Best of Travel 2018

Catch up on some of our best travel stories — from the mountains of Bhutan to the vineyards of Champagne, plus a brush with death in Russia and a fond farewell to the 747
© Michael Turek

Far from the stag and hen parties, the author finds gothic inspiration in the city’s opera houses, libraries and cafés

In the high valleys west of Leh, enterprising farmers are offering guests the chance to spot the elusive creatures

Cellars, vineyards, lessons in pruning, meetings with winemakers — and lots and lots of bubbly

Close to the Afghan border, William Dalrymple finds bucolic valleys and a unique community

Mark Vanhoenacker bids farewell to the jet that made him fall in love with aviation

Beside a remote iceberg-filled fjord, a new camp is pioneering a very different version of luxury

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High in the Russian Caucasus, Simon Akam finds that with ski mountaineering, the risks and sublime rewards go hand in hand

The customs and lifestyles of isolated pastoral communities have changed little in centuries. Now, they are coming under threat

Author Tim Moore looks at the evolution of the travelogue, from epic accounts of colonial endeavour to ‘Across the Andes by Frog’

The country’s national flower grows on remote Himalayan mountainsides and blooms only briefly

As two new lodges open up the country’s remote north-west to safari-goers, Horatia Harrod goes in search of its most elusive beasts

The Games get under way in earnest this weekend but without the quickest, craziest, winter sport of all. Simon Usborne tries it