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The real cost of the Iran deal

The US has fallen into the trap of appeasing the Islamic Republic’s rivals, not Tehran

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It will be at least five years before the upturn – but the good, or bad, news is that prices will stay low
– Nick Butler
In all the noise and debate, the stock market crash raises three big questions, writes Bill Emmott
– Bill Emmott
Markets will not stabilise until doubts of China’s competence and the appropriateness of Fed’s strategy are resolved
– Gavyn Davies

Asia more of a threat to Europe than US

China’s market rumbles highlight the limits of a more aggressive ECB, writes Stephanie Flanders

The Labour party is too big to fail

Public interest requires that the party’s leadership must be be credible, writes Paul Collier

China’s problem is the economy itself

A targeted pinprick approach is needed, not a vast stimulus, writes David Daokui Li

Oliver Sacks, neurologist, 1933-2015

Popular books illustrated the workings of the human mind through vivid case studies

FT Editorial
The Rebel of Rangoon book cover

‘The Rebel of Rangoon’, by Delphine Schrank

A tale of the opposition underground during the long dictatorship

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Najib, patrician premier mired in scandal

Accusations swirling around the prime minister have transfixed Malaysia, writes David Pilling

Beware passionate preachers of populism

Jeremy Corbyn and his ilk are the Elect, not the electable, writes Simon Schama

Raucous TV it pays traders to watch

CNBC is good a place as any for Cook to update market on Apple, writes Robert Armstrong

Om Prakash Munjal, transport industrialist, 1928-2015

India’s benevolent poet who ran Hero Cycles, the world’s top bicycle maker, writes Victor Mallet

The wild world of robot investing

Automated computer programs have changed how markets function

Any takers for half-price Glencore shares?

The company needs a sharp rally in commodity prices

Routs — best of times and worst of times

Investors who hold their nerve and play the long game win out

Virgin Money aims at banks’ ‘oligopoly’

Current accounts skewed against customers, says Gadhia

The Labour party is in mortal danger

Fightback has to end the belittling of our record in government

Community a foreign language in Britain

The UK’s atomisation should show up in public life but politicians struggle to talk about the individual

Erdogan has second shot at one-man rule

The assault on the PKK and siege in the south-east are a naked bid for nationalist votes

France should share migration

EU member state divisions are growing unsustainable, writes François Heisbourg

TV networks face shaky future

Wall Street no longer sees traditional entertainment groups as a sure bet

China devaluation stirs deflation fears

Concern reflected in lower bond yields and inflation expectations



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