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Scottish patriots can vote for the union

If like-minded nations are to prosper in security they will have to pull closer together

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The Fed is unlikely to shift its policy in a hawkish direction while considerable slack still exists in the labour market
– Gavyn Davies
Contrary to popular beliefs, existing distortions may be giving a more negative impression than the reality
– Yukon Huang
The principle that states do not seize territory by force has been blatantly violated, writes Ivo Daalder
– Ivo Daalder

Regulatory revenge risks scaring investors

As uncertainty is seen shifting to legal risk, questions arise about the investability of banks

A flawed attempt on football finances

Financial Fair Play rules look likely to worsen the balance in Europe’s leagues, says Alan Beattie

Carswell’s defection is a pivotal moment

The UK eurosceptics are true believers, and nothing is ever enough for them

Pakistani and Afghan infights must end

The nations’ leaders do not know what is good for them or their people, writes Ahmed Rashid

Burger King’s way is no longer mine

My beef with such ‘inversion’ manoeuvres is that they can lead to greater burdens on the taxpayers

FT Editorial

Amazon’s play for Twitch poses a dilemma

Group has little choice but to experiment though it may prove expensive

Classic warning sounds for investors

S&P 500 and Treasury bonds send conflicting messages

ECB QE: will it happen and what next?

Mario Draghi’s Jackson Hole speech may presage announcement

Cambridge silly price radio

Another one-time UK tech hopeful may be taken over for a stiff price


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