Lessons in listening

‘If someone tells you something like, “I’m thinking of murdering my husband,” show no surprise and just nod understandingly’

Fear and lunching in Paris

‘Eating is still much of the point of Paris, so you sit there instinctively calculating where you’d run if gunmen walked in’

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Passivity to fixers threatens fair play

Internet gambling makes it easier for punters to bet on any event, writes Simon Kuper

How to get over losing an empire

‘There are some post-imperial techniques to make you feel great. The best is winning a small war’

Brought to book

‘The triumph of writing a book elevates you above the frauds who tell people at parties that they want to write one’

Life lessons from original thinkers

‘Our era undervalues original thinkers, because we tend to rank people by their fame and money’

Ali bin al-Hussein
©Kate Fichard

Is Prince Ali the man to clean up Fifa?

The bookmakers’ favourite to be elected Fifa president talks about reform and life after Sepp Blatter

Why political apathy rules

‘The only bits of politics that most people enjoy are personal stories about politicians’

Mourinho the ultimate winner tastes defeat

If victory is your only selling pitch, nothing is left when you become a loser, writes Simon Kuper

How to be a 21st-century dad

‘I grew up thinking I would fulfil myself through work. Kids, I dimly imagined, would be taken care of by my lovely wife’

French lessons from a Nobel Prize winner

‘Jean Tirole’s great concern is reducing French joblessness, now a record 3.59 million’

Best books of 2015: Sports

A round-up of the titles to remember

The latest forecasts on climate change

‘One possible future for the rich world is as a giant Netherlands, protected by dykes and dams’

Paris attacks: Notes from a wounded city

As ordinary Parisians struggle to process the horror of the assaults, politicians and pundits are talking tough

The ultimate political goal

‘Macri struck me as a man of destiny: rich, intelligent, funny. But none of it could have happened without football’

Paris: Simon Kuper in the Stade de France

Tonight my family will probably be OK in Paris. But after that?

Inside Atlético Madrid: can the club go global?

How Real Madrid’s less glamorous city rivals are competing with Europe’s elite

The power of stereotypes

‘Northern leaders inevitably brought to Brussels their voters’ prejudices about southerners’

How Europe’s liberals can speak out

‘A response I often get is that I’m an out-of-touch elitist who doesn’t have to live with Muslims’

How to treat expired geniuses

‘Whole nations pushed Michel Platini, Franz Beckenbauer and Johan Cruijff into roles they couldn’t handle’


Simon KuperSimon Kuper joined the Financial Times in 1994. He wrote the daily currencies column, before leaving the FT in 1998. He returned in 2002 as a sports columnist and has been there ever since. Nowadays he writes a general column for the Weekend FT on all manner of topics from politics to books, and on cities including London, Paris, Johannesburg and Miami.

Simon was born in Uganda and grew up in London, the Netherlands, the US, Sweden and Jamaica. He studied at Oxford, Harvard and the Technische Universität of West Berlin. He now lives with his family in Paris. His first book, Football Against the Enemy (1994), set him on a path of writing about the world with an anthropologist’s eye.

E-mail simon.kuper@ft.com

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