'Shelter' CD cover

Moiré: Shelter

An agile debut that layers together precise arrangements of hi-hats, bass and snares but also disrupts them with other elements

DVDs and Downloads

Tom at the Farm - DVD cover
Xavier Dolan’s thriller about a gay city boy who is forced to repress his grief after the funeral of his lover
Tracks - DVD cover
The story of 27-year-old Robyn Davidson who set out on a trek across the Australian desert
Divergent - DVD cover
A glossy sci-fi fable set in Chicago, long after some vague future war divided its society into factions by psychological type
CD cover Die Walküre

Richard Wagner: Die Walküre

Recording documents how Georg Solti invests the music with the intensity and drive that became his hallmark as a conductor

'The Fire Inside' CD cover

Luke Sital-Singh: The Fire Inside

The Surrey singer-songwriter is a textbook example of sensitive young men crooning about love and heartbreak over inoffensive soft-rock

Album cover of Imogen Heap's 'Sparks'

Imogen Heap: Sparks

Album bears a bewildering amount of back story – songs inspired by sounds sent in by fans to the invention of a pair of musical gloves

CD cover of 'Musik, Die Schwer Du Twerk' by Electric Würms

Electric Würms: Musik, Die Schwer Zu Twerk

Classic underground acid rock with a striking mix of weird noises and hypnotically repetitive rhythms

Dylan Howe: Subterranean – New Designs on Bowie’s Berlin

Moody electronica mixes with solid acoustic jazz as multi-layered keyboards powerfully evoke an existential foreboding

CD cover of 'Piano sonatas' by Schubert

Schubert: Piano Sonatas

Conductor Daniel Barenboim contrasts highly charged grandeur with expansive lyricism

CD cover of 'Hamidbar Medaber' by Zebrina

Zebrina: Hamidbar Medaber

A mixture of jazz-rock styled after the 1970s-era of Miles Davis and Klezmer

CD cover of By the Sea's 'Endless Days Crystal Sky'

By the Sea: Endless Days Crystal Sky

Songs have depth and warmth, conveying an aching sense of melancholy, while synthesisers add a modern gloss to the nostalgia

Butler, Bernstein & the Hot Nine: Viper’s Drag

The pianist lights up every track and the clarinet-led polyphony and fusion flourishes both work well

Jenny Hval and Susanna: Meshes Of Voice

Art-folk summit meeting between the singers takes inspiration from film-maker Maya Deren and from Greek mythology

Pumeza Matshikiza: Voice of Hope

Crossover disc intermingles operatic arias and songs representing black African and American culture

Johann Strauss: Waltzes and Polkas

Rubato, lilt and elegance reign supreme, and you’ll find yourself partying to the sound of imperial Vienna

Judith Weir: The Vanishing Bridegroom

Timely release of the composer’s most successful opera underscores her gift for concision, ambiguity and sound-pictures of sophisticated lyricism

FKA Twigs: LP1

Singer reinvents herself as a breathy siren floating through a nocturnal landscape of echoing bass and disembodied electronic tones