What to watch on TV this week

Our pick of the best television shows

As teen couple Harry and June run away together, June discovers she can shape-shift

Finding deeper meaning in modern and ancient practices

Dr Xand van Tulleken investigates why suicide is the biggest killer of males under 50 in the UK

A likeable Blackburn lass and her mum go for a bit of matchmaking Nigerian-style

A tyrannical king pushes his tomboy daughter to marry a wealthy handsome prince

An LA-set drama series about the lives of emergency responders

More from this Series

The assumed heir to a fictional media empire bends events to his advantage

Paradoxical and intriguing views from America’s Bible-and-bullet belt

Follow the scientists uncovering the secrets of our solar system’s biggest planet

A comedy series revolving around a psychotherapist who treats eccentric patients online

A documentary investigates Latin America’s most notorious narcotics barons and hitmen

Sean Bean stars as an inspector trying to discover who is chopping up and reassembling street urchins in 1820s London

Filmed on one of the last nights of his latest tour, the stand-up pontificates on the nature of comedy

A year-long investigation into a gang spotted on security cameras flying a drone into an English prison

In OITNB the guards are looking to punish the ringleaders of a riot, while Prison centres on mental health crisis

Missouri-set crime series has a languid pace and familiar tropes but succeeds as a Gothic mood piece

Natalie Dormer stars as the forbidding headmistress of Appleyard College, a rigidly controlled girls’ school

A documentary on the 13 unsuccessful England football managers since 1966 World Cup victory

A devastating film following a resistance group dedicated to exposing Isis atrocities in Raqqa

A welcome second series for writer Will Sharpe’s tales of an odd family

The plot is minimal, but this tale of the highs and lows of an aspiring rapper and his cousin/manager is mesmerising

Eleven young people, mostly gender-fluid and of various sexual orientations, move into a house on the Sussex Downs

A dystopian Danish drama driven by conspiracy fears and environmental catastrophe

Evan Rachel Wood is superb as she morphs from sweet-faced homesteader to leader of the robot resistance

GF Newman’s classic crime drama is a bracingly downbeat portrait of 1970s London

A blockbuster nine-part arts series accompanied by a festival in partnership with hundreds of UK museums

The show is at its best when it eschews didactic dystopias in favour of stories that are more open-ended

The winds of change are blowing and the Royal marriage grows turbulent as Netflix’s show continues