Brexit: City ‘suffers’ power shift to eurozone

Lord Hill warns Brussels now holds sway over financial services rules

UK political order in upheaval after Brexit referendum

Tory candidates in battle to be PM while revolt strikes Labour

Dollar in focus for Fed after Brexit vote

Currency’s continued appreciation seen as channel of contagion

UK-US special relationship shaky post-Brexit

Washington likely to hasten pivot towards Germany as top Europe ally

Brexit live coverage: UK turmoil

Europe’s establishment reacts, Scotland seeks talks with Brussels

Banks begin moving operations out of Britain

Warning over loss of EU ‘passporting’ rights for UK financial services

Tech companies eye opportunity in UK exit

New national IT infrastructure may be needed to ringfence systems

Merkel pushes back on calls for fast Brexit

Plea for caution after foreign ministers push for speedy action

AIIB expansion plans show China’s ambition

Surge in African and LatAm applicants would allow rapid growth

BIS warns of too much focus on inflation

Report says policymakers must look more at growth and jobs data

Spain votes for second time in six months

Rajoy seeks majority as leftwing parties fight for supremacy

Panama Canal banks on $5.3bn locks

Gates swing open to bigger ships riding out storm in container sector

Comment & Analysis

The single currency: eur-on your own

Worry more about the euro than the pound

Brexit risk damps investor manoeuvres

UK’s EU referendum seen as encapsulating geopolitical risks

Europe makes UK look like a safe haven

We’re a safe, stable and highly active democracy. That — along with gold — should help us cope

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"So, I am no longer a European citizen of the most beautiful, culturally advanced, historically rich, architecturally endowed and ecologically diverse region in the world with whom we enjoy free trade. All the Europeans I know have similar values to me. Well, I have to say Iam very disappointed with Brexit. What have I done to deserve this? "
By Neil at home on Britain takes a leap into the dark

"if the EU can quickly deliver change that substantially addresses the concerns of many Leave voters, it would be ludicrous for Westminster to press ahead with Brexit in circumstances where the majority no longer want it - hence another referendum. So - over to you EU leaders - deliver on this quickly and you could stop other exits and maybe convince the UK to stay after all."
By Devil's Advocate on ‘A bad day for Europe’: Brexit stuns EU leaders

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