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Clean growth is a safe bet

With the right support from governments, a low-carbon future need not be one of perpetual misery

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China’s rebalancing has been the downside risk to the global economy in 2014, but recent data suggest it is holding up
– Gavyn Davies
There are growing fissures in the foreign policy consensus that cannot be papered over
– Kurt Campbell
To understand how energy markets will develop, start with China
– Nick Butler

Scots’ No starts rather than ends debate

The fiscal settlement will not be able to survive the scrutiny it will now receive

The epidemic the world could have stopped

Surviving other globe-threatening ailments might be down to luck not competence, writes Anjana Ahuja

Obama needs Mideast allies of convenience

British history offers the president some lessons, write Francis Fukuyama and Karl Eikenberry

Miliband’s charm gets lost in transmission

The Labour leader’s ratings lag the success of his ideas, writes John McTernan

FT Editorial

President Bling-Bling heeds France’s call

Sarkozy explains his return to politics as a way to save France, writes Adam Thomson

Testing the limits of divergence

Like any trade, its success depends on what is already priced in

US needs precision politics against Isis

Regional consensus is needed to stop the jihadis

HKEx’s stance leaves it out in the cold

Exchange forfeits deals on one-share-one-vote principle

Taxes: vague benefits create temptations

Hubris combined with weak rules could be key factors


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