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How Obama lost influence with Brics

The president’s real pivot is not to Asia but to America, inspired by domestic sentiment

Exclusive online comment

Africa’s newest giant must do more for investors and its struggling millions
– Tolu Ogunlesi
Pound is at lot higher against dollar because US productivity has outpaced the UK’s
– Andrew Smithers
Clarity of the counter-message by US and Europe is clouded by differences among governments
– Philip Stephens

Religion has become Cameron’s core

To understand PM’s politics, look no further than his Anglicanism, writes Andrew Gimson

The left can please neither rich nor poor

Large sections of the lower classes see social change as disturbing, writes John Lloyd

A plan to free the US mortgage market

Combine government financial muscle with the market’s ability to price risk, says John Delaney

Beautiful game exposes Brazil’s flaws

The World Cup may well have a critical bearing on the presidential elections, writes Misha Glenny

FT Editorial

The master of cold war diplomacy

Two books that laud the veteran’s visceral understanding of Russian nationalism. A review of ‘Zbig’, by Andrzej Lubowski; and ‘The Strategy And Statecraft of Zbigniew Brzezinski’, by Charles Gati

Foreign policy approach weakens Brazil

Inability to contradict authoritarian partners weakens influence

Will active managers benefit investors?

The hedgefundification of active management can be bewildering

Joe Cummings illustration of Gerrie Nel

Gerrie Nel, Pistorius’s pit bull prosecutor

South African lawyer, renowned as a battler in the cause of justice, who shuns the limelight

Downturn’s discontents spurn populism

European populism is more like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party than Boston’s, writes Niall Ferguson


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