What Lenovo can tell us about takeovers

An adaptable state of mind is more important than a fixed ‘way’ or template for integration

Parcelforce North West Processing Centre, Chorley, Lancashire
©Christopher Nunn

Can Royal Mail sort it?

Britain’s 500-year-old postal service, privatised a year ago, is under threat as letters dwindle and internet-shopping delivery becomes the new battleground

Hidden CEO risks are hard to control

Regulators and boards know little about ‘tone from the top’

John Ruskin in the Lake District, c1885
©Hulton/Getty Images

John Ruskin, visionary and villain

‘Effie Gray’ should not blind us to the Victorian seer’s virtues

When Tesco managers don overalls

Dave Lewis is right to ask executives to work on the shop floor despite potential pitfalls


We cannot wash our hands of routine tasks

Some vital skills may atrophy as workers get complacent about technological back-up

Shortlist unveiled for FT book of the year

Bestseller by Thomas Piketty is one of six books in running for award

The right to forget Eric Schmidt’s book

This contribution to the ‘CEO-lit’ genre grates and cloys – it could be a sign of decline

Align your headquarters with your heart

A company that stays close to its roots sends a powerful signal about what it values

HR guy cleaning up NFL locker rooms

Bullying, homophobia and use of the N-word still appear to be problems for America’s leading sport

Business big hitters wary of Whitehall

There are too many deterrents to attracting private-sector high-flyers to the civil service

‘What-if’ musings that drive leaders mad

The heroic all-or-nothing strategic decision is largely a fiction

Margaret Heffernan: collaboration at work

The executive and writer warns of the dangers to business of excessive competition

In defence of angry office outbursts

Sanitisation of feelings has gone too far and rage can be useful

LinkedIn boss is wrong on poaching staff

Most leaders will authorise all available methods, from money to menaces, to keep their best staff

‘Driving Honda’, by Jeffrey Rothfeder

Why Honda, not Toyota, may be the Japanese company for multinationals to emulate

A stepping stone links Tesco and Man Utd

Cool heads improvise in crisis and calm

Leaders and their teams who become too wedded to one approach may be doomed

Executives monitored like star athletes

Jamie Dimon’s curable cancer disclosure was textbook but gadgets can make transparency problematic

The right to be noticed online

Forget the ‘right to be forgotten’ and raise your Google ranking


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