Joe Cummings illustration

Antonello Fava, Italian coastguard

The man who has saved hundreds of migrants from the sea, write Rachel Sanderson and Giulia Segreti

From the blogs

Instead of women with no clothes, internet stuck on some clothes with no woman
– Mohamed El-Erian
If technological progress is reshaping the economy then why is productivity growth so low?
– Andrew McAfee
Walmart shows how higher wages can be good for business
– Adam Posen

We expect too much of the new masters of the universe

By acting as instruments of government policy, central banks are straying from their own dominion into political territory, writes Andrew Sentance

London’s green spaces need protection

The Royal Parks are under threat from tawdry commercialism and we should protest, writes Jane Owen

A better way to react at bonus time

That’s, Not and Enough are the only words you need, writes Daniel Davies

Leading New Yorkers are losing their cool

Native sons Giuliani and O’Reilly are forgetting the city standard

FT Editorial
Victor Watson showed leadership with a common touch

Victor Watson, ‘Monopoly Man’, 1928-2015

Master of the popular boardgame who twice trounced Maxwell

The tech industry and its problem with women

Women are under-represented, sidelined for promotion and regularly exposed to inappropriate behaviour

Ingram Pinn illustration

Rays of sunlight amid Europe’s gloom

German wage agreements ought to help prevent deflation, writes Tony Barber

The Nasdaq logo is seen on the exterior of the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York, in this April 2, 2013
©Brendan McDermid/Reuters

The legend of Silicon Valley’s unicorns

Tech companies are raising private money through financing rounds rather than IPOs

Pay secrets every banker lusts to learn

The thing about investment banking is that status is an invisible commodity, writes Simon Samuels

US workers need more than $10 an hour

Short-notice rotas and low pay are key to protests across America, writes Linda Tirado

A tale of two political spankings

Bennett’s human side arouses sympathy but Straw and Rifkind demonstrate less endearing ways

Obama set for battle on pensions reform

World watches as US tackles key problem of mis-selling retirement products

Facebook bear hug in store for news sites

Publishers fear networking site’s attempt to host their content

Russia trades will not follow Greek logic

Athens’ interests were easy to see; Putin’s motives are unclear

The bank that ran aground while overseas

To anyone who witnessed its rise to become a global bank, the entire thing is baffling

Germany learns to look beyond its borders

European integration is a source of power and leverage for Berlin, writes Constanze Stelzenmüller

Founder’s legacy looms over Singapore

A palpable sense of dissatisfaction exists among the island nation’s citizens

Osborne can pay voters an unexpected bounty

Choices open up for UK chancellor as public borrowing, inflation and oil prices fall

Lure of online violence for jihadi brides

The message for women is domesticity not to fight



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