Peterson Feital. For Working lives.
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The reverend on a showbiz mission

Peterson Feital’s grand plan for London’s creative workers

Business Education

Amid economic optimism, graduate hiring has a different reception in New York, London and Hong Kong
– Della Bradshaw
Global MBA Ranking 2015 ©iStock
FT data reveal the best courses for budding founders
– Laurent Ortmans
HEC Paris
Both schools have dominated the finance rankings since they were first published in 2011
– Laurent Ortmans

Apple Music: the spirit of the iPod

From Beats 1 to personalised touch, entertainment app packs in everything as it responds to Spotify

Casio’s veteran leader eyes the exit

Kazuo Kashio is preparing his son to take the helm

Power play: US drama ‘House of Cards’ streamed on Netflix. The growth of subscription- based services is squeezing traditional providers such as the BBC

How the subscription is back

Technological change is helping drive return of the model

Three reasons for South African optimism

Free speech, judges and business founders offset the malaise elsewhere

Review: ‘Strategic Intelligence’

Decades of study throw light on what makes a great leader

The riff: When two becomes too many

Co-founders may fire up many start-ups, but things can often go wrong

Gareth Bannan right is Tim Handley

LatAm Autos: revved up for online car ads

Two Australians eye region’s auto classifieds market as it shifts to digital

E7MP1A Shops and cafes on Cook Street with Holy Trinity Church in the distance, Cork City, County Cork, Republic of Ireland
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Cork: role in Ireland’s tech aspirations

The city is ambitious, but dwarfed by the capital Dublin


Karmagenes: gene test for ‘personality’

Kit taps into idea with consumer appeal but is also controversial