Foreword: FT North America Innovative Lawyers 2016

New categories added this year highlight how the law profession is evolving

Legal advisers who mean business

Law firms are responding to pressure from clients for new kinds of service

Transition to the Trump era

The potential for tumult highlights the need for lawyers with fresh ways of thinking

Commercial skills for social good

Corporate lawyers are applying their know-how to help non-profit organisations raise funds

The relentless advance of the super-intelligent attorney

The legal sector is being disrupted as clients seek lower bills and greater insight from advisers

Help with college debts is the latest attempt to stem the brain drain

The pay is high but the work is tough and career paths less certain. Law firms are seeking new ways to attract the best people

The rock star v the whole band

How firms can persuade rainmakers to team up with others

Top 10 innovative lawyers in North America

The overall winner personifies the multidisciplinary professional that clients say they need

How Argentina pulled off a deal in creditor impasse

Two US law firms helped draw 15-year sovereign debt restructuring saga to speedy end

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