A simple truth Germany continues to neglect

From Graham Hacche. Sir, Jens Spahn (“Thanks for the advice but we prefer fiscal discipline”, October 18) is highly satisfied with the performance of the German economy and its supposed role as an “anchor of stability for the EU”

Federal eagle may yet turn into an albatross

From Christian Pickel. Sir, Having just returned to Frankfurt after 18 years living and working in the UK, I read with great interest Frederick Studemann’s Berlin Notebook “Suddenly everyone wants to be German” (October 18)

Ukraine welcomes the Normandy Four roadmap

From Natalia Galibarenko. Sir, Ukraine is committed to a peaceful settlement to the conflict in Donbas in line with the Minsk agreement, which lays out a careful sequence of actions to achieve peace

Extend any future Russian sanctions to March 2018

From M W N Towers. Sir, Your editorial “The price for Russian war crimes in Aleppo” (October 20) rightly urged EU leaders to decide in favour of a continuation of sanctions on Russia

Toxic Trump shows how far we still have to go

From Avivah Wittenberg-Cox. Sir, Anne-Marie Slaughter fears that Donald Trump’s overt sexism will mask the more insidious unconscious kind that is more prevalent today (“Trump’s overt sexism obscures a more dangerous bias”, October 18)

Position of UN chief is much misunderstood

From Robin Wensley. Sir, In his report ‘Cold war chill hinders progress at UN as Guterres takes reins’, Geoff Dyer reflects on the challenges of the position on UN secretary-general, but heaps a rather heavy burden on Mr Guterres by concluding that ‘the start of his tenure will be defined by how he responds to the Syria crisis’

What it means to be a man has not changed

From J Francis Reid. Sir, The examples of modern men in William Leith’s essay ‘Of myths and men’ cannot seriously be accepted as meaningfully representative

Good v bad inflation?

From Nick Anderson. Sir, In your editorial ‘Sterling’s slump marks a warning, not a boon’, you conclude that ‘the fall in sterling will push up prices, eat into real incomes andmake Britain poorer’

How UK can have a future in the single market

From Andreas Wesemann. Sir, It is just astonishing that after all her involvement in the Brexit campaign Gisela Stuart (“Britain must unite to build a new relationship with the EU”, FT.com, October 19) still manages to make fundamentally wrong assertions about the single market and the EU

Sturgeon’s fantasy politics

From Ralph MacLeod. Sir, Your editorial “Scotland seeks a place between the UK and EU” (October 18) gives oxygen to Nicola Sturgeon’s fantasy politics and fails to recognise her sole mission

There’s one consolation

From Colin Service. Sir, Following the inevitable relative decline in Britain’s economic and political standing over the coming years, the “Economists for Brexit” (Letters, October 19) will be able to comfort themselves with the thought that things would have been so much worse had Britain remained in the EU

California is Golden State

From Harrison Coerver. Sir, Love your publication, but the Big Read article “California’s cleaner dream” (October 19) referred to California as the “Sunshine State”