Inside the wondrous world of Shaun Tan

The Oscar-winning writer and artist talks to Lorien Kite about fairytales, nightmares and why we’re all migrants now

FT Weekend Hidden Cities

The teleferico cable car in Complexo do Alemao in the North Zone.
Head into the fascinating and complex communities on the city’s fringes, with our immersive VR documentary
Make like a carioca and order your ice-cold chopp beer with a choice of salty, deep-friend snacks and juicy skewers of meat
©Harry Haysom

Are universities worth it?

‘To enjoy higher wages, smart people must waste time and money going to the trouble of acquiring a degree’

A member of the rocketry group tests a parachute outside the workshop in Copenhagen

The amateurs trying to put a human in space

A team of Danish enthusiasts are determined to be the first amateurs to send a person into space

Nikolai Kolesnikov restoring Henri Matisse’s “L’atelier rose” (1911) at the Pushkin Museum
©Petr Antonov

Russia’s great art rescue

They survived revolution, war and the cold. Now restored works from a legendary Moscow collection are going on show

Illustration by Shonagh Rae of Martha's Vineyard littered with Secret Service
©Shonagh Rae

On vacation with the Obamas

‘Each day everyone had to guess where the president’s party might go paddle-boarding next — and take evasive action’

Illustration by Celyn Brazier of medicinal plants
©Celyn Brazier

The rise of personalised medicine

‘With more DNA information available, studies are starting that link genes with specific medicines and even diets’

From left to right: An Elektra espresso machine – the company uses copper for the boiler; AE Stanton offers eight blends of coffee roasted on the premises; a Rancilio Silvia pump-action espresso machine, like Sands’ own
©Joakim Blockstrom

The secrets of London’s coffee doctor

When Philippe Sands’ espresso machine broke down, he took it to Haddon Rustin, who introduced him to a new world of beans and machines

Detail from Illustration by Lucas Varela
©Lucas Varela

The great holiday fantasy: I could so move to this cabin

‘I first spotted it, my future home, when I pulled over midway through a day’s drive’

©Jack Latham

FT Masterclass: Gong playing with Don Conreaux

The globetrotting 82-year-old teaches how to master an ancient sound

Illustration by Harry Haysom of the Olympics logo across a person's head
©Harry Haysom

Does hosting the Olympics make us happier?

‘Careful surveys of wellbeing are an important tool in figuring out the wisest way to spend public money’


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