Joe Cummings illustration of Tony O’Reilly

Tony O’Reilly, tycoon who gambled and lost

The rise and fall of Ireland’s premier businessman mirrors his country’s fate

illustration of Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim, Mexico’s mogul of mobile

A new monopoly-busting law could yet prove fruitful for the telecoms tycoon

Joe Cummings illustration of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

The self-styled caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

The Iraqi jihadi is using savagery and social media to extend his influence

Fabien Cousteau, scion of ocean explorers

The grandson of Jacques inherits a family trait of pushing underwater limits, writes Pilita Clark

Dov Charney, controversial clothing brand founder

American Apparel chief executive ousted but may not leave easily

Paul Singer - Person in the News

Paul Singer, the hedge fund holdout

The rightwing fund manager plays hardball on both distressed debt and gay marriage

Shane Smith, the mogul hero of millennials

The hard-partying Vice co-founder built an anarchic magazine into a $2bn media brand

Joe Cummings illustration of Prince Felipe

Felipe, a prince fit to burnish the crown

The next king of Spain will need to work hard to restore faith in the Bourbons, writes Tobias Buck

Joe Cummings' illustration of Dr Dre
©Joe Cummings

Dr Dre, hip-hop billionaire

Entrepreneurial flair has propelled the rap star from Compton to Cupertino

illustration of Khalifa Haftar

Khalifa Haftar, a wily Libyan warrior

The hard-headed Gaddafi-era general is taking up arms against former Islamist allies

Narendra Modi, outsider to lead India

The biggest challenge now will be to fulfil the expectations the BJP’s campaign has generated, says Victor Mallet

Jeremy Clarkson: the BBC’s serial offender

The ‘Top Gear’ frontman is one of TV’s most popular presenters, writes Peter Aspden

Ian Read: pragmatist turned dealmaker

Appointed to bring stability, the Pfizer chief is exhibiting a taste for deals

Pavel Durov seeks a free global market

More geek than oligarch, the Russian internet eccentric is taking his talents abroad

Gerrie Nel, Pistorius’s pit bull prosecutor

South African lawyer, renowned as a battler in the cause of justice, who shuns the limelight

Arsène Wenger: Patience wears thin

The Frenchman who brought victory to Arsenal is struggling with a formula that seems tired

Manuel Valls: presidential rescue mission

France’s new prime minister offers a mix of Blairite reform and Sarkozy-style grit, writes Hugh Carnegy

Lachlan and James Murdoch: a trial of dynastic dreams

The joint promotion by their father is a clever (or cruel) test, writes Michael Wolff

Nemat Shafik, high-flyer joining the BoE

An ability to stay calm in a crisis will prove useful in Threadneedle Street, writes Sam Fleming

Dianne Feinstein: new scourge of the spies

The US senator battling the CIA over the ‘war on terror’. By Geoff Dyer and Richard McGregor


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