The joys of spring – a Food & Drink special

Is there any sound more joyful than the popping of a cork? To welcome spring, this is a feast of champagne and ducks’ tongues, Skye Gyngell’s strawberries and meringue, Honey & Co’s rhubarb gin and tonic, a pint of camel’s milk and an ode to the humble, unimprovable, British chip. And that’s before we step inside the blissful universe of ASMR

Westerners may balk, but such dishes are revered for their thrilling textural qualities

Golden, triple-cooked, bathed in beef dripping — what’s the secret of potato perfection?

Sales are growing fast, but it’s an acquired taste

Who better than the proprietor of Spring Restaurant to celebrate the new season?

Videos of people preparing and consuming food are essential viewing for millions — and a baffling craze for everyone else

There is no happier noise than the popping of a cork

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