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European federalism is not dead yet

If it is to happen at all, further integration will be down to necessity, writes John Thornhill

From the blogs

Headlines hailing the death of coal owe more to wishful thinking than to any analysis of what is actually happening
– Nick Butler
How is it that Finland hasn’t benefited more from its extremely skilled workers?
– Andrew McAfee
Global growth report card finds the risk of a global hard landing seems to have diminished
– Gavyn Davies

The soft left is the real threat to Labour

They have turned the party into a zoo where any chancer can abuse long-serving MPs

Obama’s climate plan is canny politics

The initiative will define the direction of American energy policy

A dystopian welfare state funded by clicks

What was a publicly funded safety net will become private but free services, writes Evgeny Morozov

Inside the Novorossiya Museum

Russian media has toned down the anti-Ukraine rhetoric but it lives on, says Courtney Weaver

FT Editorial

Europe’s banks need coherent business mix

Investors want to see a long-term plan, not a list of operations

Why gold has lost its shine for investors

Metal has not reacted to events that would usually push up price

Renewables risk overpowering the market

Falling costs mean groups may be victims of their own success

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Obama’s long, hot Iranian summer

A US rejection of the deal would give Tehran a green light to revive their nuclear agenda

The shady life and death of Mullah Omar

The best outcome would be for most Taliban to join the peace process, writes Ahmed Rashid

Berlin’s devotion to rules harms EU

A confident leadership sets the manual aside in moments of crisis, writes Mark Mazower

Barclays and UK say goodbye to big time

Shrink and swim strategy leaves the City without a global investment bank, writes Philip Augar

‘The Conservative Heart’, by Arthur Brooks

Happy days for America’s angry party

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leadership hopeful

Radical MP surprised even himself by becoming bookies’ favourite

Why Long Island wide boys love London

Much market malfeasance involves Big Apple-area riff-raff doing bad and/or dumb things in the UK

China’s market upset is bad for the world

Global prosperity may ultimately be the loser, writes Jonathan Fenby

What students should really be learning

‘By using the wisdom of cyber crowds, the hope is that we can all shape education in a way that reflects economic change’

Abdul Kalam, Indian aeronautical engineer and president, 1931-2015

Rocket science hero who soared to head of state

US free markets tied down by red tape

More needs to be done to slash a costly occupational licence system in America

The Calais migrants are Europe’s shame

Asylum seekers must be offered legitimate routes to settlement if they are not to cross the Channel



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