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A Clinton in power cannot bring back the good times

Bill Clinton became president at a golden moment for the US

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ERP is far from stable – whether it is defined as a historic relationship or an expected one
– Andrew Smithers
With Russian state responsibility accordingly established, the case has became a lot easier for the former shareholders to win
– Joseph Cotterill
As things stand it seems that Scottish voters are being offered nothing more than watered-down beer
– Nick Butler

Beware this latest digital contagion

Lisa Pollack finds the perfect answer to password paranoia but password snobbery is addictive

India must tackle bad bank debts to grow

Lenders need to deal with $60bn in problem loans

Flattening curve may be investor message

Narrowing yield spreads could be eyed warily by the Fed

Miliband’s talk of big ideas makes for risky politics

The Labour leader is happy to be seen as radical – he should not be

FT Editorial

Audit is not what the board dreads most

There is uncertainty about what risk committees should do, writes Howard Davies

EU should confront its enemies as one

This is a dangerous time for Europe to signal it is unable to defend its own, writes Thomas Wright

Politics kept at bay in cheery Glasgow

Scotland’s staging of the Commonwealth Games has been joyful so far, marred little by discord

Lloyds traders rip off an Old Lady

Scam is most dispiriting in scandal over benchmark manipulation

Globe-trotting Abe promotes Japan

After 47 countries in 18 months the Japanese leader is peripatetic by any standards


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