Lead story in European business schools

The top schools, rated on the full range of degrees and programmes

Top stories in European business schools

For the first time, the FT publishes rankings alongside the European tables

Shorter courses and diversity drive interest — but austerity and separatism are concerns

Her story shows the importance of creating your own path

Business school helped a former teacher become the industry’s most powerful woman

Professors say the subject should be high on the curriculum — but is it?

Insead alumni were vital to graduate Shachar Bialick’s fintech start-up

From one-year versus two-year MBAs to the impact of Brexit and study abroad

Musician Anjuli Deo hopes an MBA will help her bridge business and the arts

Special ReportHelen Barrett

There is no such thing as a lone genius in business

Special ReportAndrew Hill

Slavishly mimicking good examples may lead to the cliff edge

Leaders face an explosion in demand for knowledge and skills

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