Piccola Cucina

Five of the best: restaurants in Notting Hill

Carnival-goers in west London will be spoilt for choice for stylish places to unwind or continue the party

Agern, New York
©Evan Sung

Agern, New York

‘The restaurant’s emblematic starter is a whole beet baked in a salt-vegetable ash crust’


Five of the best: bakeries in San Francisco

From punk-rock muffins to croissants that rival Paris’s, there’s no shortage of choice here for the pastry lover

Drunken clams (left) with two salads by chef Jowett Yu
©2015 IB Photography Ltd.

Ho Lee Fook, Hong Kong

‘On the wall by the staircase leading down to the restaurant, gold-plated cats raise their right paw as though in welcome’

Five of the best: Edinburgh restaurants

If you’re plotting a trip to the annual festival this summer, plan your pit-stops well ahead

Randall & Aubin, London

‘The spaghettini marinara was stupendous — bound together with a cooked-down tomato sauce’

The restaurant at Blandford Comptoir

Blandford Comptoir, London

‘The gazpacho zinged with flavour, a risotto was enhanced with Italian summer truffle’

The dining room at The Ninth

The Ninth, London

‘The cubes of feta were creamy, smooth, ambrosial curd from celestial goats’

The Market Bistro’s dining room

The Market Bistro, King’s Lynn, Norfolk

‘This might be the most authentic expression of hospitality I’ve experienced in long, jaded years’

The dining room at Forest Avenue

Forest Avenue, Dublin

‘The menu is brief, the wine list enticing. The pricing is spot on: €25 for two courses and €30 for three’

McDonald’s in Japan: slow food

McDonald’s struggles in the island nation while thriving elsewhere

Nudist restaurant set to open in London

Clothing-optional venue has waiting list of 40,000

Fera at Claridge’s, London

‘The duck breast came with two of today’s most favoured vegetables, caramelised cauliflower and smoked beetroot’

The Guinea Grill, Mayfair, London

‘You know that not only will a mixed grill be on the menu, but that it will be impressive’

Kaupers Restaurant im Kapellenhof, Selzen, Germany

‘Pike enjoy nothing more than a duck that comes too close to them in the wild’

Sartoria, Savile Row, London

‘Though I love a well-rolled lapel as much as I love a decent meal, I could never quite fit the two into the same evening’

Five of the best: restaurants in department stores

Where top-notch shopping meets exceptional dining

António, Macau

Portuguese inspiration in the former colony’s quaint backstreets

Le Du and Baa Ga Din, Bangkok

‘Schultz did an immersion course in Thai street food. His dishes zing with flavour and heat’

Hang Fire Southern Kitchen, Barry

‘The barbecue food they’re turning out in Wales is some of the best I’ve encountered outside the Deep South’


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