Alex Salmond illustration by Joe Cummings

Alex Salmond became Scotland's first minister in May 2007 - the fourth incumbent to hold that office.

He is the leader of the Scottish National party and MSP for Aberdeenshire.

Glasgow’s humour on show as games open

Commonwealth Games begin with politically-neutral opening ceremony

Cameron hints at risk to Scottish exports

Independence would mean losing access to embassy ‘sales force’

Glasgow is set for political games

Scottish nationalists poised for emotional boost

Scotland’s financial sector at ‘risk’

MPs warn on independence and label currency union a ‘dead parrot’

Salmond in appeal to English businesses

Scotland’s first minister pledges smooth break-up if he wins vote

Salmond fishes for support in Liverpool

SNP leader struggles to convince England’s most contrarian city

STV strikes broadcast and pension deals

Group wins right to screen Scottish independence debate

Salmond’s ‘well-oiled machine’ tests rivals

Loyal close-knit team vital to Scottish first minister’s campaign

Banks face cash outflows after Yes vote

UBS says depositors likely to shift money south of border

Business should be heard on Scotland

Companies should have their say on possible separation

Owen Kelly, chief executive, Scottish Financial Enterprise
©Iain Sharp

Scots nationalists accused of bullying

Business chiefs told not to enter debate

Warship sails into battle to defend UK

Queen names carrier at Scots yard as PM declares British pride

Cameron makes patriotic plea to Scots

PM launches No campaign battle for voters’ hearts

Edinburgh seeks Yes votes from youth

Scottish government puts case for Yes vote to 16- and 17-year-olds

Campaigners cultivate Scottish farmers

Edinburgh and London seek support at Highland show

Has Salmond already won?

Even if the first minister loses on independence, Scotland looks set to gain fiscal autonomy, says Brian Groom

Party leaders unite for Yes campaign

Heads of three main UK parties back plans for more devolution

Alex Salmond blamed for online ‘bullying’

Accusation highlights bitterness of cyber dispute on independence

Pope concerned over Scotland Yes campaign

Better Together welcomes pontiff’s intercession

Illustration Harry Haysom of the UK flag superimposed by the dividend of staying in the union
©Harry Haysom

There’s more to life than money

Too often the debate over public policy becomes a toy argument, dressed up as the grown-up version

Ingram Pinn illustration
©Ingram Pinn

Braveheart nationalism shows its dark side

Even with a No vote in September much needs to be done for England and Scotland’s relationship

Rowling’s magical explanation for No vote

Author expresses more clearly than most unionists that patriotism is compatible with scepticism of independence

Scottish vote raises questions for monarchy

The implications of Yes result for royal family

Economists doubt benefits of independence

Concerns on debt exposure, currency and EU membership

Tory shift alters Scottish role in union

Conservative proposals alter terms of debate

A new deal for the Scots and the UK

Cameron’s plan to devolve tax powers is a vital step

Oil forecasts reflect Anglo-Scottish gulf

Divergence of more than £4bn in predictions for revenues

Scotland data duel stokes voter distrust

Statistical showdown over costs and benefits of independence

More than money binds the union

Attempts to price or cost Scottish secession are of little value

Ministers bewilder voters with bad stats

Salmond and Alexander resort to reverse empiricism

The nonsense of the ‘independence bonus’

One should ask what is meant by “an additional boost” to tax revenues

Clash over costs of Scottish independence

Alexander and Salmond unveil conflicting assessments

Ukip deals blow to Scottish nationalists

Party’s European seat is its first success in Scotland

Cameron treads a wary line in Scotland

Prime minister’s trip a study in cautious public diplomacy

Unionists feed on Salmond’s gaffes

Praise for Putin lands Scots leader with more questions

Cameron takes the fight to Scotland

Prime minister out to show he is not only a negative influence

Scottish newspaper supports Yes vote

Glasgow title bucks newspaper trend by supporting Yes campaign

Russia’s cheap – though unsettling

Stocks have fallen but are now very inexpensive

Scots should heed Irish Free State woes

A nationalist state has carved itself out of the UK before. It was a disaster, writes Kevin Toolis

Scotland will engage with EU, says Salmond

Approach in sharp contrast to sullen UK, says Scottish first minister