Crisis in Athens

James Ferguson illustration
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The difficult choices facing the Greeks

If I were a voter, I would bemoan my government’s leftism and the eurozone’s self-righteousness

Syriza is not Greece

Despite the acrimony Europe is still alive in the hearts of most citizens, writes Yannis Palaiologos

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The continuing rise in the credit/GDP ratio will postpone the full resolution of the country’s leveraged bubbles
– Gavyn Davies
Depreciation and the rate at which capital is scrapped are significantly dependent on the rate of change of real wages
– Andrew Smithers

Coalition needed to defeat Isis

Common threads in the Middle East need to be pulled together before they unravel

How modern politics gives HS2 easy ride

Projects acquire a momentum of their own, the original rationale forgotten if it ever existed

Protect asset managers from doom-mongers

Regulators should calibrate their response to risk, not inflict pain on mutual funds, writes Huw van Steenis

FT Editorial

Heavy-duty fatigue for Paris police

Ennui sets in for the guards deployed to protect the city’s synagogues, writes Adam Thomson

Abe traps politicians in city to pass bill

Instead of fleeing Tokyo for the beach, lawmakers will debate the country’s pacifist constitution

Foreign groups battle for India ecommerce

Tech companies seek to replicate home market dominance

Debt clouds hang heavy over emerging Asia

Export route to economic growth also blocked as world trade slows

Salvage security from the botched Iran deal

If the west does not stand firm, Israelis may be left to face the ayatollahs, writes Michael Herzog

Expand Heathrow to show UK open for business

A third runway would prime London as the — not just a — global hub for passenger traffic

Europe’s dream is dying in Greece

By locking the nation into a failed economic experiment the EU is destroying wealth and stability

A failed euro would define Merkel’s legacy

Germany’s critics feel vindicated. This will be stronger if Greece leaves, writes Marcel Fratzscher

Cricket mogul tests Modi government’s image

Political scandal begins to linger near to a previously ‘holier-than-thou’ BJP

Shadow banks take lead in risky lending

Post-crisis crackdown leaves Wall St banks more cautious

Do not bank on China QE to refuel stocks

Beijing’s local government debt swap does not create new money

Such a referendum is a recipe for disaster

A Yes result will be a major defeat for Tsipras. He will have to resign, writes Aristides Hatzis

Obama’s presidential renaissance

He went to Charleston to speak at a funeral. He left at the emotional pinnacle of his tenure

The road to Grexit and beyond

Tsipras was right to walk away. But it was a momentous decision

Geneticists’ quest for crisper prose

Deleting disease at genome level calls for contemplation by lawyers, philosophers and the public



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