US slows Afghanistan troop drawdown

Posture of 9,800 to remain until end of year

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How to share world with true believers

First, accept that we are playing the long game of containment

China’s power play in Afghanistan

Beijing is waiting to fill the vacuum left by the US, writes Ahmed Rashid

US pullout leaves Pakistan fearing blowback

End of US combat missions in Afghanistan risks empowering jihadis

Remembering Christmas 1979 in Afghanistan

We should give some thought to how easily we intervene — but also to how badly we rebuild nations

Costly missteps mark US road to war

Watchdog identifies catalogue of waste

Cost of the Afghanistan war

Afghanistan: ‘This is not over yet’

The Taliban’s threat and Kabul’s weakness make full disengagement unlikely

UK spy chiefs asked for CIA report deletions

Downing Street contradicts denials on Senate torture summary

A worker at the CIA sweeps the floor in advance of President George W. Bush and J. Porter Goss Director of the CIA coming into the CIA foyer to answer questions from the media after President Bush met with CIA workers at the CIA Headquarters, Langley, VA on March 3, 2005. Photograph Dennis Brack: Bloomberg News

Prosecute CIA torturers, say campaigners

Legal experts say individuals face arrest outside US

British embassy vehicle bombed in Kabul

Five killed as Taliban claims responsibility for suicide attack

Publish drones rules, says ex-UK spy chief

Foreign secretary urged to lift lid on links to US attacks

Suicide bomber targets Afghan volleyball game

Attack kills 45 spectators at tournament

Can China bring peace to south Asia?

Region looks to see if Beijing will take up slack in Afghanistan

US marines and UK end Afghan mission

War helped install fragile democracy but has failed to defeat Taliban on battlefield

UK reaffirms commitment to Afghanistan

Cameron praises new Afghan president and PM on trip to Kabul

Ghani succeeds Karzai as Afghan president

Hopes for stable government after years of civil war

Taliban storm strategic Afghan district

Dozens killed and 15 beheaded in Ajrestan

Shaky start for Afghan power sharing deal

Public angry at lack of transparency over election votes

Afghan presidential rivals to share power

US-brokered deal gives substantial power to the losing candidate