US eavesdropping

Since the 9/11 terror attacks the US administration has acquired a formidable arsenal of telephonic and data surveillance powers - the remarkable scale and scope of which have been revealed thanks to a whistleblower who worked at the National Security Agency

China rebukes US for spying on Huawei

Defence minister says country will increase its cyber security

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Merkel should temper anger at US and tread with care
– Editorial
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Revelations yet to cast spooks as threat to our freedom
– Philip Stephens
NSA Protestors Gather in Washington, DC...epa03925863 Members and supporters of 'Stop Watching Us', a coalition of more than 100 public advocacy groups, protest against National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance outside Union Station in Washington DC, USA, 26 October 2013. Stop Watching Us chose 26 October for its protest as it is the 12th anniversary of the signing of the USA Patriot Act. The NSA has been at the centre of controversy since fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden began releasing information about the its surveillance capabilities and practices. The most recent revelations said the intelligence service monitored phone calls from 35 international leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel. EPA/JIM LO SCALZO pworld ©EPA
US national security establishment is at war with tech companies over internet and computer security
– Richard Waters
Telecom network cables are pictured in Paris, on June 30, 2013. The European Union angrily demanded answers from the United States over allegations Washington had bugged its offices, the latest spying claim attributed to fugitive leaker Edward Snowden. German weekly Der Spiegel said its report, which detailed covert surveillance by the US National Security Agency (NSA) on EU diplomatic missions, was based on confidential documents, some of which it had been able to consult via Snowden.

Obama to curb NSA phone data collection

New rules would end storage but still allow access

The internet, controlled by the powerful

An organisation that is being regulated by everybody might as well be regulated by nobody

NSA accused of breaching Huawei servers

Chinese group condemns report that US agency spied on it

NSA claims split cyber security industry

Rival event set up over report linking encryption group to spying

Merkel backs EU net to deter US spying

German chancellor wants online data walled off from US

Edward Snowden

NSA removes three over Snowden leaks

No senior official has been punished for security lapses

US and France press allies on security

Hollande and Obama say more nations must share burden

Merkel attacks US diplomat’s comments

Envoy raps EU’s efforts during tapped phone call

Vice-Admiral Michael Rogers

Naval cybersecurity chief to lead NSA

Vice-admiral Rogers to oversee response to Snowden

Snowden: EU defence against NSA will fail

Whistleblower says national cloud servers are ‘not going to stop’ US

Technology companies strike US data deal

Facebook, Google and others win transparency concession

US softens tone on any Snowden deal

Ready for ‘conversation’ if whistleblower pleads guilty

Watchdog deems NSA data collection illegal

Report challenges Obama’s defence of US spying practices

Microsoft to shield foreign users’ data

Option offered in wake of US spying

Expert panel to probe internet governance

Global commission will propose rules to protect citizen rights

Obama’s plan for US surveillance

Proposals offer only a modest advance on what is needed

Obama proposals set up fierce NSA debate

Obama defiant on US surveillance

New safeguards ordered on tapping American phones

Five things to watch out for in Obama’s NSA speech

Obama to give data safeguards to foreigners

Judge rules NSA surveillance is lawful

Conflicting federal court rulings on US intelligence practices

Ex-MI5 chief predicts Snowden amnesty

Debate rages about future of former NSA official

Snowden saga heralds shift in capitalism

The benefits of personal data to consumers are obvious

Brussels fury on claims of US-UK spying