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As populist leaders test the limits of their power, the warnings from historians and political scientists are growing louder

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The American writer’s stock has slumped in the #MeToo era. But Diana Evans still finds inspiration in his acute depictions of domestic life

Interview with Claire Tomalin, Frankenstein at 200 and festival highlights

A long-awaited biography of Zbigniew Brzezinski examines the foreign-policy adviser’s complex legacy

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Old griefs resurface in this delicately woven tale of bravery and endurance

A fine double portrait reveals the true achievements of Lord Byron’s wife and daughter

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A famous American artist’s hold over his unsuccessful son is at the heart of this spirited satire

Is China’s turn to harder authoritarianism compatible with continued robust growth?

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A novel that draws parallels between urban wildlife and the plight of immigrants

We live in a time of openness, globalisation — and walls. A study of the world’s fraught borderlands seeks to explain why

A series of short comic strips celebrating the lives and achievements of extraordinary women

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A tale of tribalism in a society of ant-sized humans is told with Pythonesque humour

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