Food & Drink Christmas Special 2018

Flaming cocktails, tasty decorations and what kids want for Christmas — rediscover the festive joy of childhood. Plus Jancis Robinson’s holiday wines and Nicholas Lander’s best restaurants of 2018

Bored of dry turkey and indigestible Christmas pudding? Then try something a little different this year 

In the 1960s, this relentlessly English meal included Bisto gravy, dodgy cream liqueurs and straining waistbands — but it was so good

Forget about the traditional turkey roast . . . it’s (almost) all about the sweet stuff

‘In my family, Christmas dinner is the one remaining token of ritual Englishness’

Is Christmas best for six-year-olds? And was it better in the olden days? We rediscover the joy of festive excess

Clementine or satsuma? Bee Wilson on how these small fruits can divide a family

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Meringue snowmen, white chocolate wreaths and chocolate, orange and almond fudge

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