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Netanyahu’s answer is war against Iran

A statesman would have made his country a partner in the talks, not an angry voice on the side

From the blogs

China is finding it increasingly difficult to remain tied to the dollar bloc
– Gavyn Davies
We need another ideas revolution to solve the problem of deflation
– The Exchange: Stephen King
Address to US Congress did little determine the outcome of the negotiations with Iran
– Richard Haass

Bibi squanders US relations on illusory gains

Israel’s PM may be misjudging the mood in both America and his own nation

Irving Kahn, stockbroker, 1905-2015

Determined market doyen who delved deep for value

Poor productivity equals stagnant wages

IFS figures show the weakness of the recovery in household incomes

Stress tests are predictable theatre

Once again the bankers are gaming the system by working out what regulators will do

FT Editorial

Google #TheDress and a bigger truth

The ‘wisdom of crowds’ rankings could mean sites dealing in rumour fall below more credible sources

Growth in China and India must add up

Many politely accept the official line but those with money on the line do not, says Ruchir Sharma

Rape film row shines harsh light on India

Backlash after ban on documentary deemed conspiracy to malign nation

Brooks welcomed back to News Corp fold

Editor’s return shows Rupert Murdoch’s faith in his old hands

Shades of grey still colour equity trading

Renewed risk-on, risk-off approach to markets could be a warning sign

How to follow in Buffett’s big footsteps

It boils down to three precepts: be patient, be private and be peculiar

Life in smog should spur China to action

Long dismissed as a side effect of development, air pollution is now a concern

Fed’s tricks will not make risk disappear

Capital requirements are like rabbits pulled out of a hat, writes Frank Partnoy

A test for British diplomacy

A good diplomat possesses character as well as intellect, writes Robert Cooper

Hong Kong’s lucky revolutionaries

Despite tear gas attacks and violent confrontations, protests ended without bloodshed

BoJ stretches its inflation target

Being seen as evasive may do more harm to the central bank’s credibility than taking more time

Browne should think twice on gas deal

If other countries take London’s stance on L1, ex-BP boss may regret getting back into the game

Why ECB risks running out of ammunition

Constraints lie in 25% issue, 33% issuer limits on bond purchases

Riches and perils of the fossil-fuel age

If nations could agree a carbon tax, it would help create a more efficient, less polluting future

Obama tests power of sanctions to limits

Economic penalties punish, but there is little evidence they change behaviour, writes Ian Bremmer



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