Joe Cummings illustration of Gerrie Nel

Gerrie Nel, Pistorius’s pit bull prosecutor

South African lawyer, renowned as a battler in the cause of justice, who shuns the limelight

Exclusive online comment

Pound is at lot higher against dollar because US productivity has outpaced the UK’s
– Andrew Smithers
Clarity of the counter-message by US and Europe is clouded by differences among governments
– Philip Stephens
Europe and the US need to impose ever tighter sanctions to increase Moscow’s economic losses
– Ivo Daalder

Downturn’s discontents spurn populism

European populism is more like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party than Boston’s, writes Niall Ferguson

Strong pound - Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

Time we learnt to love a stronger pound

Traditional models no longer match our economic reality, writes Stephanie Flanders

Business and state are best kept apart

Adventurism can be excellent in a start-up but is a menace in a democratic republic

Emerging markets repent of ‘original sin’

Issuing bonds in local currencies has not spared countries from volatility

FT Editorial

Executives should not buy nobility on the shareholder’s dime

Respectability and profitability seem to sit together uneasily

Hatch a plan for when your time is up

Some of us will die a lot younger than our income may suggest. And some of us will live longer

Obituary: Inquisitor who paved the path to a new Italy

Gerardo D’Ambrosio, investigating magistrate,1930-2014

Rebasing highlights Nigeria’s inequalities

Africa’s newest giant must do more for investors and its struggling millions, writes Tolu Ogunlesi

Stock rotation need not be a story of woe

It’s normal for crowded positions to be flushed out regularly


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