Business Life. Doctor Gordon Sanghera, CEO of Oxford Nanopore.
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Oxford’s genes genie

British scientist behind pioneering DNA sequencer

Business Education

Meet the six teams focusing on immunisation for children in Uganda
– Charlotte Clarke
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Read our pick of articles offering advice on how to find a job after graduation
– Wai Kwen Chan
Courses must evolve to include topics on cyber crime and geopolitics
– Jean- Francois Fiorina

Moral hazard and abundant seed capital

Selling equity to venture capitalists has become a lucrative business model, writes Murad Ahmed

Lucy Kellaway

I do not work long hours — should I be?

My friends and I have corporate jobs, but they work long days and are glued to their phones

Friendships outside work can hinder women

Men are more likely to socialise with their office mentors, writes Herminia Ibarra

Why Chinese tourists want Okamoto condoms

The benefits of a ‘Made in Japan’ stamp

Whitney museum, New York

The light-filled Studio Cafe has panoramic views

Patek Philippe’s ‘Old Switcheroo’ tactic

The craft behind the watchmaker’s slogan — and how to copy it

Fuganto Widjaja

Fuganto Widjaja, Sinar Mas: a new start

The founder’s grandson has set out to modernise the family-run conglomerate

Competitive dinner parties show sexes gap

This form of showing off is as vital as ever and women remain feeble at it


Ride the back-to-work momentum

Bring back the benefits of a holiday and put them to use at work