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Simon Rattle, lightning conductor

The maestro’s return from Berlin raises hopes of a dazzling new era in classical music in Britain

From the blogs

Pakistan needs to evolve a comprehensive strategy to bring peace to Afghanistan
– Ahmed Rashid
China is finding it increasingly difficult to remain tied to the dollar bloc
– Gavyn Davies
We need another ideas revolution to solve the problem of deflation
– The Exchange: Stephen King

Bibi squanders US relations

Israel’s PM may be misjudging the mood in both America and his own nation

Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

Wanted: investors to electrify UK economy

Britain should not wash its hands of investment banking as it did with coal, writes Giles Wilkes

UK Muslims should keep faith with west

We learn the ‘who’ of those who leave for Syria; we need to know the ‘why’, writes Adnan Sarwar

California is too far out for politics

As last year’s congressional elections demonstrated, national politics is for pig farmers

FT Editorial

Paying to lend is not as mad as it sounds

If inflation is lower than a bond’s yield, investors receive a ‘real’ return, says John McDermott

Accountancy: the new buzz

‘The value of bees’ service to the British economy was estimated at £200m — the value of what they pollinate closer to £1bn’

Irving Kahn, stockbroker, 1905-2015

Determined market doyen who delved deep for value

Lord Browne's brief was to to inject more business acumen into the civil service
©Rosie Hallam/FT

Lord Browne allies with former rival

Former BP chief makes comeback just as deal hangs in the balance

RSA weighed down by past pension promises

Insurer’s liabilities of £7.6bn compare with a market cap of £4.2bn

Netanyahu’s answer is war against Iran

A statesman would have made his country a partner to the talks

Poor productivity equals stagnant wages

IFS figures show the weakness of the recovery in household incomes

Stress tests are predictable theatre

Once again the bankers are gaming the system by working out what regulators will do

Google #TheDress and a bigger truth

The ‘wisdom of crowds’ rankings could mean sites dealing in rumour fall below more credible sources

Growth in China and India must add up

Many politely accept the official line but those with money on the line do not, says Ruchir Sharma

Rape film row shines harsh light on India

Backlash after ban on documentary deemed conspiracy to malign nation

Brooks welcomed back to News Corp fold

Former tabloid editor’s return after phone-hacking trial shows Rupert Murdoch’s faith in old hands

Shades of grey still colour equity trading

Risk-on, risk-off approach to markets is rising again

How to follow in Buffett’s big footsteps

It boils down to three precepts: be patient, be private and be peculiar

Life in smog should spur China to action

Long dismissed as a side effect of development, air pollution is now a concern



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