Weekend long reads

Read about how we’ll live in the 2020s, Argentina’s return to Peronism, trouble brewing at an Oxford college, a next-generation airship, Britain’s oyster rescue mission, Rembrandt meets Velázquez — and why we should learn to love spiders

From eco-refits to privatised neighbourhoods and flat-pack dwellings, these are the trends shaping the future

As ‘slum priests’ try to fill the gap left by the state, the populist movement is on the rise again

An acrimonious management dispute has shaken the institution’s grandest college

Tickets are on sale now for the $79,000 flights that might herald a new era for luxury aviation

Beloved of Pliny the Elder, then decimated by overfishing and pollution. But Mersea in Essex is determined to reverse the fortunes of native oysters

Three new books dissect how capitalism is changing and our failure to spot the danger signs

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