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London-based miner resumes payout 6 months earlier than expected

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Anglo-Dutch oil major’s downstream business drives growth while debt pile is trimmed

Group’s Antamina mine boosted its total zinc output by 13%

International Grain Council’s output and stock estimates for 2017-18 at a 3-year low

The country’s cobalt bonanza looks set to benefit only elites and mining companies

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Commodity trader to sell most of its operations outside Asia as it scrambles to pay down debt

Analysis Zinc

Repeat of 2016 and early 2017 rally looks unlikely with new projects ready to start output

The metal was also helped by weakness in the dollar

Threat from lower cost shale and renewables sees conventional majors cut costs and improve production

Company reported own concerns over 2011 fee paid to consultant over Guinea mine

Drought conditions and cloud cover coincide at crucial time for plant development

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