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Jimmy Carter flashback – US midterms malaise

Leaders do not lead. Institutions repeatedly fail and no one seems to be held accountable

From the blogs

Renewed Fed intervention would deliver insufficient growth while making the subsequent market correction more dangerous
– Mohamed El-Erian
Local leadership and private enterprise dwarf the capital’s impact
– Roger Altman
Nothing changes the world like technology. Here’s why I’m optimistic
– Andrew McAfee

Pick fund managers with skin in the game

What if there was a way to identify market beaters in long run?

Market nerves do not portend global slump

Negative focus colours interpretation of economic data

Eurozone stagnation is a greater threat than debt

Monetary policy can boost markets in the shortrun, but this cannot be sustained indefinitely

UK banks should have fewer complaints

Reform will have a positive impact on the City’s reputation as a banking centre, says Philip Augar

FT Editorial

Russia cannot stand low oil prices forever

The government will have either to cut spending or raise taxes, writes Sergei Guriev

Might makes right in a new era of piracy

In ‘The New Pirates’, Andrew Palmer assesses their effect on global shipping

Hollande’s tortuous road to reform

France’s president has accelerated change, but too slowly to avoid a clash with Brussels over deficit

To stop ‘deserters’, reform tax system

New rules do nothing to deal with reasons why companies try to escape US taxes, writes Jonathan Ford

Entu insulated as chill hits junior market

Plucky business has net cash and the yield on the shares is 8 per cent


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