Scotland decides

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A very bad time to break up Britain

Scottish nationalists could soon find there are worse people in the world than London’s ‘Tory toffs’

Salmond brushes aside the foreign policy facts

Scottish nationalists’ assertion that everyone else would bend to Edinburgh’s will is wrong

A united kingdom requires more than gifted amateurism

Irreversible promises to do with governing are being thrown around as campaign bait by desperate men

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Across the world, oil producing and exporting countries have come to rely on high, and ideally rising prices
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Whatever the outcome, the nation will remain heavily dependent on the rest of the UK
– Gavyn Davies

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An open internet at risk

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China’s rise is a credit to private enterprise

Those who attribute it to the hidden hand of Beijing risk losing out, writes Nicholas Lardy

China practises democracy in class

Primary school voting is to teach pupils responsibility and how to compete in a civilised way

Think Lebanon not D-Day in Isis campaign

Insurgents can take comfort in the divisions plaguing its enemies

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Geopolitical uncertainty prompts soul-searching


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