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HSBC should seek its future in Hong Kong

British politicians may realise the UK cannot be complacent about its place in the world

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What they should be doing is guarding against the gross underpricing of liquidity risk
– The Exchange: Mohamed El-Erian
“Nowcasts” indicate the global economy continues to slow down more than consensus forecasts projected
– Gavyn Davies
Current tech progress has the effect of driving down prices and wages
– Andrew McAfee

What UK’s next chancellor cannot know

Monetary policy and weak productivity have had more influence than the coalition’s austerity plan

Unforeseen effects of Chinese medicine

China’s new diplomacy is starting to look like soft power

Lebanon takes on its traffic problems

Unable to tackle the big issues, ministers are trying to improve citizens’ lives in small ways

The strange silence of unionist Scotland

After the election, unionism must stand up for the preservation of the UK, writes John Lloyd

FT Editorial

Hi-vis jackets for a lo-vis election

Party leaders have been doing their utmost to avoid voters

Shale more like dotcom than Lehman bubble

How David Einhorn flagged up important weaknesses in shale oil business model

Investors must prepare for lower returns

Low valuations allow room for error but shares are no longer cheap

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Economics is the loser in this party contest

The time has come to shift the focus from fiscal deficits and debt

Markets fixate on wrong thing in election

Labour would take a less lenient approach to the banking industry, writes Mohamed El-Erian

Worst ills of Mideast start in classrooms

Civic institutions — and decent public education — are the outcome of a culture of co-operation

A new ending for housing shortages

Differences in property experiences have a big impact on living standards

Hope rises from the rubble in Kathmandu

A cautious optimism emerges through the trauma, writes Victor Mallet

Russia rattles sabres in eastern Ukraine

Border tension points to Moscow’s efforts to deter Kiev’s westward ambitions and dodge Donbass bill

Corporate discontent brews in India

Confusion remains over the prime minister’s vision for business

China share in global indices set to rise

Renminbi’s growing international stature will draw assets

Grexit may be best for a bad marriage

The euro has failed to achieve the political goal it was meant to serve: promoting European unity

Good riddance to a carnival of nonsense

The election campaign has shown up Britain with its studious avoidance of things like fiscal reality

Chimps deserve our respect and care

The precedent is in our relationships with babies and other vulnerable people

China must prove Silk Road is serious

Beijing has tired of buying up endless volumes of US bonds, writes George Magnus



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