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The Brics bank is a glimpse of the future

If the postwar order is being upended, the right response is ‘hear, hear’

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Latest measures will not end Russia’s military actions in Ukraine, though they will sound alarm bells among its economic elite
– Jeffrey Sachs
Zhou purge a symbol of Xi’s power consolidation
– Jonathan Fenby
Sir Richard Lambert, speaking at a Respublica event held at the FT this afternoon. ©Charlie Bibby
Video: It will take a long time for new bank leaders to alter staff behaviour
– Richard Lambert

Merkel plays the long game with Putin

The German chancellor has decelerated the pace of sanctions but she will act, writes Beth Pond

Each of us has the ability to go it alone

Growth in self-employment boosts output and tax revenues – it should be embraced

The clever tricks of artificial intelligence

Big leaps are being made in deep learning but a human is still required, writes Richard Waters

A surreal week with the Donetsk rebels

A bizarre kidnap and escape illustrate the transformation of the city, says Guy Chazan

Treasury yields: the only way is up

Three reasons why the best of the bond bull market may be past

FT Editorial

Preserve gains against market shakeouts

Cost of protecting profits is low considering the bumpy road ahead

Xi’s risky path in disposing ‘tiger’ Zhou

President’s anti-corruption drive engenders unprecedented fear among Chinese officials, says Minxin Pei

James Ferguson illustration
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Fear of bubbles hides stagnation danger

The gloomier economic outlook is that interest rates are low for good reason, says Robin Harding

No such thing as one true and fair view

The absurdity whereby a fall in a bank’s credit standing becomes a source of profit


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