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Milestones in the 2-year process that will decide the UK’s future outside the EU

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Territory’s sense of relief as ‘existential threat’ alarm gives way to surging growth

The link between devaluation and the EU referendum cannot be doubted

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EU negotiator lays out the consequences of failing to reach a deal

Tory electorate may be hard to please, with 93% in favour of free trade with the bloc

As UK triggers EU divorce, other financial centres jostle to take business from London

Control over timing and structure of negotiations now lies with bloc’s other members

At each stage they spin the new bottom-line as something they half-expected all along

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Formal letter to Brussels invoking Article 50 will start 2-year EU negotiation period

Senior financiers draw up ways to protect the UK sector’s interests

The EU should not seek to earn a quick buck, nor the UK to dodge direct costs 

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Article 50 bill set for royal assent on Thursday

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