Ferguson illustration

Television prepares to loosen up

Most people prefer choices to be made for them, as long as they are getting a bargain

From the blogs

On balance I prefer the Nobel Prize winner’s circumspection about tech monopolies to Thiel’s blitheness
– Andrew McAfee
The country’s stock market is much cheaper than that of the US and its degree of overvaluation is moderate
– Andrew Smithers
Through his temporary disappearance, North Korea’s leader has enticed others to engage with him
– Kurt Campbell

The myopic western view of China’s rise

The reforms that count tend to conform to the western model, writes Martin Jacques

High stakes to keep rates low

The case for the 0.5 per cent interest rate is weakening

Bradlee’s tribute to journalism’s purpose

Reporting is about stories as well as numbers, and it is exciting and important

Marshall’s grand plan applies to Ukraine

The west will have to co-operate to stop Putin and should do so now, writes Anders Aslund

FT Editorial

Of shares, fatwas and marriage advice

Clerics have a relentless need to convey religious opinion upon every aspect of people’s lives

Copycat managers cannot beat the market

Findings raise questions over investment skill

Norway consumed by Yara soap opera

Rare corporate drama plays out over collapsed merger talks with US rival CF Industries

India’s Congress party stares into the abyss

Crushing political defeats have forced Congress politicians to consider the party’s future

Stakes high for Europe bank stress tests

Good news on key issue of assisting capital-raising


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