Aaron Levie, CEO Box, talks about the his vision for the future of the company enterprise cloud company he co-founded at the Box offices in San Francisco, California, Thursday, August 13, 2015. Thor Swift for the Financial Times
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Lesson from Box for technology start-ups

The cloud storage unicorn has had a rough ride

Business Education

Meet the six teams focusing on immunisation for children in Uganda
– Charlotte Clarke
handshake ©Dreamstime
Read our pick of articles offering advice on how to find a job after graduation
– Wai Kwen Chan
Courses must evolve to include topics on cyber crime and geopolitics
– Jean- Francois Fiorina
Keith Harrison, Founder / Managing Director of New Life Paints.

Shaped for the circular economy

Start-ups with ecological innovations must plan their fit with industry

One plus

OnePlus 2: smart where it counts

Chinese smartphone’s many strong features include the price

Colm Piercy, CEO of Viatel, photographed at the company's west Dublin data centre.
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From Irish academia to telecoms

Colm Piercy’s studies of digital innovation led him to set up Digiweb

Indians needed networks in Silicon Valley

The success of the diaspora in the US required more than excellent technical and language skills

The Pirates of Penzance was written by Gilbert and Sullivan, who had a fractious but successful working relationship
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Review: ‘Team Genius’

Anecdotes yield insights but managers are ultimately on their own

Lion Air tycoon Kirana has the last laugh

The billionaire who built one of the fastest-growing airlines

Predictions will be around forever

Forecasts are often wrong but that does not stop us loving them in our urge for a vision of the future

An ideal founder: young, female, ex-Google

One venture capital firm’s review of its best performers challenged early-stage investing precepts

Bucharest, Romania: Upbeat after success

City is upbeat after success of local technology companies