Envy business travellers, don’t pity them

Businessmen Partnership Travel Destination Business Trip Concept

Research into the negatives of trips abroad misses three big advantages

Adult learning

Migrants and ministers need English help

The UK insists immigrants learn the language yet the government has slashed spending on teaching

Google Translate: good enough for work?

The voice feature still misses out on nuance but so do many conversations in a second language

Bank of England chief economist Andy Haldane

Shareholder value mantra masks CEO power

The critique of dividends and buybacks by the BoE’s Andy Haldane begs a vital question

Why buying a car makes no sense

In most cities, driving is horrible — there are greener, less stressful and cheaper alternatives

Machines can cut airport arrival queues

Public sector staffing is under pressure everywhere and air passenger numbers are growing

Those headed for the top also read print

Screens are not as good at cultivating the peripheral vision that business leaders need

Three reasons for South African optimism

Free speech, judges and business founders offset the malaise elsewhere

Hong Kong: better English needed

Whatever happens to the balance of power, English will remain the world’s language for years

Trading Algorithms

Let algorithms show if they can recruit

It is not just our biases that get in the way but that past performance cannot predict results

What the hotel room of the future needs

Three suggestions for practical and simple improvements that are not remotely high-tech

Bosses beware: staff can record you

Few employers can complain – they tore up their loyalty contract with employees years ago

The startling rise in short-sightedness

Cases of myopia have doubled in Europe

Time for a brave CEO to ask for less pay

Even fervent defenders of free markets think top pay is out of control

Tories’ battle over tourists and students

The UK government is pro-business but tourism and university sectors suffer if visitors are put off

Citi investors join the war on lobbying

Owners of companies can be an effective check on undue political influence

Business should speak up on house prices

Unaffordable property holds back social mobility and companies’ ability to hire the best talent

Give some ground to language pedants

You can argue with many grammar rules, but there are sound reasons for sticking to them

‘Age is your company’s problem’

Just as societies have been slow to adjust to a world in which 60 is middle-aged, so have employers

Bankers, doctors, teachers: stop moaning

If you really are that miserable at work, change jobs rather than complaining


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