The case of the vanishing secretary

Administrative jobs are in decline thanks to technology

Business Education

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European physics centre shows that Big Science can bring social good
– Della Bradshaw
Bart van der Roost , Founder of neoScores at the Flagey concert hall in Brussels, Belgium on 16.03.2015 by Wiktor Dabkowski ©Wiktor Dabkowski
Classical trombonist takes playing to another octave
– Jonathan Moules
Magnifying glass showing binary numbers on a computer screen ©Dreamstime
IE tops the table; Bradford the highest climber
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Slack: fun-to-use workplace message app

The world of business software is edging into consumer technology

Corporate democracy, Guardian-style

Letting staff vote on their new boss is high risk, high return

Wanted: corporate strategy for fast times

Frameworks used by managers are worn and compelling new theory is rare

Managers’ teams know all their flaws

The higher people rise at work, the more they are flattered and the less they hear honest criticism

Review: A Curious Mind by Brian Grazer

The producer’s conversations with scores of famous people add up to surprisingly little

Mitsubishi’s outlandish electric success

‘Not kooky’ hybrid SUV has stealthily crept up on the competition

Ryan Kohn and Cassandra Stavrou from Propercorn Photograph: Rosie Hallam Byline: David Cheal Photograph: Rosie Hallam
©Rosie Hallam

Propercorn: founders’ healthy munch hunch

Stavrou and Kohn spotted a market niche in popcorn

Phones v real world: a techie’s quandary

Balancing a love of the digital and the natural can be tricky, writes Jessica Butcher

Shuddle, HopSkipDrive: kids’ ride-hailing

Drivers have childcare experience and parents can track the journey