Why I love my office building

Just when designers are building better work spaces, people are losing the habit of working in them

Feeling useless is essential for success

One problem of getting older is that your self-knowledge goes up but so does your complacency

There’s no place like Yahoo — Mayer is right

Chief’s move to make staff vow to stay is smart, just like ‘Wizard of Oz’ dress-up idea for management

The random and outrageous boss crush

When executives fall for an employee and overpromote them, they ensure disaster

Jes Staley, Barclays' incoming chief executive
©Bloomberg; FT montage

Barclays boss must ditch focus on value

Jes Staley’s email to underlings starts well but fails on its use of the ‘v-word’

Martin Lewis photographed in London
©Carl Bigmore

The Lucy Kellaway Interview: Martin Lewis

Worth more than £100m and more googled than Beyoncé, the Money Saving Expert talks about shopping at pound stores and the problem with Lucy Kellaway’s energy bills

Wedding Figures

How divorce can galvanise a career

When you have lost some financial security, every pay cheque becomes a cause of celebration

I declare a war on talent

It is disingenuous to refer to staff with the term because most people are merely average

The loneliness of long-term home workers

We need to go to the office to convince ourselves that what we do has some purpose

Eager businesswoman lifting her hand to ask a question during a meeting

Hands up if you know your company values

Seventeen of Britain’s 100 best companies get along fine without listing corporate traits

Brain surgeons wiser than bankers on error

UBS head should make clear that all can take risks but none may make light of mistakes

United’s hot air will not ease nerves

On the one thing that customers would have liked to hear about, the new CEO’s letter is silent

Am I a good parent? Don’t ask me — or UBS

The bank’s advertisements pose a difficult question — one I have avoided asking myself for 24 years

Time to hang up on the conference call

A meeting where you are never sure who is talking yields a discussion of the lowest order

Competitive dinner parties show sexes gap

This form of showing off is as vital as ever and women remain feeble at it

An outbreak of good sense led by Amazon

Too many companies have started to talk as if being wrong were superior to being right

Voicemail’s message for office landlines

The system is on its way out, just like the workplace telephone itself

Desks: scribes, Dickens and the treadmill

Forget hot-desking — ‘not-desking’ is the new way to show status

Hidden costs of hellish expenses schemes

The system seems purposely designed to bring me to tears

Common sense frees staff from appraisals

Accenture’s decision to remove the annual performance review is welcome news


Lucy KellawayLucy Kellaway is an Associate Editor and management columnist of the FT. For the past 15 years her weekly Monday column has poked fun at management fads and jargon and celebrated the ups and downs of office life.

In her 25 years at the FT, Lucy has been energy correspondent, Brussels correspondent, a Lex writer, and an interviewer of business people and celebrities for the Lunch with the FT series and the FT Weekend. Prizes include Columnist of the Year in the British Press Awards 2006, Industrial Society WorkWord Award (twice), Best Commentator, Business Journalist of the Year Awards 2007 and the Wincott Young Financial Journalist Award. Her first book, Sense and Nonsense in the Office, was published by FT Prentice Hall in 1999. Martin Lukes: Who Moved My BlackBerry(TM) (2005) and In Office Hours (2010) were published by Penguin.

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