Is the midlife crisis just an excuse?

The malaise seems to hit employees earlier

Business Education

Nick Lowndes illustration ©Nick Lowndes
Business schools are adapting to a rapidly changing market
– Della Bradshaw
Christian Marti, Global Sales Director of Aston Martin. Photographed at their Gaydon factory, Warwickshire ©Charlie Bibby
Christian Marti, global sales director of Aston Martin, on his international business education
– Henry Foy
A ranking of the top 70 MiM programmes, plus analysis and features
Strawberry Tree as social hub and meeting place in the city

The tree that recharges your phone

A Serbian solar-powered innovation is on its way to California

iPhone6, iOS8

Apple launches iOS 8

The update of its operating system for iPhones and iPads reviewed

Designer Ester Comunello for Business Life.
©Charlie Bibby

How London became a global design studio

But will visa and cost issues drive designers to Berlin?

Ingram Pinn illustration Obama and gun control in the US

When companies are afraid to speak up

It is striking when businesses keep quiet on certain issues given their lobbying at other times

Atlas Shrugged III for

‘Atlas Shrugged’: a cinematic charity case

Third film of author’s paean to self-reliance struggles

The trouble with too much seed capital

For start-ups, sometimes less can be more

Don’t be sidetracked in board meetings

Keep the numbers down to a handful if possible and impose a two-hour limit

Stalled internship

An English intern at a German company finds that she is sidelined

Lessons in failure from gurus of error

Talking openly about mistakes can improve performance