Outdated ring fence will hurt City finance

Proposals for regulation of British banks are already overdue for repeal, writes Simon Samuels

A lynx sits in a tree Photo taken on: January 21st, 2013

A mammoth plan raises ethical qualms

The idea of reintroducing species may have some merit, as with the lynx, writes Anjana Ahuja

Right to Buy has been wrong for Britain

Such a policy would push up rents by creating a buy-to-let bonanza, writes Stephen Howlett

Europe must impose tough border controls

Without addressing this key strategic issue, all other tactics are pointless, writes Jim Molan

India promises a fair deal on tax

The government must end damaging retroactive demands as a priority, writes Arun Jaitley

‘Eurocrats’ command the world’s respect

Why, when the EU is so bad at so much, has it hit upon a competition policy that works?

Running - Stock Image

Marathon runners make us competitive

The rise of online fundraising has added career-enhancing sponsorship opportunities

The internet cannot be without laws

The police are sometimes demonised as agents of digital repression, says Rob Wainwright

Quixotic quest for a greener future

Even an ardent enthusiast will struggle to make the technology work, writes Julian Critchlow

China needs to export ideas to compete

You cannot take on Apple in the US by pretending you are Apple, writes Michael Schuman

Cameron short on specifics over Europe

The few clues that have emerged are confused and confusing, writes John Kerr

Greece’s gloomy future is Ireland’s past

The Celtic Tiger has become a model to be followed by other bailout countries, writes Peter Cunningham

Bank regulators fail to spot hidden dangers

Seven years after the crash the authorities still know next to nothing, writes Robert Lenzner

A cautionary tale of second-class shares

The value of a company must be shared with all, writes Christopher Rossbach

Collective innumeracy adds up to a problem

MPs dismal counting skills cast fear over their ability to manage big budgets, writes Anjana Ahuja

The politicians pillaging your pension

The next government will trample retirement savings, no matter who wins

Run the BBC as a company

The power of more than 25m licence-holders should be harnessed, writes Evelyn de Rothschild

Power of the US presidential partner

When we elect a leader we are electing two people, writes Kati Marton

US and China: rivals with common cause

The future of the relationship is not predetermined but for the leaders to shape, writes Kevin Rudd

Rookies hunt billion-dollar unicorns

Ashton Kutcher and Snoop Dogg show unlikely names can make good investors, writes Stephen Foley


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