Use Burger King tax flip for reforms

A surge in inversion threatens to damage the prospects for an overhaul, writes Mort Zuckerman

US must win over Arab regimes on Isis

Superpower must explain past failures and demonstrate commitment, writes Ahmed Rashid

An open internet at risk

The technology industry must better align its words and deeds, writes Rebecca MacKinnon

China’s rise is a credit to private enterprise

Those who attribute it to the hidden hand of Beijing risk losing out, writes Nicholas Lardy

Russia will not yield to western delusions

The west is without direction and losing sight of moral convictions, writes Sergey Karaganov

Scotland holds the fate of British finance

Companies from across the UK, working together, deliver export success, writes Chris Cummings

My role in the ‘boring snoring’ interview

Argue for what you believe in, don’t go on a loop repeating what you said, writes Peter Mandelson

The Pistorius trial is not a parable

South African exceptionalism may be why we felt so betrayed by the Olympian, writes Mark Gevisser

US must leave Isis to the regional states

Gung-ho battle cries slip off the tongue but raise the prospect of disaster, writes Emile Simpson

Eurozone must change mindset to survive

Monetary policy alone won’t be enough to solve the euro’s deep-rooted problems, says Stephen King

A flight path worth taking for air safety

Airlines’ approaches to conflict zones make passengers wonder about safety, says Najib Razak

Britain needs greater unity not division

With threats to shared values from many fronts, this is not the time to consider isolation, writes George Soros

Dilemma of defining banking risk appetite

Allowing lenders to take measured risks without fear of later challenge remains difficult, says Howard Davies

Impractical vows will not convince voters

Emphasis should be on collaboration between departments to find savings, says Peter Riddell

Obama supporters yield to seven year itch

President is blamed for US decline and our love has curdled into disdain, says Michael Fullilove

Humans are less superior than we think

Humans can no longer claim our position is earned through a cultural sensibility, says Anjana Ahuja

Hong Kong must seize the chance to choose

Successive governments have been working towards universal suffrage, writes C Y Leung

Scots who dally with separatists invite bitterness

A Yes vote would mutilate his country, this Englishman complained – yet he had no say

Isis reveals little about itself

The group sends a gruesome message without showing its hand

Quantitative easing is the wrong route

The policy could push the eurozone in the wrong direction, writes Michael Heise


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