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Hedge fund’s annualised 19.1% return since inception outstrips Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway

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Sentiment sours on a hedge fund type strategy once heralded as the future of active asset management

MFS’s president discusses the Boston’s group incentives for long-term clients

So-called ‘redemption gates’ act as a safety measure, but they can they damage relationships with clients

Law firm that sued British government sends letter to the biggest UK schemes

Equity risk premium and the yield curve provide useful pointers but they are no substitute for human judgment

Countrywide shares plunge on plan for emergency fundraising

Retirement plan trustees are waking up to the threat of climate change on their portfolios

Portfolios in large and medium-sized groups in developed markets, excluding the US, record best results

Shareholders and clients in crisis-hit Swiss fund manager face period of uncertainty

Performance claims of high-charging managers questioned by new analysis

The ‘get cheap fast, or get out’ trend is a big worry for rip-off private equity funds

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