Ed Luce Column from Matt Kenyon

Obama needs to play the honest broker in the Mideast

The rote quality of America’s role masks changes taking place on the president’s watch

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The claim that equities can be valued by comparing earnings yields to bond yields falls down both in practical and theoretical terms
– Andrew Smithers
I don’t buy shrill threats of permanent exile. But when and how cannot be answered definitively before the vote
– John McDermott
The Federal Reserve will not change its stance while there remains no impetus
– Gavyn Davies

New money market fund rules risk backfire

If ‘gates’ are erected the incentive to get out kicks in earlier

Reckitt kicks addiction with pharma spin-off

A division that makes heroin substitutes is to be demerged

‘Three arrows’ to put EU back on target

Policy initiatives need to focus on core as well as periphery

The west risks collateral damage by punishing Russia

If you want to know how sanctions will affect the global economy, it is best to follow the money

FT Editorial

Safer food should be freely copied

Stroll through a local market in China and there is little sign of quality control or hygiene

China’s military and economic fortunes

Beijing gives an air of invincibility in one debate and implosion in another

Two elderly persons on the beach
©Brett Critchley/Dreamstime

Placing wealth in the happiness equation

The link between the two is stronger than most would think

UK brickmaker finally climbs price wall

After five years of grief, things are starting to look up

EU urges US to push power button on trade

Transatlantic partners at odds over energy clause to TTIP


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