Robots will block experts’ way to the top

If grunt work of professions is automated, an important way that juniors hone skills will be lost

Uber’s rebrand suggests arrogance

Ride-hailing app sets itself up for a time-consuming and expensive rethink in coming years

Lessons for lethargic CEOs and investors

Directors must call out poor managers before they destroy the companies they run

Bill Gates on Desert Island Discs

Gates reveals a little on ‘Desert Island Discs’

Former head of Microsoft seemed more at ease discussing his private life than most of his counterparts

Handsome young man throwing money over dark background

Bonuses are bad for bankers and banks

In finance, working for cookies is not an option but better alternatives to cash perks must be found

Review: ‘Originals’, by Adam Grant

Fresh ideas on how innovators make breakthroughs

Top CEOs struggle for name recognition

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is the world’s best-known CEO

Pierre Nanterme ceo Accenture, attending’ an internal meeting in the USA from Paris. He was speaking via a hologram image of himself, to a group of about 500 managing directors at the Managing Director School in St. Charles.

When CEOs just have to be there

Beaming in by hologram has its limits: face-to-face still counts

The riff: Murdoch, Hall, and pangs of love

‘Head over heels’ is not the posture for leading a public company

Pacesetters and their masochist CEOs

No one company can dictate fashion but bellwethers like M&S are still needed

The riff: Propped up by colleagues

Business school journals focus on peers as source of comfort

GM has erred by giving Barra dual control

Reward might be deserved but says little of the need to keep checks on human frailties in place

Victorian tale of instant parcel post

Seamless online ordering blinds etailers to the hard last mile

The riff: Henry Fonda and ‘good’ anger

New studies reinforce idea that rage can be a moral weapon

VW needs more therapy to change mindset

Carmaker should look at Bill Gates’s reading list for insight

Pair millennials with baby boomers

Bring young and old together to get the best of enthusiasm and experience

The rise of the multilingual boss

Having another language can aid your brain. Not having one can hurt your promotion chances

Energy groups face Kodak moment

Fossil-fuel producers still expect growth in old businesses

Best books of 2015: Business

A round-up of the titles to remember

Haier’s rolling case study in reinvention

The Chinese electrical goods maker beloved of business schools


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