CD cover of 'Palais de Mari' by Feldman and Crumb

Feldman: Palais de Mari; Crumb: A Little Suite for Christmas

A selection of works for piano offers music of utmost simplicity

DVDs and Downloads

Old meets young in a Swiss sanatorium in Paolo Sorrentino’s bombastic but irresistible meditation on ageing
Sebastian Schipper tells in one 138-minute take the story of a young woman’s nocturnal frolic adventure-ordeal in Berlin
The Club
A strange and powerful film from Chile that wrestles with questions of sin and forgiveness
Beth Orton — Kidsticks

Beth Orton: Kidsticks

Album employs wobbling bass drops and cosmic synthesiser drones

Gilbert & Sullivan: HMS Pinafore

Recording of a fairly upbeat performance that makes for lively entertainment

Catfish and the Bottlemen The Ride

Catfish and the Bottlemen: The Ride

Populist swagger predominates, delivered with punchy riffs and yowling vocals

CD cover of 'Libraries On Fire', featuring Derek Gripper

Derek Gripper: Libraries On Fire

An album’s worth of kora duets for solo acoustic guitar that should not even be possible


ABC: The Lexicon of Love II

Martin Fry rations moments of drama in belated sequel to the band’s 1982 album

CD cover of 'Everything's Beautiful' by Robert Glasper

Robert Glasper: Everything’s Beautiful

A celebration of Miles Davis’s legacy mixed with hip-hop and R&B

CD cover of Schubert songs performed Benjamin Appl


An expressive and personable performance from baritone Benjamin Appl

Flume Skin

Flume: Skin

Album yokes the producer’s ear for sonic texture to expansive beats

The Big Short — DVD review

An audacious movie about the financial crisis to leave you laughing, moved and seething with righteous anger

Christy Moore: Lily

Irish folk singer’s anti-elite sentiment morphs into disappointed Nationalism

Chance the Rapper: Coloring Book

Themes of worldly success richly imagined with gospel choirs and jazzy horns

Jack DeJohnette: In Movement

US drummer alternates powerhouse rhythms with cymbals and electronica

Bob Dylan: Fallen Angels

A bold reinvention with jazzy guitar, western swing and Hawaiian exotica

Corigliano: The Ghosts of Versailles

One of the most over-the-top operas of all time recorded live in Los Angeles