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Division risks sapping the west’s power

America’s allies have come to rely excessively on the US to guarantee their security

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The job may be seen as un-doable but it’s needed more than ever
– Nick Butler
The conflict is destined to escalate: Kiev will push harder, and Russia will counteract with deeper involvement
– Ian Bremmer
The Fed is unlikely to shift its policy in a hawkish direction while considerable slack still exists in the labour market
– Gavyn Davies

Cameron has polish but no panache

The suspicion about the prime minister is that he is not a man you set your watch by

Putin will not cut off Europe’s gas

The EU could weather the winter without importing Russian energy, says Matthew Bryza

Financial reforms will not help crises

Unlike a bailout, bailing in creditors will inflict losses on other institutions, writes John Plender

A dart at the heart of the class system

Britain’s old divisions of upper, middle and lower class are less useful

India’s economic confidence returns

Growth bounce lifts spirits but it hides vulnerabilities

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Lenders eye levy for banks in distress

Emergency liquidity facility considered

Fed ignores likelihood of weaker growth

US GDP expansion likely to average 2% a year in future

Draghi approaches his Abenomics moment

The question is whether large-scale QE will do more good than harm, writes Stephanie Flanders

China is ignoring Li’s call for fairness

It is essential that justice is seen to be done in corruption cases, writes Tao Jinzhou


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