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Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan lord of misrule

The isolated president sits tight as his country slides deeper into chaos, writes John Paul Rathbone

Anohni illustration

Anohni, troubadour for transgender rights

Singer has transitioned from ‘he’ to ‘she’ at a time of fraught debate, writes Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

Illustration of Tina Green by Joe Cummings
©Joe Cummings

Tina Green, retail queen

A spotlight falls on the fashion power couple who built a shopping empire, writes Mark Vandevelde

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Claudio Ranieri: Tinkerman poised to win

Leicester City’s likeable manager is on the verge of a historic success, writes Simon Kuper

Joe Cummings illustration - Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen, long has she reigned over us

British monarch’s sense of duty is popular with her modern subjects, writes Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

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George RR Martin, fantasy sorcerer bewitches

As fans await ‘Game of Thrones’, a universe is locked in its creator’s head, writes Isabel Berwick

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Sanjeev Gupta – steel baron to be?

The boss of Liberty House will need state help to keep steelmaking in Wales, writes Jonathan Ford


Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s warrior president

The country’s first woman leader is facing the fight of her political life, writes Joe Leahy

Joe Cummings illustration - Elena Ferrante

Elena Ferrante, fake name behind great tale

Italian writer is captivating readers with the mystery of her identity, writes Rachel Sanderson

Demis Hassabis, master of new machine age

The creator of the AI game-playing program makes all the right moves, writes Murad Ahmed

James Comey, the lawyer battling Apple

The FBI chief is a formidable foe for tech companies in rows over privacy, writes Geoff Dyer

Ali al-Naimi, shepherd of the oilfields

The main protagonist in a war to protect Saudi’s energy crown, write Simeon Kerr and Anjli Raval

Kyle Bass, a sharpshooting short-seller

The hedge fund chief is betting on a vicious fall in the renminbi, writes Stephen Foley

Ren Jianxin: merger master

ChemChina’s founder can win over foreign investors and Beijing, write Tom Mitchell and Ralph Atkins

Margrethe Vestager, EU competition chief

The Eurocrat taking on the tech giants is an elusive character, write Christian Oliver and Alex Barker

Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s next president

The country’s first female leader is ready to stand up to her powerful neighbour, writes Ben Bland

Sergio Marchionne, veteran Fiat dealmaker

The carmaker boss considers how to respond to Silicon Valley, writes Rachel Sanderson

Mohammed bin Nayef, Saudi power broker

After recent executions, the interior minister might be losing his grip, writes Simeon Kerr

Brad Pitt, political cinema’s rising star

The actor does penance for being part of celebrity distraction, writes Henry Mance

Jacob Zuma, fighting for survival

Doubts arise about the South African president’s style, writes Andrew England



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