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Perils of the chief who stays too long

For a talented leader of a large company, seven to 10 years in post is about right

Exclusive online comment

The UK is not yet at the arbitrary point where ‘average pay’ is rising faster than ‘average prices’
– John McDermott
A needed improvement in Britain’s trade and current account balances would be hard to achieve at today’s exchange rates
– Andrew Smithers
The technique could transform how public policy is assessed in Britain and make arguing for tax cuts and a smaller state a lot easier
– John McDermott

Xi dreams of shaking a slumbering China

The Ukraine stand-off offers Beijing a broader role, writes Jonathan Fenby

The financial tide cannot be held back

We must address excessive bank leverage or face another storm, writes Robert Jenkins

The bear has made monkeys of the west

There is no reason to fear a strong and self-confident Russia, writes Bruce Anderson

Britain’s loudmouth literary crowd

A few blunt words are unlikely to hurt anyone who has spent years at the sharp end in the City

Time is not on Renzi’s side for reforms

International investors give Italy three months to back up revamps

FT Editorial

US riled by suggestions of cold war

Obama may be going too far in rejecting lessons from the past

When use of pseudo-maths adds up to fraud

Many models tweak strategy to fit data or are just statistical flukes

Leslau charges back into stock market lists

Laying the ghost of Knutsford to rest

End of ‘currency wars’ in sight

Policy shifts in China and Russia offer hope


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