What to watch on TV this week

Our pick of the best television shows

Romans invade an alien, demon-haunted land ruled by bloodthirsty queens and malevolent druids

Andrew Graham-Dixon probes the Royal Collection for insights into 500 years of history

The show is at its best when it eschews didactic dystopias in favour of stories that are more open-ended

Not the best underworld exposé or crime drama, but the show does a very decent job of being both

British actress Miriam Margolyes goes on state-of-the-nation inquiry that begins in Chicago

An eight-part drama about the fabled rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford

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Emily Watson’s matriarch is richly drawn in Heidi Thomas’s new adaptation

The winds of change are blowing and the Royal marriage grows turbulent as Netflix’s show continues

Guz Khan stars as a Muslim man trying to shake off suspicions of terrorism in the BBC series

A victim of viral shaming gets revenge on the men who exploited her in Channel 4’s drama

Spike Lee updates his 1986 comedy for Netflix and serve up serious issues along with the laughs

Jeff Daniels, Michelle Dockery and Merritt Wever star in a Netflix series harking back to simpler yet more dangerous times