How politics will seal the fate of Greece

Can Europe really allow Athens to fall into the arms of Moscow?

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As Ramadi in Iraq falls to Isis, Afghanistan goes through worst political and military crisis since 2001
– The Exchange: Ahmed Rashid
‘For most people in Scotland the SNP is a normal party that they like, hate or are indifferent to’
– Off message:John McDermott
Corporate misinformation is one of the reasons for poor economic performance
– Andrew Smithers

A bonus signals a change in elite living

Rich New York husbands often pay their wives for performance

A cautionary tale from Chinese business

When polluters go unpunished, we must be willing to live in a toxic environment, writes Joe Zhang

Credit derivatives deserve a revival

Investors will need all the help — or instruments — they can find to hedge risks in the next year

A leg-up on to the UK property ladder

Anything that allows more equity and less debt must improve financial stability, says Neil Record

Europe has made tragedy a political crisis

Europeans should help; not so long ago, they were the ones desperately asking, says Peter Sutherland

FT Editorial

Politicians seek credible backstories

These phoney concepts are the preserve of an increasingly phoney class

Brazil and China reheat old news

While synergies between the two countries are self-evident, realising them has not been easy

The challenge from digital concierges

Applying a little human-powered care to ecommerce

Periphery holds while centre falls apart

QE has induced volatility in German bonds and relative calm elsewhere

Silicon Valley has become a dream factory

Investors eager to throw money at start-ups that look as if they can create a brave new world

Rohingya people are the Jews of Asia

In the past few weeks, at least 6,000 refugees have been cut adrift in the ocean

US must reopen channels to Russia

If solutions are to be found the two sides must sit down and talk seriously, writes Fiona Hill

UK can learn from Greece for EU talks

Athens wrongly thought the eurozone could not picture life without it

Saudi vies for Great Satan status in Iran

Persian-Arab enmity goes back centuries; Iranian-US hostility is only a few decades old

Investors on ‘safe asset’ starvation diet

What happens when shortage shrinks: indigestion or big sell-off?

Activism not so good for shareholders

Research suggests only the most disruptive activists deliver benefits

The wary retreat of the bond bulls

Collapses in yields on safe securities should be at an end

Podemos has set alight Spanish politics

Whether or not it can deliver on its promises, it is already catalysing healthy change

UK productivity puzzle

Employment is up, working hours are up, so why is output down?



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