The warning signs of trade stagnation

Ingram Pinn illustration

Data highlight investment slowdown and limits to recovery, writes Stephanie Flanders

Garden Bridge

Cities need boring bridges not baubles

The new crop of crossings are expensive follies not real infrastructure, writes Edwin Heathcote

Something is rotten in the euro kingdom

Plan would have eased Greece’s chronic liquidity shortage, writes Yanis Varoufakis

The EU must avoid a rupture with Berlin

European reforms must address Germany’s fears, writes Marcel Fratzscher

By failing refugees Europe fails itself

Most citizens view legal migration positively, but border chaos fuels populism, writes George Soros

How to add radicalism to Osborne squeeze

The chancellor’s ideas for cutting spending and services are unimaginative, writes John McTernan

Downtown Addis Ababa
©Nichole Sobecki

Africa: more ready to make than consume

The problem is not a missing middle class but a missing class of organisation, writes Paul Collier

Cycling needs time to re-build trust

The path forward for FT and Pearson

Digital technology is revolutionising the worlds of global media and education, writes John Fallon

A 10-bedroom villa in St Tropez, €25m

To boost UK productivity, cancel August

Confessing you have to stay in the office is an admission of wage slavery, says Karina Robinson

Do not fight free trade, it enriches nations

Its record in reducing poverty should be enough to counter critics, write Antonia Ax:son Johnson and Stefan Persson

Defeat Isis to balance Iran nuclear deal

US should now develop a serious strategy to defeat the terror group, writes Philip Zelikow

Let China’s markets speak truth to power

Policymakers must do more to reform underlying structural problems, writes Henry Paulson

Symphony will displace dicey messaging

If I were a bank, I would want control of my own communications, writes Philip Delves Broughton

The risk of fumbling the Europe poll

The Scottish referendum showed negativity can win the battle but not the war, says Ed Balls

Europe’s confusion on German leadership

Eurozone is happy to back Berlin when it is wrong and resist it when it is right

Markets afflicted by magical thinking

Prices should be discovered in the market, not administered by a government, writes James Grant

Lift Iran’s crippling self-imposed sanctions

Following the nuclear deal, the nation needs to get to grips with bureaucracy, writes Rouzbeh Pirouz

Cautious Shell’s three big bets

BG’s suite of projects will need to be delivered on time and on budget. That is a big ‘if’ with Brazil

Gamblers on Chinese stocks abandon their fortune to fate

When a table’s numbers shift, the gamblers hare off to a luckier one, writes Lawrence Osborne



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