The Oscars 2019

This year’s Academy Award contenders — a glittering round-up of interviews, reviews and features

Film about pianist Don Shirley wins top gong and Briton is crowned best actress

As tales based on real life dominate the nominations, is journalism finding a new home in Hollywood?

Netflix challenges traditional studios while deals and mergers shake up industry

For John Paul Rathbone, the Oscar-nominated film about a Mexico City maid evokes a familiar and complex world

The director on being in the running for the big Oscars 30 years after ‘Do the Right Thing’ was snubbed

The actor on getting into character, his debt to Withnail and this year’s Oscar race

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The satirical biopic chronicles how the vice-president seized the levers of power during the Bush era

The Best Director contender reflects on the stormy appeal of his film ‘Cold War’ and his ‘criminal’ Oscar-winner ‘Ida’

The story of a black undercover cop who tricked his way into the Klan is both entertaining and chastening

The comic book becomes a triumph of African-American storytelling, complete with thrills, nuance and sly radical cheek

The dialogue rarely sings in this ill-fated movie about the Queen frontman

Yorgos Lanthimos’s absurdist take on the court of Queen Anne is wildly entertaining

A story of Deep South racial division that has its own audience-insulting stereotypes

The director’s Mexico City-set film tells a vivid story in a world of social injustice and inequality

The lead actor and director does his best to give the old story some new oomph