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An illuminating history of the Daily Mail listens in to a century-long ‘conversation between friends’

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A history of the country’s 20th-century efforts to reassert itself is a corrective to the official narrative

Ahead of the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival, Christopher de Hamel looks at the medieval origins of the city’s intelligentsia

How growing awareness of other minds, both natural and artificial, is prompting a reassessment of our place in the world

A case against gross domestic product is thought-provoking but places too much faith in the sharing economy

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Revolutionary tension is felt across the channel in a tale of marital oppression and doomed property enterprise

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A rare translation that reveals an innovative and playful voice in Thai fiction

A combative history of the British in India swats aside notions of benevolent imperial rule

A charmed life suddenly veers off the tracks in this sharp memoir

A clear-eyed portrait of the writer and editor Karl Miller is also something of a whodunnit

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A sensitive novel that explores homophobia in English football

‘What does it mean to be a writer? To excavate invisible journeys’

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