Joe Cummings illustration - Imran Khan

Imran Khan, playboy turned politician

Run out last year, the former cricketer is now marching on Islamabad, writes Victor Mallet

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If the police say something is against the law then it should be able to instantly say on demand what that law is
– David Allen Green
The region’s successful nations hold strong security ties with the US and robust commercial relations with China
– Kurt Campbell
Equities have provided a better insurance than cash or bonds against the risks of unanticipated inflation
– Andrew Smithers

Central banking rules are made to be broken

The more sophisticated the system, the harder it is to make the right call, says Barry Eichengreen

Plouffe to retell Uber’s tale of red tape

Former Obama adviser is just the person to explain the taxi-calling app’s ‘free-market’ approach

We cannot visit our Syria failure on Iraq

Our friends will be watching our actions closely, and so will our enemies, writes Liam Fox

Mapping crime – or stirring hate?

When Chicago police ran their predictive statistics, there was a strong racial imbalance

FT Editorial

Dabbler who switched from coffee to champagne

Nicolas Feuillatte, beverage merchant, 1926-2014

Risk parity and McNuggets: a history

Rising interest rates risk to survivial of risk parity approach

Techs would be weaker without banks

Bankers are more important than the tech chieftains realise

Equity bulls face slowing share buybacks

Hopes rise that spare cash is now being spent on organic growth

Common sense disappears in mining mergers

Thankfully focus is now on costs, cash and core assets


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