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Indonesia’s Jokowi can outdo Obama

Widodo will need all the acumen that took him to the presidency to avoid the traps being set

From the blogs

If the world economy falls back into recession, we should be prepared with policy action to get it back on track
– Andrew Smithers
The lights are very unlikely to go out. But consumers will end up paying for an unnecessary failure of policy
– Nick Butler
The huge excess of savings over investment will drag Europe into a deflationary spiral
– Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

Largest economies must fix the eurozone

Only peer pressure, opprobrium and fear will shake leaders up, write Olli Rehn and Jean Arthuis

Towers that cast a shadow on New York

The city’s latest high-rise homes highlight its inequality, writes Edwin Heathcote

The fiendish bond market needs a rethink

Standardised products are likely to attract more demand

The French mayor, the pig, the butcher

Hayange’s National Front leader is supposed to portray a more respectable version of his party

The furious but forgiving Spanish voters

A number of politicians have been hit by scandals but many are able to cling on to power

FT Editorial

Inditex evolves approach to China

Spanish retailer’s tie up with Alibaba recognises online reality

‘Coffin corner’ threat to stability

Post-crisis regulation makes markets more vulnerable to shocks

James Ferguson illustration

Europe’s banks too feeble to spur growth

One doubts whether the capital in eurozone institutions is enough to drive the economy forward

Isis shows political sophistication

Damaging the fragile cohesion of neighbouring states gives jihadis a reach beyond Syria and Iraq


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