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Merkel’s plan shames Cameron’s fear

German chancellor is getting it right while UK PM misreads the national mood

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What does Corbynmania in the UK opposition leadership election means for European politics?
– Howard Davies
Making the exchange rate setting mechanism more flexible was a good policy step - just implemented at the wrong time
– The Exchange: Mohamed El-Erian
It will be at least five years before the upturn – but the good, or bad, news is that prices will stay low
– Nick Butler

China risks repeating the errors of Japan

To see what happens when government tries to prop up stock prices, Tokyo’s story is sobering

Alexis through Greek looking-glass world

Syriza support is draining faster than euros from banks before capital controls, writes Tony Barber

Radical plan for post-crisis Labour party

Land-use planning, housing, local government finance and tax structures all cry out for reform

Excuses for Corbyn’s loss in case he wins

A cut out and keep guide for why the favourite for Labour leader will not become prime minister

FT Editorial

Iran deal that promises to change history

Supporters call it visionary, opponents naive, as hyperbole dominates debate, writes Philip Gordon

Tech booms are good but do not last

The question is not whether this boom will end, but when and how

EM corporate ‘carry trade’ revealed

BIS paper suggests companies are raising cash in US currency for financial, not commercial, reasons

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China should welcome its short sellers

Foreign hedge funds are convenient villains in a financial crisis

A chance for Europe to rescue its integrity

The failure to tackle the refugee crisis has intensified this human disaster

Malaysia’s economic frailty is too familiar

The country is facing comparisons with the 1997 Asian financial crisis

Robots alone will not halt worker decline

Leading economies are entering era of an ageing and shrinking workforce, writes Diane Coyle

Journalists, repression and ‘conspiracy’

Some governments use their courts to silence media critics or force them into dubious confessions

World faces third deflationary wave

EM crisis means further fall in potential global output is unavoidable

Ukraine gas hopes pinned to royalty cuts

Industry seeks a reversal of tax policy to encourage investment

China risks an economic discontinuity

Many believe the economy is already growing far more slowly than the government admits

Clinton, Bush and America’s dynasties

US dynasties are not just political — parents pass half their wealth to their kids, writes Rick Perlstein

Do not let fear kill promise of Big Data

Privacy is at the heart of democratic modernity and it must be preserved, writes Maurice Lévy

Modern couples need similar tech drives

Mismatched technology habits can lead to dissatisfaction in a relationship

Clever marketeers crashed the economy

The new breed has run banking far less well than less intellectually distinguished predecessors



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