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America’s perpetual war on terror by any other name

If you embark on something with your eyes half-open, you are likely to lose sight of reality

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Whatever the outcome, the nation will remain heavily dependent on the rest of the UK
– Gavyn Davies
The latest plans look half baked; cobbled together in panic without any consultation with business
– Nick Butler
If the polls are biased, then it won’t only be the No campaign that is left beaten on Thursday
– John McDermott

Scotland holds the fate of British finance

Companies from across the UK, working together, deliver export success, writes Chris Cummings

Business and the costs of independence

Ending the 300-year-old single market will raise prices and hit jobs

Scottish vote fuels Europe movements

Basque Country, Catalonia, Veneto and South Tyrol seek independence

Divisions behind declining EU influence

The eurozone has been running on luck – a commodity that tends not to last

Russia will not yield to western delusions

The west is without direction and losing sight of moral convictions, writes Sergey Karaganov

FT Editorial

The Stasi, casinos and the Big Data rush

In ‘What Stays in Vegas’, Adam Tanner examines the mining of a new commodity

Oil price slide puts deals in focus

The threat to large oil companies is particularly menacing

A rocket ride for Alibaba IPO

Good times for flotations tend to be a bad time to invest

Rangers investors must be in it for the love

Club is only a promotion away from the top tier


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