Nick Garrett, signwriter and teacher. photographed for Business life In his studio in Sydenham 7/2/2016
©Anna Gordon

Signwriting craft revives with a flourish

Painters juggle tutorials with work to pass on a niche trade

Business Education

Financial aid increasingly used to lure the most promising students
– Jonathan Moules
'It’s important for people on the MBA to learn to work with mothers': Halla Koppe ©Charlie Bibby
It’s ‘very do-able’, says Halla Koppel
– Della Bradshaw
Amee Chande
UK managing director of Alibaba says you can excel and still have a life
– Janina Conboye
SwiftKey Keyboard for Android

Keyboard apps — shortcuts and timesavers

Swiftkey is just one example of clever and nimble ways to navigate your smartphone

Diversion from traditional taxis in Paris

Business model of ride-hailing app Heetch faces test in court

Vandana Poria, non executive director, UK India Business Council, poses for photograph in Pune, India, on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016. Photographer: Dhiraj Singh/FT
©Dhiraj Singh

Pleasure and pain of challenging moves

Expats on second-tier city assignments share their experiences

Lessons in employee trust from the NHS

Staff know how to lift performance and cut costs, and managers should allow them to do so

Riccardo Muti on Asia success

A maestro on Mozart, Mahler, business and globalisation

The Science Museum opens a new exhibition Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius highlights of the exhibition include, 39 historical models of LeonardoÕs inventions including flying machines, diving equipment and weapons, Large-scale reproductions of LeonardoÕs famous drawings and sketches, 13 Interactive games and 10 multimedia installations, Modern examples of bio-inspired robotics, aviation and materials technology. The exhibition runs from the 10/Feb/16 to 04/Sept/16. Image shows: Parachute and Aerial Screw

Da Vinci and the playground of invention

Renaissance polymath’s ideas realised in 3D

Hawksmoor founders. Will Beckett and Huw Gott at Hawksmoor in Air St. 1/02/16
©Anna Gordon

Hawksmoor: a lot to chew on in Big Apple

The English steakhouse chain is taking its menu to New York

Zero Hour Contracts Sign

We’re in the dark about new world of work

There is scant official data about the quality of contracts as the nature of employment changes

Rubicon Global – less trash for landfill

App disrupts system that makes it pay for haulers to fill sites