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New Victorian visions will test Tory soul

To rebuild Britain the government will need to defy its own instincts and build coalitions

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Is the planned tightening simply a move to get its conservative critics off its back?
– The Exchange: Bruce Bartlett
Since the jobs data came out, markets have changed their view of the likelihood of a rate rise - but the Fed shows little sign of shifting strategy
– Gavyn Davies
US attack puts Afghanistan back on agenda but not enough to draw a major offer of rescue from the west
– The Exchange: Ahmed Rashid
Joe Cummings illustration Redstone

Sumner Redstone, ailing media titan

Nonagenarian owner of troubled empire has gone silent but is still in control, writes Matthew Garrahan

A stripped-down guide to Gallic labour relations

Many boss-nappings are more benign, with workers displaying a healthy French regard for the finer things

Economic slowdown a hangover not a coma

Debt lies behind much of what has happened in the past seven years, writes Kenneth Rogoff

Immigration speech at odds with economy

Theresa May’s stance on migrants may not be based entirely on the evidence, writes Martin Sandbu

FT Editorial

Brian Friel, playwright, 1929-2015

Subtle Irish dramatist who was a great nation builder

Yankee way to better work-life balance

A star baseball player’s admission to rehab has set off a timely national conversation

Fortress Russia offers west a cosy deal

On offer is a relationship that permits fluid interpretation of global rules, writes Lilia Shevtsova

G-zero: the new world order

‘One American military official observed that the major powers are now “playing eight dimensional chess”’

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©Ingram Pinn

China spurs Modi’s pivot to Washington

The world’s largest democracy needs the investment of the most advanced one

Asset prices march to one unnerving beat

When turbulence hit global markets this summer some of the best hedge fund gurus were hammered

Global fight on personal data begins

One can’t blame Americans for complaining about European hypocrisy, writes Evgeny Morozov

Cameron, Twitter and what divides Britain

Let me put it as simply as I can, prime minister, the Conservatives are not the UK either

‘Anyone but China’ club needs a gatecrasher

The TPP constrains state economic power in ways that seem almost designed with Beijing in mind

Pietro Ingrao, politician, 1915-2015

He was among the last surviving members of a generation of communists who shaped politics in Italy

Resistance to fast fashion is futile

The US is full of format innovation, yet it missed the most important innovation of the past decade

Build houses on Britain’s wasted public land

Labour would need to accept some privatisation; the Tories should lose their ownership obsession

Maths is more important than adding up

Business needs problem-solvers who use modern tools, writes Conrad Wolfram

Rome needs surgery and its mayor wants to operate

Marino is a magnet for reproach from a city engulfed in crisis

Altice playbook may not have happy ending

Investors seem less keen on cable group’s debt-fuelled expansion



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