus archbishop warns on bank share sale

Chrysostomos urges shareholders to reject restructuring

December 2004: Banks holding a 75 per cent stake in F1 win a legal challenge against Bernie Ecclestone’s control of the motor sport through a complex web of companies

Ecclestone in talks to have graft case dropped

F1 chief’s lawyers meet prosecutors in Munich

Ecommerce site Flipkart raises $1bn

Indian online retailer to use funds to focus on mobile users

Android devices ‘threatened by fake apps’

Cyber security researchers find flaw in Google operating system

Comment and Analysis

Guillaume Richard

A French revolution in work at O2

Creating jobs has made Guillaume Richard a business celebrity

Expats in China should read GSK potboiler carefully

GSK case has increased the risk factor for foreign executives

Ebola stirs noise – unlike other killers

Both the deadly virus and old scourges can be stopped by long-term strategies, says Peter Piot

Best comments from our readers

"Isn't that the point of a free market? Companies will have to move to cities such as Glasgow or Liverpool to get employees at the right cost. Over time, London house prices will stabilise or even moderate (i.e. drop somewhat), making it competitive again."
By The Gaffer on London’s employers warn of economic effect of soaring housing costs

"Governments around the world have always been behind major new technology and communication solutions - as have research universities. In some respects, governments are rewarded by employment, less welfare, more income tax - although the corporate tax payments is an issue."
By ColinLewis on Apple attempts a return to innovation

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