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Ren Jianxin: merger master

ChemChina’s founder can win over foreign investors and Beijing, write Tom Mitchell and Ralph Atkins

Joe Cummings illustration, Vestager

Margrethe Vestager, EU competition chief

The Eurocrat taking on the tech giants is an elusive character, write Christian Oliver and Alex Barker

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Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s next president

The country’s first female leader is ready to stand up to her powerful neighbour, writes Ben Bland

Sergio Marchionne, veteran Fiat dealmaker

The carmaker boss considers how to respond to Silicon Valley, writes Rachel Sanderson

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Mohammed bin Nayef, Saudi power broker

After recent executions, the interior minister might be losing his grip, writes Simeon Kerr

Person in the News: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, political cinema’s rising star

The actor does penance for being part of celebrity distraction, writes Henry Mance

Joe Cummings illustration of Jacob Zuma
©Joe Cummings

Jacob Zuma, fighting for survival

Doubts arise about the South African president’s style, writes Andrew England

Joe Cummings illustration, Wirsching Mein Kampf

Andreas Wirsching: editing Hitler

The printing of a new ‘Mein Kampf’ shows how Germany is leaving its past behind

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Mauricio Macri, Argentina’s new president

The honeymoon period following victory will be brief, write John Paul Rathbone and Benedict Mander

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François Hollande: the unlikely commander

A leader seen as indecisive now leads the fight against Isis, writes Anne-Sylvaine Chassany

José Mourinho, football’s Lord of Chaos

The Chelsea coach finally faces a crisis in a career of glory and transience, writes Janan Ganesh

Sumner Redstone, ailing media titan

Nonagenarian owner of troubled empire has gone silent but is still in control, writes Matthew Garrahan

Ralph Lauren, designer of American dream

A changing of the guard as the fashion boss hands the reins over, writes John Gapper

Malcolm Turnbull, from Spycatcher to PM

Australia’s premier is a former lawyer who has grabbed his chance to shine, writes Jamie Smyth

Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, Lego’s saviour

CEO of the toy industry’s biggest group gained leadership skills teaching toddlers

Befriender of the rich, champion of poor

The Kids Company founder garnered support by speaking poverty to power

Alexis Tsipras, taking Greece to brink

In a six-month stand-off, a man known as pragmatic is now considered a hardliner

Hope Solo, footballer aims for redemption

The greatest goalie in women’s game faces battles on and off pitch, writes Megan Murphy

Banksy, shadowy cipher lights up street

Stunts provide the marketing, the gallery works the cash flow, writes Edwin Heathcote

Li Hejun, a solar billionaire feels heat

A market plunge of less than an hour dethroned mainland China’s richest man, writes Lucy Hornby



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