James Ferguson illustration, Statue of Oil

Understanding the new global oil economy

If US imports fall, its interest in a stable Middle East will shrink as that of China and India rises

From the blogs

Economic data published in November have shown a further uptick in worldwide activity growth
– Gavyn Davies
George Osborne’s concept of a municipal energy business for the north of England is a good and timely idea
– Nick Butler

Success in Syria depends on influence in Moscow

Putin needs to join the fight against Isis. Protecting Assad will prolong the war, writes Dennis Ross

A fine line between evasion and avoidance

In the spectrum from legality to illegality, most cases lie in the middle

Let consumers choose their London cab

New technologies can overtake regulation by empowering customers, writes Alex Chisholm

The tricolore cannot heal French society

Waving a flag will not prevent hostility, inequality and mistrust, writes Anne-Sylvaine Chassany

FT Editorial

Kurds a bigger threat than Isis for Turkey

Recent events highlight how shaky an ally Ankara is for the coalition against caliphate

Signs of froth in China’s debt market

Investors are driven by same quest for yield as counterparts elsewhere

We deride Le Pen and Trump at our peril

The rise of political extremists says something disturbing about liberal democracy in the west

Trillions on carbon curbs is immoral

Spending money that way, while billions lack basic necessities, is wrong, writes Bjorn Lomborg

World powers are aligned in Paris

An agreement is needed to prevent countries from freeriding on others’ efforts, writes Jeffrey Sachs

UK parties take their leave of the people

Corbyn’s path leads away from Labour’s more moderate voters, writes Nick Pearce

Why IPOs ‘pop’ in New York but not HK

Flotation battle highlights the very different characteristics of the two markets

Tolerance could heal a divided India

Perhaps it is time for south Asia to revive its faded traditions of multiculturalism, writes Victor Mallet

Divergence is key for investors for 2016

Several dislocations have developed this year that affect portfolio drivers, writes Mohamed El-Erian

Surge in securities lending poses risks

Banks use ultra-safe bonds as compliance shortcut

Paris and prosperity for poorer nations

Justice demands that carbon curbs should not limit poorer nations’ ability to grow, writes Narendra Modi

The rise of liberal intolerance in the US

There is no doubt that racial prejudice is alive and well but quashing free speech is no answer

A continent overwhelmed by crises

Too many major events are occurring simultaneously: soon we will need a database to keep track

Hope dies for America’s Iraqi friends

A better life is distant even for those who had risked everything, writes Christine Spolar

Mauricio Macri, Argentina’s new president

The honeymoon period following victory will be brief, write John Paul Rathbone and Benedict Mander



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