English is about to lose its crown in Europe

EU headquarters

A business lingua franca can be undermined by political regulation, writes Nicholas Ostler

Where does Merkel stand on Brexit?

Second to delaying Article 50 indefinitely, the best option is to keep UK close, writes Ulrich Speck

CRISPR, a pioneering genome-editing technique, technology will allow AstraZeneca to identify and validate new drug targets in preclinical models that closely resemble human disease.

Gene-editing — next stop homo perfectus

Why just correct the human genome when we can beautify it? writes Anjana Ahuja

Jones vs Hodgson – only one winner

What makes the England rugby coach special is his insight into a player’s soul, writes Derek Wyatt

Iceland survives by living on dreams

A nation of 330,000 puts faith in itself for Euro 2016, writes Jon Kalman Stefansson

British trade can now flourish

Success will not be about centralised command-and-control bureaucracies, writes Paul Marshall

Brexit plan should reflect narrow victory

Control and sovereignty, not immigration, were main drivers of Leave vote, writes Rupert Harrison

Let Germany bring Europe together

Continental unity is in the country’s interests, writes Norbert Röttgen

Moody shots of the City of London.
©Charlie Bibby

We need an orderly Brexit for the City

This is a process of divorce where things are best approached calmly, writes Chris Grayling

Millennials are now locked out of the EU

Older Leavers are unlikely to need a continent’s worth of opportunity, writes Nicholas Barrett

Britain must not hold EU to ransom  

The referendum leaves crucial issues unresolved, writes Sylvie Goulard  

Outers feel left behind

To lower-middle-class England the EU’s benefits seem to go to others, writes David Goodhart

Time to seize this golden chance

Britain’s exit presents an opportunity, with no objections from London, writes Daniela Schwarzer

Americans, learn from Britain’s blunder

UK is sleepwalking towards a populist future it does not truly want, writes Sarah Churchwell

Cameron and Osborne to blame

The prime minister thought he could win a vote aimed at settling a Tory feud, writes Nick Clegg

Political losses from Brexit will be deep

Decision to hold referendum will go down as one of history’s great blunders, writes Richard Haass

Brexit spells disaster for France

Hollande’s room for manoeuvre in Europe will now be limited, writes François Heisbourg

Labour leaders’ failings led to EU defeat

Inability to hear voters’ immigration concerns set UK on path to Out vote, writes John McTernan

Reasons to rejoice about the breach

A flaw in the Thatcherite programme meant a democratic accident was inevitable, writes Iain Martin

Economic shock of Brexit is just start

The damage beyond the UK may be manageable but political problems loom, writes Stephanie Flanders



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