The startling rise in short-sightedness

Cases of myopia have doubled in Europe

Time for a brave CEO to ask for less pay

Even fervent defenders of free markets think top pay is out of control

Tories’ battle over tourists and students

The UK government is pro-business but tourism and university sectors suffer if visitors are put off

Citi investors join the war on lobbying

Owners of companies can be an effective check on undue political influence

Business should speak up on house prices

Unaffordable property holds back social mobility and companies’ ability to hire the best talent


Give some ground to language pedants

You can argue with many grammar rules, but there are sound reasons for sticking to them

‘Age is your company’s problem’

Just as societies have been slow to adjust to a world in which 60 is middle-aged, so have employers

Bankers, doctors, teachers: stop moaning

If you really are that miserable at work, change jobs rather than complaining

Heathrow, Hong Kong and bigger planes

Riven UK politicians can unite around a move to larger, fuller aircraft

12th June 1936: Delivering petrol from a Shell floating petrol station on the River Hamble. (Photo by E. Phillips/Fox Photos/Getty Images)
©Fox Photos/Getty

What helps companies endure?

A look at what factors affect the lifespan of a company

Singapore’s legal system is hard to copy

City-state has a middling score for political rights but is near the top of commercial freedoms

How does one make it as a business pioneer?

Being a business creator rather than merely a discoverer was the key to making the shortlist

Managers’ teams know all their flaws

The higher people rise at work, the more they are flattered and the less they hear honest criticism

JPMorgan, the whale and the little fish

It is odd a trader should ask the regulator to keep investigating him: the whole thing smells

Buffett and the art of saying sorry

When business leaders make mistakes, they have nothing to lose from a proper apology

Good businesses doing bad things

There is a pattern to companies that employ decent people and fall into disgrace

Homeopathy, measles and reign of unreason

Angry parents help to counter lack of trust in medicine exacerbated by big pharma scandals

Disaster plans that prepare for anything

Rockefeller Foundation president says leaders should take action to improve resilience

Oscars show limitations of US English

American power has not obliged everyone, not even nominee actors, to adopt its language

BA backlash misses point of air miles

Calm down, they are not there to reward loyalty, no matter what the marketing may say


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