...Working Lives: Lawyer Jenny Kennedy Photograph: Rosie Hallam
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Not chasing ambulances

Personal injury lawyer Jenny Kennedy challenges the many fallacies about her profession

Business Education

Woman working at computer ©Dreamstime
Collaborating from afar removes problems of face-to-face working
Soapbox experts
Business schools must put finance in a broader context for a new generation of executives
Gabriela Galvano
Telecoms consultant says MBA challenge is an excellent way of using her skills for a good cause
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Doctor Who offers fan-engagement lessons

BBC series relaunches with inspiration from YouTube

Asus Zenbook UX303LA

A laptop choice for every price range

The lightweight computers remain the workhorse for most people

Anglophones are tongue-tied by foreigners

Anglophones will struggle to find people prepared to talk in a foreign language to them

The technology makes scents

The digital transmission of smells may be close

Review: The Customer-Funded Business by John Mullins

A guide to funding a start-up with no outside backing

Photo by Bryce Vickmark for FT 7/23/14 - William Agush, Founder and chief executive of Shuttersong, an app that allows users to combine sound with their JPG photos, at Find & Form in Boston, MA, USA.
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In praise of the late arrivals

Three founders well over 50 describe being older but wiser when starting a new venture

Brad Feld

Next steps on more women in tech

This issue is about innovation, not about gender equality or managing to some diversity metric

Family questions

A single woman applying for jobs is thrown by the question of whether she has a family

Strategies for calling it a day in the office

How companies can tackle a culture of overworking