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Now China starts to make the rules

Xi’s project is about expanding and securing maritime routes to the Middle East and Europe

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It will take a lot of luck for trend growth rates to match expectations
– Andrew Smithers
Are productivity and CPI being mismeasured? The BoE is tackling productivity but the FOMC needs serious debate
– Gavyn Davies
The argument highlights the green agenda as one of the key faultlines of European politics
– Nick Butler

Tories wrong to buy votes with housing

It is not the job of the government to fulfil people’s aspirations

Finance must call time on foul play

Money talks — and without tipsters, regulators have little hope of knowing what is going on

Blair returns to brave new conflict zone

His first task: to improve the hopeless economic situation of Britain’s main opposition party

Executive pay key to productivity puzzle

The challenge is to alter incentives from those that damage the economy to those that help it

Collage photo of Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher

Independent news sites swim with sharks

Recode deal shows how big groups are set to swallow minnows

FT Editorial

Will share buyback craze spread to Europe?

It could, but there are reasons why behaviour will be different from US

African desert yields up new ancestors

Discoveries reveal many more branches of the ancient human family tree, writes Anjana Ahuja

Ingram Pinn cartoon
©Ingram Pinn

America best referee to discipline Fifa

The US has a long tradition and displays great vigour pursuing international criminality

A development bank made in China

It is possible that the AIIB will even exceed the standards of existing development lenders

German scholars illuminate sacred book

The Corpus Coranicum project builds on tradition of Koranic study halted by the Third Reich

Election in Turkey will test Erdogan

Many millions of voters hope the national poll will show the president his limits

Backstop against euro-dollar parity break

Reserve currency status is euro support while China cannot compete

Founding fathers offer UK a union lesson

A more extensive form of solidarity compensates for differences in needs and resources

US must bring free trade talks into open

The advisory system fuels fears that TPP will benefit corporate interests, writes Mark Wu

Why finance is too much of a good thing

It is very costly to police markets riddled with conflicts of interest and asymmetric information

Risks of giving staff in China the chop

Sackings are never simple and can go haywire in a way that is all too common

A new global order of cities

Urban centres shape the world, writes Ivo Daalder

Cameron, Europe and the hand of history

Britain has always tried to be a European and a global power

Cold-blooded case for staying in Europe

If the In campaigners are traduced as bloodless accountants, they know they are on to a winner



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