Not all jobs need a degree

British police officers

Some people thrive in a classroom but others learn by doing

Vector illustration on white background featuring evening, tired office man sleeping at working desk

Jet lag is just part of travelling life

We have to accept that our bodies are not equipped for rapid transportation across time zones

Business will shrug off our loss of trust

The pace of online comment and criticism means the memory of misdeeds quickly fades

Magaluf tests the limits of rebranding

In tourism, the market you target first is often the one you are stuck with

What to do when employees turn on you

First step: break out of that self-reaffirming group at the top and delve into the organisation

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, 'Homeland'
©Stephan Rabold/SHOWTIME

How to avoid ‘Homeland’ translation traps

Mishap after US television producers failed to make checks highlights necessity of precautions

From beer to peer: Cobra founder and former Conservative party member, Lord Bilimoria sits as an independent in the House of Lords
©Anna Gordon

Lord Bilimoria: UK should be more open

Indian-born peer is exasperated by official policy on foreigners

When you discover your company is corrupt

It may be worth gathering support from colleagues and superiors before blowing the whistle

UK risks losing out on overseas students

The government’s refusal to budge on letting graduates stay on to work is baffling

Michael Skapinker, Justin Leverenz and Alaa Al Aswany discuss their lists

Chair of judges: ‘These awards fulfilled all hopes’

An introduction to the Emerging Voices programme and how the winners were chosen

Volkswagen and the psychology of cheating

What is startling is that the VW affair does not appear to fit into any category of corporate scandal

The perils of joking away from home

One solution is to avoid trying to be funny — but humour is an essential social lubricant

House prices push out those London needs

There is no future for a city that cannot provide homes for the workers that keep it running

Envy business travellers, don’t pity them

Research into the negatives of trips abroad misses three big advantages

Migrants and ministers need English help

The UK insists immigrants learn the language yet the government has slashed spending on teaching

Google Translate: good enough for work?

The voice feature still misses out on nuance but so do many conversations in a second language

Shareholder value mantra masks CEO power

The critique of dividends and buybacks by the BoE’s Andy Haldane begs a vital question

Why buying a car makes no sense

In most cities, driving is horrible — there are greener, less stressful and cheaper alternatives

Machines can cut airport arrival queues

Public sector staffing is under pressure everywhere and air passenger numbers are growing

Those headed for the top also read print

Screens are not as good at cultivating the peripheral vision that business leaders need


Michael Skapinker Michael Skapinker is an FT associate editor. His column on Business and Society appears on Thursdays. Born in South Africa, he began his journalistic career in Greece. He joined the FT in London in 1986 and has held many positions, including FT Weekend editor, FT Special Reports editor and management editor.

He received the Work Foundation Members’ Award for his contribution to the understanding of working life in 2003, was named WorkWorld Media Awards Columnist of the Year in 2008 and Business Commentator of the Year at the 2012 Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards.

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