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Fear of bubbles hides stagnation danger

The gloomier economic outlook is that interest rates are low for good reason, says Robin Harding

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Sir Richard Lambert, speaking at a Respublica event held at the FT this afternoon. ©Charlie Bibby
Video: It will take a long time for new bank leaders to alter staff behaviour
– Richard Lambert
ERP is far from stable – whether it is defined as a historic relationship or an expected one
– Andrew Smithers
The country is just getting better at finding useful projects on which to spend the billions of euros it receives under EU aid
– Tony Barber

No such thing as one true and fair view

The absurdity whereby a fall in a bank’s credit standing becomes a source of profit

‘Known unknowns’ on Scotland and EU

Several unresolved questions hang over whether the Scots have a future in Europe, says John Kerr

Ebola stirs noise – unlike other killers

Both the deadly virus and old scourges can be stopped by long-term strategies, says Peter Piot

Xi’s risky path in disposing ‘tiger’ Zhou

President’s anti-corruption drive engenders unprecedented fear among Chinese officials, says Minxin Pei

EU sanctions fail to be a knockout blow

Placing Russia under a financial interdict will have greater impact, says Christopher Granville

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Beware this latest digital contagion

Lisa Pollack finds the perfect answer to password paranoia but password snobbery is addictive

Expats in China should read GSK potboiler carefully

GSK case has increased the risk factor for foreign executives

India must tackle bad bank debts to grow

Lenders need to deal with $60bn in problem loans

Flattening curve may be investor message

Narrowing yield spreads could be eyed warily by the Fed


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