Corporate writing stinks – blame the CEO

Standards have fallen and chief executives are responsible for what goes out in their name

Lego, Shell, Greenpeace and oil hypocrisy

Boycotting oil companies is not like boycotting tobacco producers – we are all implicated

Business needs US football’s Rooney Rule

Companies do not have to be racist or sexist to end up with white men but may just be playing safe

Conference management is a top choice

The job can be rewarding but makes exacting demands and requires significant skills

Business alone cannot bring peace

Some hoped Israeli and Palestinian tycoons would play a similar role to those who helped end apartheid

Ingram Pinn illustration Obama and gun control in the US

When companies are afraid to speak up

It is striking when businesses keep quiet on certain issues given their lobbying at other times

More to life than liveable cities

The rankings have their uses but more important is what people expect

The Sense of Style book cover

‘The Sense of Style’, by Steven Pinker

A writing guide that attacks the purists. Review by Michael Skapinker

Anglophones are tongue-tied by foreigners

Anglophones will struggle to find people prepared to talk in a foreign language to them

Business has lost its community role

There is always somewhere easier and cheaper to do business

Sudden death of the English Academy

The internet is destroying language standardisation

Malaysia Airlines is stuck with its name

It is hard to see what the airline can learn from these tragedies

Why Slim’s three-day week is a great idea

A shorter week would work for many if their companies have the imagination to agree to it

Low-cost airlines struggle to fly further

It will be hard to replicate short-haul success on longer routes, even though barriers have fallen

Hong Kong Big Four get rule of law wrong

Who would PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG prefer to appear before – China’s judges or Hong Kong’s?

How to win at work when you face defeat

Avoid copying Cameron’s negotiating strategy over Juncker

Why Brits are better at law than banking

The empire planted the system far and wide, and it helps to have got there first

How to tame litter louts and bankers

The only way to deal with errant bankers, like litterers, is to catch and punish them

School mentors see beyond the EU poll

Volunteers in inner-city schools find immigrant children’s lives are like anyone else’s

Brussels-speak is a gift to the EU’s foes

The further the union’s use of language drifts from native speakers, the more alien it seems


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