Beware the inspirational boss

The Office

New research highlights the dangers of presenteeism

Consent rules no help to teenagers online

European rule requiring parental approval for under 16s to use social networks is misguided

Ways to bring down galactic executive pay

Stratospheric salaries are the biggest obstacle to restoring trust in business

The 'Rise of the Robots' won in 2015: will it still be relevant in 50 years like ‘Parkinson’s Law’?

Business books worthy of another read

As FT launches 2016 award, columnists pick titles to revisit

Mark Bertolini Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aetna at the Aetna headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Cynicism about purpose needs fighting

Assumptions that work has no meaning leads to drift, disillusion and self-deception

Lucky CEOs are on thin ice

Picking leaders at random from a pool of qualified candidates will never work

Microsoft's Tay chatbot

Chatbots will make conversation a luxury

People raised digitally will rediscover the value of face-to-face interaction

Sports Direct team risks PR own goal

The retailer’s elusive leader Mike Ashley is fast becoming a pariah

Wanted: tools to end M&A culture clash

Email swearing can be one indicator of whether teams are bonding

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Technology is making collaboration easier than ever

Individuals working together achieve extraordinary things, writes the FT’s management editor

A charismatic CEO can bring trouble, too

Acts of hubris occur when extreme personalities meet trigger conditions

The tricky digital role all must assume

CDO is a desirable title, unless you hold it already

VW boss not alone in information overload

Swamped by data, those in charge must take the old-fashioned approach: set priorities and ask people

The bamboozling power of the bundle

Grouping products seems to simplify choice but can also be opaque

The New Day looks less Mail than Metro

Trinity Mirror launches UK’s first new standalone national daily for three decades

Judging a leader on their pecs and biceps

Research suggests that muscle men have a head start at work

Head offices need new heart ... and soul

Now staff can choose where to work, a central hub is vital

Incumbents and the opposite of innovation

A vigorous obsession with defending the core can be worse than inertia

Robots will block experts’ way to the top

If grunt work of professions is automated, an important way that juniors hone skills will be lost

Uber’s rebrand suggests arrogance

Ride-hailing app sets itself up for a time-consuming and expensive rethink in coming years


Andrew Hill Andrew Hill is an associate editor and the management editor of the FT. He is a former City editor, financial editor and comment and analysis editor. 'Leadership in the Headlines', a collection of his columns, will be published in 2016. He joined the FT in 1988 and has also worked as New York bureau chief, foreign news editor and correspondent in Brussels and Milan.

Andrew was named Commentator of the Year at the 2009 Business Journalist of the Year Awards, where he also received a Decade of Excellence award.

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