Chloe Macintosh, creative director at soho house. For working lives.
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A pivot back to corporate life

Swapping a start-up for a bigger, more established employer

Business Education

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Business school electives in entrepreneurship, big data, cyber security and tech prove popular
– Della Bradshaw
Bhavin Parikh, co-founder and CEO of Magoosh, talks about the company which offers online help to students taking tests such as GMAT exams, at the Magoosh offices in Berkeley, California, Tuesday, November 17, 2015. Thor Swift for the Financial Times ©Thor Swift
Online study tools give support for test-takers applying to university and graduate school
– Jonathan Moules
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Gift guide: gadgets for a festive feeling

Ideas that are easy and fun for time at home in the holidays

Ahead of her time: Ada Lovelace is the figurehead for a new digital skills college
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Ada college continues code pioneer’s work

Teachers-turned-founders aim to generate more British programmers

Zhang Ruimin, Qingdao, China
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Haier’s rolling case study in reinvention

The Chinese electrical goods maker beloved of business schools

Emoji, Brexit and my words of the year

New and efficient verbs are being created from nouns

Review: ‘A Passion for Space’

Stress-tests and sexism: a memoir of Nasa at work


The riff: Periods and marketing taboos

A tussle over adverts in New York shows how attitudes must change

Shahar Waiser founder and CEO of The Gett application at his offices in Tel Aviv Tuesday Oct. 27 2015. Photo by Eyal Warshavsky.
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Gett - new direction for taxi app

Shahar Waiser is changing the model to add fast delivery of goods

An Enjoy 'Expert' delivering a Sonos music system

A retail future hand-delivered by geeks

Enjoy’s founder set up Apple Stores but will his latest venture work, asks Jonathan Margolis

Bored day job

I’m bored in my job. Should I freelance?

I don’t enjoy the company of my colleagues but have no savings. Would it be nuts to quit?