Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is an American computer specialist and former CIA and NSA employee who in May 2013 leaked details of covert US mass surveillance programs, such as PRISM, XKeyscore and Tempora.

He subsequently fled the United States and was granted temporary asylum in Russia.

Cyber espionage: A new cold war?

An online ‘auction’ signals a build-up of tension between Russia and America

Bulk data collection vital, says watchdog

‘Proven operational case’ for tapping communications data

US steps up data access for allies

Legislation to boost intelligence co-operation in wake of Snowden leaks

Daniel Radcliffe, centre, in 'Privacy'. Photo: Joan Marcus
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Privacy, Public Theater, New York — review

A drama about our willingness to reveal our personal data

Caoilfhionn Dunne and Jack Farthing in 'Wild'. Photo: Stephen Cummiskey
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Wild, Hampstead Theatre, London — ‘Breathtaking’

A play about secrets and power reaches a dazzling conclusion

Overlooking Hamarikyu Gardens, Tokyo. photo essay for Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers June 2016
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How to breach the Great Firewall

China’s tech sector is hard for foreign companies to crack

‘Hello, world’ — GCHQ joins Twitter

Agency continues PR efforts after Snowden revelations

Panama leak highlights elite’s use of tax havens

Release of documents reverberates from Putin’s inner circle to Iceland and Fifa

Clamour grows for EU ‘security union’

Division over what form co-operation would take

Joe Cummings illustration, James Comey

James Comey, the lawyer battling Apple

The FBI chief is a formidable foe for tech companies in rows over privacy, writes Geoff Dyer

Google buys the domain name abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.com

Digital world faces two key tests

Managing domain names and bitcoins take wildly different approaches

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The Valley should step out of the cloud

As custodians of the digital future, they believe this higher calling should grant them immunity

Apple and FBI in plea for encryption laws

Both sides make case before Congress in iPhone row

Apple’s misjudgment over San Bernardino

Cook should drop his objection to the FBI order on iPhone access

Apple: draft dodging

Enlisting engineers in US antiterrorism raises the stakes for technology companies in China

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Big Tech faces forced UK decryption move

Official pledge to respect web privacy at odds with GCHQ and MI5

Silicon Valley uneasy after Snowden leaks

Western intelligence agencies worry that encryption will make the internet ‘go dark’

Should we welcome Big Brother?

‘As 2015 turned into 2016, I discovered that I quite like the idea of being monitored’

Silicon Valley warns UK against spy bill

Big tech says proposals will encourage harsh regimes

Apple warns on surveillance push

Tech groups fear proposed UK law will set dangerous precedent

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The riff: Henry Fonda and ‘good’ anger

New studies reinforce idea that rage can be a moral weapon

Microsoft’s Nadella rethinks the cloud

CEO says US interference has forced group to look to Europe

Microsoft cloud Germany launch

US cloud blows over Atlantic to find protection

Microsoft shows what matters is not location of data but control

Microsoft cloud Germany launch

Microsoft’s plan for German data centres

Deutsche Telekom deal viewed as a way to protect data from US government

DWA9PR Security concept: Lock on digital screen
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Your digital life in their hands

Companies will pay for your details — but will they be secure?

UK overhauls state internet surveillance

No need for judicial authorisation to access personal web data

Tribunal rejects claim about spying on MPs

Ruling doubts ‘Wilson doctrine’ on phone-tapping

Braced for a backlash from data-gobbling tech companies: Mike Janke, co-founder of Silent Circle
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Blackphone vies to be BlackBerry’s heir

Encrypted handset builds following among companies — and spies

Renminbi scheme reflects Swift spy fears

China launches system to streamline cross-border payments

Safe harbour ruling puts spotlight on Ireland

ECJ judgment raises questions over role as EU’s chief privacy regulator

‘Safe harbour’: why it is on the ropes

ECJ scuppers deal that allows data transfer between US and EU

Image of magnifying glass hovering over lines of computer code. Highlighted are the words 'protect your data'

Europe must not create a Balkanised internet

A court judgment to stop transatlantic data transfers carries risks

UK spy agencies face shifting threats

Isis differs as a terrorist group to any that have gone before it

Do not let fear kill promise of Big Data

Privacy is at the heart of democratic modernity and it must be preserved, writes Maurice Lévy

US court backs NSA phone data collection

Justices overrule injunction on surveillance programme

NSA skills leak to security start-ups

Digital counter terrorism practices put to work for business

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Cyber insecurity: Going dark

US tech companies are shielding more data from government. But is it now harder to track terrorists?

FBI warns it cannot crack Isis encryption

Director says he cannot stop attacks ‘indefinitely’

Rousseff’s US trip aims for domestic lift

Brazil’s president looks to repair relations with Washington

Edward Snowden, a former US National Security Agency contractor

UK pulls spies as Russia cracks Snowden files

Moscow and Beijing decode encrypted documents