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China’s biggest challenge since 1989

Beijing faces a choice in Hong Kong between repression and climbdown

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Rabble rousers lift parasols in protest
– David Pilling
The US workforce is still some way from being fully employed at maximum efficiency
– Gavyn Davies
One of the few Russians who has dared to challenge Russia’s president has returned to the political fray
– Nick Butler

Juncker’s pack of jokers needs reshuffle

The president-elect’s selection seems an exercise in political satire, writes Philippe Lamberts

US can beat Isis by more defence spending

Misguided policy means our enemies don’t fear us and friends don’t trust us, says Martin Feldstein

Big money days over for China tech

Companies such as Alibaba are crucial to rebalancing of economy

The next election carries a winner’s curse

Cameron’s duty is to run a country, not wet-nurse a few mewling intransigents in his party

FT Editorial

Merkel should stop Draghi’s meddling

The ECB is overstepping its mandate with anti-deflationary measures, writes Hans-Werner Sinn

Putin has fought his way into a corner

Russia’s president is hostage to his own belligerent posture, writes Lilia Shevtsova

Faith in Chinese education fails to add up

How odd that 85 per cent of parents consider sending their children to study overseas

Federalism fit for a kingdom

A system that works for America and for Germany would for Britain, writes Quentin Peel

Rousseff claws back lead in Brazil poll

President wipes out Silva’s previous 9-percentage-point advantage


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