The next problem: Should I thank my boss for my bonus?

An analyst asks if he has committed a serious faux pas for not thanking the boss

Stalled internship

An English intern at a German company finds that she is sidelined

Dear Lucy
©Daniel Jones

Am I better off going to a bigger-brand school with more of a reputation?

Lucy Kellaway on whether location matters when studying

My smoking boss

A male in his 20s is irritated by his boss’s frequent absences while he nips out for a smoke

Family questions

A single woman applying for jobs is thrown by the question of whether she has a family

Boss on holiday

I need to dodge an invitation from my manager who is staying close to the Mallorca villa I am renting

My ‘gem’ of a job

A mother of a child with special needs has a ‘perfect’ part-time management post but is miserable

My pill-peddling son

My 18-year-old son has been selling his ADHD prescription medicine to other students at his school

Disillusioned in DC

My perfect job has turned so bad that I am driven to distraction

Smart or shabby?

In my office some people are relaxed about dress and others not so, and I am eager to create the right impression

Save my secretary

My employer has decreed that no one below board level can have secretarial assistance, so I have to sack my PA

I am seen as aloof

A reserved lawyer’s work is outstanding but his boss wants him to be more sociable

Lucy Kellaway on colleagues’ feedback

Lucy Kellaway tackles readers’ dilemmas

Needy jobseekers deserve a helping hand

A banker feels besieged by former colleagues seeking help

An ego-free way of selling yourself

As a banker seeking to change career I have been turned down for having ‘too much ego’

Top job and two infants

I am about to get a great new job at the law firm I work for but I am also three months pregnant

Attitudes to money

I want to buy in an upcoming area but my fiancée wants to rent in a trendy district

My ideas get stolen

I work for a firm with little respect for the intellectual property generated by employees

Peer review poser

A person senior to me, but not my direct boss, is a bit of a jerk. No one tells him about problems, so they fester

MBA v Mandarin

I am trying to decide whether doing an MBA or learning Mandarin would be better for my career


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