Russia hits Turkey with range of sanctions

Retaliation follows downing of military jet on Syrian border

China cuts journalist Gao Yu’s jail term

Beijing critic’s sentence for leaking state secrets cut by 2 years

Big bonuses likely for banks’ top talent

Leading performers expected to be rewarded

PetroChina restructures gas unit

China’s largest oil group moves towards gas pipeline monopoly

‘Dirty Harry’ spices up Philippines poll

Crime-fighter mayor throws hat into ring in bid to replace Aquino

logo of Slater & Gordon lawyers

Slater & Gordon shares halve on rule change

Investors desert law firm amid plans to reform UK claims industry

Eden Galindo and Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal interviewed by Vice

Eagles of Death Metal give first interview

US rockers want to return to finish Paris gig when hall reopens

Film star stokes India intolerance debate

Backlash against Bollywood actor after social critique goes viral

S Korea orders VW to recall 125,000 cars

German carmaker is fined $12.3m for cheating emission tests

South China Morning Post in takeover bid

Alibaba’s Jack Ma rumoured to be likely buyer for newspaper

GSK confident of China renaissance

Drugmaker looks to repair reputation shattered by corruption scandal

Comment & Analysis

Osborne takes gentler route to same end

Chancellor’s starting points remain unchanged and questionable

Argentina investors await Macri reforms

Market gains must be franked by new ‘pro-investment’ government

We are all Eurasian now

In the new age of geopolitics Europeans must think on a supercontinental scale, writes Bruno Maçães

Best comments from our readers

"Humanity is not so grand as the term 'clash of civilizations' implies. There is simply a petty struggle for power within and between nation states, with aspiring leaders using the easiest means necessary to garner attention and support."
By Civilization on Do Paris terror attacks highlight a clash of civilisations?

"If Richard Branson (without having had his successes) sought a job in a large corporation or prof services firm they'd laugh him out of the interview. 'Where's your MBA...?' they would scream and be glad they turned him away. Such is the ignorance of not seeing the wood for the trees."
By Etranger on Headhunters and CEOs are less valuable than they think

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