Arsène Wenger: Patience wears thin

The Frenchman who brought victory to Arsenal is struggling with a formula that seems tired

Joe Cummings illustration of Manuel Valls

Manuel Valls: presidential rescue mission

France’s new prime minister offers a mix of Blairite reform and Sarkozy-style grit, writes Hugh Carnegy

Joe Cummings illustration of the Murdochs

Lachlan and James Murdoch: a trial of dynastic dreams

The joint promotion by their father is a clever (or cruel) test, writes Michael Wolff

illustration of Nemat Shafik

Nemat Shafik, high-flyer joining the BoE

An ability to stay calm in a crisis will prove useful in Threadneedle Street, writes Sam Fleming

illustration of Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein: new scourge of the spies

The US senator battling the CIA over the ‘war on terror’. By Geoff Dyer and Richard McGregor

illustration of Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s strongman

The president’s stance hardened when his position weakened, say Kathrin Hille and Neil Buckley

illustration of Brady Dougan, Credit Suisse chief executive

Brady Dougan, Credit Suisse marathon man

US hearings have thrust an unwilling chief into the limelight, writes James Shotter

Carl Icahn, obsessive activist investor

His decades-long war on corporate complacency has gone mainstream, writes Stephen Foley

illustration of Matteo Renzi

Matteo Renzi: in a hurry to rescue Italy

The charismatic prime minister in waiting must prove he can deliver, writes Guy Dinmore

Satya Nadella of Microsoft; illustration by Joe Cummings

Satya Nadella, top man at Microsoft

The cerebral new chief is charged with reviving the faltering tech group, writes Richard Waters

Scarlett Johansson, star whose ad popped

The actress has lifted her sponsor’s fame – and its critics’, say Peter Aspden and John Reed

Lenovo chief embraces risk to beat rivals

Yang Yuanqing sees through two dramatic deals

Xu Zhiyong, Chinese civil rights activist

The campaigner’s demands that officials obey the law have been met with fury, says Tom Mitchell

François Hollande: presidential problems

The French leader is eager to put his love life aside and extend his political life, says Hugh Carnegy

Juan Carlos: Spain’s struggling monarch

Weakened by scandal, the Bourbon king is fighting for his legacy, writes Tobias Buck

Inga Beale, Lloyd’s of London trailblazer

The new chief of the insurance market must find a strategy to keep it relevant

Mary Barra, engineer ready to tune up GM

The incoming boss must steer the carmaker to global success, write Robert Wright and Henry Foy

Vitali Klitschko, Ukraine’s pugilist politician

The opposition figure is popular among protesters but he might struggle against Putin, write Neil Buckley and Roman Olearchyk

Doug McMillon: Walmart’s charmer

The retailer’s next chief is a keeper of the retail chain’s thrifty culture, writes Barney Jopson

Paul Flowers, former Co-op Bank boss

The pastor’s performance as chairman has raised questions about management at the lender