Scottish Independence

Top Chinese banks set for $81bn injection

Latest move to prop up world’s second-biggest economy

Scotland campaigners in final push

Brown gives rousing pro-union speech

Wall Street firm ahead of Fed call

Hopes for PBoC injection lift Chinese stocks

Floods reignite Kashmiri separatism

Inadequate response by Indian government stirs resentment

China propels diamond sales to $79bn

De Beers says global sales reach record

Fed watch: 6 things to focus on

Markets will look for FOMC language changes, economic forecasts

Asian billionaires create wealth fastest

Ultra-rich group grows to 2,325-strong worldwide as 155 join club

‘Maritime silk road’ a boon for Sri Lanka

South Asian island benefits from ever closer ties with China

Composite picture of Sinopec and Citic logos

China SOE reform no bonanza for bankers

Banks will keep busy but a rush of fees is uncertain

SoftBank’s Son tops Japan rich list

Tycoon’s wealth buoyed by looming Alibaba mega-IPO

US hints at ground troops for Isis fight

General says US military could join Iraqi soldiers in battle

Comment and Analysis

Coffee experts fear for Brazil harvest

Traders seek to discover impact of unprecedented drought

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Tokyo on Thames

Property in Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster is more expensive than Tokyo at peak of Japan’s bubble (relative to pay)

iColytes vs ’Droids fight for supremacy

Owning a non-Apple smartphone, running Android, is like being part of the Rebel Alliance

Best comments from our readers

"Once apon a time, owning a Mac was like being part of the rebel alliance against PC's/Windows."
By chaswaobler on iColytes vs ’Droids in the battle of the smartphone

"If you wanted to see 'divisive', don't bother with the Scottish referendum, look at house prices!"
By hotairmail on UK house prices jump 11.7% in year to July

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