Weekend long reads

Read about the battle for Hong Kong, lessons from the dotcom boom, the broken dreams of 1989, how we’ll live in the 2020s (part 2), St Petersburg’s wintry charm, moving to the country, MoMA’s makeover — and much more

How a youth-led movement took on the world’s most powerful authoritarian state

Rana Foroohar learnt hard lessons in the dotcom boom. Today, she has a feeling of déjà vu

Four books examine what went wrong as liberal idealism dissolved into blinkered nationalism

In the conclusion of our series on the next decade, we look at how high house prices, tech and ageing populations will affect the way we live

A cultural renaissance is afoot, with hip new venues alongside the gilded palaces — and it looks even better in the snow

The FT columnist is putting his stamp on a Cotswolds home. Can this urbanite adapt to rural living?

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