Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is an American computer specialist and former CIA and NSA employee who in May 2013 leaked details of covert US mass surveillance programs, such as PRISM, XKeyscore and Tempora.

He subsequently fled the United States and was granted temporary asylum in Russia.

An open internet at risk

The technology industry must better align its words and deeds, writes Rebecca MacKinnon

New Zealand spies on public, says Snowden

Premier forced on defensive over claims as election looms

Yahoo faced fines over NSA compliance

Search group’s battle with US over user information dates back to 2007

Europe targets Google yet again

Decision to reopen an antitrust case needs explaining

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Cynicism is no match for the Isis threat

Our safety is compromised by a squeamishness about a security state at home

Computer technician in server room

Hack attack fears drive flash of cash

Rising spending on cyber security draws attention of investors

Britain’s problem with jihadism

The UK security services face an unenviable challenge

Australia and Indonesia to end spy rift

Deal to restore intelligence and security co-operation

Cisco to cut 8% of staff during rebuild

Communication equipment maker’s Brics orders remain depressed

Half fail to install security software

NCA warns people are vulnerable to online attacks

Edward Snowden

Moscow grants Snowden three-year residency

Ex NSA contractor’s status is further blow to US-Russian ties

Digital trade: Data protectionism

Negotiators are struggling to create rules to govern cross-border commerce in data

Microsoft setback in cloud era test case

US judge orders software group to hand over data held in Ireland

Microsoft target of China antitrust probe

Latest setback for company follows moves against US tech groups

Qualcomm joins US tech reverse in China

Shares slide after warning of lost fees on new mobile devices

Typewriters stand against cyberspying

Berlin is reverting to an unhackable piece of hardware, writes Andrew Martin


Rights groups challenge mass surveillance

Liberty says legal framework has not kept pace with technology

Court hears state surveillance complaints

Tribunal to examine claims that UK breached privacy rights

Germany’s sense of betrayal harms US ties

Fears hardening public sentiment could jeopardise co-operation

Verizon president McAdam talks on stage with Verizon CEO Seidenberg and Consumer Electronics Association President Shapiro on the opening day of the CES in Las Vegas

Berlin drops Verizon over US spying fears

Group loses government contract over NSA links

Europe cyber security fund to launch

C5 Capital hopes to close $125m fund within weeks

Vodafone reveals extent of state tapping

Six out of 29 countries have direct access to group’s data

Post-Snowden era a challenge for US tech

Many early tenets of the internet age no longer apply

Snowden affair shows power of analytics

IT can be used to spot unusual behaviour that could indicate a rogue employee

China denounces US tech ‘pawns’

State media offensive coincides with Tiananmen anniversary

Google, Europe and web freedom

Larry Page is right to fret about contentious court ruling

Snowden says he is no spy for Moscow

Kerry urges ex-NSA contractor to return to US

Cyber crime: Hacked off

The US indictment of Chinese military officers marks a new phase in the two nations’ rivalry

US takes moral high ground on spying

Distinctions over ‘good’ and ‘bad’ espionage not always clear to others

Cyber charges risk retribution from China

Snowden revelations complicate Washington’s strategy

US to charge Chinese with cyber spying

Justice department action is escalation of row over hacking

‘No Place to Hide’, by Glenn Greenwald

The account of the Edward Snowden saga is gripping but avoids difficult questions. Review by Geoff Dyer

How much can ‘metadata’ spies see?

An experiment has tracked the digital footprints of politicians

Spy agencies recruit corporate IT staff

MI5 tells UK companies to improve internal digital defences

Barack Obama has ordered a review of intelligence practices and is seeking to repair relations with allies such as Angela Merkel after files leaked by Edward Snowden alleged her phone had been tapped

Merkel blocks Snowden Berlin appearance

Government accused of interference

Luck not enough to avoid catastrophe

Legislation may be needed to induce business to shore up its defences

Ex-NSA analysts get Google VC investment

Synack’s two founders left the NSA before Snowden revelations

Brazil moves to make up over US spy row

Internet conference document does not mention espionage

Huawei switches on NSA damage control

Hacking claims have Chinese group’s executives working overtime

US on back foot in web negotiations

Washington has lost ‘moral authority’ after Snowden leaks