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The warning signs of trade stagnation

Data highlight investment slowdown and limits to recovery, writes Stephanie Flanders

From the blogs

On the demand side of the energy markets balance no one country is more important than China
– Nick Butler
With them sorted out, lending and investment should resume and deposits return
– The Exchange: Frances Coppola
Many observers think the Fed is too conservative in its approach to inflation
– Gavyn Davies

Something is rotten in the euro kingdom

Plan would have eased Greece’s chronic liquidity shortage, writes Yanis Varoufakis

What St Luke would say to Schäuble

The starting point for any solution should not be to ask who is to blame but what is likely to work

Cities need boring bridges not baubles

The new crop of crossings are expensive follies not real infrastructure, writes Edwin Heathcote

France shrugs off the smoking ban

The country that gave us Gitanes may soon enact strict antismoking laws, writes Adam Thomson

FT Editorial

India’s lender woes part of wider malaise

Nation has too many small, underperforming public banks that need to be merged or sold off

China tech to gain index inclusion boost

Plans to include Alibaba and others in MSCI EM index could feed bubble or bring some stability

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Turkey’s bombs reveal failed Syria policy

Erdogan fishing for nationalist votes tries to tar as terrorists the pro-Kurdish coalition

FT and Nikkei differences do not mean a clash

The Japanese group’s values are about giving readers what they want and expect

Early EU vote will see off Cameron

Even if he persuades Britons to stay in a slightly revised union, the Reaper will still close in

The EU must avoid a rupture with Berlin

European reforms must address Germany’s fears, writes Marcel Fratzscher

Tributes to empire’s forgotten warriors

In north-east India lie those who fell while world’s attention was on Europe, writes Victor Mallet

Bank executive ousting is back in fashion

Post-crisis stabilisation and regulatory pressure take toll on European bosses

S&P 500 needs stronger company commitment

Corporate investment can drive earnings and lift returns

Hillary’s war on quarterly capitalism

The advantage of Mrs Clinton’s platform is that it is both accurate and popular

By failing refugees Europe fails itself

Most citizens view legal migration positively, but border chaos fuels populism, writes George Soros

The make believe world of eurozone rules

The disagreement between Germany and the ECJ is not about the law, but politics and economics

Africa: more ready to make than consume

The problem is not a missing middle class but a missing class of organisation, writes Paul Collier

‘How Our Days Became Numbered’

When ‘big data’ was collected by typewriter

How to add radicalism to Osborne squeeze

Chancellor’s ideas for cuts are unimaginative, says John McTernan



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