Scotland’s power in a future of instability

It is hard to see how Labour can recover with the election only 13 weeks away, writes Iain Martin

UK minority government can be a success

If no party has a majority, advantage is with those who make broad alliances, writes Nick Pearce

SNP surge forces Labour power rethink

Sturgeon has steered her party to possible power-broker role

Scotsman David Whitney plays the bagpipes on Westminster Bridge in sight of Parliament
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Britain’s Monty Python scenario

UK needs to address status quo to avoid political nightmare, writes Paul Collier

New Scottish poll risk spooks investors

New independence referendum feared

Private funding dries up for wave energy

Hopes of leading world in tapping power of the sea under threat

‘Other parties’ fracture UK politics

Smaller political groups overtake Labour and Tories in polls

Salmond to stand as Westminster MP

Scotland’s former first minister to run for Gordon constituency

Sturgeon balances genders in Scots shuffle

Analysts see little sign of policy shift from first minister

Sturgeon elected Scotland’s first minister

‘Working-class Ayrshire girl’ vows to govern for whole nation

SNP on crest of wave as membership soars

Sturgeon aims to win majority of Scottish seats in May election

Sturgeon urges SNP to win at Westminster

Stewart Hosie elected as Scottish party’s deputy leader

Salmond signals preference for Labour minority rule

Outgoing SNP leader sees key role in post-election bargaining

Salmond mocks Westminster on EU stance

Scotland’s outgoing first minister explains how to handle Brussels

Buoyant Salmond eyes Westminster prize

Scottish first minister relishes SNP chance to hold power balance

Cheaper oil ‘would cost Scotland £8.7bn’

Westminster adds loss to its risks of leaving union

SNP’s new leader promises to build ‘unity’

Sturgeon reaches out to Scots who rejected independence

Sturgeon confirmed as SNP leader

Membership surges following post-referendum morale boost

Labour snubs talks on ‘English votes for English laws’

Gordon Brown back in Commons to lead attack on plans

Salmond opens prospect of new vote

Scottish first minister says UK leaders reneging on promises

Scottish Saltire flags wave in front of the logo for the Royal Bank of Scotland during a demonstration for Scottish Independence, Edinburgh, 21/9 2013 Photo ©:Mark Pinder +44 (0)7768 211174

Salmond complains to FCA over RBS threat

Regulator asked to probe announcement of relocation

Anti-poll tax campaigners take to the streets of Aberdeen in 1998
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Salmond vows to write off unpaid poll tax

Community charge rises from grave to haunt Scottish politics

Pressure grows to let 16-year-olds vote

Labour and Scottish National party back move

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England risks losing the war for Scotland

Disenfranchising Scottish MPs in the Commons amounts to English secession

Sturgeon vows to win more Scotland powers

Salmond’s deputy launches campaign to succeed him

Sturgeon declares Scottish leadership bid

Deputy first minister poised for the top job

Salmond insists on job-creating powers

Scottish leader still convinced SNP has strong hand to play

Scotland set for its first female leader

Nicola Sturgeon backed by ruling party heavyweights to lead SNP

Scotland and Europe need grand coalitions

The right response is for the centrists to join forces, hard though it is to bury their ancestral rivalries, writes Niall Ferguson

How complacency almost lost a united kingdom

Westminster unconcerned until early September poll sparked panic

Salmond exits, hails moment of opportunity

Resignation of SNP leader leaves way clear for deputy Sturgeon

Salmond quits as vote shifts status quo

Referendum will change how UK is ruled

Wales cautious Cameron’s pledge

Promise of a new settlement will divide political parties

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Now is the time to refurbish the British state

The danger is that politicians in Westminster return to business as usual ahead of next year’s election

No vote demands a new settlement for UK

Relief at result must not hide the need for constitutional reform

Salmond to resign as first minister

Scotland votes decisively to remain part of the union

Pull of union proves too strong

More than three centuries of shared history win day for United Kingdom

Cameron promises more devolution for UK

Prime minister moves to reassure his restive parliamentary party

Salmond upbeat even in defeat

SNP leader insists dream of independence is still alive

Flood of results drains Salmond’s hopes

From Dumfries to Shetland, No votes pile up