The wrong brand of democracy

A large section of the young electorate is showing disenchantment with today’s politics

A Man United fan looks beyond the pain

It hurts to see your team flop but winning, just as much as losing, is all part of the game

Who has the right to self-determination?

From Scotland to Catalonia, and now Venice to the Scottish isles, independence is a fraught issue

‘Manpool’: time to kiss and make up

The idea of merging Manchester and Liverpool has been floated to fuel their economic growth

An ark needed in beautiful England

The UK’s continuing wet winter has prompted talk of a crisis in the southwest


Scotland, forever in two minds

The fierce division over independence reflects a longstanding duality in the national psyche

Buchan of Australia surfs during men's ASP Billabong Rio Pro championship at Barra da Tijuca beach in Rio de Janeiro...Adrian Buchan of Australia surfs during the men's Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Billabong Rio Pro championship at Barra da Tijuca beach in Rio de Janeiro May 15, 2012. REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes (BRAZIL - Tags: SPORT) - RTR323QM

The UK’s vanishing Aussies are missed

The success of their home, resource-driven economy is putting Australians off staying in Britain

Is a robot coming to take your job?

Automatons and computers should soon be able to diagnose fraud or illness

Let us debate the Great War freely

Thirty years ago, interest in the first world war was fading, but it has returned sharply

Chance to break cycle of airport failures

Expansion is seen as crucial for the UK to be among the most competitive nations

Five out of 10 have no clue

The gap between public perceptions and reality makes you shudder

UK manufacturing’s unlikely heartland

The country’s export heartland is – counterintuitively – southeast England and London

Few cheer as City gets its mojo back

The UK economy is still a long way from rebalancing

A rocky road for Scottish nationalists

Alex Salmond might wonder, as he plays host to the media, if independence is within reach

Free the cities to shape their destiny

English councils are looking with envy at Scotland and Wales

Britain’s half-love for German model

Claims that the Grangemouth dispute would not have happened in Germany are not clear-cut

A tough guy, but no cowboy hat

Jim Ratcliffe, known as ‘JR’, will need his renowned steeliness in his dispute at Grangemouth

A sense of déjà vu on Royal Mail

Privatisation has come a long way in the UK but the political arguments surrounding it have not

Tories seek a way back in the north

The party’s conference in Manchester is part of an attempt to regain the hearts of northern voters

Recovery the best hope for wages

Britain’s political parties are struggling to find policies that will boost pay


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