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How not to deal with a humbled Putin

Sanctions are biting and Ukraine has turned into a mire: the west must be canny from now on

From the blogs

George Osborne’s concept of a municipal energy business for the north of England is a good and timely idea
– Nick Butler
Building on the scale that would lower prices would require far more radical intervention in a market that is not working
– The Exchange: Diane Coyle
No one is served by upping the ante. That way lies disaster — for Moscow and for everyone else
– The Exchange: Ivo Daalder

Britain as ‘most prosperous economy’ is a fantasy

It is right to hope. But the productivity revival remains uncertain

India must resist carbon imperialism

The rich world’s move against fossil fuels is a disaster for poorer states, writes Arvind Subramanian

Cloned cows cause beef on climate change

UN estimates global meat industry belches out 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions

Cameron’s cunning plan for bombing Syria

The questions over extending air raids answered in 43 key points

FT Editorial

Refugees and the propagation of fear

America took in the ‘wretched refuse of teeming shores’ but now it is so fearful and mean-spirited

Markets must get used to price quirks

Less capital and more technology are likely to bring more dislocation

Google aims to break down app ‘walls’

‘App streaming’ could give new lease of life to search business

Osborne takes gentler route to same end

Chancellor’s starting points remain unchanged and questionable

Macri difference will go beyond Argentina

His victory shows change is possible through the ballot box, writes Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez

We are all Eurasian now

In the new age of geopolitics Europeans must think on a supercontinental scale, writes Bruno Maçães

Big Pharma is addicted to an illusion

Paying high prices for proven drugs and taking a hit to the balance sheet does not avoid the bill

Osborne’s signal of weakness

Britons will no longer believe the Tories when they say cuts are inevitable

Osborne’s Britain is no country for young men

The overall direction is to skew the state further towards older people, writes Matt Whittaker

Business pays price for loyalty to Tories

Tales of apprentices’ floor-sweeping diplomas inspire little confidence, writes Jonathan Guthrie

Osborne must translate numbers into change

The chancellor made his spending task easier but difficult decisions lie ahead, writes Jill Rutter

China’s most powerful weapon is trade

Commercial tussles are less dramatic than scraps in the South China Sea but may be more important

Even Isis jihadis love Telegram messaging

For those who prioritise audience reach, the site’s appeal is its simplicity and security

The mirage of an anti-Isis grand coalition

For a united front to work everyone must agree on a common enemy

Russian groups’ ties with west unravel

Three companies have signalled plans to withdraw from London in as many months



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