IMF tells eurozone to start Greece talks

Letter from Lagarde calls for negotiations on debt relief

Toshiba taps new chief to steer turnround

Medical division executive elevated in management overhaul

Singapore in A$2.25bn Australia army deal

SE Asian state upgrades its overseas training programme

Stocks soft ahead of US jobs report

Dollar and oil prices slip as gold advances

Japan pins hopes on Russia summit

Russo-Japanese ties have languished but observers say both would benefit from counterbalancing China

What Brexit means for trade

The central role trade plays in the campaign — and what is at stake in EU referendum.

Composite picture of Janet Yellen and Donald Trump

Trump raises prospect of replacing Yellen

Likely GOP nominee says he could change ‘very capable’ Fed chair

Macquarie cautious despite record profits

Investment bank’s chief Nicholas Moore receives A$18.2m windfall

Telegram hacked, say Russian activists

Pair allege that MTS helped others access messaging service

Profits at Japan’s Itochu fall 20%

Trading house forecasts record Y350bn profit for new fiscal year

Noble shrinks size of asset-backed loan

Investors watching to see how trader fares in bank negotiations

Comment & Analysis

Singapore becomes a hotbed for ‘fintech’

Government support and financial experience make city-state fertile ground

Alibaba: toothless

Why there is is no second ‘a’ in ‘fang’

Philippine voters seek change

Top contenders for president are a tough-talking mayor and adopted daughter of famous film couple

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"The Matrix (1999) introduced the idea of intelligent machines believing themselves to be the cure for the virus that is humanity [sic] and using them as a mere source of energy. A similar domination scenario was played out in Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970)."
By Christopher Nagel on Robots in movies: good, bad, terrifying

"I can't see any reason why the Land Registry should be run by civil servants rather than a private company. Obviously it'a a monopoly so its prices and service levels need to be regulated. Free access to price data may be one of the regulatory stipulations. Let's not forget that for most of its history the Land Registry charged for even the most basic information."
By Student on Fraud fears raised over Land Registry privatisation

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