Greek default necessary but Grexit is not

Defaulting on the IMF and ECB is the only route to short-term relief but nobody has ever done it

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Election manifestos are full of big promises. But what about after the poll?
– David Allen Green
Neglecting all stakeholders’’ interests could trip up Europe’s initiative
– The Exchange: Philipp Hildebrand
Why Japan’s GDP is set to grow faster than that of the US over the next 10 years
– Andrew Smithers
raul Castro illo

Raúl Castro, Cuba’s president

A rapprochement with America is part of his plan to save socialism from itself

Taking on Google is the Madisonian way

If there is one thing the leaders of our revolution feared, it was the concentration of power

Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

The politicians pillaging your pension

The next government will trample retirement savings, no matter who wins

Power of the US presidential partner

When we elect a leader we are electing two people, writes Kati Marton

FT Editorial

Tech billionaires aiming to disrupt death

On the biotech front, things may be catching up more quickly than you think, writes Izabella Kaminska

Run the BBC as a company

The power of more than 25m licence-holders should be harnessed, writes Evelyn de Rothschild

Illustration by Shonagh Rae of a girl texting
©Shonagh Rae

Generation K: what it means to be a teen

‘A world of Instadanger, Facebook Envy and austerity has proved a particularly toxic cocktail’

margaret rule

Margaret Rule, archaeologist, 1928-2015

Director whose determination lifted a sunken Tudor treasure

Regulators tiptoe around telecoms mergers

Authorities are strangely acquiescent over collapsing competition

Long live the UK — but not at any price

The SNP has no interest in my country’s success. It cares only about what it can extract from us

Five things to know about UK election

‘Hung parliament’ is not on the ballot, but polls suggest stalemate is the nation’s choice

US and China: rivals with common cause

The future of the relationship is not predetermined but for the leaders to shape, writes Kevin Rudd

Rookies hunt billion-dollar unicorns

Ashton Kutcher and Snoop Dogg show unlikely names can make good investors, writes Stephen Foley

Reel-life struggles of Spain’s millennials

The film ‘Perdiendo el Norte’ highlights Spain’s fascination with Germany, writes Tobias Buck

Bernanke joins hedge fund in market debut

Former Fed chair starts as Citadel recovers from $1bn trading loss

A ‘flash crash’ or two gives needed jolt

Too little volatility means behaviour will not change

Regulating tech today shapes its tomorrow

Sector’s next generation of dominant companies are dependent on the existing leaders

Fossil fuel campaigners play charades

Why should funds listen to a protest that is not entirely serious?

The failed search for a Google deal

Any settlement was likely to be unpopular and subject to legal challenge, writes Alan Riley



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