Doubts over aversion to string pulling

Others calling in favours make me wonder if I should do more for my children

A need to sidestep unwelcome flattery

I have lost patience with remarks about my appearance and need a clever way of stopping them

A company that smacks of rottenness

The blue-chip group that is resistant to change and crippled by internal politics

What can I do to get myself heard?

Agony aunt Lucy Kellaway on class loudmouths and sexual tension

I do not work long hours — should I be?

My friends and I have corporate jobs, but they work long days and are glued to their phones

Next problem: Rotten through and through

The FTSE100 company for which I work is ‘stale, male and pale’

We got a contract! Group of happy business people holding flutes with champagne and smiling while standing close to each other indoors

Can I shun alcohol at work events?

I worry that remaining teetotal puts me at a disadvantage

We got a contract! Group of happy business people holding flutes with champagne and smiling while standing close to each other indoors

Will I lose out at work because I don’t drink?

Is drinking really that important a part of corporate culture and networking?

Should I just put up with being average at work?

I act on feedback to improve but keep getting mediocre performance reviews

Working 9-5: can I keep my reputation?

I do more between 9am to 5.30pm rather than working long hours, but my workmates imply I’m slacking

Should I plot the downfall of our dean?

He flew business class to Tokyo, while the rest of our school’s delegation spent 15 hours in economy

Should I tolerate my company’s dress code?

I can’t help but think that wearing ‘outcome-based’ attire is nonsense

How to handle sexist culture at work

The difficulty is whether to speak out or turn the other cheek

A double vote boast in the UK election

Should I report the colleague’s disregard for the law or let sleeping dogs lie?

How do I deal with status-conscious course participants?

Agony aunt Lucy Kellaway advises when and when not to attract the attention of those higher up the corporate ladder

Should I ban workplace productivity drugs?

Staff efficiency improved by 40% due to ADHD medicine — what should I do?

Should I ‘kiss’ back in emails?

Several female clients have signed off with x and xx — what should I do?

Recycling gaffe could lose me my job

I emptied my bin in contravention of university policy and am frightened to ask for a clean liner

My new employer is a disappointment

Colleagues lack energy and the succession opportunity I was promised has been eliminated

Should I employ older workers?

I’ve been asked to replace retirees with workers of comparable age


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