Can Trump take Florida?

Illustration by Celyn Brazier of Trum in a Florida-shaped golf course
©Celyn Brazier

‘The septuagenarian New York snowbird with a mansion in Palm Beach is a Florida archetype made flesh’

©Reuters; Getty Images; Dreamstime; PA

Why star football managers are overrated

Best predictor of success is the squad’s total wage bill

Illustration by Luis Grañena of people cutting up the EU flag
©Luis Grañena

Civil servants will decide what Brexit means

‘The British public is not very interested in detail, judging by the largely fact-free campaign’

Terrorism is the new normal for France

The country’s population lives with the constant fear of terrorism, writes Simon Kuper

Illustration by Luis Grañena of a new woman politician
©Luis Grañena

Wanted: a new type of politician

‘If you represent an established party, then campaigning against politics is an act of self-harm’

Ronaldo-less Portugal limp over final hurdle

Extra-time goal by improbable matchwinner silences French

Griezmann threatens to outshine Ronaldo

A flawed team will triumph in the final of Euro 2016

Germany hands it all away to France

From total dominance, world champions fall against hosts

Illustration by Luis Grañena of UK politicians inside a bubble
©Luis Grañena

Oxford Union to disunited kingdom

‘The traditional climax of a Union election was one Etonian backstabbing another for the presidency’

France’s goal is to put friendship aside

Franco-German clashes changed after the Paris attacks, but the home nation will still want to win

Summer reading 2016: Sport

Simon Kuper picks his books of the year so far

We’ll always have Paris

‘Since that sleepless night of June 23, I feel less British and less likely ever to move back’

England suffer second exit from Europe

Manager goes the way of Cameron after most embarrassing result since losing to US at 1950 World Cup

The fan who came in from the cold

‘Klopfleisch spent match days standing beside the Wall, listening to the sounds from the stadium in West Berlin’

Euro 2016: England dull but Wales shine

Roy Hodgson will regret making changes as stalemate with Slovakia allows Welsh to grab top spot

Interview: Michel Houellebecq

The French writer says he’s the world’s best living novelist. Now he has curated a show of his own photographs

Euro 2016: England get foot in next round

Wales lose to a lucky England team that failed to outplay them

Football and England’s secret Europhilia

‘Football reveals a confused and surprisingly warm English-European relationship’

How English football upped its game

The England-Wales clash is more of a friendly given the intricate ties

England give away victory at last gasp

England 1 (Dier, 73 mins) Russia 1 (Berezutski, 92 mins)


Simon KuperSimon Kuper joined the Financial Times in 1994. He wrote the daily currencies column, before leaving the FT in 1998. He returned in 2002 as a sports columnist and has been there ever since. Nowadays he writes a general column for the Weekend FT on all manner of topics from politics to books, and on cities including London, Paris, Johannesburg and Miami.

Simon was born in Uganda and grew up in London, the Netherlands, the US, Sweden and Jamaica. He studied at Oxford, Harvard and the Technische Universität of West Berlin. He now lives with his family in Paris. His first book, Football Against the Enemy (1994), set him on a path of writing about the world with an anthropologist’s eye.


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