Terror: The globalisation of extremism

A surge in Isis-claimed attacks suggests the ideology is extending its influence to Asia

US urges Arab nations to boost Isis fight

Gulf countries to face pressure at Brussels meeting next month

Abe takes aim at the global stage

Leader says Japan has made progress laying ghosts of past to rest

Taliban bomber attacks Nato troops in Kabul

Militant resurgence threatens fragile Ghani administration

Afghans reinforce Sangin against Taliban

Fears militants could control Helmand province

British troops serving in the Sangin Valley, Helmand province, Afghanistan, June 2007
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Afghan move revives bitter memories

Afghan move exacerbates concern at foreign policy

Dozens killed in Taliban airport attack

Kandahar battle shows ability to seriously damage security forces

US acts on ‘tragic’ Afghan hospital attack

Military personnel suspended over Kunduz strike on MSF facility

Ed Luce column: Afghanistan journey
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Obama’s painful Afghan journey

President’s tenure will be seen as a confused but well-intentioned pause in struggle with Islamism

Taliban advance sparks Central Asia fears

Kyrgyzstan boosts borders as leaders discuss concerns with Moscow

US admits ‘mistake’ in Afghan air strike

Médecins Sans Frontières calls attack in Kunduz a ‘war crime’

US investigates Afghan hospital attack

At least 19 dead in bombing of Médecins Sans Frontières hospital

Kunduz battle raises Afghanistan fears

Taliban resurgence highlights concerns about west’s withdrawal

Afghan forces hail recapture of Kunduz

Kabul claims victory but Taliban insists it retains control

Far-flung fallout from capture of Kunduz

Fall of Afghan city is a threat to central Asia

Afghan struggle to retake Kunduz

US launch air strikes as militants capture Afghan city for first time since US-led invasion in 2001

Primary education vow still to be met

Enrolment up, but attention to quality of lessons is lacking

Slaughter threatens Afghan peace talks

Car bomb at Kabul international airport brings death toll to more than 80 in four days

At least 50 dead in Kabul attacks

Taliban targets police, army and US special forces bases

Afghan talks in doubt after Omar death

Admission exposes rifts with Taliban hardliners