A 30-year work anniversary is rare

If Warren Buffett can spend decades at one company, so can others

Companies’ hiring process is upside down

The senior and the self-important should jump through the same hoops as new graduates

Still Alice

The powerful effect of being remembered

The more someone can recall all small talk at previous meetings, the more you like and trust them

Rudeness in reception may cost you

How people arrive at and leave an office building provides rewarding insights for companies

Motherhood is tough but it is not a job

Parenting is hard work that requires well honed management skills, only you do not get paid for it

Google CFO adieu is classic in iffy genre

His Kilimanjaro-inspired resignation memo mixes work-life epiphany with pitch for job offers

The pitfalls of constant feedback

Knowledge of how others rate us can be useful, but too much of it is unhealthy and confusing

The shameless rise of the thirdpartybrag

Retweeting compliments may seem polite; I find it objectionable

Why ‘lean in’, if laziness works as well?

Hard work is harming not only sleepless executives but the companies that employ them too

It is best to fire a wrong hire quickly

If a mismatch is fundamental, there is no such thing as too quick

Why a happy:grumpy ratio will not work

There are better ways to gauge employee contentment than just asking

My solution to unanswered email anguish

Not responding is a sane response to inbox overload but it breeds insanity on the other side

Can l lean in after falling off my bike?

A black eye is not the best start for my non-exec director interview

How to strangle corporate common sense

The fear of being found out is just one reason why the rot sets in but entrepreneurs offer hope

Facebook is daft to call users ‘people’

The company’s creation of a dedicated ‘empathy team’ does not amount to an emotional awakening

Golden Flannel of the Year Award

Under Tim Cook’s leadership, Apple succumbed to drivel

Scheduling time to ‘think’ is brainless

The AOL chief executive’s directive is in need of a rethink

Beware Twitter eulogies to a boss

Alan Rusbridger’s exit shows how our aversion to brown-nosing has got lost along the way

Why are we still so awful at email?

I detect two new trends are emerging in greetings, both bad. Sign-offs are getting worse too

Kellaway v Brûlé on workplace design

Lucy visits Monocle to inspect its new manifesto for business


Lucy KellawayLucy Kellaway is an Associate Editor and management columnist of the FT. For the past 15 years her weekly Monday column has poked fun at management fads and jargon and celebrated the ups and downs of office life.

In her 25 years at the FT, Lucy has been energy correspondent, Brussels correspondent, a Lex writer, and an interviewer of business people and celebrities for the Lunch with the FT series and the FT Weekend. Prizes include Columnist of the Year in the British Press Awards 2006, Industrial Society WorkWord Award (twice), Best Commentator, Business Journalist of the Year Awards 2007 and the Wincott Young Financial Journalist Award. Her first book, Sense and Nonsense in the Office, was published by FT Prentice Hall in 1999. Martin Lukes: Who Moved My BlackBerry(TM) (2005) and In Office Hours (2010) were published by Penguin.

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