US eavesdropping

Since the 9/11 terror attacks the US administration has acquired a formidable arsenal of telephonic and data surveillance powers - the remarkable scale and scope of which have been revealed thanks to a whistleblower who worked at the National Security Agency

Spying fears prompt Amazon German centres

Company responds to concerns about US internet surveillance

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Berlin is reverting to an unhackable piece of hardware
– Andrew Martin
Demonstrators hold placards featuring an image of former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden as they take part in a protest against the US National Security Agency (NSA) collecting German emails, online chats and phone calls and sharing some of it with the country's intelligence services in Berlin ©AFP
IT can be used to spot unusual behaviour that could indicate a rogue employee
– Steve Jones
A customer uses a computer in an internet cafe at Changzhi, Shanxi province January 25, 2010. China widened its attack against U.S. criticisms of Internet censorship on Monday, raising the stakes in a dispute that has put Google in the middle of a political quarrel between the two global powers. REUTERS/Stringer (CHINA - Tags: POLITICS SCI TECH) CHINA OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN CHINA - RTR29FC5 ©Reuters
An organisation that is being regulated by everybody might as well be regulated by nobody
– Christopher Caldwell

Tech groups warn over US online snooping

US businesses hurt by NSA surveillance in Europe

New Zealand spies on public, says Snowden

Premier forced on defensive over claims as election looms

Yahoo faced fines over NSA compliance

Search group’s battle with US over user information dates back to 2007

Obama defends CIA head on Senate spies

Brennan faces calls to resign as director of the agency

CIA apologises for spying on Senate

Staff computers targeted ahead of torture report

Berlin to boost counter-intelligence against US

Reaction to revelations of extensive American surveillance

Spying claims weigh on US-China talks

Strategic and Economic Dialogue to focus on access to Chinese consumers

Verizon president McAdam talks on stage with Verizon CEO Seidenberg and Consumer Electronics Association President Shapiro on the opening day of the CES in Las Vegas

Berlin drops Verizon over US spying fears

Group loses government contract over NSA links

Post-Snowden era a challenge for US tech

Many early tenets of the internet age no longer apply

Snowden affair shows power of analytics

IT can be used to spot unusual behaviour that could indicate a rogue employee

Snowden says he is no spy for Moscow

Kerry urges ex-NSA contractor to return to US

Cisco calls on Obama to rein in surveillance

CEO warns after NSA found breaking into exported hardware

Merkel blocks Snowden Berlin appearance

Government accused of interference

US on back foot in web negotiations

Washington has lost ‘moral authority’ after Snowden leaks

China rebukes US for spying on Huawei

Defence minister says country will increase its cyber security

Obama to curb NSA phone data collection

New rules would end storage but still allow access

NSA accused of breaching Huawei servers

Chinese group condemns report that US agency spied on it

NSA claims split cyber security industry

Rival event set up over report linking encryption group to spying

Merkel backs EU net to deter US spying

German chancellor wants online data walled off from US

NSA removes three over Snowden leaks

No senior official has been punished for security lapses

US and France press allies on security

Hollande and Obama say more nations must share burden

Merkel attacks US diplomat’s comments

Envoy raps EU’s efforts during tapped phone call

Naval cybersecurity chief to lead NSA

Vice-admiral Rogers to oversee response to Snowden

Snowden: EU defence against NSA will fail

Whistleblower says national cloud servers are ‘not going to stop’ US

Technology companies strike US data deal

Facebook, Google and others win transparency concession

US softens tone on any Snowden deal

Ready for ‘conversation’ if whistleblower pleads guilty

Watchdog deems NSA data collection illegal

Report challenges Obama’s defence of US spying practices

Microsoft to shield foreign users’ data

Option offered in wake of US spying

Expert panel to probe internet governance

Global commission will propose rules to protect citizen rights