David Zhang, Prynt co-founder (right) and Vikram Chudasama, marketing officer, using their device
©Charlie Bibby

Here comes stuff as digital goes physical

The solid products that are spun out of the ether

Business Education

The full-time degree is losing its appeal as students become unwilling to leave work
– Neil Munshi
Robert D. Austin ©Lars Bertelsen
Masters-level leadership course uses novel teaching format
– Rebecca Knight
cover illustration for Business Education European business Schools ranking 2014 by Adrian Johnson ©Adrian Johnson
A ranking of the top European MBA programmes, plus features and analysis

Losing Yule magic in the supply chain

I’ll be home for Christmas but my presents may not

For a study in oratory, watch the Queen

In her December 25 broadcast, the monarch shows how it is done

The Laundry, London

A stylish — and friendly — bar and restaurant in east London

...Jeremy Helsby, the CEO of Savils. Photographed at their central London HQ. Photograph: Rosie Hallam
©Rosie Hallam

Jeremy Helsby: beyond country houses

The CEO of estate agent Savills remains a London property bull

Scheduling time to ‘think’ is brainless

The AOL chief executive’s directive is in need of a rethink

Law partner and mother? Do a split shift

A senior lawyer has found a way to combine career and mothering

Feedback: If small is the future . . .

Reader reaction to Luke Johnson’s column on thinking small but winning big

Danny Schlesinger

The secret lives of elves

Moonlighting as Santa’s helper requires patience and perkiness

Uber, Lyft Line: car trips with strangers

Shared rides provide convenience at a lower cost