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Prizewinning translator Deborah Smith on the pleasures and pitfalls of a long-neglected profession

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A history of hegemony shows that there are hard limits to soft power

The acclaimed US writer talks frankly about race and what Trump’s triumph reveals about America

An engaging and suspenseful biography of MI5 spymaster Maxwell Knight

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The mystery of a girl’s disappearance is at the heart of this unsettling tale of life in a Peak District village

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The legacy of France’s violent colonial past is explored in a timely novel set in a racially divided Lyon

Two Oxford academics argue that extra funds for countries near trouble spots could help solve the crisis

A former British ambassador to Germany explains why Berlin is as committed as ever to the Union

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A remarkable debut novel explores the first months of motherhood in a dystopian Britain

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Harry Potter comparisons are inescapable but this tale of wizards is full of surpises

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A YA historical novel thrillingly evokes the Tower of London at the time of Anne Boleyn

A Swedish science journalist goes in search of her own genetic roots

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