Politically important jobs day delayed

The UK is not yet at the arbitrary point where “average pay” is rising faster than “average prices”

Both empires will lose from this tussle

Russia neither needs nor intends to intervene militarily in Ukraine’s east, writes Dmitri Trenin

Why we must care about dynamic modelling

The technique could make arguing for tax cuts and a smaller state a lot easier

A lower sterling to cut UK’s deficits

Improvement in Britain’s trade and current account balances would be hard to achieve at today’s exchange rates

Merkel’s mettle could make Putin pause

Life in the subjugated east has given her invaluable insights, writes Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg

Self-fulfilling prophecy of the doomsayers

Warnings about outright deflation and the call for ECB action are misguided, writes Jürgen Stark

The market tends to kill its darlings

Investors are by nature fickle and easily disappointed, writes Ruchir Sharma

Ed Miliband congratulates Ed Balls after speech during the Labour Party's annual conference in Brighton

Labour must be more pro-business

The electoral clock is ticking and it needs to go further and faster, writes Alan Milburn

The Great Moderation, Version 2.0

The Great Recession of 2008-09 made the term seem hubristic, if not absurd, but now it is back

illustration of Vladimir Putin

Economic frailty will force Putin’s hand

Russia will try to replace western customers by tapping Asia, writes Christopher Granville

Germany sets a new tone on energy policy

Far from damaging the renewables business, increased competition could be could be its salvation

‘Brexit’ would mark a bright dawn

If the UK left the EU rules would be fewer and the budget deficit lower, writes Iain Mansfield

How Nigeria rewrote its growth story

GDP is not perfect but it is our best barometer of economic prosperity, writes Izabella Kaminska

A second act laden with symbolism

The Irish president’s British visit sets the tone for tests to come, writes David Gardner

The future of the graduate

Richard Hoggart and the New Elizabethan Age

The academic shattered clichés about working class life and showed “mass” culture could have depth

Hell is hot desks and office sinners

The mockumentary ‘W1A’ is as much about us as about the BBC, writes Henry Mance

Europe must speak with one voice on energy

If the EU really wants independence it needs a plausible medium-term plan and someone in charge, writes Paolo Scaroni

Nick Butler blog: How will Putin respond to western pressure?

Keep sanctions out of private contracts

The measure is a threat to trade and likely to do more harm than good, writes Jonathan Fisher