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A sharing economy must share the risks

We have 20th-century benefits and insurance that do not fit the 21st-century worker

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Is it worse when the authorities take action in the face of technological progress, or when they sit idle?
– Andrew McAfee
Extent of any improvement will depend not only on amount of investment, but also its effectiveness
– Andrew Smithers
The tragedy in Pakistan is there is no common narrative in the leadership about how to combat extremism
– Ahmed Rashid

Truth behind Abe’s election ‘landslide’

As with many things in Japan, probe a little deeper and not everything is as it seems

Productivity will make or break next UK government

Britain is not alone in suffering a post-crisis slowdown, yet its decline is worse than elsewhere

Let London’s airports achieve potential

More direct routes will open to economically significant destinations, writes Howard Davies

Rouhani’s fate is not tied to nuclear talks

It is the continued state of limbo that poses the challenge to Iran’s president, writes Farideh Farhi

The 10 worst jobs in politics

We all have our bad days but these people really do have more than most

FT Editorial

The only cure for what plagues Russia

Moscow must act to get sanctions lifted or the economy will struggle, writes Anders Aslund

Jeb Bush boldly semi-declares ambition

Strong points in a general election might prove fatal in a primary

Oil price fall will benefit Europe

Travel and leisure groups, tyremakers and clothing retailers will reap rewards

Fed must not bounce from crisis to bubble

Lessons from mistakes that led to the 1999 rally

Why Opec is increasingly irrelevant

Saudis have sent message that market not Opec should decide oil prices

The trouble with dribbles

City has little appetite for another jumbo placing of Lloyds shares

Make policy for real, not ideal, humans

Many believe dysfunctional behaviour in finance is due solely to distorted incentives

Crowd-pleasing is no substitute for wise regulation

It is in the nature of a crowd to turn on anyone who dissents from average opinion

Russia heads into storm with no captain

Moscow’s worst fears have come true. Comparisons with 2008-09 look wishful, says Sergei Guriev

Beijing cannot count on easy money

The world is unable to afford a financial accident in China, writes Ruchir Sharma

A portrait of Spain’s royal family

Frozen in time, there is no sign of the storms and humiliations that lie ahead, writes Tobias Buck

Democracy is at issue in Israel’s election

The emerging clash between the Zionist ideal and democratic principles is increasingly evident

Bankers, like alcoholics, must admit to their problem

The temptation to circumvent the rules might prove irresistible, writes Philip Augar

UK election will be all about the economy

The Autumn Statement has widened the ideological choice between Tories and Labour


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