City bullyboys are as boorish as ever

The chatroom banter of the forex traders shows little has changed in the banking culture

Lucy Kellaway

Losing fear is liberating – and dangerous

Work anxiety tends to decline with age, but watch out for the complacency catch

Constantly canvassed for coffee

Great ideas can sometimes come from a chat with the unlikeliest of people

Extreme exercise fad has gone too far

Sport does not broaden an executive’s worldview. Virtually everything else does

Time for recruiters to flirt with Tinder

If it works so well for dating, why not for hiring? All dreary formalities would be swept away

Wanted: employees who get things done

Employers should specify ‘being conscientious’ as the top skill they are looking for

McKinsey’s tacky way to nail recruits

Hiring events should not turn into hen nights


Branson’s holiday offer – give us a break

A fixed entitlement tells us it is OK to take time off – even if our work is far from done

‘Us’, by David Nicholls

David Nicholls’ follow-up to ‘One Day’ is a study of a marriage unravelling. Review by Lucy Kellaway

Graduate trainees are the biggest brains

Years of drudgery have a way of taking the shine off brilliance

McKinsey’s airy platitudes bode ill

Fifty years is a ludicrously long time to forecast – accountants tend to stick at twelve months

Mindfulness and home interiors

As the latest popular movement in mental wellbeing finds expression in design, Lucy Kellaway invites an expert to help harmonise her house

Cool students are more toxic than rich ones

Taking drugs, getting drunk and smoking help at being cool

‘How to Speak Money’, by John Lanchester

An entertaining guide to financial terminology

No time for digital diaries

Electronic calendar take longer to scribble things down

Enrol here for my eBay MBA

How online auctions can teach us the business basics

I would hire someone despite a CV typo

To exclude a job candidate simply because they have transposed two letters makes no sense

Memo: don’t look at messages on holiday

There is never any really good excuse for reading or sending emails while on leave

The Lucy Kellaway Interview: Laura Bates of the Everyday Sexism Project

Laura Bates was fed up with being hassled by men. So she launched the Everyday Sexism Project – a website where women can record sexist incidents, from the trivial to the traumatic. A staggering 600,000 have already done so

Microsoft’s ghastly ‘hello there’ memo

A case study in how not to write, think or lead


Lucy KellawayLucy Kellaway is an Associate Editor and management columnist of the FT. For the past 15 years her weekly Monday column has poked fun at management fads and jargon and celebrated the ups and downs of office life.

In her 25 years at the FT, Lucy has been energy correspondent, Brussels correspondent, a Lex writer, and an interviewer of business people and celebrities for the Lunch with the FT series and the FT Weekend. Prizes include Columnist of the Year in the British Press Awards 2006, Industrial Society WorkWord Award (twice), Best Commentator, Business Journalist of the Year Awards 2007 and the Wincott Young Financial Journalist Award. Her first book, Sense and Nonsense in the Office, was published by FT Prentice Hall in 1999. Martin Lukes: Who Moved My BlackBerry(TM) (2005) and In Office Hours (2010) were published by Penguin.

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