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Tipping point for Japan’s foreign policy

The illusion of neutrality becomes harder to pull off as economic clout wanes

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Dignitaries visiting the kingdom in the coming days should condemn the blogger’s treatment
– Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Doing nothing has not prevented Russia from escalating the conflict at every turn
– Ivo Daalder
Now they need to act
– Bruce Bartlett

Now the French elites must work together

The people are ready to do what it takes to give their nation a better future, writes Gérard Errera

Mixed messages for Bank of England

In this world, wait and see is the right course for UK monetary policy

Tricks of the mind turned oil into gold

Price remained high because people perceived there was a shortage, writes Mikhail Fridman

Washington trip is risky for Netanyahu

The Israeli prime minister should not address Congress on Iran’s nuclear threat

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Uncertainty on oil unsettles investors

Lower bond yields add to concerns that global growth may be stalling

Clarity on ownership of Canary Wharf

Brookfield settles old score and claims glittering prize after an acrimonious battle

Labour must defend its economic record

The last government was one of the most prudent of modern era, say John Hutton and Alan Milburn

Churlish China irked by US-India ties

Obama’s trip to New Delhi was really about forging an alliance in the Asia-Pacific region

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Greek debt and a default of statesmanship

Creating the eurozone is its members’ second-worst monetary idea, a break-up the worst

History can explain falling prices

A historical perspective may help to stem panic among investors

Germany should recall its time in sick bay

Merkel’s challenge is to convince her people they have reliable partners, says Marcel Fratzscher

Arm Ukraine to show conflict has a cost

Putin has shown no interest in ending hostilities or finding a political solution, writes Ivo Daalder

New ideas needed to unclog Paris streets

The annual cost to French capital of gridlock likely to reach $18.7bn by 2030, writes Adam Thomson

Easy money no cure for Japan’s stagnation

Export-led growth model no longer works as China gains edge

Halve Greek debt to keep eurozone together

Any salvation new drachma might offer would be preceded by years of purgatory, writes Reza Moghadam

EU cannot agree to write off Greek debt

The prospect of defaults would frighten the markets and increase the risk of another crisis

World Bank fails to credit intelligence of poor

Organisation’s bias in its perceptions of those in poverty has shaped flawed policy, writes Michael Holman

Calm moment in stormy US-India marriage

The influential Indian diaspora in America constantly urges the two to resolve their differences

Obama’s savvy bet on India’s rise

US adjustment to multipolar world will be shaped by whether it gets along with New Delhi



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