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Reform alone is no solution for eurozone

A policy that may work for Germany alone cannot work for an economy more than three times as big

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The country’s stock market is much cheaper than that of the US and its degree of overvaluation is moderate
– Andrew Smithers
Through his temporary disappearance, North Korea’s leader has enticed others to engage with him
– Kurt Campbell
A marked drop in inflation expectations has been built into the bond market right across the world
– Gavyn Davies

Of shares, fatwas and marriage advice

Clerics have a relentless need to convey religious opinion upon every aspect of people’s lives

India’s Congress party stares into the abyss

Crushing political defeats have forced Congress politicians to consider the party’s future

Stakes high for Europe bank stress tests

Good news on key issue of assisting capital-raising

Mob justice is a dangerous business

Politicians resemble gangsters roaming around extorting money from unpopular individuals

FT Editorial

A modern plague spread by love and fear

Vaccines and experimental drugs are not likely to save west Africa from Ebola, says Wendy Orent

Live while we can and put ambition on ice

A get-to-the-top-fast mentality is out of sync with the other end of our lives, says Jody Greenstone Miller

Epitaph for France does a lively trade

Writing the country off has become a popular national pursuit, says Hugh Carnegy

Corporate India frets over debt levels

Nation’s industrial and banking sectors enter new political era still undercapitalised

ECB leak a tonic for volatile Italy

Bigger, more liquid markets can sometimes be more responsive under stress


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