Ralph Lauren on the importance of a name

Brand protection maxim holds true

Review: ‘Friend and Foe’

A workplace manual on when to compete or co-operate

Crisis panel move shows VW board flaws

Carmaker is following a corporate blueprint for sticky situations

Mistakes are OK, says UBS chief

Ermotti is right that banks should not try to eliminate risk-taking, writes Andrew Hill

Archbishop of Canterbury the Most Reverend Justin Welby
©Joe Giddens

The risk shared by vicars and accountants

The global structures of PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG are more fragile than the Church of England’s

AB InBev deal experience comes into play

Global brewer has sharpened its takeover and integration tactics

BMW chief collapse shows executive stress

Even under the weather, leaders feel pressure to carry on

The pitfalls of the Microsoft and Apple ‘frenemy’ pact

Pitfalls of Microsoft-Apple ‘frenmity’

Corporate rivals that collaborate tread a fine line

EP0ERR Airplane passengers in the cabin storing hand luggage in the overhead lockers at the start of their plane flight
©Kumar Sriskandan/Alamy

When bags take priority over people

Passengers disobey safety orders and escape with luggage

The reality of unpleasant leaders

Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer on why bosses are mistrusted

GE-Alstom deal may expel Jack Welch ghost

Politics and personalities can still complicate European rulings

Google’s subtle tweak after restructure

The group’s ability to rebrand without upsetting anyone has much to do with being a technology group

Fifa transfer window’s paperwork own-goal

De Gea case shows even wealthiest clubs fall foul of forms

Review: ‘Team Genius’

Anecdotes yield insights but managers are ultimately on their own

Many angry cooks spoil a business broth

Top chef’s call for better behaviour in kitchens

‘Ragtime’ still timely on tycoons

The 1975 masterpiece’s account of the delusions and self-doubt of famous figures still resonates

Alphabet makes time Google’s key resource

Managers face new pressures as organisation grows

Netflix must nurture its new baby

Companies must nudge women — and men — to take up rights to ‘unlimited’ family leave

Corporate threads behind Coats’ longevity

Concealed strengths have helped the world’s biggest threadmaker adapt over its long history


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