Magnus Carlsen illustration

Magnus Carlsen, an unlikely chess master

He moonlights as a model, naps on the job, skips homework – and snuffs out every rival

From the blogs

The short-term prospects for Japan’s economy depend on competition between protagonists of two incoherent policies
– Andrew Smithers
Draghi-Weidmann row epitomises a wider difference between hawks and doves on the bank’s governing council
– Gavyn Davies
Politically, there is a rationale for radicalism on devolution of tax powers and ‘fiscal federalism’
– John McDermott

The Pope is wrong about Europe

The very success of the continent accounts for a feeling of political drift, writes Richard Vinen

Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

Pragmatism has kept Scotland in the union

The Smith report validates a move for greater devolution not secession, writes John McDermott

A nation gives thanks for better beer

These beverage Davids are taking on the Goliaths of their industry and winning

Cameron caves in to reality

Despite the PM’s spasm of common sense, he gives migration more attention than it deserves

FT Editorial

A golden initiative for Swiss economy

But be careful what you wish for, writes Izabella Kaminska

Cooking up change

Around four million people in developing countries die each year from household cooking smoke

PD James, crime novelist, 1920-2014

Queen of crime fiction whose intrigue harked back to a golden age

Lower oil price could stoke US stock bubble

Opec’s position on output could have profound consequences

Black Friday shopping havoc spreads to UK

Bad publicity from scuffles will do nothing to woo back disgruntled customers

Grading the Federal Reserve’s readability

Central bank garrulousness has implications for the wider market, writes Tracy Alloway

Insurance M&A efficiency gains are elusive

There is no sector where they have been harder to realise. writes Neil Collins

The halfhearted threat to the US superpower

Obama shows no inclination to rethink his foreign policy

Dangerous sparks in the parched bond market

Liquidity risk prompts a push for transparency and electronic trading

UK should not leave EU over immigration

Hard-working, ambitious people speaking a multitude of languages should surely be welcome

Nuclear is exception to Germany’s rule

System for preventing political accidents has been bypassed

The Pope’s Chaka Khan model for Europe

The pontiff’s words in Strasbourg displayed the dexterous feminism for which the Holy See is famed

Cheap energy is the new cheap labour

For companies wondering where to locate, the world has turned upside down

The Samsung phone is no longer smart

South Korea’s group has never persuaded consumers its brand is as desirable as Apple’s

Post-crisis, the nation state strikes back

Putin’s muscle-flexing shows the role of states in matters of war and peace, writes Mark Mazower


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