Raucous TV it pays traders to watch

CNBC is good a place as any for Cook to update market on Apple, writes Robert Armstrong

Look at China’s politics not the economics

In all the noise and debate, the stock market crash raises three big questions

Ingram Pinn illustration
©Ingram Pinn

The Labour party is in mortal danger

The fightback has to end the belittling of our governmental record, writes Peter Mandelson

France should share migration

EU member state divisions are growing unsustainable, writes François Heisbourg

Make up your mind on banking regulation

Nothing matters more to a bank than how much capital they must have, writes Simon Samuels

How to do business without western rules

Subtler forms of influence are often needed for Chinese companies, writes Tim Clissold

New allies against Isis also pose threats

US-led coalition makes progress but militias’ rise signals future violence, writes Aaron Stein

Shopping casts a shadow over city of light

In Paris, unlike London, a deep chasm separates Saturdays and Sundays, writes Adam Thomson

Raise rates to protect financial system

Monetary policy cannot just react to inflation data to promote stability, writes Avinash Persaud

Corporate Japan should open up more

Appointing foreigners means extra scrutiny for Japanese companies, writes Barbara Judge

Region will suffer from Venezuela failure

Caracas has refused to respond to economic collapse, writes Daniel Lansberg-Rodríguez

Trustees are responsible for charities

Charity Commission does not have the authority to save failing organisations, writes William Shawcross

Turkey’s Isis shift is a big US success

Ankara’s vision of an independent Middle East foreign policy has collapsed, writes Jeremy Shapiro

The Chinese model is nearing its end

The country is now going through a crisis of transition, unparalleled since Deng Xiaoping

Celebrity largesse made charity go pop

From Live Aid to Kids Company, kindliness is embedded in stardom, says Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

China technocrats are accident-prone, too

As long as the economy is as the party wishes, it turns a blind eye to risk, writes Michael Schuman

Despots use muscle to turn back time

North Korea is to set its clocks back but it is not hard to see the absurdity, writes Alan Beattie

Scots nationalism is not worth the bother

There is an answer to the passionate calls for independence; it is indifference, writes John Lloyd

A currency skirmish not made in China

Beijing has kept the renminbi strong — which has earnt it little credit, writes Henny Sender

China’s social media explosion

While information is now easier to come by, hard facts are not, writes Haining Liu



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