This means war: miscalculations have pushed Ukraine and Russia over the edge

Be less picky choosing allies than foes

Renaissance states made and broke alliances. Should the west do the same, asks Philip Bobbitt

China’s misleading economic indicators

Contrary to popular beliefs, existing distortions may be giving a more negative impression than the reality

A flawed attempt on football finances

Financial Fair Play rules look likely to worsen the balance in Europe’s leagues, says Alan Beattie

Pakistani and Afghan infights must end

The nations’ leaders do not know what is good for them or their people, writes Ahmed Rashid

Russia invasion demands decisive response

The principle that states do not seize territory by force has been blatantly violated, writes Ivo Daalder

Syria’s opposition needs to bide its time

The bad news for everyone need not be bad for the moderate forces, writes Bassma Kodmani

German locomotive becomes liability

The country needs to realise it cannot succeed without its neighbours, writes Marcel Fratzscher

End the ‘illegality industry’ at borders

Migration has become a funding stream for defence and border forces, says Ruben Andersson

Look to Syria to halt the march of Isis

The Assad government may be evil – but it is a lesser evil, writes Richard Haass

French crisis reflects the euro’s woes

Danger for Hollande is the more rebels he throws out the greater the risk he loses his majority, says Howard Davies

A belated day of reckoning for France

Hollande’s actions will have ramifications at home and in the rest of Europe, writes Jonathan Fenby

The unfamiliar world of a nation’s past

China’s suffering 100 years ago explains much about its development, writes Fu Ying

A costly fixation with price stability

The banking crisis hid the truth about the volatility of the past 15 years, writes Anjum Hoda

The euro masks the blunders of politicians

States should think more about realising the integration they want, writes Martin Sandbu

Ban Isis from the internet’s public square

The jihadis exploit social media to terrorise and to lure recruits, writes Zeynep Tufekci

Putin profits from wars and apologists

The west is told what it wants to hear and turns a convenient blind eye, writes Susan Glasser

Salmond scripts a sad end to a good union

The rest of the UK is asked to sign an open-ended cheque, write Martin Jacomb and Andrew Large

We cannot visit our Syria failure on Iraq

Our friends will be watching our actions closely, and so will our enemies, writes Liam Fox

Central bank rules are made to be broken

The more sophisticated the system, the harder it is to make the right call, says Barry Eichengreen


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