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Inflation is best way to avoid stagnation

The prospect is that central banks will find themselves helpless, writes Tim Harford

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If the police say something is against the law then it should be able to instantly say on demand what that law is
– David Allen Green
The region’s successful nations hold strong security ties with the US and robust commercial relations with China
– Kurt Campbell
Equities have provided a better insurance than cash or bonds against the risks of unanticipated inflation
– Andrew Smithers

Mapping crime – or stirring hate?

When Chicago police ran their predictive statistics, there was a strong racial imbalance

Equity bulls face slowing share buybacks

Hopes rise that spare cash is now being spent on organic growth

Common sense disappears in mining mergers

Thankfully focus is now on costs, cash and core assets

US judgment due on Iraq-KRG oil dispute

Texas decision could have major implications on KRG sovereignty

FT Editorial

Deranged killers who pose as terrorists

The disturbed and the deluded swell the ranks of the black-clad army, writes Gautam Malkani

Banks bypassed by intellectual capital

Silicon Valley deals are not based on factors that bankers can model, writes Felix Salmon

Ferguson isn’t my first race riot

Racial upheavals have always been part of the fabric of this nation

Tech upstarts lay in ambush for bankers

The industry has been too busy tending its own backyard to notice the shoots of disruption

Summer box-office decline hits Hollywood

Unlike previous years there have been no box-office bombs


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