US rate cut: the speculation begins

The Federal Reserve will need to play an astonishingly canny hand in the coming weeks

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Syrian government forces' tanks drive in...Syrian government forces' tanks drive in the village of Tal Jabin, north of the embattled city of Aleppo, as they advanced to break a three-year rebel siege of two government-held Shiite villages, Nubol and Zahraa, and take control of parts of the supply route on February 3, 2016.
As Ankara and Riyadh harden their rhetoric, it will take at least one more round of hostilities before Syria talks can resume
– The Exchange: Fyodor Lukyanov
The NHS and the Tube show trimming capacity too much can be counter-productive
– The Exchange: Diane Coyle
Government messages are becoming increasingly mixed and leading to public unease and insecurity
– The Exchange: Ahmed Rashid

Republicans seek bright side on Trump

The party is having to clutch at silver linings attached to the mogul’s possible nomination

The sun sets on the petrodollar age

The drop in oil price adds a twist to the forces driving fragmentation and conflict

France‘s law on terrorists is draconian

Former UK prime minister Blair made that error and it divided rather than united, writes James Blitz

Ingram Pinn illustration - Bridgewater
©Ingram Pinn

Bridgewater is troubled over transparency

Dalio’s method of running his hedge fund seems weird, which reflects badly on dishonesty elsewhere

FT Editorial

The two moons pulling the tides of gloom

The latest reversal is the start of a dismal chapter in global readjustment, writes James Kynge

The world of British workers’ pay growth

Economics would not expect such a striking regularity of median salary increase

Brightness amid dimmed hopes for graphene

The discovery of novel materials often predates their killer application

Death in Aleppo, victory in Russia

Syria’s crisis is set to be bigger and nastier. We can no longer look the other way

Thatcher spirit invoked in EU poll debate

Anti-establishment spirit makes it unwise to predict poll result

Luxottica churn is a worry for Italy Inc

Lack of outrage shows how little corporate practices have changed

Bank of Japan seeks to bolster Abenomics

Negative interest rates underline BoJ’s goal of beating deflation

Doctors are not to blame for NHS crisis

Their misfortune is to have fallen foul of the financial squeeze, writes Philip Stephens

Battle over Brexit matters to the world

UK needs a voice in Europe and the bloc would benefit too

Engage xenophobes, do not silence them

Countries are trying to integrate newcomers while excluding their citizens, writes Risto Penttila

Syria’s future in its neighbours’ hands

In the Middle East, it is the regional players at the forefront, writes Dmitri Trenin

Advantages of living in a decent time zone

What matters for flight, unlike finance, is that hardly anyone lives south of the equator

We need tax authorities we can trust

A lurch from one response to another after each scandal is unacceptable, writes Judith Freedman

Paris must gain a head for heights

The French capital collects designs that will never be built, writes Adam Thomson

Violence tests India-Africa relationship

Modi’s hopes of ‘partnership for prosperity’ suffers blow after attack on Tanzanians in Bangalore



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