Silva in line to revamp Brazil’s politics

The incumbents seek to portray the Socialist candidate as a dangerous radical, says Misha Glenny

Sarkozy’s Groundhog Day return

The former president never had an authentic project for France, writes Gaspard Koenig

Greater autonomy will remain a UK issue

The outcome will make way for problems that stretch beyond our borders, says Richard Haass

The way back for Labour in Scotland

The party needs a crusade to organise all of the referendum’s energy, writes John McTernan

Human creativity will survive technology

Who would have continued in a horse-drawn carriage once we had the car, asks Diana Athill

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Last-minute deals put England in focus

The shenanigans played their part but exemplify a political disconnect, writes Ian Birrell

A revival in the majesty of democracy

Popular sovereignty is swimming against an authoritarian tide, writes Michael Ignatieff

For or against Isis, Iran must choose

Tehran will show its colours in its attitude to the caliphate it helped build, says Frederic Hof

Ukraine needs money, not more arms

The war cannot be won and more weapons will only prolong the torment, writes Eugene Rumer

The time is ripe for English devolution

It is the obvious solution if we are to rebalance the UK, writes John Redwood

Scots’ choice: independence or sterling

The country can achieve two but not all of its three main objectives, writes Krishna Guha

Use Burger King tax flip for reforms

A surge in inversion threatens to damage the prospects for an overhaul, writes Mort Zuckerman

US must win over Arab regimes on Isis

Superpower must explain past failures and demonstrate commitment, writes Ahmed Rashid

An open internet at risk

The technology industry must better align its words and deeds, writes Rebecca MacKinnon

China’s rise is a credit to private enterprise

Those who attribute it to the hidden hand of Beijing risk losing out, writes Nicholas Lardy

Russia will not yield to western delusions

The west is without direction and losing sight of moral convictions, writes Sergey Karaganov

Scotland holds the fate of British finance

Companies from across the UK, working together, deliver export success, writes Chris Cummings

My role in the ‘boring snoring’ interview

Argue for what you believe in, don’t go on a loop repeating what you said, writes Peter Mandelson

The Pistorius trial is not a parable

South African exceptionalism may be why we felt so betrayed by the Olympian, writes Mark Gevisser

US must leave Isis to the regional states

Gung-ho battle cries slip off the tongue but raise the prospect of disaster, writes Emile Simpson


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