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Pharma is in need of research rather than cost-cutting

If the entire industry adopted Valeant’s approach, drug discovery would grind to a halt

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The country faces an unprecedented and unyielding set of international and domestic challenges
– Kurt Campbell
My question is whether television’s gain is going to be satire’s loss
– Jurek Martin
The president certainly exposed Europe’s weakness but also reminded everyone that Russian power is also limited
– Nick Butler

Sisi’s poll will not end discord in Egypt

Political Islam can be countered only with a pluralism that this leader will not countenance

The mysteries of the UK economy unravel

Three almost universally held ‘truths’ will wither when the new standards are adopted

Asian allies need to give something back

The president’s hosts should ask what they can do for America, writes Clyde Prestowitz

Bad policy not culture caused ferry loss

In their efforts to understand the cause of the accident Koreans have cast their net wide

A clear signal from a Christian Britain

The strength of the country’s Christianity is less doctrinal than social

FT Editorial

Ukraine gas cut risks damaging Gazprom

Russia’s golden goose risks becoming victim to geopolitics

French ‘time-bomb’ can be safely defused

Look elsewhere for systemic threat to euro area

Drax chief in Whitehall spat

Dorothy Thompson in subsidy rift with Department of Energy

Ingram Pinn illustration
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An equal society will not hinder growth

Inequality damages the economy and efforts to remedy it are, on the whole, not harmful


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