Losing Yule magic in the supply chain

I’ll be home for Christmas but my presents may not

Sebastian James, Dixons Carphone chief executive, at their Oxford Street store. Credit: Daniel Lynch

The hard work after the merger fanfare

Dixons Carphone shows the complexity of managing an integration

The pricing challenge posed by oil’s fall

Too few companies brace themselves for commodity turbulence

Rising C-level hurts business environment

Too many ‘chiefs’ in a company can ultimately weaken the corporate ecosystem

Commuters’ pain is employers’ problem too

Businesses should do more to ease the angst of those who have long journeys to work

The Jesuits as a model for multinationals

The order’s structure has attracted business school plaudits

Innovation that exploits the past

Gambling that a rare flash of genius will generate a new, viable idea is expensive

Radical change starts with small steps

Only ‘top-down leaders’ are comfortable enough to liberate people to develop new ideas

Books that illuminate a turbulent decade

Learning from 10 years of award-winning business titles

The entrance to the Deloitte accountants offices. Little New Street, London.
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Dissolving of boundaries lets in more competitors

The industry is having to adapt as technological changes redraw the landscape

Default mode for managers needs a reset

Too many managers prefer to stay within divisional silos, suspicious of ideas ‘not invented here’

The spy tale all bosses should read

The overlooked bank clerk Eric Roberts shows how companies underestimate their staff

What Lenovo can tell us about takeovers

An adaptable state of mind is more important than a fixed ‘way’

Can Royal Mail sort it?

Britain’s 500-year-old postal service, privatised a year ago, is under threat as letters dwindle and internet-shopping delivery becomes the new battleground

Hidden CEO risks are hard to control

Regulators and boards know little about ‘tone from the top’

John Ruskin, visionary and villain

‘Effie Gray’ should not blind us to the Victorian seer’s virtues

When Tesco managers don overalls

Dave Lewis is right to ask executives to work on the shop floor

We cannot wash our hands of routine tasks

Some vital skills may atrophy as workers get complacent about technological back-up

Shortlist unveiled for FT book of the year

Bestseller by Thomas Piketty is one of six books in running for award

The right to forget Eric Schmidt’s book


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