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‘Too big to fail’ is too big to ignore

The problem is not only the subsidy for bank risk-taking, it is also the likelihood of disasters

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The technique could transform how public policy is assessed in Britain and make arguing for tax cuts and a smaller state a lot easier
– John McDermott
A needed improvement in Britain’s trade and current account balances would be hard to achieve at today’s exchange rates
– Andrew Smithers
The Great Recession of 2008-09 made the term seem hubristic, if not absurd, and for a while it was banished from the lexicon. But now it is back
– Gavyn Davies

The real problem with GDP

We do not expect a thermometer to tell us how comfortable we feel

Cuba fed a president’s fears in Venezuela

Caracas is paying the price for Chávez’s misplaced trust, writes Moisés Naím

Both empires will lose from this tussle

Russia neither needs nor intends to intervene militarily in Ukraine’s east, writes Dmitri Trenin

Experiments are fraught with danger

The UK is in danger of going back to its bad old unbalanced ways, writes Stephen King

FT Editorial

A game change in public service

Demand for once coveted civil servant jobs in China is declining

Jokowi fever highlights Indonesia’s vacuum

Jakarta governor’s rise hides lack of strong presidential candidates

Tech groups transform how finance is done in China

The internet is making the country a much fairer place

Chinese munis will help curb shadow banks

Beijing hastens launch of municipal bond market

Existential angst for Imperial Tobacco

L’infer, c’est les non-fumeurs


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