Unplugged: a Digital Detoxing artclass for those who want a healthier relationship with technology

The consultants advising on digital detox

The people who make a living helping others turn off their devices and tune in to the real world

Business Education

Reinventing business school illustration ©Stuart Briers
In a fragmented market, schools use many ways and face challenges in recruiting diverse students
– Della Bradshaw
AdhereTech team in New York city. From Left to right: Andres Contreras, Dan Gusz, Josh Stein, Mike Morena, John Langhauser ©Pascal Perich
Wharton MBA’s start-up is centred on a product that reminds patients to take their medication
– Jonathan Moules
Are world leaders really qualified to run a country, asks Della Bradshaw

Reality check on Back to the Future Day

How much did the 1980s film get right about 2015?

Virtual reality: software trails hardware

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An early advert for the Mars Group promoting 'Milky Way' chocolate bars.

Privacy palls for Mars in digital age

The family-owned global confectioner is trying to be more open

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The government’s refusal to budge on letting graduates stay on to work is baffling

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Space oddity links start-ups and artists

Plan to put 3D-printed laughter in orbit reminds me of great investor pitches, says Stephan Chambers

GE Digital Power Plant

GE’s ‘app store’ for industry

Independent developers can add their ideas to technology platform