James Ferguson illustration Vladimir Putin
©James Ferguson

Russia is being led to disaster

Putin is revealed as a reckless gambler leading his country into economic and political isolation

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If we wish to improve the UK and the US economies, we must recognise that management remuneration systems need to be revised
– Andrew Smithers
Unless the country is stabilised very quickly investment in the major fields of southern Iraq will be delayed
– Nick Butler
Central bank needs to be careful it does not interfere too much in market’s role in allocation of capital
– Gavyn Davies

The Blair legacy is electoral domination

The former PM was good in the same way as Macmillan, governing with the grain of history

Zen and the art of wealth

America is rich but free time is scarce, writes Bilal Hafeez

Fed and markets must try new dance

Relying on cyclical patterns may not be as dependable as it once was, writes Henry Kaufman

Rebirth needed at ‘Midlands powerhouse’

A serious counterbalance to London is essential

Spain’s export-led recovery loses momentum

Trade deficit is ballooning again, rising 80 per cent

FT Editorial

Make the Barclays-Goldman comparison

Share prices of these very different banks have diverged markedly

A dose of rate reality to hit markets

Treasury issuance provides best clues for rate direction

Why geopolitics barely trouble investors

Central bank policies have banished concerns about possible ‘contagion’

Putin’s next move – invade?

Europe has half-colluded in the ludicrous pretence that Russia is a concerned bystander in Ukraine


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