Recycling gaffe could lose me my job

I emptied my bin in contravention of university policy and am frightened to ask for a clean liner

Should I ‘kiss’ back in emails?

Several female clients have signed off with x and xx — what should I do?

My new employer is a disappointment

Colleagues lack energy and the succession opportunity I was promised has been eliminated

Should I employ older workers?

I’ve been asked to replace retirees with workers of comparable age

Should I quit to avoid gossip over my sexuality?

I’m worried being gay will hurt my progression at my company

My job bores me, should I quit?

I like my colleagues and I am paid well but feel my job has no meaning

Do I stop rumours I’ve had an affair with my boss?

I’m partly amused at the stupidity of it but cross at the misogyny

Lucy Kellaway answers readers MBA queries

An aspiring student asks whether his head or heart should rule

Should I snitch on someone over expenses?

My colleague laughed when I accused him of unethical behaviour

Team cares more about loo rolls than budget

Financial targets and cash constraints cause colleagues’ eyes to glaze over

How to mentor an obnoxious graduate trainee

An insolent and lazy 22-year-old mentee is testing my patience

Graduate talent makes a mentor seethe

A banker resents the arrogant lazy trainee he is nurturing

How to flirt your way to the top

A banker proud of his ‘professional’ manners is dismayed by the popularity of a new colleague

Dear Lucy . . . 

Agony aunt Lucy Kellaway takes a firm line on soft skills

Must I shell out on every staff gift?

The collection plate goes round too often - can I ignore it?

Can I decline the job move collection?

Even internal moves prompt a whipround for a donation among staff

Rise above a conniving weasel colleague

A member of my team withholds information, tells tales and my boss doesn’t know about it

How to handle a non team player

One member is prone to finger-pointing others to managers

Was I in my job too long?

I am job hunting and suspect I’m disadvantaged because I stayed with my last company for 18 years

Is doing an EMBA fair on my family?

Should I let my company choose my business school?


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