A challenge to the old guard of finance

The IMF’s is able to assess countries’ financial and macroeconomic policies, writes Eswar Prasad

Energy policy should listen to the market

Politicians think they know the answers – and leave consumers paying, writes Dieter Helm

Kim’s ‘discomfort’ is ours as well

Through his temporary disappearance, North Korea’s leader has enticed others to engage with him, says Kurt Campbell

UK banks should have fewer complaints

Reform will have a positive impact on the City’s reputation as a banking centre, says Philip Augar

Russia cannot stand low oil prices forever

The government will have either to cut spending or raise taxes, writes Sergei Guriev

Oil gush keeps prices low as fear is high

Geopolitical risk has coincided with a surplus of oil, writes Daniel Yergin

Tobacco killjoys are the unhealthy ones

Spiteful restrictions mean any place meant for pleasure is now off-limits, writes David Hockney

UK needs a party for cosmopolitan values

London is threatened by anti-immigration bile and anti-Europe dogma, says Ian Birrell

Beware of calls for QE4

US revival defies Washington’s sclerosis

Local leadership and private enterprise dwarf the capital’s impact, writes Roger Altman

The markets are right to be anxious

The US no longer controls its own destiny nor, indeed, the destiny of others, writes Stephen King

Living in a new industrial revolution

Nothing changes the world like technology. Here’s why I’m optimistic

Latin America is plagued by incumbents

Term limits are moving to eternal presidential tenures, says Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez

Catalonia needs Spain and vice versa

No influence has ever gone in only one direction; nothing is clear-cut, writes Antonio Muñoz Molina

UK tax cuts are just what we don’t need

The financial crisis turned a smart idea into a regressive own goal, writes Giles Wilkes

Underfunded WHO incapable of beating Ebola

Cuts have weakened the body’s ability to deal with global health crises, says Kishore Mahbubani

You say loophole, we Irish say ‘opportunity’

The Emerald Isle uses such incentives to create jobs and obtain an edge, writes Peter Cunningham

Bond markets suggest we are all Japanese

Low yields have an easy explanation: declining growth and low inflation, writes Peter Tasker

Bernanke refusal points to banking flaws

We must stop providing bailouts based on unrealistic models, writes Amir Sufi

China’s policy follows a random path

The Chinese are firmly attached to the status quo, whatever that happens to be, writes Joe Zhang


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