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Forces set to overturn Britain’s order

Panic has driven Cameron into a bidding war about the EU and immigrants

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Markets will remain sensitive to significant fluctuations below the long-term growth trend
– Gavyn Davies
On balance I prefer the Nobel Prize winner’s circumspection about tech monopolies to Thiel’s blitheness
– Andrew McAfee
The country’s stock market is much cheaper than that of the US and its degree of overvaluation is moderate
– Andrew Smithers

Jingle that sounds the road to recovery

It sometimes pays to wipe the debt slate clean rather than sweep problems under the carpet

A chance for Islam to unite against Isis

A lack of central authority opens the door to a charismatic leader, writes Hossein Mousavian

Blame Germany for the right reasons

The case for running a deficit to stimulate the economy is flimsy, writes Otmar Issing

Man-made idols who cannot plead the law

Sport must decide if conduct that results in a loss of liberty should also merit a loss of career

FT Editorial

US experts fear Russia sanctions blowback

US and EU measures seen as counter-productive and potentially dangerous

Tech companies split on cloud computing

At this stage, the new growth market offers lower profits and the prospect of large capital spending

Tesco: bargain hunters beware

Even after halving, the shares do not look cheap

Eurozone crisis fears re-emerge

Markets unsure if ECB bank stress test results will be positive

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Television prepares to loosen up

Most people prefer choices to be made for them, as long as they are getting a bargain


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