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Forces reshaping world in two words

The splintering of the old order is at its most stark, and brutal, in the Middle East

From the blogs

Any meaningful recovery in Russia’s economy requires a lifting of western sanctions
– Mohamed El-Erian
Is it worse when the authorities take action in the face of technological progress, or when they sit idle?
– Andrew McAfee
Extent of any improvement will depend not only on amount of investment, but also its effectiveness
– Andrew Smithers

Russia sounds a warning on global debt

Should the dollar continue to rise, currency and funding mismatches could be exposed

Massacre shows Taliban cannot be tamed

Pakistan’s foreign and security policies are not the result of democratic process, says Shashank Joshi

North Korea not amused by killing Kim

It has built a nuclear deterrent to protect its leaders’ claims to legitimacy, says Adam Cathcart

Windsors’ royal run for the White House

At a recent get-together the Prince told admirers: ‘Read one’s lips — no new duties’

Cuba detente latest sign cold war is over

US debate had shifted from what the island does beyond its borders to what it does within them, writes Richard Haass

FT Editorial

Denmark’s grab for North Pole fans geopolitical rivalry

Russia and Canada expected to file competing claims soon

Digital upstarts risk crashing back down

Advantages may prove shortlived as competition between platforms intensifies

High drama looms for high-yield bonds

Next move in market could test central banks’ grip on markets

Royal Mail’s red herrings

Lord Myners’ push to shake up IPOs may need a shove

A sharing economy must share the risks

We have 20th-century benefits and insurance that do not fit the 21st-century worker

Truth behind Abe’s election ‘landslide’

As with many things in Japan, probe a little deeper and not everything is as it seems

Productivity will make or break next UK government

Britain is not alone in suffering a post-crisis slowdown, yet its decline is worse than elsewhere

Let London’s airports achieve potential

More direct routes will open to economically significant destinations, writes Howard Davies

Rouhani’s fate is not tied to nuclear talks

It is the continued state of limbo that poses the challenge to Iran’s president, writes Farideh Farhi

The 10 worst jobs in politics

We all have our bad days but these people really do have more than most

The only cure for what plagues Russia

Moscow must act to get sanctions lifted or the economy will struggle, writes Anders Aslund

Jeb Bush boldly semi-declares ambition

Strong points in a general election might prove fatal in a primary

Make policy for real, not ideal, humans

Many believe dysfunctional behaviour in finance is due solely to distorted incentives

Crowd-pleasing is no substitute for wise regulation

It is in the nature of a crowd to turn on anyone who dissents from average opinion


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