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Is the west clinically depressed?

The less we grow, the more we squabble over budgets

From the blogs

The third act of the oil industry drama is over, but the play is not finished
Any meaningful recovery in Russia’s economy requires a lifting of western sanctions
– Mohamed El-Erian
Is it worse when the authorities take action in the face of technological progress, or when they sit idle?
– Andrew McAfee

Eurozone watchers should keep a close eye on Spain

Deflation need not be the end of the world if it is the result of structural changes that boost optimism, writes Stephanie Flanders

On Cuba, no side has got it right

It is strange that the island is still a focal point of US foreign policy, says Cardiff Garcia

Russian central bank shows how not to intervene

Authorities did too little, too late, too quietly

Why rage and reason are close relatives

Feeling Smart: Why Our Emotions Are More Rational Thank We Think by Eyal Winter

FT Editorial

A year in a word: Peak

The humble word has become a fully-fledged ‘thing’, writes Jonathan Ford

Joe Cummings illustration: Amy Pascal

Amy Pascal, studio boss in real-life drama

Sony Pictures hack jeopardises not just co-chair’s job but free speech, writes Matthew Garrahan

What if we abolished Christmas?

One possibility is that the economy would be just fine. This is the classic view of macroeconomics, writes Tim Harford

Marijuana becomes a proper yuletide gift

Few consumer goods have ever enjoyed as much free high-quality advertising as pot

A year in a word: Vlogging

For fame-hungry teens, vlogging is the latest route to stardom

Breathe deep and pay in Bitcoin

In the tropical idyll of Bali, dozens of merchants now accept payment in this electronic exchange system

The dodo and investor survival

Any theory of markets must take account of human aversion to risk

William Salomon, bond trading pioneer, 1914-2014

Wall Street’s fearsome fighter for the family firm

No room for fare-dodgers

City has to get the little things right before we can trust it again over the big stuff

Markets will win game of chicken with Fed

Forbearance and patience will continue to soothe the markets, writes Henny Sender

London super-sewer is a waste of money

Review of plans for Thames Tunnel suggests it is unnecessary

Forces reshaping world in two words

The splintering of the old order is at its most stark, and brutal, in the Middle East

Russia sounds a warning on global debt

Should the dollar continue to rise, currency and funding mismatches could be exposed

Massacre shows Taliban cannot be tamed

Pakistan’s foreign and security policies are not the result of democratic process, says Shashank Joshi

North Korea not amused by killing Kim

It has built a nuclear deterrent to protect its leaders’ claims to legitimacy, says Adam Cathcart


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