Berlin’s devotion to rules harms EU

A confident leadership sets the manual aside in moments of crisis, writes Mark Mazower

James Ferguson illustration
©James Ferguson

Barclays and UK say goodbye to big time

Shrink and swim strategy leaves the City without a global investment bank, writes Philip Augar

The shady life and death of Mullah Omar

The best outcome would be for most Taliban to join the peace process, writes Ahmed Rashid

China’s market upset is bad for the world

Global prosperity may ultimately be the loser, writes Jonathan Fenby

A disaster’s lessons for Dodd-Frank

Beware of unintended consequences and cost-benefit trade-offs, writes Randall Kroszner

Palmer alone not to blame for lion’s death

Zimbabwe’s government has starved wildlife protection of funds, writes Marian Tupy

Cameron should stand up to the eurozone

UK business worries euro countries could impose their will on the whole EU, writes Charles Grant

Cull their Lordships to save the chamber

A revising House must be a ‘think again’ not a ‘yield or we veto’ place, writes Julian Grenfell

European left must face the future

Amid social democrats’ broader travails, Labour has become UK’s ‘stupid party’ writes John Lloyd

Jews reclaim the Olympic stadium

The continent’s biggest Jewish sports event is taking place in Berlin, writes Jeevan Vasagar

Work rewards too big for Keynes’ vision

The economist was right in that we are better off but at the cost of our free time, writes Tim Harford

The warning signs of trade stagnation

Data highlight investment slowdown and limits to recovery, writes Stephanie Flanders

Cities need boring bridges not baubles

The new crop of crossings are expensive follies not real infrastructure, writes Edwin Heathcote

Something is rotten in the euro kingdom

Plan would have eased Greece’s chronic liquidity shortage, writes Yanis Varoufakis

The EU must avoid a rupture with Berlin

European reforms must address Germany’s fears, writes Marcel Fratzscher

By failing refugees Europe fails itself

Most citizens view legal migration positively, but border chaos fuels populism, writes George Soros

How to add radicalism to Osborne squeeze

The chancellor’s ideas for cutting spending and services are unimaginative, writes John McTernan

Africa: more ready to make than consume

The problem is not a missing middle class but a missing class of organisation, writes Paul Collier

Cycling needs time to re-build trust

The path forward for FT and Pearson

Digital technology is revolutionising the worlds of global media and education, writes John Fallon



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