Poverty eradicated in a statistical stroke

Different calculations tell widely different stories – the numbers go up and down like a yo-yo

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The rate of growth after the downturn before 2009 has been below par, but this fits readily with America’s long-term trend decline
– Andrew Smithers
The danger for Mr Hollande is that the more rebels he throws overboard, the greater the risk that he loses his working majority in the National Assembly
– Howard Davies
Nationalist leader will have given his side a steroidal injection of confidence
– John McDermott

Abenomics’ arrows fail to hit their mark

The limits of a weaker yen are becoming more obvious

Foxtons pays the price for being frank

Estate agent’s market prediction sends shockwaves through capital

Watch stress tests for rate rise timing

Regulatory concern for bank health is a constraining factor

©Ingram Pinn

Shareholders must embrace commitment

Nothing in economics is more important than how companies should be managed

Arbitrage wastes the finest minds

It is a game of cat and mouse, in which financial companies are steps ahead of the regulator

FT Editorial

Look to Syria to halt the march of Isis

The Assad government may be evil – but it is a lesser evil, writes Richard Haass

End the ‘illegality industry’ at borders

Migration has become a funding stream for defence and border forces, says Ruben Andersson

The right stomach for sanctions

Muscovites seem happy to sacrifice foreign food luxuries for Russia, writes Courtney Weaver

Singapore must keep its reform edge

Island-state must stay on its guard to keep its regional edge


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