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Patrick Pouyanné, the Total package

French oil giant’s new chief is a forceful presence and tough boss

From the blogs

Beijing’s reforms have the potential to increase government expenditures and boost consumption
– Yukon Huang
Markets will remain sensitive to significant fluctuations below the long-term growth trend
– Gavyn Davies
On balance I prefer the Nobel Prize winner’s circumspection about tech monopolies to Thiel’s blitheness
– Andrew McAfee

Beijing’s journey from luxury to thrift

China’s ballooning debt and slowing growth will be tough to manage, writes James Kynge

Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

Close the door on an accidental migration

If you can loosen the rules, you can also tighten them, writes David Goodhart

Today’s Republicans run from Reagan

The Grand Old party is now the Great Wall party – defined by what it wants to keep out of the US

The cost of a search for what’s not there

Martin Sandbu on incentives for doctors to diagnose dementia

FT Editorial

Manchester land-grab must be resisted

Man-Sheff-Leeds-Pool seems too monolithic, with a hint of banker machismo, says Andrew Martin

Political apathy: who cares?

Voters apparently feel considerably more positively towards cockroaches, traffic jams or colonoscopies than congressmen

American who beat Mao to Beijing

Sidney Shapiro, author and translator, 1915-2014

Why it could pay to bet against consensus on Europe

Valuations make sense if the US is about to boom further, but that is hard to swallow

Peer pressure on small bank loan sector

El-Erian’s investment indicates where he sees next big disruption in financial sector


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