Joe Cummings illustration

Markus Persson: a gaming superstar

The shy creator of ‘Minecraft’ has sold out to Microsoft for $2.5bn and quit his company

American football increases in violence

Advertisers wonder whether to associate their goods with the resulting spectacle

Decision to stay

Exclusive online comment

The union may have survived but in its present design it is possibly dead
– Janan Ganesh
Popular sovereignty is swimming against an authoritarian tide, writes
– Michael Ignatieff
The party needs a crusade to organise all of the referendum’s energy
– John McTernan
Illustration for Financial Times - issue dated 20.09.14
©Jonathan McHugh

Now is the time to refurbish the British state

The danger is that politicians in Westminster return to business as usual ahead of next year’s election

Greater autonomy will remain a UK issue

The outcome will make way for problems that stretch beyond our borders, says Richard Haass

Scotland poll will leave Cameron weaker

Nationalists round the world will seize on the vote against independence

Last-minute deals put England in focus

The shenanigans played their part but exemplify a political disconnect, writes Ian Birrell

FT Editorial

Human creativity will survive technology

Who would have continued in a horse-drawn carriage once we had the car, asks Diana Athill

Illustration by Shonagh Rae showing a graph of university graduates
©Shonagh Rae

The lessons of student debt

Elizabeth Warren argues the rising cost of education is shattering the American dream

Are we leaving our digital doors open?

We give hackers a hand by being less than imaginative with security, says Izabella Kaminska

Yoshiko Yamaguchi, film star and politician

Screen siren with roles that played out in her equally extraordinary real life


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