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Spring 2014

Art forgeries, Ukraine’s oligarchs, and YouTube millionaires: this issue covers wealth around the world

Underdogs up to speed

Formula 1 fans at the VIP area of the Interlagos racetrack, in Sao Paulo, to watch Brazil Formula 1 Grand Prix
©Andre Vieira

In Formula One, where milliseconds are worth millions, the smaller teams need to pull out all the stops to succeed


An Alpha 4c, photographed for FT Wealth in Hampshire.
Taking the Alfa Romeo 4C for a spin
March 01, 2014. Feature on aerial safaris in the Waterberg region. Limpopo Province, South Africa. FT (Rohit Jaggi). Picture: JAMES OATWAY
Rohit Jaggi flies out into the African bush
Art forger Ken Perenyi
©Tampa Bay Times/ZUMAPress

Artful dodgers

Trust is in short supply after works sold for millions were unmasked as forgeries

A portrait of Ukrainian Oligarch Victor Pinchuk
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Revolutionary forces

In the wake of turmoil in Ukraine, the role of its oligarchs is under scrutiny

Alfie Deyes

Video idols

YouTube and its rivals are home to stars who are little known outside the online world but are making serious money

Wealth managers rethink game plan

It seems portfolio managers are discovering what football managers learn the hard way

Shining lights

Are star fund managers a dying breed?

Petter Stordalen
©Bjørn Opsahl

Anti-capitalist reflections

Billionaire Petter Stordalen describes himself as a ‘techno optimist’ who has a duty to promote new technology as a catalyst for change

Basket full of banknotes
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Farewell gifts

Making a graceful exit when withdrawing funding from a non-profit group is a critical part of the responsibility of donors

Sinead Mac Manus, CEO and co-founder of Fluency.io, photographed in Shoreditch
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Tech angels

Entrepreneurs spot new ways for web-based technology to tackle stubborn problems such as poverty and unemployment

Neural stem cell culture
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Keys to immortality

Regenerative medicines that were once the domain of science fiction and alchemy are moving into the mainstream

Cornwall’s conundrum

In the past 30 years, the village of Rock has developed a thriving community because of, rather than in spite of, its popularity with visitors

On the fiscal front line

The debate on America’s tax resisters. A review of ‘American tax resisters’, by Romain D Huret

Pocket rocket

Alfa Romeo’s two-seat 4C has a ground-hugging stance that makes the car look like it has just come off a racetrack

Beating about the bush

Discover the vastness of southern Africa and its riches of scenery and animals on SkyAfrica’s aerial safari

In for the long haul

‘My many interests are just different pieces of a puzzle’, says Todd Ruppert, the chief executive of RTR International

Forget the hype

‘Higher prices and IPOs are great for sellers but not for buyers’

Getting the bird

‘Disputes are one of the top six recurring threats to wealth preservation’

Your wealth of ideas

As we move deeper into 2014, is FT Wealth addressing the areas you want us to cover?

Indices: March 2014

Catch up with the latest movements in the markets for classic cars, fine wine and art