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Lemonis, 39, is chairman and chief executive of Good Sam Enterprises and its subsidiary Camping World, which both specialise in motorhomes. The Lebanese-born American businessman and investor also recently debuted on CNBC with The Profit, a reality show about saving small businesses.

Jacket by Loro Piana

This jacket is in a lightweight seersucker that’s really good for travelling in; I fly some 250,000 miles a year. My summer wardrobe is mostly blues. I like navy because it’s elegant and not too morbid. I’m not afraid to wear anything – and the more different, the more I’m willing to wear it.


Shirt by Tom Ford

This is a classic white, high-collar shirt with a two-button neck closure. The high collar looks great with or without a tie. I keep my sleeves a tad longer because I like to see the cuffs. I only wear white dress shirts; I’m a big believer that a white shirt is a significant sign of professionalism.


Trousers by Brioni

I typically wear Brioni two-piece suits for their elegance. Brioni trousers fit me well; I can buy them straight off the rack. Recently I started to wear flat-fronted styles; I love the construction and they always wear well.


Belt by Hermès

I wear this belt a lot; I treat the buckle like a piece of jewellery. It’s fun and a conversation starter. I’ve been told it’s a bit flashy – to which I respond, “Good, so get used to it.”


Shoes by Gucci

I typically wear a smart shoe, even with jeans. These “monk straps” are in navy, and are hard to find. People always comment on my shoes. A banker told me never to wear blue shoes because they looked silly; since then, I’ve made it a point to wear navy shoes.


Bow tie by Tom Ford

I collect bow ties – they are a great icebreaker. I always wear them to a dressy event – black tie or not. It’s nice to stand out in a sea of ties.

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