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India’s Modi joins great power game

PM has disappointed at home but been energetic and assertive internationally

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Facts can push people further to the poles of opinion, depending on whether they affirm or undermine pre-existing views
– John McDermott
The president’s trip showed that the US pivot to Asia continues to gather pace
– Kurt Campbell
Substantial benefits could be reaped from a change in the tax code’s limitation on the way profits are published
– Andrew Smithers

West cannot afford Iran to turn to Russia

It is vital a comprehensive deal on Iran’s nuclear programme is reached, writes Ariane Tabatabai

Europe’s economy relies on French reforms

Paris has already taken some steps. But these have been too few, writes Günther Oettinger

Japan’s stimulus plan is foolhardy

It carries risks that could seriously affect the global economy, writes William White

The road from serfdom divides Britons

Chekhov’s theme of the social disruptiveness of liberalism also describes Britain today

FT Editorial

Start-ups struggle to deal with criticism

Tech industry’s next generation of emerging groups need to know when to take criticism to heart

Another day, another eurozone let-down

If anyone is surprised by latest set of disappointing data, they have not been paying attention

US and Iran prepare for the blame game

Tehran hopes to break out of sanctions even if last-ditch talks on its nuclear programme fail

No need for radical asset mix adjustment

US pullback was a correction, not a harbinger of recession and bear market

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Uber should not run down the messenger

It is perverse to be angry that others are upset with you if you pride yourself on annoying them

What goes up comes down – even China

Regression to mean could spell trouble for Asian powerhouses

The truth about UK living standards

Real wages are significantly lower, and younger workers are suffering

Russia will take decades to pivot east

In the meantime, it must engage with Europe and the west, writes Thane Gustafson

Glitter comes off golden visas

Portugal’s investigation will increase scrutiny of these programmes

The curse of weak global demand

Feeble economic performance has occurred despite the most aggressive monetary policies

Choice of airport divides London’s skies

The future of civil aviation in the UK’s capital city hangs in the balance

Obama tests his executive power

A Republican majority has prompted the president to act alone, writes Jacob Weisberg

Art is judged by price not aesthetics

We have lost the ability to assess art for ourselves and on its own merits, writes Bendor Grosvenor

Culture can help revive Britain’s cities

The chancellor understands that towns must have souls as well as sewers, writes Peter Bazalgette


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