As a child, one of Gurcharn Sahota’s favourite pastimes was cleaning his dad’s car
©Charlie Bibby

Car-valeting, Knightsbridge-style

Gurcharn Sahota ditched accounting to polish Ferraris

Business Education

Meet the six teams focusing on immunisation for children in Uganda
– Charlotte Clarke
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Read our pick of articles offering advice on how to find a job after graduation
– Wai Kwen Chan
Courses must evolve to include topics on cyber crime and geopolitics
– Jean- Francois Fiorina

Cortana: Microsoft’s virtual assistant

Rival to Google Now understood me too little to be a competitor — for now

Play to pop culture: Lexus’s campaign scored some 30m views on YouTube and Facebook

Hoverboard lifts Lexus beyond car ads

Levitation stunt is subtle way to capture wider audience

Calculated approach to tweets: iSentium CEO Gautham Sastri
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Market signals amid Twitter din

A wave of young companies mine networks to predict stock prices

Businessmen Partnership Travel Destination Business Trip Concept

Envy business travellers, don’t pity them

Research into the negatives of trips abroad misses three big advantages

Fifa transfer window’s paperwork own-goal

De Gea case shows even wealthiest clubs fall foul of forms

Mr Thakkar Ashish is seen inside the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) call centre in Uganda on May 24; 2014.
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Review: ‘The Lion Awakes’, Ashish Thakkar

An entrepreneur’s feel-good tale of African resourcefulness

Business Life. Doctor Gordon Sanghera, CEO of Oxford Nanopore.
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Oxford’s genes genie

British scientist behind pioneering DNA sequencer

Moral hazard and abundant seed capital

Selling equity to venture capitalists has become a lucrative business model, writes Murad Ahmed

I do not work long hours — should I be?

My friends and I have corporate jobs, but they work long days and are glued to their phones