Donald Trump hails UK ‘independence’ vote

Republican candidate cites Brexit parallel with US election

Lessons from the SNP’s rise for Brexit vote

A review of Takeover by academics Rob Johns and James Mitchell

Scots ‘dodged disaster’ by staying in UK

Slump in oil revenues fuels rethink of independence vision

‘Independence or Union’, by Tom Devine

Few Scots want independence from the UK

Salmond’s sound bites prove capital stuff

SNP politician turns radio phone-in show host

Party cards from your dear leaders

Christmas conundrums of what to send out to the members

Blair pressed over UK Guantánamo detainee

Salmond calls for former PM to say what he knew about Aamer

Offshore workers are to go ahead with a strike ballot over changes to working conditions. The GMB and Unite unions said progress had been made in talks but not enough to resolve the dispute. The Offshore Contractors Association said it was “extremely disappointed” that the ballot was to go ahead.

Prepare for life without oil, says expert

North Sea industry forecast to lose jobs, plants and equipment

PM and Scots leader to clash on new vote

Anniversary speeches reflect failure of ‘once in generation’ poll

SNP call for federal BBC raises alarm

Opponents worry broadcaster could fall under nationalists’ sway

SNP must tone down the stunts and get serious

MPs are meant to be opposing the government not the Labour party

PM could not block referendum, says SNP

Suggestions dismissed that Number 10 could halt second referendum

Salmond says second referendum inevitable

Former SNP leader blames Cameron for exacerbating tensions

Trump roars into Scotland over wind farms

Billionaire calls Salmond a ‘stupid bull’

SNP warns ministers over Trident renewal

Whistleblower security debate prompts veiled referendum threat

Cameron stresses commitment to union

First session with SNP leader since election will set tone

SNP members arrive at Westminister

Scottish MPs will take the Lib Dems’ former offices

Sturgeon rallies troops against austerity

SNP leader dismisses fears that party faces unrealistic expectations

Cameron’s one nation mission

Vow to govern ‘for one UK’ as focus turns to threat of Brexit

SNP dismisses push for second referendum

Scottish Nationalists lose clout with Conservative victory

How Scotland’s revolution unfolded

Scotland has broken firmly with an England that has rejected Labour

Tactical voters face struggle against SNP

Signs are that move to halt nationalist surge will be limited

Fixed term gives SNP more power — Salmond

SNP could force a Labour minority leader to compromise

Greater powers will test SNP’s defences

Party can take credit for successes and dodge blame for failure

Cameron uses Johnson to rev up voters

Prime minister and London mayor make joint appearance

Leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party John Redmond (1856 - 1918, left) with Irish nationalist politician John Dillon (1851 - 1927), circa 1910. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
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Rise of SNP echoes Irish nationalism

1910 election gave party the balance of power at Westminster

Clegg says Lib Dems open to new coalition

Party leader unveils manifesto allowing post-election deal

Shield Scotland from oil drop, urges Salmond

Critics dub demand alongside fiscal autonomy as ‘ludicrous’

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Scottish independence: a dream deferred

Defeat has, if anything, energised nationalists, says Mure Dickie

Politics: an outsider’s game

‘The great advantage of posing as an outsider is that it allows candidates to pander to the voters’ contempt for existing politicians’

Alex Salmond at election hustings in Ellon, Scotland, on 30 March 2015.

‘Marmite’ man Salmond hits campaign trail

Despite no longer leading SNP, he may still play key election role

City Insider: Salmond’s hedge fund lunch

Political opposites face off at London Edition Hotel

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 10: Scotsman David Whitney plays the bagpipes on Westminster Bridge in sight of Parliament on September 10, 2014 in London, England. English councils and national government buildings have been asked to fly the Scottish Saltire flag. Scottish voters will take part in a referendum on September 18, 2014 to decide on independence. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
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Scots take delight in southern discomfort

Invasion from the north tests bonds of UK union

Jonathan McHugh illustration
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The prince plots to steal Cameron’s crown

Those who think the Tories would not move against a sitting prime minister forget Thatcher’s fall

Business fears SNP-Labour ‘nightmare’

‘Nationalist and separatist agenda . . . would be a concern’

Salmond vows to ‘lock out’ Tory minority

Move highlights potential role of SNP as kingmakers

Miliband rejects Labour-SNP budget deals

Labour leader says Scottish nationalists will not co-write budget

Labour moves to quash talk of SNP deal

Nationalists would play no part in writing Labour’s Budget

SNP will shake up Westminster, says Salmond

Labour will find it ‘hard to refuse to co-operate’ with the party

Only future for the UK is a federal one

London and Edinburgh are in a loop in which each round of devolution emboldens the Nationalists