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A down-to-earth industrialist takes on the Tata inheritance

The Indian group’s first non-family head must deliver

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Rebalancing the economy requires flat to falling real wages and consumption, which will be unpopular
– Andrew Smithers
Latest measures will not end Russia’s military actions in Ukraine, though they will sound alarm bells among its economic elite
– Jeffrey Sachs
Zhou purge a symbol of Xi’s power consolidation
– Jonathan Fenby

Pity the androids snarled in a moral maze

Robotic cars do not get tired, drunk or angry but there are bound to be hiccups, says Tim Harford

OkCupid’s test was a poisoned arrow

A website’s faults do not absolve it from dealing fairly with users

The battle for Britain’s heritage

As the definition of heritage widens dramatically, who should define and control it?

Dr Peter Williams
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Charity chief with a mission to transform medical research

Peter Williams, physician and administrator, 1925-2014

FT Editorial

US recovery rouses inflation concerns

Investors must decide whether rising prices are better than deflation

Boom time arrives for pension consultants

New UK rules will drive more people to ask: ‘How do I get my money?’

Nato must contain chaos at Europe’s edge

A conflict funded by Russia and led by eccentrics is developing momentum, writes Rory Stewart

Investors fear the risks in British politics

The political risks to the economy are larger than the economic ones, says Stephanie Flanders

James Ferguson illustration
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Britain’s new enemies: immigrants and capitalists

The nation is left with an unhappy choice of populisms


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