Europe cannot ignore the GM revolution

Europe has been cheated of a proper debate on how food is grown; that must change

Bhairavi Desai, far right, leads the New York Taxi Worker's Alliance
©NY Daily News Archive/Getty

Unions suffer for lack of a killer app

Sharing economy is both a threat and a missed chance for organised labour

Tesco, Leahy and the need to keep shtum

Keeping quiet can be painful for ex-CEOs, but it is likely to be better in the end

Wifi icon showing on smartphone

Hotels must end the WiFi racket

A charge to use the web is no way to treat guests

Pioneers who changed the face of business

Help us identify the greatest innovators of all time by submitting your nominations through email, Twitter or comments box by the 6th of February

Businesswoman Addressing Multi-Cultural Office Staff Meeting

Lessons I learnt running FT departments

I had been writing about it for years. But doing it is different, as I quickly discovered

Cabin calm, not air rage, defines 2014

The real story is how well customers and crew members have learnt to get on together

Cultural excellence for a global audience

Call for submissions from artists, writers and film-makers


Britons must travel for an English lesson

Why Anglophones should learn about literacy from Australia

What parents can teach about management

When even go-ahead offices are too strict with staff, they could learn from the nursery

Why we are losing the obesity battle

Health issue is costly and the scientific clarity to fight it is lacking

Heathrow locals defy ‘Nimby’ stereotype

Supporters of a third runway outnumber opponents in eight nearby areas

Apple’s Tim Cook coming out is one step

A gay CEO at a more traditional company would be an even bigger landmark

Russell Brand irritates, but many listen

There is some sense, among the nonsense, in comedian’s revolution

How to manage 30-something career misery

Managers can be flexible to help 30-somethings overcome disaffection

Corporate writing stinks – blame the CEO

Standards have fallen and chief executives are responsible for what goes out in their name

Lego, Shell, Greenpeace and oil hypocrisy

Boycotting oil companies is not like boycotting tobacco producers – we are all implicated

Business needs US football’s Rooney Rule

Companies do not have to be racist or sexist to end up with white men but may just be playing safe

Conference management is a top choice

The job can be rewarding but makes exacting demands and requires significant skills

Business alone cannot bring peace

Some hoped Israeli and Palestinian tycoons would play a similar role to those who helped end apartheid


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He received the Work Foundation Members’ Award for his contribution to the understanding of working life in 2003, was named WorkWorld Media Awards Columnist of the Year in 2008 and Business Commentator of the Year at the 2012 Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards.

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