North Korea

N Korea opens the door to revitalise stagnant economy

Pyongyang is enlisting tutors in the techniques of modern management

Business Education

James Ferguson illustration ©James Ferguson
The country’s business schools are on the rise
– Ian Wylie
Entreprenor Peter Thum in the Flat Iron District in New York ©Pascal Perich
Kellogg MBA Peter Thum believes his social business model is one that works
– Rebecca Knight
Financial training 2014: rankings, analysis and features

Why Slim’s three-day week is a great idea

A shorter week would work for many if their companies have the imagination to agree to it

Sega vs Nintendo: Console Wars book review

A 1990s battle that could offer lessons for today’s smartphone makers

Spin-offs after Air Canada bankruptcy

Strategy created value but stripped airline of an economic engine

Mojang AB is a Swedish independent video game developer founded in May 2009. Mojang's company headquarters is in Stockholm. The popular game Minecraft. Picture: Carl Manneh as CEO. photo: Johan Jeppsson
©Johan Jeppsson

Mojang: maker of smash-hit ‘Minecraft’

The Swedish start-up behind the low-tech graphics game

When the time comes to fire the founder

As a company grows, its very success often exposes the founder’s lack of managerial skills

My ‘gem’ of a job

A mother of a child with special needs has a ‘perfect’ part-time management post but is miserable

Antonio Soto, Asia Manager of AJE Group posed for a photoshoot at AJE factory in Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia. June 5, 2014. Rony Zakaria for The Financial Times
©Rony Zakaria

A Peruvian upstart takes on Asia

Cola-maker AJE feels it knows what poorer consumers want

Philip Clarke, CEO of Tesco’s is pictured in central London FOR COMPANIES
©Shaun Curry/FT

A stepping stone links Tesco and Man Utd

It may take one leader to start the turnround and a second to pursue the new course

The lessons gained in translation

Idiomatic language throws up a tricky situation for speeches