What to watch on TV this week

Our pick of the best television shows

Novel’s TV adaptation stars Tamara Lawrance who combines fiery spirit and heart-wrenching pathos in the role of July

The programme finds some rewarding interviewees, and some glamorous backdrops against which to set them

Six-part documentary series, adapted from a John Grisham book, probes two Oklahoma cases whose ripples were far-reaching

Documentary celebrating circus arts stresses recent developments in the form

Despite a clunky script and distracting visuals, there are fascinating questions at the heart of this Jungle Book adaptation

Families struggle in the limbo of temporary accommodation in Alexander Zeldin’s moving play

More from this Series

The stories behind Gromit, Roobarb, Morph and the movie that was secretly funded by the CIA

Documentary that draws on reformed gang members to explore how it feels to shoot and be shot

Rachel Brosnahan is effervescent as a 1950s New York housewife working her way up the stand-up circuit

The Showtime/Sky Atlantic series queasily combines a tot-show aesthetic and decidedly dark adult humour

The poet puts a group of young people in care through intensive writing therapy

Ruth Wilson stars in a dramatisation of her grandparents’ story of secrecy and the corrosive effect of lying

Compassion meets controversy in Stella O’Malley’s documentary

HBO’s eight-part adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s novels charts the changing role of women over the decades

Sitcom about the travails of an acting coach and his grouchy agent has earthy humour and a host of star cameos

Acting, lying and spying seem moral equivalents in a BBC thriller that hopes to repeat the success of The Night Manager

A 13-year-old boy confesses to committing double parricide in a motel — but then a woman claiming to be his mother turns up

The Channel 4/Hulu series delivers sumptuous visuals, stirring music, thousand-yard stares — and an emotional punch too

The stylish 10-part amnesia thriller has been adapted from a hit podcast

The final series acknowledges the behind-the-scenes drama in meta fashion

The BBC series’ first female lead Jodie Whittaker makes her much-anticipated debut

Matthew Weiner’s eight-part series examines what it might feel like to have — or believe you have — imperial blood in your veins

How did a mild-mannered eye doctor end up being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands?

A head-scramble of a series depicts a rigorous world wherein the Axis powers won the war

Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s new series puts a distinctive spin on the spy genre

The plot is minimal, but this tale of the highs and lows of an aspiring rapper and his cousin/manager is mesmerising