Chris Morton, Head of Digital Marketing at Lyst. Photograph: Rosie Hallam
©Rosie Hallam

Lyst aims to shake up fashion shopping

The site’s founder says it is changing how people buy clothes

Business Education

Chinese Business Schools ©James Ferguson
Western business education providers move further into country
– Emma Boyde
BIZ LIFE: Sophia Arthur Photograph: Rosie Hallam ©Rosie Hallam
Female-led MBA teams are competing to help World Child Cancer
– Charlotte Clarke
Find out which were the 10 most popular FT Business Education articles in 2013/2014

Thrill of searching for the right site

Finding the perfect spots for retail operations is a favourite task

My smoking boss

A male in his 20s is irritated by his boss’s frequent absences while he nips out for a smoke

Workplace stress

Mind tricks at work

Psychological manoeuvres to cope with work stresses can be harmful, writes Naomi Shragai

An itch to check the inbox is only human

For many of us, checking messages is an exercise in hope and anticipation, writes Lisa Pollack

Is it worth asking a rhetorical question?

Their virtue is in taking what might be an open question and making listeners accept it as a given

Great place to meet Kinshasa

Kwilu Bar, Kinshasa

This late-night haunt draws bankers, businessmen and posers

Yannick Bolloré: the future of Havas

The French advertising group’s head on its digital transition

No time for digital diaries

Users of electronic calendars can take six times longer to scribble something down

Before you offend with knee defenders

Avoid annoying others with devices that prevent reclining