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Five of the best: London restaurants for vegans

From an elegant LA-style space to an understated Japanese wooden box, vegans can find variety in the capital

Five of the best: home-brewing suppliers

From mash paddles and malt to kegs and carbonation drops, there’s a wide choice of brewing kit served up online

Corallo Lobster Bar at La Rinascente, Milan

Five of the best: restaurants in department stores

Where top-notch shopping meets exceptional dining

Bastard Mat & Vin
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Five of the best: Malmo eateries

The Swedish city boasts historic districts, noirish industrial backdrops and some very chic dining

Maze Grill Royal Hospital Road

Five of the best: places to eat in Chelsea

A selection of restaurants close to the Chelsea Flower Show, which opens in three weeks

A Gousto box

Five of the best: recipe-box providers

Stuck in a meal rut or no time to shop? New companies do the thinking, sourcing and measuring for you 

The Marksman
©Anabel Navarro Llorens

Five of the best: pubs owned by Michelin-star chefs

The new must-have accessory for big-name chefs

Thomas’s at Burberry

Five of the best: cafés in fashion boutiques

From London to Tokyo, designer stores offer plenty of options for the hungry fashionista

Beef dish at The Gannet

Five of the best: places to eat in Glasgow

With the redevelopment of River Clyde’s north bank dock area, the neighbourhood of Finnieston has become the city’s must-visit dining destination

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Five of the best: Osaka izakaya

The Japanese city specialises in casual eateries and izakaya — hospitable, high-energy pubs

Five of the best: places to eat in Istanbul

Turkey’s most populous city has food for every taste — and budget

Five of the best: pizzerias in Naples

The Neapolitan crust is famed for its airy lightness, achieved by ‘pizzaioli’ with generations of skill

Five of the best: Tokyo stand bars

You won’t get a seat at any of these joints but you’ll find good beers, trendy cocktails and decently priced sake

Five of the best: new hotel bars in Paris

The French capital has welcomed a new class of hotel bar — youthful, local and with very ambitious cocktails

Five of the best: posh fried chicken

Marinated in soy or doused in hot sauce? There are new ways to vary a fried chicken habit

Five of the best: Valentine’s food gifts

For the Epicurean in your life: exquisite teas, Italian delicacies, very smart chocolate bars — or a brilliant brunch tip

Five of the best: bread-making courses

From pain rustique and sourdough to bagels and gluten-free . . . here’s where to shape your bread-making skills

Five of the best: Scottish bars for Burns Night

Toast the Scottish poet with a dram or two at the finest whisky outposts on his home turf

Five of the best: Manhattan cafés

The coffee-counter culture is brewing up a storm in New York’s Midtown

Five of the best: British charcuterie producers

British farmers are now making their own salami, chorizo, prosciutto and jamon — and revisiting local classics

Five of the best: cyclist cafés

Britain’s bike lovers are well serviced by cafés that sell and fix equipment — as well as offering calorie-loading treats

Five of the best: Italian craft beers

The vine-rich country also boasts about 500 craft breweries, with beers enhanced by ingredients from oysters to peaches

Five of the best: grain whiskies

Fruity finishes, hints of spice and notes of nuttiness — the vogue for grain whiskies, from Scotland to Japan

Five of the best: specialist spirits retailers

From craft gins and single malts to drinks by the dram, the FT selects where to shop for the spirits lover

Five of the best: cocktail-dessert bars

The top London locations for sweet-toothed treats and creative drinks, from cashew macaroons to Marmite black velvet

Five of the best: Irish and British cheeses

With creamy raw goat’s milk, thistle rennet and a Red Leicester revival, cheese is going from strength to strength

Five of the best: cafés and restaurants in galleries

Battered squid by the sea or lychee martinis in Chelsea: galleries across the UK have raised their gastronomic game

Five of the best: small- batch British gins

Using ingredients that range from foraged gorse flowers to Galaxy hops, small distillers are producing some intriguing gins

Five of the best: gin distillery bars

Take a tour, sit in on a masterclass or simply indulge in a classic G&T

Five of the best: creative cocktail lists

Think pine sap and caraway, thyme-infused gin and cream swirled in orange blossom water

Five of the best: breakfast delivery services

From rashers to pancakes and granola to black pudding, the first meal of the day can be the best — and laziest

Five of the best: free-range farms

From geese to guinea fowl, these birds have benefited from being able to roam naturally

Five of the best: bars and cafés in shops

From New York to Rome, boutiques are sprouting juice bars, chic menus and malt whisky

Five of the best: Autumn food festivals

Radical French dinners, carnivorous weekends and seasonal, regional celebrations

Five of the best: British barbecue joints

UK venues that offer an authentic flavour of the American south

Five of the best: places to eat in the Highlands

Scottish destinations where you can eat in style (and drink in the view)

Five of the best: London brewery taps

From Tottenham Hale to Bermondsey, breweries are opening their own drinking rooms

Five of the best: chutney and preserve makers

A selection of treats by the country’s finest producers of jams, conserves and pickles

Five of the best: Rooftop bars in Nairobi

Savour the views as well as the drinks at these watering holes in Kenya’s bustling capital

Five of the best: bars in London for virgin cocktails

Watering holes where the drinks are elegant, exciting and alcohol-free


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