Alex Salmond illustration by Joe Cummings

Alex Salmond became Scotland's first minister in May 2007 - the fourth incumbent to hold that office.

He is the leader of the Scottish Nationalist party and MSP for Aberdeenshire.

Defenders of union come under fire

Negative campaigning concerns opponents of Scottish independence

Labour makes pledges to Scottish women

Party counters SNP efforts to increase female support for independence

HMS Victorious photographed in the Clyde estuary whilst on transit to the Clyde Submarine Base Faslane.
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Naval chief warns on independent Scotland

Vote would strike at ‘very heart’ of UK’s maritime defence

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Politically, Scotland has already left

In many ways the country is so unlike England as to resemble a separate state

SNP girds itself for the ‘last mile’

Party plots final campaign with deficit in polls still to overcome

Salmond bids to woo women voters

SNP promises action on company board gender balance

Short cuts: John Muir footpath, Parc Zoologique in Paris

Alex Salmond to open path commemorating naturalist and author, while Paris zoo to welcome visitors again following renovation

Margo MacDonald, politician and activist

Feisty ‘fechter’ for whom a free Scotland was the core crusade

Ingram Pinn illustration
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Salmond has UK on the road to break-up

Britain’s most skilled retail politician is adept at snatching victory from the jaws of defeat

UK warns Scots of energy price threat

Energy secretary says Scots power not vital to rest of Britain

A man counting pound sterling notes
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Scots can be sterling squatters

People make contracts in whatever currency and under whatever legal system they choose

Robertson warns on Scottish independence

Break away would be ‘geopolitically cataclysmic’

Eurosceptic weak spot is vagueness

The Outers are touting three definitions of exit – two too many for anyone craving certainty

A map of England, Scotland and Wales with a bowtie
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Rory Bremner

‘George Osborne and David Cameron don’t make it north of the Border that much, but when they do, it stirs memories of 1990’

The challenge set by Nigel Farage

Britain’s political parties must improve their tactics against Ukip leader

Mixed messages on Scotland’s future

The unionists need to re-energise their campaign

Policy rifts rock Scottish No campaign

Cross-party Better Together group hampered by negative tone

Salmond blasts currency union ‘bluff’

Westminster leak suggests quid pro quo for Faslane nuclear base

The Scottish parliament buildings in Edinburgh

Scots to publish interim constitution

Draft bill to ‘enshrine Scottish values’

Plan to devolve Scottish aviation taxes

Budget set to become a pro-union campaigning tool

Brown calls for more powers for Scotland

‘No’ campaign is divided over further devolution

Salmond claims Yes campaign gaining ground

Undecided Scottish voters ‘siding with separation’

Salmond urges English to back independence

First minister will appeal to leftwing in New Statesman lecture

Tourists at swimming pool of Playa Tortuga Bocas del Toro, Panama.
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Salmond feels heat over move to go it alone

The pros and cons of proposed ‘Panama plan’ for Scotland

Energy sector sceptical over independence

Salmond has yet to persuade industry on benefits of going it alone


Currency unknowns weigh on Scotland

Whatever is said about sterling, there has to be a plan B and that starts with a Scots pound

Cabinet contest whets appetite for debate

Cameron’s Scottish sojourn unlikely to sway Aberdeen voters

Salmond pound plan seen as ‘Panama’ fix

Scotland ‘will use sterling’ even if currency union is not offered

Hard truths about ‘Scotland’s oil’

North Sea may not be the Eldorado of nationalist dream

‘Manpool’: time to kiss and make up

The idea of merging Manchester and Liverpool has been floated to fuel their economic growth

Salmond dismisses oil industry fears

Scotland’s first minister points to Norway as cabinets meet in Aberdeen

Cameron takes the battle to the Scots

Westminster and Edinburgh cabinets meet in Aberdeen on Monday

Scotland’s slow road to Brussels

Joining the EU would be possible – but far from easy

Salmond reassures Scots over pound and EU

Leader says ‘commonsense arguments’ would begin in event of Yes vote

Alex Salmond: no pound, no debt sharing

Scotland’s first minister looks to bolster ‘yes’ vote after tough week

No, Salmond did not ‘rebut’ Osborne’s arguments

Barroso warns Scots on EU membership

Joining union ‘difficult if not impossible’ says Commission head

Critical moment in battle on Scotland

London has challenged Salmond’s case over the pound

Scottish Power eyes hydroelectric expansion

Project seen to boost vision for Scotland’s energy future

Salmond shoots from hip in energy debate

Warning of blackouts if UK axed shared electricity market