Afghan rivals agree to full recount

Kerry brokers agreement between feuding presidential candidates

Afghan election dispute mounts

Abdullah denounces rival’s poll lead as fraudulent

Afghan official quits over poll allegations

Candidate threatening to derail presidential vote

Afghan election candidate calls foul

Former foreign minister claims poll rigged

©Farhan Bokhari

Pakistan’s Shia fear rise of Sunni attacks

Threat of Sunni extremism heightens anxiety for Shia

Pakistan launches new Taliban offensive

Campaign follows failed peace initiative

Pakistan military attack militants

Airstrikes kill ‘up to 100’ say intelligence officials

Afghans ignore Taliban threats to vote

Election is test of democratic ambitions

Obama finds peril in Taliban dealings

Sgt Bergdahl’s release highlights messy business of ending a war

Prisoner swap reveals Guantánamo dilemma

Obama’s pledge to close prison is proving politically costly

Republicans attack Taliban prisoner swap

Release of soldier could embolden terrorists, warn critics

Obama visits US troops in Afghanistan

US president’s trip is first in two years

Afghanistan: The Russians are returning

The Russians are boosting the Afghan economy while the people are heading for the polls

Afghan landslide rescue focus on displaced

Wealthy Afghans seek bolt-holes abroad

Turkish property seen as insurance against insecurity

UK troops killed in ‘tragic accident’

Five dead after helicopter crashes in Afghanistan

Fraud fears grow in Afghan poll count

Winner still unclear and thousands of votes are under scrutiny

Abdullah extends lead in Afghan poll

Run-off fears grow as ex-foreign minister looks unlikely to secure 50% of votes

MoD put troops at ‘unnecessary risk’

Commanders ‘complacent’ ahead of 2012 Camp Bastion attack

Vote count in Afghan poll signals run-off

Abdullah and Ghani emerge as presidential favourites