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The short-sighted US buyback boom

Unless the roots of the problem are fixed, boardrooms will keep on draining their treasuries

Italy debt is a problem for us all

We need extreme and co-ordinated policy to make it possible for Italy to ultimately stay in the eurozone

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The union may have survived but in its present design it is possibly dead
– Janan Ganesh
Popular sovereignty is swimming against an authoritarian tide, writes
– Michael Ignatieff
The party needs a crusade to organise all of the referendum’s energy
– John McTernan

Sarkozy’s Groundhog Day return

The former president never had an authentic project for France, writes Gaspard Koenig

‘Emerging Africa’ by Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu

A homegrown guide to an African future

After the vote

Scotland and Europe need grand coalitions

The right response is for the centrists to join forces, hard though it is to bury their ancestral rivalries, writes Niall Ferguson

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Now is the time to refurbish the British state

The danger is that politicians in Westminster return to business as usual ahead of next year’s election

FT Editorial

Greater autonomy will remain a UK issue

The outcome will make way for problems that stretch beyond our borders, says Richard Haass

Scotland poll will leave Cameron weaker

Nationalists round the world will seize on the vote against independence

Last-minute deals put England in focus

The shenanigans played their part but exemplify a political disconnect, writes Ian Birrell

American football increases in violence

Advertisers wonder whether to associate their goods with the resulting spectacle


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