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The rise of liberal intolerance in the US

There is no doubt that racial prejudice is alive and well but quashing free speech is no answer

From the blogs

Economic data published in November have shown a further uptick in worldwide activity growth
– Gavyn Davies
George Osborne’s concept of a municipal energy business for the north of England is a good and timely idea
– Nick Butler
Building on the scale that would lower prices would require far more radical intervention in a market that is not working
– The Exchange: Diane Coyle

Paris and prosperity for poorer nations

Justice demands that carbon curbs should not limit poorer nations’ ability to grow, writes Narendra Modi

A continent overwhelmed by crises

Too many major events are occurring simultaneously: soon we will need a database to keep track

Hope dies for America’s Iraqi friends

A better life is distant even for those who had risked everything, writes Christine Spolar

Review: ‘The Maximalist’, by Matt Cooper

The rise and fall of Irish businessman Tony O’Reilly

FT Editorial

The grey vote is an affront to democracy

Britain would have a fairer society if it capped the voting age

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Mauricio Macri, Argentina’s new president

The honeymoon period following victory will be brief, write John Paul Rathbone and Benedict Mander

Illustration by Jonathan McHugh of David Cameron riding on a UK banknote folded into a paper aeroplane
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Osborne’s axe falls on civic Britain

The exercise is one in transferring to town halls responsibility to implement Whitehall cuts

Since you asked: Heavy on the levy

Employers may complain but the skills shortage is a tricky nut to crack, writes Sarah O’Connor

Earth rivals bid to escape the atmosphere

It is perhaps fitting that the space race is being re-run by two tech billionaires, writes John Thornhill

Surrealism guides Belgians past Paris attacks

Magritte’s homeland gave a united display of absurdist panache, writes Christian Oliver

Reasons to be cheerful, parts one and two

Small compromises are so rare in the US nowadays that we should be thankful for them

Finance gets the Hollywood treatment

‘In “The Big Short” film, Selena Gomez elaborates the principles of synthetic derivatives while placing chips on a casino table’

Boom time for builders but not for houses

Even if the money is there Treasury wishes won’t turn it into homes

How not to deal with a humbled Putin

Sanctions are biting and Ukraine has turned into a mire: the west must be canny from now on

Britain as ‘most prosperous economy’ is a fantasy

It is right to hope. But the productivity revival remains uncertain

India must resist carbon imperialism

The rich world’s move against fossil fuels is a disaster for poorer states, writes Arvind Subramanian

Cloned cows cause beef on climate change

UN estimates global meat industry belches out 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions

Cameron’s cunning plan for bombing Syria

The questions over extending air raids answered in 43 key points

Refugees and the propagation of fear

America took in the ‘wretched refuse of teeming shores’ but now it is so fearful and mean-spirited



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