Jérôme Aubert (fourth from left) with staff outside Ratapoil
©Eric Valdenaire

Ratapoil and Frenchie, Paris

‘Restaurateurs reported that as the fall in the euro attracts more visitors, business is improving here’

Shikumen’s dining room

Shikumen, London

‘We were here for the Peking duck and the dim sum — and neither disappointed’

Camino’s open kitchen and dining room

Camino, California

‘I have never agreed that service standards in the US are high because the customer controls the tip’

Inside the Patron restaurant in north London
©Jack Davison

London’s new wave of French chefs

Gallic wine bars and bistros are set to open in London

Hawksmoor in Manchester

Hawksmoor, Manchester

The pricing hasn’t changed, although Mancunians do enjoy a special £15 rump-and-chips lunch

25 Feb 2015, London, England, UK --- One Michelin Star Head Chef Isaac McHale in his kitchen at the Clove Club. The restaurant serves five course menu and an extended menu, featuring interesting and often overlooked British ingredients and produce. The Clove Club is a restaurant in Shoreditch Town Hall in East London. Built in 1865, the Town Hall was for over 100 years one of the grandest vestry halls in the city. Having ceased to be a home for local government during the 1960s it is now a popular arts and events space, run by Sho --- Image by © Guilhem Alandry/In Pictures/Corbis

Clove Club asks diners to pay upfront

Michelin-starred London restaurant launches ticketing system

Pre-prepared restaurant food

Diners can feel cheated when restaurant food is pre-prepared elsewhere. But if it still results in outstanding meals, should we be complaining?

Smoking Goat
©Paul Winch-Furness

Smoking Goat, Blacklock, Milroy’s, London

‘Soho’s small, intimate ground floors lend themselves to the style of food many want to eat today’

Schwartz's Deli

Schwartz’s Deli, Montreal

Join a jostling crowd at a historic institution

Morada Asador
©Vladimir Studenic

Quick bites: A Spaniard in Soho

Hearty farmhouse cooking and an ‘asador’ wood-fired oven inspire Brindisa’s latest London outpost

The Restaurant at Meadowood, Napa Valley

‘Without a menu, the diner is flying blind, placing all his trust in the chef’

Fasano Lobby Bar, São Paulo

A wood-panelled sanctuary in a frenzied city

The Chancery, London

‘The Anglo-French brigade is fitting since the restaurant feels Parisian, though the location is old London’

Bold Street Coffee, Liverpool

A popular joint in a transformed historic centre

Nusr-et and Qbara, Dubai

‘Sayadieh – black cod with spiced rice, served in the metal dish it had been cooked in – was addictive’

Hawker House, London

‘For a snapshot of the exciting food-and drink scene in London, there is nowhere more stimulating’

Chefs look to dine until dawn in London

Restaurants expected to open later when tube starts all-night services later this year

Rijks, Amsterdam

Fried dough balls were served with oyster ‘braaioli’, a sauce of puréed, grilled oysters

Din Tai Fung and A Wong, London

‘Sales of the dumplings, whether filled with pork, chicken or pork and crab roe, are a staggering 2.3 million a month’

Kosher haute cuisine finds niche in Paris

An innovative restaurant is on the hunt for a Michelin star