Shareholder value not short-term profit

The biggest rewards should go to managers who think long-term, write Dominic Barton and Mark Wiseman

Help Tunisia reach full democracy

The attacks boost our resolve not to let our achievements be spoilt, writes Amel Azzouz

Technology will free us from bad banking

A ‘national grid’ would end the big banks’ control of infrastructure, writes Philip Augar

Russia looks to history for a new ideology

Its nationalistic hue is supplied by what Russians see as an external threat, writes Andrei Nekrasov

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©Jonathan McHugh

The prince plots to steal Cameron’s crown

Those who think the Tories would not move against a sitting prime minister forget Thatcher’s fall

Destiny the video game by Activision

Video gaming has come of age

National Videogame Arcade is recognition of the creativity of games, writes Helen Lewis

Greek morals and German maths

When an economy risks disintegration, facts and figures are a hard sell, says Nikolaus Blome

The last bell tolls for the lethal injection

Now pharmaceutical companies shun association with state-sanctioned killing, writes Anjana Ahuja

Missteps that could cost Greece the euro

Officials with little governing experience risk eroding their credibility, writes Mohamed El-Erian

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The American century will survive the rise of China

Entropy is a greater challenge than Chinese growth, writes Joseph Nye

Xi’s challenge is to loosen his control

China’s president will face resistance if he fails to readjust, writes Anne-Marie Brady

Putin’s diplomatic acrobatics

The Russian president’s goal is not to deceive his counterparts. So why lie, asks Samuel Charap

Over-chillaxed Cameron drops a brick

Leadership speculation combined with minority government would be a thing to behold, writes Tim Bale

Challenges faced by a singular city state

Political rumblings in Singapore can be heard, writes Kishore Mahbubani

Uneasy peace will tear apart world economy

Rising geopolitical tensions are turning corporations into global pawns, writes Mark Leonard

‘Legitimacy’ has risks for a Libya government

Opposition to extremists is a prerequisite for inclusion in any negotiations, writes Dominic Asquith

Fossil fuels divestment is no climate fix

Issues will not be tackled if shareowners lose ability to influence companies, writes Anne Stausboll

Will the real Netanyahu please stand up?

Doomed to endless occupation, Palestinians will become more not less violent, says Simon Schama

Kanye is an Insta-filtered version of us

For those who cite Glastonbury’s authenticity, I say: luxury yurt, writes Gautam Malkani

Smart toys cannot replace child’s play

A gadget linked to Watson is unlikely to turn your child into Sherlock, writes Anjana Ahuja


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