America: Greece's helpless bystander

The US is a helpless bystander on Greece

Washington has urged EU to write off Athens’ debts in return for restructuring, to no avail

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Outcome of the drama is important to Moscow, but other developments in EU’s transformation may dwarf it
– The Exchange: Fyodor Lukyanov
Sttock market indices rise but while market reaction is understandable it is wrong
– The Exchange: Mohamed El-Erian
New institutions should be created to meet the $51tn of energy needs for the next 25 years
– Nick Butler

Budget must end our perverse tax system

A country’s tax code is not just a mesh of rules and rates — it is a secular bible of moral signals

China’s credit and stock market party

Debt growth has fallen but is still rising at twice the rate of nominal GDP, writes George Magnus

The Greeks deserve more than threats

People need something more hopeful than talk of further cuts and tax rises, writes Nick Malkoutzis

Joe Cummings illustration: Hope Solo
©Joe Cummings

Hope Solo, footballer aims for redemption

The greatest goalie in women’s game faces battles on and off pitch, writes Megan Murphy

FT Editorial

Bad Greek outcome democracy precludes

Punches might be thrown. But there will not be a revolution, coup, or civil war, says Niall Ferguson

Greek battle will go on post referendum

Greece’s pro-Europeans risk losing political battle after Sunday’s referendum, writes Hugo Dixon

Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

History and the Heathrow expansion

History shows that UK eventually builds the infrastructure it needs, writes Andrew Adonis

Irish publicans’ bank run in reverse

Pubs became principal clearing houses during bankers’ strikes in 1960s and 1970s, writes Peter Cunningham

The Lord is our shepherd in US politics

It is now our fate to have two political parties that are positioned on God’s side

It is only natural to benefit from benefits

Half UK households get more in social security than they pay in tax - true? asks John McDermott

Slower US bond demand may urge Fed rethink

China’s Treasury buying is likely to ease, forcing rates higher

Nuts and bolts of robot-human relations

In many ways robots have helped make the workplace safer, and statistics bear this out

The science prize that’s making waves

‘The Ocean Health XPrize reveals a new fashion among philanthropists’

Charles Pasqua, politician, 1927-2015

Gritty Gaullist who decried a dual danger to sovereignty

BHP’s former Billiton spin-off heads South

South32 has lost 15% since being gifted to shareholders

Greece should vote for the rule of law

There remains a conviction that the future belongs to the EU’s model of shared sovereignty

Tsipras has earned his punishment

The Greek people are enduring the consequences of their prime minister’s childish misbehaviour

A papal call for an environmental balance

The subtle shift from entitlement to awareness could work wonders, writes Eugene Linden

Make tech disrupters fix diversity issues

The sector’s powerful white men can make the case for inclusion and never be accused of special pleading



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