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Keep rates low to help America’s jobless

Persistent unemployment will do more lasting damage than a rise in inflation, writes Adam Posen

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Equities have provided a better insurance than cash or bonds against the risks of unanticipated inflation
– Andrew Smithers
It seems political leaders installed by the US in third world countries never want to leave office
– Ahmed Rashid
In Iraq, one of the countries at risk of losing the most is standing aside
– Nick Butler

M&A boom must evolve to create growth

Expansion in labour and investment must be the aim of mergers

Time to dust off euro crisis strategies

Draghi magic is wearing thin and feedback loop remains in place

Innovation disrupted by warring gurus

The use of hindsight to reformulate a question so it validates one’s original thesis is widespread

Arab world must fight Isis on its own turf

If Iraq’s neighbours will not address the threat, outsiders can achieve little, says Shashank Joshi

FT Editorial

LatAm swaps populists for apparatchiks

Beijing’s readiness to invest facilitates regimes to ape China, writes Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez

Microcapitalists lurking in China’s midst

Gone are the bad old days in China when ‘landlord’ was a dirty word, says Patti Waldmeir

Li Ka-shing and Jardines’ entwined worlds

One flies under the radar, while the other is dubbed ‘Superman’

Japan’s warning to eurozone bond markets

Structural reform, not QE, is needed to lift European growth

BHP Billiton / Carillion / Imps

Imagination is not going to be greatest asset for new group


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