Circus laughter that makes Brazilians cry

Electoral hour is the 60 minutes of free television airtime, writes Joseph Leahy

The right stomach for sanctions

Muscovites seem happy to sacrifice foreign food luxuries for Russia, writes Courtney Weaver

Building blocks of discontent

Mainland money reminds locals that they have never been in control, writes Henny Sender

The pursuit of love on LinkedIn

The professional network’s dating potential has not gone unnoticed by its users

The black anger of the Obama era

Turmoil following the Michael Brown shooting shows the US is not yet ‘post-racial’

Miliband and the foreign policy hinge

Even a bland statement would show the Labour leader was thinking seriously about the world

Turkish air thick with intrigue

Race to succeed Erdogan as prime minister and AK leader is beginning, writes Daniel Dombey

A shock to Delhi’s durbar culture

Modi is discouraging his ministers from excessive socialising in the capital, writes Amy Kazmin

History lesson from a Scottish declaration

A noble call to arms or simply a slogan on a tea towel? Scots will vote, says John McDermott

Red tourism and playing at warfare

I’m a fan of team building involving company-sanctioned aggression, says Patti Waldmeir

Brits and Germans let old clichés fade

As the first world war is commemorated the two former foes are enjoying more cordial relations

A surreal week with the Donetsk rebels

A bizarre kidnap and escape illustrate the transformation of the city, says Guy Chazan

Gaza, Ukraine and antisocial media

The wonderful new tools of engagement are sending out the wrong sort of digital message

Rebirth needed at ‘Midlands powerhouse’

A serious counterbalance to London is essential

Hollande in search of that regal touch

The French president is revamping his image in an effort to win voters, writes Hugh Carnegy

Can you slay a dragon twice?

Trade union leaders appear to be well down the list of today’s public bogeys, writes Brian Groom

Hot-house kids have a chance to cool off

Some parents are starting to think that a stress-free summer will pay off when term begins, writes Patti Waldmeir

How united is UK business on Brexit?

Most assume the corporate world wants Britain to remain in the EU but the issue is not so simple

Career advice from Marina Keegan

The recruiters’ messages are offers of status and identity, writes John McDermott

Spain gets a king for austere times

This week’s ceremony will involve constitutional mechanics rather than a transfer of divine rights