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The party is ending for Latin America

The region is looking at a slowdown, but things could be worse, says John Paul Rathbone

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If the world economy falls back into recession, we should be prepared with policy action to get it back on track
– Andrew Smithers
The lights are very unlikely to go out. But consumers will end up paying for an unnecessary failure of policy
– Nick Butler
The huge excess of savings over investment will drag Europe into a deflationary spiral
– Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

Oil producers’ game of ‘chicken’

Expectations are in a state of flux at the prospect of a world awash with crude, writes Izabella Kaminska

We must understand Isis to defeat it

The jihadis offer a caliphate and death. Our message must be one of life, writes Ed Husain

Public finance is both a moral and a technical challenge

The UK faces a harsh choice, because the economy is roughly a sixth smaller than expected

Banks have work to do on ethics

Regulation can only do so much to encourage integrity, writes Richard Lambert

Cameron’s EU opt outs to keep Britain in

UK PM’s growing aggression is likely to make for tricky talks with incoming commission president

FT Editorial

US billionaires beat campaign cash rules

‘Common good’ proves to be malleable concept

Soaring costs in global internet race

Ramp-up in costs reflects intensified competition as well as upgrades to long-term ambitions

Rescue measures for stagnant eurozone

Bank stress tests an unconvincing fudge and big problems remain

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Indonesia’s Jokowi can outdo Obama

Widodo will need all the acumen that took him to the presidency to avoid the traps being set


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