Image: Elephants drinking at watering hole

Illegal trade is the elephant in the room

How would I explain to my children how we let the last of these animals die, writes Prince William

From the blogs

His actions have been decisive - even brazen - but will they be effective?
– The Exchange: Ivo Daalder
The state will have to start building on a big scale because developers won’t want property values to fall
– The Exchange: Diane Coyle
Digital tools of the second machine age - software, sensors, data, autonomous machines etc - reduce the number of atoms we use
– Andrew McAfee

Volkswagen’s threat to the German model

Berlin’s over-reliance on cars is a silly strategy, much like Britain’s dependence on finance

A walk on Mars is a step to the stars

This could be the first move to exploring our solar system and a wider cosmos, writes Martin Rees

Recruiters spread net, but elite stay top

Some who may have been excluded from the professions now have more chance, writes Emily Cadman

Joe Cummings illustration - Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, designer of American dream

A changing of the guard as the fashion boss hands the reins over, writes John Gapper

FT Editorial

Koenig was the man who put VW on track

In those days it felt strange for a bunch of Jews to own a German car

Erica Wagner Illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

A refuge for London’s huddled hipsters

Pricy breakfast cereals from around the world find a home in the East End, writes Erica Wagner

Carney is wrong on our fossil fuels need

Central bankers use influence to make economy more stable, not create despair, writes Philip Lambert

The credit bubble, bears and central bankers

What happens when emerging market private money creation slows or goes into reverse?

Corbyn’s challenges to economic convention

Labour’s policy to cut the deficit by raising taxes on business and the rich needs work, but has merit

Do not blame Merkel for the refugees

Nationalist rhetoric cannot deliver national solutions — co-operation is what the EU is for

Sign e-petitions and change the world

Despite high-tech trappings, they are essentially a feudal mechanism, writes Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

Mystic Mark Carney, the BoE’s new seer

‘Britain’s SMEs will find it far harder to sell their goods once the cosmos is ruled by Martians’

Catalan poll sparks crisis for Spain

The status quo is no longer tenable. Reform along clearer federal lines is needed

Publishers are in peril from annoying ads

Sale of Business Insider shows the challenge facing anyone that relies on digital advertising

Far-flung fallout from capture of Kunduz

Fall of Afghan city is a threat to central Asia yet warning signs were ignored, writes Ahmed Rashid

Diplomacy behind Russia’s Syrian bombs

Obama and Putin’s hopes of rescuing the country from disintegration look overblown already

Silicon Valley trip shows Modi delusions

Impressive parts of US economy are led by people ‘made in India’, but few show signs of going home

Protect Earth from Mars’ microbes of doom

We need an urgent reappraisal of how we defend the integrity of our biosphere

Gazprom-EU relations will remain combative

Russian gas group reassesses prospects in its core market



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