What to watch on TV this week

Our pick of the best television shows

Evan Rachel Wood is superb as she morphs from sweet-faced homesteader to leader of the robot resistance

The BBC’s new adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ Victorian novel looks set to be a thundering ride

Bill Hader stars as a glum veteran-turned-hitman who hesitates when he is assigned to kill a physical trainer

Rick Edwards joins the flushers of Thames Water as they investigate the unspeakable depths of London

A gloomy, penumbral depiction of the early days of forensic science and psychological profiling

A docudrama that follows a young family moving to an isolated but idyllic farm in the Brecon Beacons

More from this Series

A thoroughly modern family confronts primal fears in this reboot of an old favourite

The academic experts invited to enlighten gormless presenter Philomena Cunk are getting canny

GF Newman’s classic crime drama is a bracingly downbeat portrait of 1970s London

David Morrissey brings a glorious melancholy to the role of heavy-handed but sympathetic inspector

Bettany Hughes charts 8,000 years of worshipping the god of wine

A documentary following the abuse of performance enhancers from the sports arena to the dorm room

Writer-producer Bryan Cranston turns the surprise bestseller into a sentimental family drama

A documentary series filled with larger-than-life characters, tragedy and folly, glory and ignominy

Everyone talks in metaphors — even the lawyers — in the returning hedge fund drama

An introverted young woman is drawn to exist online in a secret pocket of a video game

Mary Beard whirls round Maharashtra, Seville, Venice and offers an an interesting angle on iconoclasm

Steven Soderbergh’s direction allows the characters ample time to think on screen

Hard-hitting documentary series views the Michigan city’s near-intractable problems through the prism of police work

An 800km pilgrimage across the Pyrenees with seven stars of varying luminosity

The story rushes off in so many directions it’s in danger of falling apart — but Jessica is irresistibly watchable

Timely documentary suggests that much of what we believed about the 1999 school shooting was wrong

A blockbuster nine-part arts series accompanied by a festival in partnership with hundreds of UK museums

Steven Soderbergh’s TV series explores the most convoluted chambers of the human heart with icy composure

How the main characters — played by Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church — relate to each other from now on is the puzzle

American documentarist Gillian Pachter scrutinises the celebrated case of the last woman to be hanged in Britain

John Simm stars as a grieving father, and as a Labour MP with a complex emotional life

Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter star in this drama about a hip academic and his seemingly perfect children

A dash of ‘Stranger Things’, a touch of ‘Glee’ — this high-school drama treads familiar ground

Shaun Evans excels as the young Inspector Morse, investigating a case with Presidents Club echoes

Revel in the neon-lit retro-futuro stylings and the strong performances

Show focuses on relatives of the nine victims killed in the 2015 Charleston white supremacist shooting

The first episode of new documentary series drills deep into the Volkswagen diesel scandal

Held captive for six years, an FBI agent returns to find her husband has remarried

Romans invade an alien, demon-haunted land ruled by bloodthirsty queens and malevolent druids

The show is at its best when it eschews didactic dystopias in favour of stories that are more open-ended

Andrew Graham-Dixon probes the Royal Collection for insights into 500 years of history

Not the best underworld exposé or crime drama, but the show does a very decent job of being both

Emily Watson’s matriarch is richly drawn in Heidi Thomas’s new adaptation

The winds of change are blowing and the Royal marriage grows turbulent as Netflix’s show continues

Spike Lee updates his 1986 comedy for Netflix and serve up serious issues along with the laughs

Jeff Daniels, Michelle Dockery and Merritt Wever star in a Netflix series harking back to simpler yet more dangerous times