US eavesdropping

Since the 9/11 terror attacks the US administration has acquired a formidable arsenal of telephonic and data surveillance powers - the remarkable scale and scope of which have been revealed thanks to a whistleblower who worked at the National Security Agency

US tech companies in data sharing talks

Negotiations with Britain to handover suspicious emails and chats

Comment & analysis

American firms are finding out how complex the European system is, writes Abraham Newman
Western intelligence agencies worry that encryption will make the internet ‘go dark’
– Gideon Rachman
Ingram Pinn illustration ©Ingram Pinn
The internet’s biggest privacy problem is not that there is too much security, but too little
– John Gapper

EU and US reach deal on data sharing

New agreement replaces ‘safe-harbour’ arrangement

Tech groups face data transfer scrutiny

EU looks at methods devised after ECJ struck down ‘safe harbour’

Data security design with blue padlocks and binary code

EU, US tack towards web data ‘safe harbour’

Two sides scramble to reach transfer deal by deadline

Herogram: Edward Snowden’s tweet to Max Schrems after his complaint against Facebook led to the scrapping of the Safe Harbour clause

Top lawyer says US outdoes EU on privacy

Geoffrey Robertson makes claim in opinion on ‘safe harbour’ case

Microsoft’s Nadella rethinks the cloud

CEO says US interference has forced group to look to Europe

Microsoft cloud Germany launch

US cloud blows over Atlantic to find protection

Microsoft shows what matters is not location of data but control

Microsoft in German plan to curb spying

New data centres a response to US internet surveillance scandal

Senate passes bill to help tackle hackers

Companies and government will be able to share cyber threat data

Irish data regulator to examine Facebook

Complaint against group challenged ‘Safe Harbour’ agreement

Hacks clear path for US cyber bill

Security concerns are starting to trump privacy fears

Blackphone vies to be BlackBerry’s heir

Encrypted handset builds following among companies — and spies

Data protection: No safe harbour

Will ECJ ruling on data pact help or hurt Europe’s start-ups?

The student who sunk EU data-sharing deal

Four year campaign was inspired by Austrian’s spell in Silicon Valley

Safe harbour ruling puts spotlight on Ireland

ECJ judgment raises questions over role as EU’s chief privacy regulator

Tech companies thrown by data ruling

Post-Snowden backlash hits Facebook and Google

‘Safe harbour’: why it is on the ropes

ECJ scuppers deal that allows data transfer between US and EU

ECJ should know the truth about Prism

Data collection is neither ‘mass’ nor ‘unrestricted’

FBI seeks younger class of cyber sleuths

Agencies are competing with pot and the private sector for talent

US attacks ‘inaccurate’ spying assertions

State department rejects ECJ opinion on ‘safe harbour’ data deal

Spy fears threaten US data sharing with EU

ECJ adviser says regulators can suspend transfers to US

US court backs NSA phone data collection

Justices overrule injunction on surveillance programme

WikiLeaks: NSA spied on Abe

Alleged operations to bug phones date back at least a decade

France slams US over spying claims

Elysée summons ambassador amid ‘unacceptable facts’

US ‘tapped’ French leaders’ phones

White House silent on NSA spying claims

Germany drops Merkel phone tapping inquiry

Prosecutors claim US authorities unwilling to co-operate with probe

Surveillance bill fails to curtail NSA

Freedom Act still marks shift in politics around terrorism in US

Obama approves NSA spy reforms

Law changes how intelligence agency can access phone records

NSA feud exposes rift over US spying

Rand Paul bets on public backlash against surveillance

NSA loses tools for phone spying

Libertarian Rand Paul blocks bid to stop measures’ expiry