What to watch on TV this week

Our pick of the best television shows

A look at Robert Wood Johnson, the latest US ambassador to the UK, and the advisers who field Trump’s tweets and fix bad PR

A winning combination of fabulous 1980s looks and time-travel to an era gloriously bereft of good taste

A documentary on the 13 unsuccessful England football managers since 1966 World Cup victory

The first of Phyllida Lloyd’s trilogy of productions, which played at the Donmar Warehouse in London from 2012

The theft of Caravaggio’s ‘Nativity’ and the stories offered by Mafia turncoats regarding the fate of the artwork

A devastating film following a resistance group dedicated to exposing Isis atrocities in Raqqa

More from this Series

A welcome second series for writer Will Sharpe’s tales of an odd family

The five-part adaptation of Edward St Aubyn’s acclaimed novel sequence reaches its finale

Rachel Parris presents all things women can’t or shouldn’t do, as expressed by the pundits of yesteryear

Workplace fat-shaming meets feminism and vigilante justice in a comedy set in the offices of a glossy magazine

Journalist and ex-soldier Adnan Sarwar returns to discover what’s left of the country 15 years after the war

A close-quarters documentary about a disorder that affects one in 50 people in the UK

The plot is minimal, but this tale of the highs and lows of an aspiring rapper and his cousin/manager is mesmerising

The heart-rending story of Jerome Rogers whose two traffic violations escalated into an unmanageable financial crisis

Eleven young people, mostly gender-fluid and of various sexual orientations, move into a house on the Sussex Downs

A documentary that explores the country’s cultural riches but doesn’t shy away from its ugly side

A dystopian Danish drama driven by conspiracy fears and environmental catastrophe

Abi Morgan’s drama foregrounds steely, controlled women — with male characters tending towards emotional incontinence

Evan Rachel Wood is superb as she morphs from sweet-faced homesteader to leader of the robot resistance

A docudrama that follows a young family moving to an isolated but idyllic farm in the Brecon Beacons

A thoroughly modern family confronts primal fears in this reboot of an old favourite

GF Newman’s classic crime drama is a bracingly downbeat portrait of 1970s London

David Morrissey brings a glorious melancholy to the role of heavy-handed but sympathetic inspector

A blockbuster nine-part arts series accompanied by a festival in partnership with hundreds of UK museums

Steven Soderbergh’s TV series explores the most convoluted chambers of the human heart with icy composure

How the main characters — played by Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church — relate to each other from now on is the puzzle

Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter star in this drama about a hip academic and his seemingly perfect children

Revel in the neon-lit retro-futuro stylings and the strong performances

The show is at its best when it eschews didactic dystopias in favour of stories that are more open-ended

The winds of change are blowing and the Royal marriage grows turbulent as Netflix’s show continues

Spike Lee updates his 1986 comedy for Netflix and serve up serious issues along with the laughs