How to follow in Buffett’s big footsteps

It boils down to three precepts: be patient, be private and be peculiar

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Address to US Congress did little determine the outcome of the negotiations with Iran
– Richard Haass
In 2013 Japanese non-financial companies cut their net debt by 1.7 per cent of GDP - half that in the US
– Andrew Smithers
The impact depends on what banks do with the central bank deposits they receive in exchange for their assets
– The Exchange - Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

Life in smog should spur China to action

Long dismissed as a side effect of development, air pollution is now a concern

Fed’s tricks will not make risk disappear

Capital requirements are like rabbits pulled out of a hat, writes Frank Partnoy

A test for British diplomacy

A good diplomat possesses character as well as intellect, writes Robert Cooper

Hong Kong’s lucky revolutionaries

Despite tear gas attacks and violent confrontations, protests ended without bloodshed

FT Editorial

BoJ stretches its inflation target

Being seen as evasive may do more harm to the central bank’s credibility than taking more time

Browne should think twice on gas deal

If other nations follow London on L1, former BP boss may regret move

Why ECB risks running out of ammunition

Constraints lie in 25% issue and 33% issuer limits on bond purchases

Ingram Pinn illustration

Riches and perils of the fossil-fuel age

If nations could agree a carbon tax, it would help create a more efficient, less polluting future

Obama tests power of sanctions to limits

Economic penalties punish, but there is little evidence they change behaviour, writes Ian Bremmer

Luddites are wrong about high-tech sector

If new technologies really cut jobs, we would all be out of work by now, writes Walter Isaacson

Sniff out the truth on migration data

The numbers may be useful for headline writers but they oversimplify a diverse set of components

A route to profit in the middle market

UK’s supermarkets show the key to success is to match a business’s position to its capabilities

Turkey loses friends and regional influence

Erdogan embraces solitude but wonders why no one comes around any more

India: if you can make it there . . .

Manufacturing in India requires hope and a nuanced strategy

Who’s fooling whom in haven asset hunt?

A global savings glut is confronting a shortage of safe holdings

Unnerving history of the head transplant

Moral concerns are as great a barrier as surgical problems, writes Anjana Ahuja

Putin’s survival plan is lies and violence

Russian president stirs nationalist paranoia that makes Nemtsov’s killing permissible

Brits grouch but vote for more of the same

A ‘change’ election is unlikely as voters seem to want the country tweaked, not turned on its head

Corporates holding out against tax revolution

Smaller companies, which innovate and create jobs, carry an unfair share of the burden



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