Joe Cummings illustration - Maria das Graças Silva Foster
©Joe Cummings

Maria das Graças Foster

Brazil oil major head’s career looks likely to end with corruption scandal, writes Samantha Pearson

From the blogs

Greek citizens want a change, but not one that would jeopardise the few savings they have left
– Lorenzo Bini Smaghi
Countries today have a choice between turbulence and anaemia
– Andrew McAfee
Dignitaries visiting the kingdom in the coming days should condemn the blogger’s treatment
– Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

UK must hold Russian elite to account

Litvinenko’s murder has been treated as a spy story - but it is terrorism, says Anne Applebaum

Koch cash is bad for the rightwing

Billionaire meddlers are turning the natural order of US political life on its head

The problem with basic income is maths

Adored by libertarians, leftists and the Greens, it’s a nice but flawed idea, says John McDermott

Vow of silence amid Twitter’s outrage

When tempted to be unkind I suppress the urge to express half-ideas

FT Editorial

European democracy in dangerous times

Battle to defend the euro is reviving a rightwing language of purity, writes Mark Mazower

The changing face of employment

‘Most Davos delegates expected bar codes and robots to replace humans at an accelerating rate’

He Zhenliang, IOC delegate, 1929-2015

Polyglot who persisted until he landed Olympics

Ingram Pinn illustration

The stand-off that may sink the euro

Sensible policy makers should see Syriza’s election success as a wake-up call not a nightmare

Carney is wrong about Europe’s problems

For the euro to survive, Europe needs political union or a rigid partnership, says Thomas Mayer

Fed looms large over bank stock prospects

Investors push central bank to allow greater cash distribution

Severn Trent divi cut invites marauders

Interested parties may be encouraged to renew takeover approaches

Mutual gain that blights science industry

Low-level corruption is disturbingly common in health and medicine, writes Anjana Ahuja

Envy, desire and the high of a private jet

It is the ultimate expression of glamour and superhuman freedom, says Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

A damp day out in anti-austerity Athens

What is interesting is not what the war museum includes but what it leaves out, says Tony Barber

Falling oil prices prompt central bankers to reconsider

World Bank expects global inflation to fall 0.4-0.9 percentage points this year

Now the French elites must work together

The people are ready to do what it takes to give their nation a better future, writes Gérard Errera

Tipping point for Japan’s foreign policy

The illusion of neutrality becomes harder to pull off as economic clout wanes

Mixed messages for Bank of England

In this world, wait and see is the right course for UK monetary policy

Tricks of the mind turned oil into gold

Price remained high because people perceived there was a shortage, writes Mikhail Fridman



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