Mojang AB is a Swedish independent video game developer founded in May 2009. Mojang's company headquarters is in Stockholm. The popular game Minecraft. Picture: Carl Manneh as CEO. photo: Johan Jeppsson
©Johan Jeppsson

Mojang: maker of smash-hit ‘Minecraft’

The Swedish start-up behind the low-tech graphics game

Business Education

James Ferguson illustration ©James Ferguson
The country’s business schools are on the rise
– Ian Wylie
Entreprenor Peter Thum in the Flat Iron District in New York ©Pascal Perich
Kellogg MBA Peter Thum believes his social business model is one that works
– Rebecca Knight
Financial training 2014: rankings, analysis and features

When the time comes to fire the founder

As a company grows, its very success often exposes the founder’s lack of managerial skills

My ‘gem’ of a job

A mother of a child with special needs has a ‘perfect’ part-time management post but is miserable

Antonio Soto, Asia Manager of AJE Group posed for a photoshoot at AJE factory in Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia. June 5, 2014. Rony Zakaria for The Financial Times
©Rony Zakaria

A Peruvian upstart takes on Asia

Cola-maker AJE feels it knows what poorer consumers want

Philip Clarke, CEO of Tesco’s is pictured in central London FOR COMPANIES
©Shaun Curry/FT

A stepping stone links Tesco and Man Utd

It may take one leader to start the turnround and a second to pursue the new course

The lessons gained in translation

Idiomatic language throws up a tricky situation for speeches

"?" Great Place to Meet, Business Life

Question Mark, Belgrade

The tavern is popular with old-school businessmen

James Christopher Flowers at the J.C. Flowers & Co. headquarters in New York
©Pascal Perich

JC Flowers: deals after the storm

The private equity investor is upbeat despite knocks during the global crisis

Talk of loo rolls trumps reviewing jobs

People feel compelled to review everyday items but are more reticent regarding their work

Manage the reshuffle rumour mill

How information is spread is important