Ferruccio Ferragamo at Ferragamo's headquarters in Florence, March 27, 2014. Photographer Alessia Pierdomenico
©Alessia Pierdomenico

A head for Ferragamo footwear

Members of the Italian shoemaking dynasty use strict rules to protect their father’s legacy

Business Education

An EMLyon innovation helped a student continue his studies while lying in a hospital bed
James Ferguson illustration ©James Ferguson
The country’s business schools are on the rise
– Ian Wylie
Entreprenor Peter Thum in the Flat Iron District in New York ©Pascal Perich
Kellogg MBA Peter Thum believes his social business model is one that works
– Rebecca Knight

Prepare for the holiday workload

Ensure your work does not suffer if taking on colleagues’ tasks

Microsoft’s ghastly ‘hello there’ memo

Elop’s job-loss announcement is a case study in how not to write, think or lead

Feedback: three-day week for all

Reader reactions to Michael Skapinker’s column on a three-day week

Saher Paracha, CEO and publisher of OK magazine, Pakistan. Photographed at the Dorchester hotel, London this afternoon.
©Charlie Bibby

Publish and be OK in Pakistan

Meet the young founder of the celebrity magazine’s local edition


Slingbox M1: stay glued to the box at home and away

The latest Slingbox is cheaper, easier and has WiFi

Biz Life: Susan Cropper, Founder and owner of Loop and Yarn in North London. Photograph: Rosie Hallam
©Rosie Hallam

Knitting’s love-hate affair with the web

A low-tech hobby is cleverly using the internet

North Korea

North Korea’s business guides

Pyongyang is enlisting tutors in the techniques of modern management

Why Slim’s three-day week is a great idea

A shorter week would work for many if their companies have the imagination to agree to it

Sega vs Nintendo: Console Wars book review

A 1990s battle that could offer lessons for today’s smartphone makers