Alex Salmond illustration by Joe Cummings

Alex Salmond became Scotland's first minister in May 2007 - the fourth incumbent to hold that office.

He is the leader of the Scottish National party and MSP for Aberdeenshire.

Salmond addresses currency conundrum

SNP proposes alternatives if Scotland loses pound

Salmond focuses on NHS in run up to poll

Social democratic values take centre stage in independence fight

Salmond to have another crack at Darling

Debate one of last big set-piece moments ahead of Scottish vote

Scottish Yes vote gains ground in polls

ICM survey casts doubt on surging No support in wake of Darling debate

SNP takes heart from 2011 poll comeback

Party’s unexpected triumph offers hope for independence vote

The puzzle is why Salmond wants to go

Scotland’s first minister seems unable to say why he wants independence, says Adam Tomkins

BoE has plans for independent Scotland

Carney remarks should ease fears of capital flight

Davidson warns Scotland over UK debt

Scottish affairs committee chairman warns over military kit

Salmond insists Scotland will keep pound

First minister shrugs off criticism of having no Plan B

It takes two to tango, says SNP dissident

Critic within the Yes camp voices doubts on currency union

Independent Scotland ‘based on aspiration’

MPs express concerns over currency plans

Scots warned of emergency lending perils

Think-tank sees lack of lender of last resort after independence

Scotland opens autonomy issue across UK

Independence vote prompts wider debate about devolving powers

The truth and lies of secessionists

It is the job of politicians to pretend to certainties about an uncertain future, writes Bill Emmott

Yes camp tries to soften TV debate blow

Scottish independence activists promise huge grassroots campaign

Hard truths about Scotland’s future

Alistair Darling’s lawyerly facts best Alex Salmond in televised debate

Salmond labours as Darling gets best lines

Early polls give ex-chancellor and No campaign a win

Darling wins debate but consolation may be Salmond’s

Something of essence of each campaign came through in TV debate

Salmond on defensive over keeping sterling

Darling demands in TV debate: ‘What’s Plan B?’

New poll boosts Scottish nationalists

Pro-unionists’ lead falls by four points ahead of live debate

Westminster relaxed over Scotland debate

Some MPs concerned at perceived lack of English interest

Weak UK reception for TV Scottish debate

Live debate to be shown online only south of border

UK parties in Scottish devolution pledge

Joint declaration comes ahead of televised debate

Salmond gets ready to rumble with Darling

Yes campaigners look for ‘win’ in Tuesday’s televised debate

Brits and Germans let old clichés fade

As the first world war is commemorated the two former foes are enjoying more cordial relations

Ex-RBS chair plays down Scottish bank fears

Tuesday sees referendum’s first televised head-to-head debate

Glasgow’s humour on show as games open

Commonwealth Games begin with politically-neutral opening ceremony

Cameron hints at risk to Scottish exports

Independence would mean losing access to embassy ‘sales force’

Scotland’s financial sector at ‘risk’

MPs warn on independence and label currency union a ‘dead parrot’

Salmond in appeal to English businesses

Scotland’s first minister pledges smooth break-up if he wins vote

Salmond fishes for support in Liverpool

SNP leader struggles to convince England’s most contrarian city

STV strikes broadcast and pension deals

Group wins right to screen Scottish independence debate

Salmond’s ‘well-oiled machine’ tests rivals

Loyal close-knit team vital to Scottish first minister’s campaign

Banks face cash outflows after Yes vote

UBS says depositors likely to shift money south of border

Business should be heard on Scotland

Companies should have their say on possible separation

Owen Kelly, chief executive, Scottish Financial Enterprise
©Iain Sharp

Scots nationalists accused of bullying

Business chiefs told not to enter debate

Warship sails into battle to defend UK

Queen names carrier at Scots yard as PM declares British pride

Cameron makes patriotic plea to Scots

PM launches No campaign battle for voters’ hearts

Edinburgh seeks Yes votes from youth

Scottish government puts case for Yes vote to 16- and 17-year-olds

Campaigners cultivate Scottish farmers

Edinburgh and London seek support at Highland show