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Britain’s new enemies: immigrants and capitalists

The nation is left with an unhappy choice of populisms

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Rebalancing the economy requires flat to falling real wages and consumption, which will be unpopular
– Andrew Smithers
Latest measures will not end Russia’s military actions in Ukraine, though they will sound alarm bells among its economic elite
– Jeffrey Sachs
Zhou purge a symbol of Xi’s power consolidation
– Jonathan Fenby

A bubblegum fix will make banks safer

It’s a pity it has taken a financial crisis to force financiers to embrace barcodes

Nato must contain chaos at Europe’s edge

A conflict funded by Russia and led by eccentrics is developing momentum, writes Rory Stewart

Investors fear the risks in British politics

The political risks to the economy are larger than the economic ones, says Stephanie Flanders

A cynic’s case for the bankers’ oath

Any oath-taking ceremonies would have a surreal quality

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Loyal users key for Snapchat and Twitter

Popular new networks could rob established players of vitality

Tribes rule Mideast as old order crumbles

Old order had already started to crumble along sectarian lines

Post-Argentine default calm will fade

Worrying lack of concern over waning EM strength

Affrighted by Afren

Oil group suspends chief amid investigation into unauthorised payments

Think Jack Bauer in manic market Friday

Busy calendar of data will kick off August trading


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