India must resist carbon imperialism

The rich world’s move against fossil fuels is a disaster for poorer states, writes Arvind Subramanian

Osborne’s Britain is no country for young men

The overall direction is to skew the state further towards older people, writes Matt Whittaker

In depth: Autumn Statement 2015

Osborne must translate numbers into change

The chancellor made his spending task easier but difficult decisions lie ahead, writes Jill Rutter

Macri difference will go beyond Argentina

His victory shows change is possible through the ballot box, writes Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez

We are all Eurasian now

In the new age of geopolitics Europeans must think on a supercontinental scale, writes Bruno Maçães

A false alarm on red meat and cancer

Two large trials have tested for evidence and the WHO ignored both of them, writes Gordon Guyatt

Isis’ opponents must not isolate Russia

As a result of the Turkish attack, Putin might redirect his country’s policy, writes Richard Haass

Defence review: Rules of war have changed

Whitehall has neither the structure nor culture to tackle the threats we face, writes Jonathan Shaw

We feel Europe’s fear — and need its help

Isis is a threat but so is the general chaos and collapse in the Arab world, says Jamal Khashoggi

It’s who you meet not what you learn

Intrigue your colleagues and increase your allure by getting out of the office, writes Jeremy Shapiro

Deal with cause, not symptoms, of Isis

Conflict and injustice attracts more recruits than we can capture or kill, writes Philip Gordon

Bank regulators too need incentives

When a supervisor makes a decision, they take a risk with a big downside, writes Daniel Davies

Robots will enrich not replace us

It is not that machines will take jobs but that they will do so too slowly, writes David Willetts

How black was my valley

An industry once held in awe is now seen as a relic of a polluted past, writes John Lloyd

Cut doctors’ pay and the NHS will bleed

Jobs in the City and technology are seen as more rewarding among medics, writes Daniel Westacott

Lobster was never the food of kings

We have artificially kept them a delicacy, now their price is falling, writes Tim Hayward

US sends mixed signals in China Sea

Details have given rise to confusion over what exactly the USS Lassen did, writes Euan Graham

British business must join Brexit debate

Following Norway and Switzerland would weaken our control over economic affairs, writes Stuart Rose

How to disown ‘Islamist’ terrorism

We should hope that Isis will not be a permanent feature, writes HA Hellyer

We need incentives to save the climate

Green finance should focus on drawing in private capital to clean tech, writes Henry Paulson



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