US eavesdropping

Since the 9/11 terror attacks the US administration has acquired a formidable arsenal of telephonic and data surveillance powers - the remarkable scale and scope of which have been revealed thanks to a whistleblower who worked at the National Security Agency

US steps up data access for allies

Legislation to boost intelligence co-operation in wake of Snowden leaks

Germany replaces intelligence agency head

Move is bid to end criticism of BND implicated in US spying affair

FBI and Apple logos

FBI considers revealing how iPhone hacked

Agency could disclose the device vulnerability to the company

FBI ends stand-off with Apple over iPhone

Access demand pulled after suspect in drugs probe gives passcode

FBI and Apple logos

FBI paid more than $1.4m for iPhone hack

Bureau chief says cost of cracking Apple device was ‘worth it’

Microsoft sues DoJ over ‘secrecy orders’

Tech industry battle intensifies over government access to data

Watchdogs distrust EU-US data privacy deal

Criticism opens way for legal challenges to Privacy Shield

US urges Apple to unlock drug case iPhone

Method to access San Bernardino phone may not work on newer phones

WhatsApp extends encryption to 1bn users

Law enforcement agencies unable to access keys to private messages

Apple’s privacy battle is just the start

The debate will yield no clear victory, which is precisely its value, writes Bronwen Maddox

Race to discover how FBI cracked iPhone

Security industry and Apple seek to identify tech flaw — and hacker who found it

Consensus needed on encryption technology

US legal authorities and companies should forge a settlement

Encryption battle looms beyond US v Apple

Further courtroom conflicts await as questions over balance between security and privacy remain

US drops Apple case after cracking iPhone

FBI finds way to access contents with help from unnamed group

Apple is standing up for its rights

The company has done the right thing to test these issues

Apple seeks New York iPhone case delay

Technology group says US attempts to unlock San Bernardino phone will have an influence

US says third party can help crack iPhone

Offer of help to circumvent security raises vulnerability concern

The Valley should step out of the cloud

The custodians of the digital future feel worthy of immunity

Apple and FBI in plea for encryption laws

Both sides make case before Congress in iPhone row

US, EU data deal raises new privacy fears

American official in charge of investigating surveillance breaches

Apple privacy battle looms as watershed

Centuries of debate come to head with San Bernardino shooter case

Apple is right. Our phones must be secure

Something in the American government’s rhetoric does not add up, writes Evgeny Morozov

FBI demand ‘breaches Apple’s rights’

iPhone maker cites Constitution’s First and Fifth Amendments in its legal response

Apple to beef up iCloud encryption

New protections will make it impossible for tech group to comply with data requests

Apple’s FBI fight has roots in 2015 case

Drug dealer trial in New York offers clues to company’s approach

Gates breaks ranks over FBI Apple request

Microsoft founder says tech companies should be forced to co-operate with law probes

Apple wants government panel on encryption

FBI chief defends legal fight to unlock terrorist’s iPhone

US steps up pressure in clash with Apple

Company’s refusal to unlock iPhone is about branding, says DoJ

Apple’s Cook takes lead in privacy fight

Chief executive’s position hardens amid FBI encryption demand by FBI

Apple wins allies in FBI encryption fight

Google and WhatsApp voice support over unblocking of iPhone