Should I tell my employee to slim down?

My slim teenage trainee is now a middle-aged director whose waistline is expanding


No riches, no promotion: time to give up?

I’m working hard ... but I’m missing my kids and getting fat

Lucy Kellaway tackles students’ dilemmas

Sexist assumptions and what to do when you are more qualified than your tutors

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Does my degree matter mid-career?

I don’t think it’s relevant when I have more than 10 years experience

Why won’t my boss write in plain English?

Internal communication is full of drivel

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Do my colleagues work as hard as me?

I do as much as my teammates, but some claim to put in 60 hours a week

Aggressive boss

How long does a new hire need to improve?

A bright and dynamic interviewee turns out to be brash and abrasive

Bored day job

I’m bored in my job. Should I freelance?

I don’t enjoy the company of my colleagues but have no savings. Would it be nuts to quit?

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Do I need to don Lycra to advance my career?

My boss turns up to work in Spandex having run to work and ponder whether I need to emulate this

Childcare issue may have harmed career

I wonder if I should have taken my toddler to work rather than cancel an important meeting

Will a past bad experience hurt my EMBA chances?

FT’s agony aunt on whistleblowing and bringing your same sex partner to an office party

A need to sidestep unwelcome flattery

I have lost patience with remarks about my appearance and need a clever way of stopping them

Doubts over aversion to string pulling

Others calling in favours make me wonder if I should do more for my children

A company that smacks of rottenness

The blue-chip group that is resistant to change and crippled by internal politics

What can I do to get myself heard?

Agony aunt Lucy Kellaway on class loudmouths and sexual tension

I do not work long hours — should I be?

My friends and I have corporate jobs, but they work long days and are glued to their phones

Next problem: Rotten through and through

The FTSE100 company for which I work is ‘stale, male and pale’

Can I shun alcohol at work events?

I worry that remaining teetotal puts me at a disadvantage when it comes to networking

Will I lose out at work because I don’t drink?

Is drinking really that important a part of corporate culture?

Should I just put up with being average at work?

I act on feedback to improve but keep getting mediocre performance reviews


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