Greek battle will go on post referendum

Greece’s pro-Europeans risk losing political battle after Sunday’s referendum, writes Hugo Dixon

Irish publicans’ bank run in reverse

Pubs became principal clearing houses during bankers’ strikes in 1960s and 1970s, writes Peter Cunningham

Bad Greek outcome democracy precludes

Punches might be thrown. But there will not be a revolution, coup, or civil war, says Niall Ferguson

Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

History and the Heathrow expansion

History shows that UK eventually builds the infrastructure it needs, writes Andrew Adonis

Make tech disrupters fix diversity issues

The sector’s powerful white men can make the case for inclusion, writes Helen Lewis

Protect asset managers from doom-mongers

Regulators should calibrate their response to risk, not inflict pain on mutual funds, writes Huw van Steenis

Syriza is not Greece

Despite the acrimony Europe is still alive in the hearts of most citizens, writes Yannis Palaiologos

A failed euro would define Merkel’s legacy

Germany’s critics feel vindicated. This will be stronger if Greece leaves, writes Marcel Fratzscher

Salvage security from the botched Iran deal

If the west does not stand firm, Israelis may be left to face the ayatollahs, writes Michael Herzog

DNA double helix. High resolution 3d rendering.

Geneticists’ quest for crisper prose

Deleting disease at genome level calls for contemplation by lawyers, philosophers and the public

Such a referendum is a recipe for disaster

A Yes result will be a major defeat for Tsipras. He will have to resign, writes Aristides Hatzis

Gove can rebalance British justice

His predecessor tried to kill the lawyers. Gove must prove he values the rule of law

Amazon has changed the world of books

The printing press has been replaced by social media, writes John Sutherland

China needs silky diplomacy for new road

Beijing has not met opposition or Islamist leaders in Asia. This must change, writes Ahmed Rashid

A last chance for Tsipras to choose country over party

He is popular in Greece. If he can claim victory in defeat, he may pull it off, writes Mark Mazower

Want to write for the FT op-ed page?

Read this first, say the people who edit it

Bank’s golden age was not always glorious

Lenders should provide old-style customer focus alongside slick technology, says Frances Coppola

Londoners need transport that works

Beware politicians bearing gimmicks, writes Evelyn de Rothschild

Toyota’s latest model should be copied

Japanese corporate governance has been moving to a shareholder-centric system, says Peter Tasker

Clearing houses do not eliminate risk

They can be centres of risk, amplifying problems instead of alleviating them, writes Gary Cohn



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