Aberdeen takes on India over tax demands

Asset manager escalates dispute between global investors and New Delhi

Gunmen killed at Mohammed art show in Texas

Suspects shot at exhibition organised by free-speech group

Prosecutors in Brazil investigate Lula

Popular former leader questioned over overseas contracts

Europe stocks firm as US futures gain

China equities shrug off weak manufacturing survey

China-Taiwan ties eyed as Xi meets Chu

Ruling party chairmen seek cordial veneer to tense relationship

Buffett defends relationship with 3G

Berkshire chief’s reputation as benign acquirer under fire

Ford car seat that can detect heart attacks

Ford scraps ‘heart attack’ car seat plan

Carmaker blames cheaper and more accurate wearable technology

Unarmed Trident II (D5) ballistic missile being fired from HMS Vigilant during a test launch in the Atlantic Ocean on Oct 29 2012 ©PA

Icahn calls Apple a rare 50-year success

Activist investor still wants iPhone maker to do more buybacks

Palmer wins latest round of Citic battle

Court dismisses claims magnate’s company misused A$12m for election fund

UK party leaders set for knife-edge election

Opinion polls put Cameron and Miliband neck-and-neck for Thursday’s vote

Republicans push Obama on TPP vote

Trans-Pacific Partnership would be biggest trade deal in decades

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Qoros stakes turnround on China auto market

New CEO of lossmaking Chinese carmaker drops focus on Europe at it aims for profit by 2018

Man with bionic Legs.jpg

Rewalk Robotics takes its first steps

Market for wearable robotic exoskeletons begins to take off

Illustration for Ed Luce column

Dead law walking — US capital punishment

In America, evidence of racial bias in sentencing is beyond doubt

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"A central question now is are there similar creditors to Lehman's, investors that have effectively lent hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars to Greece when they don't know they have done so and will be shocked if a default leads to losses on their investments? Few Americans know what assets they really own by owning shares in mutual funds."
By Doug Cliggott on US fears a European sequel to Lehman Brothers

"Where does HSBC think it will be able to relocate? Hong Kong? Isn't the concern about China the reason why it moved to the UK in the first place. Singapore? In the long term is that where it wants to be? New York where the regulators are even more difficult? It does not really have too many choices but to sit tight."
By Disputator on HSBC reviews future of UK headquarters

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