Why Slim’s three-day week is a great idea

A shorter week would work for many if their companies have the imagination to agree to it

Low-cost airlines struggle to fly further

It will be hard to replicate short-haul success on longer routes, even though barriers have fallen

Hong Kong Big Four get rule of law wrong

Who would PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG prefer to appear before – China’s judges or Hong Kong’s?

How to win at work when you face defeat

Avoid copying Cameron’s negotiating strategy over Juncker

Why Brits are better at law than banking

The empire planted the system far and wide, and it helps to have got there first

How to tame litter louts and bankers

The only way to deal with errant bankers, like litterers, is to catch and punish them

School mentors see beyond the EU poll

Volunteers in inner-city schools find immigrant children’s lives are like anyone else’s

Brussels-speak is a gift to the EU’s foes

The further the union’s use of language drifts from native speakers, the more alien it seems

Post-Its on a whiteboard

Nota Bene

Business innovation occasionally arises out of sheer inspiration but all creatives need the time and resources to explore ideas

Graffiti in northwest London
©Alex Ellison

The word on the street

Slang shows us how language is always changing – and how some would rather it did not

Starbucks backlash was not  just froth

It is not just about consumer habits. Opinion has shifted against business

Pharma’s reputation on the line

The drugs industry needs to clean itself up, and the tax-driven bid for AstraZeneca is not helping

The new Heathrow is almost world-class

Who cares about the fountains when most passengers just want to get to a connecting flight

Poor service from hideaway companies

There are too many organisations that want our business but don’t want to hear from us

Time to let our phones roam free

Devices abroad have to act like furtive ‘illegals’, terrified of doing any useful work

Eurish develops a grammar of its own

European business people usually turn to English to communicate but often with lexical quirks

High price we pay for shoddy clothing

More durable garments should prove less expensive in the long run

Business needs to take on the far right

Those clamouring to dismantle the EU ignore the democratic strengths the group embodies

Top careers for the next 25 years

Many professions will become obsolete over the next quarter-century – but some will flourish

How China can extend its soft power

The country should train thousands of teachers to turn Mandarin into a world language


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