Food shortage tests N Korea farm reforms

Reduced rations temper optimism on economic progress

North Korea restarts main nuclear complex

Announcement comes a day after news of planned satellite launch

South and North Korea ease tensions

Pyongyang suspends ‘semi-war’ footing and Seoul halts broadcasts

Seoul rebukes Pyongyang amid crisis talks

North accused of exploiting negotiations to build up military presence

N Korea orders troops on to high alert

Pyongyang adopts ‘quasi-war footing’ in response to propaganda

Koreas exchange fire as tensions rise

Seoul says rocket exploded in the border region

Despots use muscle to turn back time

North Korea is to set its clocks back but it is not hard to see the absurdity, writes Alan Beattie

S Korea blames North for maimed soldiers

Landmine blast darkens prospects of engagement

North Korea to set clocks to its own time

Timepieces to go back 30 minutes to ‘Pyongyang time’

We will be lucky not to see another Hiroshima

The potential for the use of nuclear arms has increased and is likely to rise, says Richard Haass

Move to seize North Korea ship in Mexico

Relatives of man presumed killed by Pyongyang regime file petition in Mexico after $330m US ruling

North Korea: The secrets of Office 39

Organisation’s alliance with Queensway Group helps Pyongyang

Seoul dating agency’s Korean unification

Matchmaking business Eve bridges divide by introducing women from the north to men from the south

N Korea says drought worst in 100 years

Parched paddy fields raise fears of looming food crisis

Kim purge suggests struggle for loyalty

Churn of officials raises doubts over N Korea leader’s grip on power

N Korea executes minister with heavy weapon

Defence chief’s crimes reported to include falling asleep before Kim

US and China seek to restart Pyongyang talks

Move revive dialogue comes as N Korea tests new ballistic missile

North Korean workers exploited abroad

Regime has increased number sent to work in harsh conditions

Shared woes unite Russia and North Korea

Co-operation deepens between isolated nations

The nightmare of a Korean cold war thaw

Region has reason to be wary of how unification might come about

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