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Dead law walking — US capital punishment

In America, evidence of racial bias in sentencing is beyond doubt

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“Nowcasts” indicate the global economy continues to slow down more than consensus forecasts projected
– Gavyn Davies
Current tech progress has the effect of driving down prices and wages
– Andrew McAfee
Enhanced download speeds mean that social media and the web will become more pervasive
– The Exchange: Tolu Ogunlesi

All British parties are eurosceptic now

The real divide is not between Labour and the Conservatives, it is between the UK and Europe

Precarious prospects of London finance

UK’s next government needs a clear vision for the financial services industry, writes Philip Augar

EU should resist urge to rig cyber rules

The right way to bolster European businesses is not to disadvantage their rivals, writes Carl Bildt

‘The Greening of Asia’, by Mark Clifford

In the absence of scepticism, readers suspect ‘greenwashing’

FT Editorial

Fed pause gives emerging markets respite

US central bank’s decision on interest rate rise may change the shape of the global recovery

Investors crowd in to fill equity gaps

Sector is flourishing, despite risky odds and light regulation

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Floyd Mayweather, the king of the ring

A money-dripping showcase for boxing’s most extravagant talent, writes Janan Ganesh

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From Magna Carta to muddle

The UK has much to boast about — if it can modernise its politics

Saudis’ embryonic embrace of meritocracy

In such a conservative society, change will be controversial, writes John Sawers

What Detroit can teach us all

‘Politicians, bureaucrats and business leaders are pulling together in an unusually collaborative manner’

Twitter should stay far from the madding cloud

As crazy as this sounds in our high-tech world, the leak shows that we should go back to using paper

Why women stay away from bitcoin

They care less about the payment process than the retail experience, says Izabella Kaminska

They think it’s all over, it soon will be

Relegation can be a difficult habit to kick, writes Tom O’Sullivan

Inês Etienne Romeu, Human rights activist, 1942-2015

Battler who laid bare an era of military brutality

US and China’s frosty future

Washington is giving up on Beijing becoming a stakeholder in the present global order

Bribes and evasions on UK housing and the deficit

Britain cannot do without markets. This is true for health and education, just as it is for food or clothing

Healthy liquidity needed to survive shocks

If US rates suddenly rise, retail investors might flood out of bond funds

West can learn from Japan’s lost decades

Debt, low inflation and slow growth challenge other economies too, writes Yoichi Funabashi

Charlie Hebdo and freedom’s dubious defence

Writers offer a masterclass in how to stay cred while resiling from a cause they purport to defend



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