Pointless Gazan war neither side wanted

This latest conflict suggests the threshold of bloodshed has risen

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The country is no longer simply responding to events, but acting on its own initiative
– Kurt Campbell
Data seem to confirm that the independence referendum has politically energised young people
– John McDermott
If we wish to improve the UK and the US economies, we must recognise that management remuneration systems need to be revised
– Andrew Smithers

Free trade suffers for conservative errors

The bogeyman approach has failed the progressive agenda and the US economy, writes Adam Posen

Competitive pressure at banks can be bad

There is no such thing as ‘free’ current account banking

Tech tycoons are not what countries need

Britain’s failure to create a behemoth says little about its ability to prosper, writes Giles Wilkes

Casualties of China’s one-child policy

Birth quotas prompted as many as 100,000 international adoptions, writes Patti Waldmeir

HK-Shanghai equities ‘train’ is on track

Conspiracy theories overlook effort of planning for trading move

FT Editorial

Chinese moves trump Fed’s effect on US

Efforts to devalue renminbi could push up Treasury yields

James Ferguson illustration Vladimir Putin
©James Ferguson

Russia is being led to disaster

Putin is revealed as a reckless gambler leading his country into economic and political isolation

The Blair legacy is electoral domination

The former PM was good in the same way as Macmillan, governing with the grain of history

Zen and the art of wealth

America is rich but free time is scarce, writes Bilal Hafeez


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