What to watch on TV this week

Our pick of the best television shows

Liza Williams’ BBC Four documentary highlights how preconceptions about the victims influenced the investigation

From the ‘most hated of all the gods’ in Homer’s Iliad to the patron god of Rome, Mars’s history is often surprising

Alex Gibney’s latest documentary charts the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes’s infamous blood-testing start-up Theranos

The new series starring Esme Creed-Miles follows a feral girl raised as a warrior in the woods

The actor has co-created and stars in a warmly funny mix of career crisis, cultures clash and music industry satire

A student and lecturer face each other behind plate glass. One of them has been banged up, but who — and why?

More from this Series

After the success of Killing Eve, the writer-director is back with a second — and starrier — season of her brilliantly offhand comedy-drama

Uncomfortable and graphic testimonies from two men, one of whom defended star during 2005 trial

The comedian returns in a softer-than-usual guise as a recently widowed journalist at a local newspaper

Coogan’s beloved character returns to BBC1 as host of a daytime TV show that quickly goes off-piste

Mobeen Azhar speaks to the inhabitants of Bradford, the birthplace of worldwide demonstrations against Salman Rushdie’s novel

Niccolò Ammaniti’s series about a weeping Virgin Mary adds an existential dimension to the critique of Italian society

Adaptated from the comic books, seven grown-up siblings unite to uncover the truth behind their adoptive father’s death

Julien Baptiste is lured out of retirement by the case of a missing Amsterdam sex worker in this new six-part drama

Emma Appleton and Keeley Hawes star in this feast of upper-crust accents, drab tailoring and top secret files

Did The Favourite whet your appetite for puffy dresses, pasty faces and powdered wigs? Look no further than this battle of the brothels drama

BBC documentary paints portrait of an anxious youth, with new interviewees, unheard audio and family photos

A dramatic German-language reboot that picks up the story nine months after the original’s cataclysmic ending

Tim Roth returns as rogue police chief Jim Worth in a crazed ballet of blood, fire and ice

The triple-timeline story starring Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff gets off to a promising start

Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield star as a sex therapist and her permanently mortified son

An exhilarating, almost farcical dramatisation of 2016’s successful Vote Leave campaign and its Machiavellian director

Old favourites unexpectedly return as links between their pasts are revealed

Andrew Davies doing what he does best — gorgeous cinematography and perfectly assembled period sets

The original’s ecological message only grows more timely

Novel’s TV adaptation stars Tamara Lawrance who combines fiery spirit and heart-wrenching pathos in the role of July

Despite a clunky script and distracting visuals, there are fascinating questions at the heart of this Jungle Book adaptation

Rachel Brosnahan is effervescent as a 1950s New York housewife working her way up the stand-up circuit

The Showtime/Sky Atlantic series queasily combines a tot-show aesthetic and decidedly dark adult humour