François Hollande, in the shadow of De Gaulle, talking to Angela Merkel - illustration by Ingram Pinn

In May 2012 François Hollande became France's first Socialist president since François Mitterrand.

He was elected after a campaign in which he argued that growth generation - as opposed to the German-led emphasis on austerity – would end the eurozone crisis.

Verdun centenary evokes spirit of unity

Merkel and Hollande say postwar peace born of Europe co-operation

French union leader takes aim at Hollande

CGT head Martinez thinks president will take blame for strikes

Hollande faces his biggest challenge

France’s current spate of strikes and blockades threatens the economy, writes Hugh Carnegy

Macron pressed to declare candidacy

Economy minister hesitates over willingness to challenge Hollande

Investors need tools to tackle excess pay

François Hollande’s assault on executive remuneration follows a wider trend, writes Delphine Strauss

Hollande backs investors on pay decisions

Companies could be forced to heed shareholder votes

French jobs bill clears final hurdle

Valls survives no-confidence vote over pro-business reform

France to force through jobs bill

Unable to quell rebellion, Hollande decides to override parliament

Montebourg rejoins French political fray

Left-wing former economy minister hints at run for presidency

Hollande woos disaffected to survive

Economic recovery offers France’s unpopular president a glimmer of hope

Eurozone GDP returns to pre-crisis levels

Strong French performance helps single currency area beat growth expectations

Hollande buoyed by plunging unemployment

March drop of 60,000 brings respite to embattled French president

US to send 250 more troops to Syria

Special operations deployment heralds assault on Isis strongholds

Hostile voters grill Hollande on live TV

Disgruntled entrepreneurs and angry youths criticise reforms

French economy minister launches new party

Macron signals his ambition with movement to ‘unblock France’

Hollande forced to drop anti-terror bill

Move ends row over plan that created divisions on right and left

French youth fight ‘Thatcher’ job reforms

Young invoke late British leader over zero-hour contracts, writes Anne-Sylvaine Chassany

Hollande faces flak over Turkey concession

French leader stresses Ankara’s chances of joining EU still remote

Hollande opposes Turkey visa relaxation

French president signals tough negotiations on migrant deal

Hollande’s race to centre baffles France

Labour reform row raises concerns over socialist leader’s strategy

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Brexit: What worries Europe’s richest

What would a UK exit do to your wealth?

Josephe Francois, CEO of the Groupe Max which has over 100 drivers and President of 'Alternative Mobilité'. Photographed for the subject on Uber drivers by Anne-Sylvaine Chassany. Photo Magali Delporte
©Magali Delporte

Uber: a route out of the French banlieues

Ride-hailing apps have created jobs for Paris’s poorer youth, but a regulatory clampdown looms

EU leaders line up against Brexit

PM draws French and German support to keep Britain in

‘Un Silence Religieux’, by Jean Birnbaum

Journalist’s account of reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Review by Jonathan Derbyshire

French politicians must embrace literature

Mastering the classics and showing off about it are required skills, writes Anne-Sylvaine Chassany

Cameron’s rocky road to an EU deal

He faced one of his biggest ever tests in tough talks to secure a deal on Britain’s future in the EU

Friends and foes lend Cameron their ears

British leader has spent months building weighty cross-Channel allies

French labour relations tick upwards

EDF’s deal on working hours may give others confidence to negotiate

French anti-terror law clears first hurdle

Relief for Hollande as he begins pre-election cabinet shuffle

French parliament debates terror reforms

Plan to modify constitution is a political minefield for Hollande

Sarkozy vows to slash French taxes

Former president lays out reform agenda to kick start campaign

Cameron hopes on Brexit deal rise

France lays down red lines but draft to go out on Tuesday

Hardline secularism will not help France

Laïcité has gained exclusivist undertones and is used to monitor Muslims, writes Sudhir Hazareesingh

France: Hollande’s travails

After reinventing himself as a ‘wartime’ leader the president has to revive the economy to win a second term

Q&A: Plan to ease France’s jobs emergency

€2bn package includes the creation of 500,000 training schemes

Missed chance to fix France’s jobs market

The political cost of tackling labour reform is rising by the year

Hollande unveils jobs ‘emergency’ plan

President keeps eye on election with package to cut unemployment

Cameron rebuffed but hopes rise on EU deal

Leaders seek to reach agreement at February summit

Climate deal: Carbon dated?

Paris accord will not solve global warming but may spur renewable energy funding and hit fossil fuels

Battle against Le Pen is far from won

Main party leaders must do much more to halt the rise of FN