James Ferguson

Turkey’s fate lies in Erdogan’s hands

His priority is not Isis but the Gulenists and Kurdish insurgents, writes David Gardner

From the blogs

Dialogues of the deaf over a country’s way of doing economics
– Free Lunch: Martin Sandbu
The country is crippled both by recession and loss of confidence in government and commerce
– Nick Butler
Markets may be exiting the regime of deflation dominance - and may even be entering a period of reflation dominance,
– Gavyn Davies

India – Sikh jokes are no laughing matter

Notebook: Faith’s followers go to court to stop ‘Santa-Banta’ humour in Bollywood and on the web

Corbyn backers deserve no sympathy

Unrepentant supporters of the Labour leader at least know their own minds

Germany has stayed calm over attacks

The debate on the right domestic response is far removed from that in France, says Daniela Schwarzer

Bank regulators, be wary

Basel committee takes aim at traditional lending and the response is ferocious, writes Simon Samuels

The fight of Hillary’s life

If she opts for politics as usual against the headline-grabbing Trump, prepare for a tense election

May positions herself against ‘hard Brexit’

UK prime minister’s visit to Ireland shows her desire to build a consensus, writes Sebastian Payne

FT Editorial

Nice attack dims Hollande’s fading hope

President’s uncertain response to terrorism strips him of his only electoral asset

Stress tests add pressure on European banks

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank look as vulnerable as some of the Italian lenders

Do not bet on calm markets lasting

A sustained period of low volatility manufactured by central banks cannot disguise growing problems

India reform is unfinished business

Modi needs to shake-up regulatory bodies, the police and the legal process, writes Gaurav Dalmia

The high price of Europe’s pragmatism

The sustainable solution consists of a more integrated eurozone and a less integrated EU

Brexit: London can safeguard its status

A financial centre is created over time and the process is complex, writes Saskia Sassen

The mortal threat to Labour

The party’s future is uncertain as it loses touch with the working class, writes Jon Cruddas

Arm sale is case of seeking cash premium

Boards have a duty to think more widely when it comes to bid approaches

Masayoshi Son: The unrepentant visionary

Someone who can think 30 years ahead, write Kana Inagaki, Leo Lewis and Arash Massoudi

New York’s glory in grass and steel

Former mayor helped city regain its connection to the water, writes Philip Delves Broughton

Art, science and a brand new blue

The art world is thrilled at the prospect of the first vivid new shade for 200 years

Pakistan’s fatal obsession with dishonour

The state hounds half of its people, patrolling behaviour, speech and lifestyle, writes Fatima Bhutto

Brexit lessons from Norway

EEA membership works for Norwegians but might not for the British, says Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe



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