NHS isn’t dead but it needs major surgery

Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

Social care is the real illness and that has to be fixed, writes Nicholas Timmins

UK ends its love affair with failure

A messier view of success marks a different tone in how we see ourselves, writes Bronwen Maddox

Give up skiing? No way!

Middle age may mean earlier nights but the slopes are still great fun, says Heather McGregor

Ireland’s gangland battles

The republican and drug cartel accord can disintegrate into turf wars, writes Peter Cunningham

President Bloomberg can douse the flames

Never has an independent candidate with his achievements run for office, writes William Ackman

Engage xenophobes, do not silence them

Countries are trying to integrate newcomers while excluding their citizens, writes Risto Penttila

Syria’s future in its neighbours’ hands

In the Middle East, it is the regional players at the forefront, writes Dmitri Trenin

We need tax authorities we can trust

A lurch from one response to another after each scandal is unacceptable, writes Judith Freedman

Find refugees work to boost integration

Minimum wages may be good for native workers but are less so for migrants, writes Scott McDonald

Snatching at Apple’s crown

Leader’s slip from top spot may prove to be an omen, writes Linda Yueh

No free lunches but plenty of cheap ones

By improving incentives or making strategic investments we can achieve conflicting objectives

Charity trustees have a duty

They share the same legal obligations as company directors, writes Harriet Sergeant

UK still has vital role to play in Europe

If Britain remains in bloc it should take a leadership position, writes Radek Sikorski

Asteroid mining is not science fiction

Manufacturing objects in orbit could be more economic than making them down here, writes Clive Cookson

Merkel’s policy harms the displaced more

Enabling refugees to lead a normal life ought to be a core duty, writes Paul Collier

Messy aftermath of the Fed’s mistake

Few dispute that an opportunity to raise rates was missed in 2014, writes Danielle DiMartino Booth

Catastrophe is close for Venezuela

A disorderly default on an Argentine scale is almost inevitable, writes Ricardo Hausmann

Transatlantic privacy shield could yet be pierced

American firms are finding out how complex the European system is, writes Abraham Newman

The Zika virus and the contagion of fear

We must break the pattern of responding to each pandemic as it occurs, writes Peter Sands

Mobile merger that threatens competition

A combined Three/O2 would shift balance of power between networks and retailers, writes Sharon White



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