Ivar Diehl and Danya Winterman wanted to keep their venture going even though their relationship was in trouble
©Thor Swift

The ex-factor: in business after a split

Separated couples’ strategies to preserve commercial partnerships

Business Education

Ian Clarke. dean of the University of Edinburgh Business School - 23/7/2015 ©FT
In the past three years, Ian Clarke has built a business school with a distinct personality
– Della Bradshaw
Ruthe Farmer
Oxford Saïd MBA is on a mission to encourage more women to enter technology and engineering
– Charlotte Clarke
young businessman looking to drawing business strategy on wall ©iStock
Find out more about FT data with our slideshow
– Laurent Ortmans

Should I just put up with being average at work?

I act on feedback to improve but keep getting mediocre performance reviews

Rock and roll vibe: Marshall's 'London' phone

Marshall leaps from guitar amps to phones

The UK group’s unlikely assault on a new market ‘lit up social media’, writes Jonathan Margolis

‘Whoever says he only has success is lying’: Mondragon’s Javier Sotil
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A balance between solidarity and survival

What Basque co-op Mondragon learnt from failure of a key unit

Nederland, Amsterdam, 2015 Ralph Hamers CEO ING foto Herman van Heusden
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Ralph Hamers, ING: Down-to-earth digital

The Dutch bank’s boss is borrowing from the technology sector, but not the hyperbole

Widen your circle to sharpen your ideas

Managers are stuck in silos and too many of their contacts know each other, writes Herminia Ibarra

Captain Pugwash and his crew from the children's television series 1957-1966. Image courtesy John Ryan Estate.
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Engage an audience by being lost for words

Feign uncertainty and say nothing to good effect

BL04 : Great Place to Meet : Cafe Kai

A quiet corner for people-watching

Try a green tea ice cream in the former home of Japan Post

Journey: a metaphor with no end in sight

The problem is we never really know what kind of voyage we are on, writes Henry Mance

Trade in the beach for an adventure

The thrill of the sea or mountains provides an enriching challenge