Obama’s savvy bet on India’s rise

US adjustment to multipolar world will be shaped by whether it gets along with New Delhi

From the blogs

Now they need to act
– Bruce Bartlett
The ECB has declared independence from its German forebears
– Gavyn Davies
Acting in advance was surely better than waiting until market forces became unbearable
– DeAnne Julius
greek election

Who will blink now Syriza has won?

A new chapter of European instability is only just beginning, writes George Magnus

Will Tsipras be a Lula or a Chávez?

Syriza leader campaigned as a radical but may govern as pragmatist, writes Tony Barber

QE is an imperfect compromise for eurozone

By protecting itself from losses, the ECB recognises the possibility of European sovereign default

Let statisticians rumble political untruths

Those responsible for government numbers should not be working for ministers

FT Editorial

Saudi Arabia: Isis threat will only grow

The internet, more than bombs, could be the government’s undoing, writes Richard Haass

‘Demokrasi’, by Hamish McDonald

The book examines Indonesia’s long, bumpy road to democracy

Three and o2 logo

O2/Three tie-up calls for scrutiny

Far from clear how UK subscribers will benefit from merger, writes Jonathan Ford

Saudis prize stability above all else

The early appointments made by King Salman represent a delicate balancing act within the family

Andrey Zvyagintsev

Andrei Zvyagintsev

In ‘Leviathan’, the controversial film-maker delivers a blistering critique of life under Putin

The battle between capital and labour

When misfortune strikes, workers are on their own, writes Yochai Benkler

Greens contemplate life beyond the fringe

The party’s hippie gap year cannot last for ever

Great museums cannot rely on the state

Revolution in leadership required at UK’s leading galleries, writes Bendor Grosvenor

The film that shows Eastwood’s soft side

‘American Sniper’ is not a call to arms or a sign of a resurgent right but more of a cry of pain

Give middle classes fair share of pie

Those who work in real economy should be rewarded with higher earnings, writes Izabella Kaminska

The fur debate — recycled

These days my attitudes to fur have become less black and white. Or sable and cream, perhaps

After Charlie, an opening for Le Pen

The softening of its image scarcely conceals the essential character of the National Front

Draghi’s promise to do whatever it takes

Nobody knows whether ECB’s QE will work but it is a start at least

Use markets to stop the next Ebola crisis

‘Pandemic bonds’ could inject private-sector rigour into global medical bureaucracies

So when did mankind make its mark?

Scientists are seeking the instant when our species began changing the planet, writes Anjana Ahuja



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