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Tech’s tax defence is washing away

The OECD is making faster progress towards fixing the gaps in the system

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The overvaluation of equities is the fundamental reason why the US stock market should fall
– Andrew Smithers
Misguided policy means our enemies don’t fear us and friends don’t trust us
– Martin Feldstein
The US workforce is still some way from being fully employed at maximum efficiency
– Gavyn Davies

Hong Kong’s status is being stress-tested

At issue is the result of collusion between local tycoons and their communist friends in Beijing

Cameron places a big bet on tax cuts

If the deficit is so serious, voters might wonder, why the generosity?

France clings on to its magical thinking

The economic taboos remain – the best-off are being protected, writes Sylvie Goulard

The curious case of the Khorasan group

The latest jihadi outfit on the scene appears to fall into the known unknown category

FT Editorial

A feeble Brics challenge to the dollar

If the club is to improve on Bretton Woods it will have to do better than this, writes Benn Steil

Modi faces big hurdles to modernise India

PM will need all his skill to achieve aims on jobs and industry

Siemens pays top price to pursue US dream

Dresser-Rand acquisition could help the German conglomerate achieve its goal

Size matters and Pimco’s TRF was too big

Disorderly outflows from the fund could create perverse market moves

China must resist cheap money temptation

Lower borrowing costs are the last thing needed to rebalance economy


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