FT Weekend’s best long reads of 2017

As the world’s most influential media mogul nears his 86th birthday, his sons have stepped up to steer the family business. But can they ever escape their father’s shadow?

Soaring antidepressant usage, falling life expectancy: Blackpool embodies much of what is going wrong on the fringes of Britain

Amid the rise in food allergies, two new treatments are on the verge of approval. David Crow on how they work and why our food has turned against us 

Over two decades, the institution went from sleepy German lender to the world’s largest bank — only to plummet into a downward spiral that some claim has left it ‘beyond repair’

Tim Harford on how today’s politicians deal with inconvenient truths

Revelations about Harvey Weinstein are just one sign of how movie culture is fuelled by a ‘tanker of testosterone’

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