Business department’s rebranding issues

A change of name is tricky — here is what to consider

Married to the job and each other

The dynamics of your relationship affect your career

Shun complexity and embrace simplicity

Root out the convoluted to benefit your company

History of the Pit

Sharpen your mind in the learning pit

Build resilience by immersing yourself in tough challenges

How to manage friends after promotion

Listen to your team but call people out when there is a problem

Group around wood table. The table is filled with various stickers related to social media. One person in the group is using a laptop.

In-house social networks for staff

Encourage adoption by making this a default way to communicate

senior on skype

Benefits of a virtual mentor

Far-flung mentors increase choice and opportunity


Common problem-solving traps

Avoid overthinking and instead come up with and test a solution


Plan a strategy when quitting for a rival

Advice on handling your departure judiciously

Marketing Analysis Accounting Team Business Meeting Concept

Workplace wiki helps teams perform better

Sharing information helps productivity

A leader who does not fit can be best

Personal style can complement rather than match for best effect

Heard the one about the comic at work?

A professional comedian can share problem-solving techniques

Little things lead to office contentment

Don’t pin your happiness to what colleagues do or don’t do

A gold star makes staff work harder

Being ranked top — or bottom — makes people put in more effort

Keep yourself busy and get more done

People with a full schedule gain momentum

Small habits affect view of leadership

Seemingly unimportant actions may influence perceptions of you

Spark ideas with a Google-type sprint

Five-day focus will get fast answers, says Silicon Valley expert

Is ‘done’ better than ‘to do’ for lists?

Productivity tips from ‘Brainhack’ and a McKinsey partner

Find bright ideas on a messy desk

Books, papers and objects can help to spark the imagination

You can be too nice to a new hire

Glossing over performance problems is damaging for the employee