Joe Cummings illustration

Daniel Schwartz, an expert at the quick flip

Burger King’s chief has displayed both self-belief and financial wizardry

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The Fed is unlikely to shift its policy in a hawkish direction while considerable slack still exists in the labour market
– Gavyn Davies
Contrary to popular beliefs, existing distortions may be giving a more negative impression than the reality
– Yukon Huang
The principle that states do not seize territory by force has been blatantly violated, writes Ivo Daalder
– Ivo Daalder

Perry and the fallibility of US justice

It would be wrong for charges against the Texas governor to be allowed through the courts

Be less picky choosing allies than foes

Renaissance states made and broke alliances. Should the west do the same, asks Philip Bobbitt

Emmanuel Kriaras

Greek professor who pushed for democracy via demotic discourse

Emmanuel Kriaras, academic and campaigner, 1906-2014

Should we call time on teenage drinking?

Alcohol consumption among youth has actually declined almost everywhere in the western world

FT’s Brian Groom reflects on four decades

Kate Bush and Scotland are in the news – it could be 1979, says the senior FT editor who retires next week

FT Editorial

Lending to small groups must be simpler

European businesses are still struggling to get credit

Midterms set to reawaken political risk

Investors have been spoiled by the relative calm on Capitol Hill since last year’s shutdown

Stocks at records yet recovery is elusive

Record asset prices belie many startling economic inconsistencies

LSE cash call supports underwriting cartel

Rights issue fees should be tackled by the exchange, not endorsed


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