BT Outage - Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

A narrow approach to broadband in Britain

BT’s outage brings the debate over our digital future into sharp focus, writes Aleks Krotoski

From the blogs

The economy is slowly hemorrhaging and a more sustainable growth path needs to be established. The concern is about the transition to a new path
– The Exchange: Yukon Huang
where has all the government’s support gone? Not to Fianna Fáil but to non-traditional parties on the far left
– Brussels Briefing: Peter Spiegel
Donald Trump wants everyone to return to the Hawkeye State to re-run Monday’s caucus because of alleged fraud by Ted Cruz
– The World: Demetri Sevastopulo

Ren Jianxin: merger master

ChemChina’s founder can win over foreign investors and Beijing, write Tom Mitchell and Ralph Atkins

Clinton needs some music in her message

The Democrat’s challenge is to create progressive anthem for the next generation, writes Simon Schama

UK still has vital role to play in Europe

If Britain remains in bloc it should take a leadership position, writes Radek Sikorski

Asteroid mining is not science fiction

Manufacturing objects in orbit could be more economic than making them down here, writes Clive Cookson

FT Editorial

Best days of your life may be yet to come

The UK statistics agency points to the 65 to 79 age group as the happiest, writes Alan Beattie

Kenneth Corfield, industrialist, 1924-2016

An engineer with an agile eye for the trajectory of technology

Prepare for the next recession

It is crucial to recognise that something more unconventional might have to be done

Illustration by Ingram Pinn depicting Brexit
©Ingram Pinn

Admit it, Europe needs Britain

To suggest that an ‘out’ vote would see Eurosceptics rise up elsewhere is probably an exaggeration

The benefits of scrapping cash

Drug dealers and terrorists do not in general favour bank accounts or mobile payments

Oil majors must tailor strategy to reality

A supply that is plentiful demands some fresh ideas from the industry

A letter from Google, Apple and Facebook

You pay tax because you have no better ideas how to use the money. We do

There is no lower bound on interest rates

Swiss and Japanese central banks discreetly pull the rug out from under monetary policy fatalism

Irish comeback is no thanks to Brussels

Export-led revival has had little to do with ‘internal devaluation’

Swiftkey deal highlights gap in AI world

Shortage of talent means the gulf between the haves and have-nots is in danger of becoming acute

How South Korea is hurting European shares

Seoul hosts largest and most liquid market in the world for options on single stocks

Merkel’s policy harms the displaced more

Enabling refugees to lead a normal life ought to be a core duty, writes Paul Collier

Regulators fail to block fraudulent ads

The usual suspects in banking would be thrilled to be treated as leniently as those in marketing

South Africa’s rainbow starts to fade

The only solution is a radical overhaul of an education system that has failed the black majority

Messy aftermath of the Fed’s mistake

Few dispute that an opportunity to raise rates was missed in 2014, writes Danielle DiMartino Booth



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