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Mythology that blocks progress in Greece

It will not end well if those involved cling to false beliefs

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Interactions between citizens and the police should be recorded and archived
– Andrew McAfee
As the oil shock subsides, other forces are beginning to take control in the global economy
– Gavyn Davies
Clumsy US approach has reinforced the crumbling authority of Maduro’s government
– Nick Butler

Why the SNP cannot call the shots

Sturgeon’s party is the biggest winner from the scaremongering

Cameron short on specifics over Europe

The few clues that have emerged are confused and confusing, writes John Kerr

Senegal breadwinner masters baguette

Bodian’s prize shows how immigrants to Paris have thrived, writes Anne-Sylvaine Chassany

How beliefs became political truths

The concept of ‘truthiness’, when conviction is prized over facts, evolved in George W Bush era

FT Editorial

China needs to export ideas to compete

You cannot take on Apple in the US by pretending you are Apple, writes Michael Schuman

Australia migrant strategy unlikely in EU

Tony Abbott, prime minister, promotes hardline strategy

China Inc turns to sports sponsorship

Dongfeng’s team in ocean-going race brings unexpected benefits

China takes steps to address debt problem

Borrowers and lenders likely to get help from central bank rate cuts

Ingram Pinn illustration
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Reality of Europe’s migrant crisis

An EU agreement on burden-sharing of refugees is not certain since the numbers are not known

Tories pay high price for low reputation

Increasingly voting Conservative is a transgressive act, like being a punk or emo

Bank regulators fail to spot hidden dangers

Seven years after the crash the authorities still know next to nothing, writes Robert Lenzner

Greece’s gloomy future is Ireland’s past

The Celtic Tiger has become a model to be followed by other bailout countries, writes Peter Cunningham

Not common or in the garden

The humble sparrow has been attracting attention in New Delhi, writes Victor Mallet

Germany’s life assurers: the next crisis?

Guaranteed rates and mismatched liabilities pose risk to system

Investors must look beyond US assets

Global diversification should offer better risk-adjusted returns, writes BlackRock’s Russ Koesterich

Obama’s welcome Kissinger realism

The essence of diplomacy: when adversaries come to terms, neither gets everything they want

Greek default necessary but Grexit is not

Defaulting on the IMF and ECB is the only route to short-term relief but nobody has ever done it

Collective innumeracy adds up to a problem

MPs dismal counting skills cast fear over their ability to manage big budgets, writes Anjana Ahuja

A cautionary tale of second-class shares

The value of a company must be shared with all, writes Christopher Rossbach



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