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Inequality is such a drag on economies

Big divides in wealth and power have hollowed out republics before and could do so again

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Rabble rousers lift parasols in protest
– David Pilling
The US workforce is still some way from being fully employed at maximum efficiency
– Gavyn Davies
One of the few Russians who has dared to challenge Russia’s president has returned to the political fray
– Nick Butler

Governing by bluster leaves us in the cold

Glib declarations aimed at the media leave the energy industry confused and supply in doubt

Modi’s legacy should be sewers, not ‘smart’ cities

He should not be distracted from the unglamorous basics, writes Chandran Nair

Europe needs a flexible financial market

Europe needs to channel non-bank funding to businesses and infrastructure, writes Huw van Steenis

Online dialogue of first world problems

A popular internet meme reminds us of the privileges enjoyed by many in wealthy countries

FT Editorial

Juncker’s pack of jokers needs reshuffle

The president-elect’s selection seems an exercise in political satire, writes Philippe Lamberts

More defence spending can defeat Isis

Misguided policy means our enemies don’t fear us and friends don’t trust us, says Martin Feldstein

Xi embraces old guard as Hong Kong erupts

China president unlikely to get directly involved

Concern over debt of Asean companies

S&P says 100 groups spent nearly $300bn on deals over a five-year period

Big money days over for China tech

Companies such as Alibaba are crucial to rebalancing of economy


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