Scotland decides

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Scotland needs bravery to build strong banks

The mechanisms the country will need as an independent entity take courage and a lot of time

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Changed incentives mean companies have become less honest about profits than they used to be
– Andrew Smithers
Market has drawn an inference that rates will remain at zero for at least six months after October
– Gavyn Davies

Brown could be the man who saved the union

The former premier’s indisputable Scottishness has made him so effective in campaigning for Britishness

The time is ripe for English devolution

It is the obvious solution if we are to rebalance the UK, writes John Redwood

Scots’ choice: independence or sterling

The country can achieve two but not all of its three main objectives, writes Krishna Guha

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Fact and friction in Catalonia’s debate

Lines have been drawn, imaginary or not, in a sham debate in which neither side hears the other

North Korea as ‘The Truman Show’

One needs to be wary of impressions gleaned from Pyongyang, a showcase city

Ukraine needs money, not more arms

The war cannot be won and more weapons will only prolong the torment, writes Eugene Rumer

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Madrid is determined to avoid secession

Spain adamant Catalonia will not follow same path as Scotland

Russia targets western businesses

Moscow reacts to sanctions imposed by US and EU

Economic soufflé at risk of implosion

Europe is stagnating and global demand remains inadequate


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