The great American disconnect

The great American disconnect

In Silicon Valley, ‘fail harder’ is a motto. In Washington a single miscue can ruin your career

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“Technology is changing everything” may be a lazy phrase. But the things on show proved it
– Andrew McAfee
Macroeconomic shifts are slow-moving but can be hugely destabilising and costly
– The Exchange: Dambisa Moyo
The Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen is almost sure to be too little, too late
– The Exchange: Richard Haass

Eurozone’s real problems are hidden

The most important adjustment that needs to take place is a convergence of prices and labour costs

Russia looks to history for a new ideology

Its nationalistic hue is supplied by what Russians see as an external threat, writes Andrei Nekrasov

Bright spots in a region blighted by graft

It will take time but Latin America is working to combat corruption, says John Paul Rathbone

‘Climate Shock’, by Gernot Wagner and Martin Weitzman

Pilita Clark assesses the dangerous allure of slick climate fixes

FT Editorial

Vivendi clash shows it’s time for risk

Problems of UMG and the music industry will not be solved by a change of structure

Joe Cummings illustration - Jorge Paulo Lemann

Jorge Paulo Lemann, a lean, hungry mogul

A tennis star turned financier is slicing into America’s biggest consumer brands

Goldman returns to political centre stage

With so many Goldmanistas related to top politicians, the cephalopod is again a big influence

Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

The prince plots to steal Cameron’s crown

Those who think the Tories would not move against a sitting prime minister forget Thatcher’s fall

Greek morals and German maths

When an economy risks disintegration, facts and figures are a hard sell, says Nikolaus Blome

Video gaming has come of age

National Videogame Arcade is recognition of the creativity of games, writes Helen Lewis

Deflation: the modern policy bogeyman

‘You cannot assume that falls in the price of goods and assets are the same . . . their impact can differ’

QE not to blame for all our economic ills

The argument that printing money is making us all poorer has two errors, says John McDermott

Confounded by China’s rise

British opportunism met with US fumbling

Wall Street’s finest head for the Valley

Ruth Porat’s move to Google from Morgan Stanley shows where the US economy’s power is going

Karmic payback for a crisis-hit UK city

Birmingham had a spring in its step before HSBC decided to move there, writes Jonathan Guthrie

Middle East faces decades of conflict

Situation in Yemen the latest in a region enmeshed in violent struggles, writes Richard Haass

The last bell tolls for the lethal injection

Pharmaceutical companies have become reluctant to be associated with state-sanctioned killing

Imprudence of advertising a dark past

A Moscow store has wisely pulled an ad depicting kids as KGB interrogators, says Courtney Weaver

Facebook parks tanks on YouTube’s lawn

Social network becomes increasingly popular with video publishers



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