Silencing Hong Kong would harm democracy everywhere

China’s attitude to the Occupy Central movement highlights a changing policy, writes Wang Dan

Lorenzo Bini Smaghi: Only a weak euro can save the ECB now

Only a weak euro can save the ECB now

Data point to a slowdown which now affects the core of the monetary union, writes Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

France clings on to its magical thinking

The economic taboos remain – the best-off are being protected, writes Sylvie Goulard

Merkel should stop Draghi’s meddling

The ECB is overstepping its mandate with anti-deflationary measures, writes Hans-Werner Sinn

A feeble Brics challenge to the dollar

If the club is to improve on Bretton Woods it will have to do better than this, writes Benn Steil

Modi’s legacy should be sewers, not ‘smart’ cities

India’s prime minister should not be distracted from the unglamorous basics, writes Chandran Nair

Europe needs a flexible financial market

Europe needs to channel non-bank funding to businesses and infrastructure, writes Huw van Steenis

Juncker’s pack of jokers needs reshuffle

The president-elect’s selection seems an exercise in political satire, writes Philippe Lamberts

More defence spending can defeat Isis

Misguided policy means our enemies don’t fear us and friends don’t trust us, says Martin Feldstein

Putin has fought his way into a corner

Russia’s president is hostage to his own belligerent posture, writes Lilia Shevtsova

Mars mission also benefits India’s poor

Nation-building entails the memory of heroic achievements such as this, writes Gurcharan Das

The discomfort of the comfortably off

The last time similarly privileged people felt such fear was a century ago, writes Danny Dorling

Why Ukip should be taken seriously

In Britain’s fragmented political scene, insurgents are gaining ground, writes Matthew Goodwin

Obama and failed logic of war on terror

The US cannot target militants and also keep out of a sectarian contest, writes Ramzy Mardini

Fairer markets that will serve us all

A new review aims to monitor the heart of the financial system, writes Minouche Shafik

Robots are our saviours, not the enemy

The alternative is a world in which wages fall and prices rise, writes Peter Thiel

Beijing needs to talk to the Uighurs

Ahmed Rashid says China should seek dialogue rather than life sentences

Leaders must opt to save the Earth

There is a narrow path to climate safety, which requires a well-funded effort to develop low-carbon technologies, says Jeffrey Sachs

Britain mourns its shopkeeping titans

Success in engineering, unlike selling groceries, gives international gains, says Jonathan Guthrie


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