Towers that cast a shadow on New York

The city’s latest high-rise homes highlight its inequality, writes Edwin Heathcote

Largest economies must fix the eurozone

Only peer pressure, opprobrium and fear will shake leaders up, write Olli Rehn and Jean Arthuis

Dandruff can teach us about the NHS

We must stop people making wasteful demands on the service, writes Jesse Norman

Hungary’s illiberal democracy flourishes

Two steps forward, one step back – it is a familiar dance of the Fidesz party, writes George Szirtes

Why Germany needs to start spending

Huge excess of savings over investment will drag Europe into deflation spiral, says Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

Stress tests will not cure the eurozone

A dysfunctional banking system should no longer be fatal for growth

Trade negotiators should own up to their ambition

Consumers fear the transatlantic pact will cost them their safeguards, writes Pascal Lamy

China’s doomed ‘socialist rule of law’

The Communist party attempt to introduce legal redress is an impossible feat, writes Rebecca Liao

Germany must still be a force for freedom

US and Berlin should launch a strategic dialogue about the changing world, writes Robert Zoellick

Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

Close the door on an accidental migration

If you can loosen the rules, you can also tighten them, writes David Goodhart

Beijing’s journey from luxury to thrift

China’s ballooning debt and slowing growth will be tough to manage, writes James Kynge

The cost of a search for what’s not there

Martin Sandbu on incentives for doctors to diagnose dementia

Manchester land-grab must be resisted

Man-Sheff-Leeds-Pool seems too monolithic, with a hint of banker machismo, says Andrew Martin

Realising China’s sustainable growth rate

Beijing’s reforms have the potential to increase government expenditures and boost consumption

A chance for Islam to unite against Isis

A lack of central authority opens the door to a charismatic leader, writes Hossein Mousavian

Blame Germany for the right reasons

The case for running a deficit to stimulate the economy is flimsy, writes Otmar Issing

Marshall’s grand plan applies to Ukraine

The west will have to co-operate to stop Putin and should do so now, writes Anders Aslund

The myopic western view of China’s rise

The reforms that count tend to conform to the western model, writes Martin Jacques

Live while we can and put ambition on ice

A get-to-the-top-fast mentality is out of sync with the other end of our lives, says Jody Greenstone Miller

A modern plague spread by love and fear

Vaccines and experimental drugs are not likely to save west Africa from Ebola, says Wendy Orent


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