Kaupers Restaurant

Kaupers Restaurant im Kapellenhof, Selzen, Germany

‘Pike enjoy nothing more than a duck that comes too close to them in the wild’

Elegance replaces brash fashion

Sartoria, Savile Row, London

‘Though I love a well-rolled lapel as much as I love a decent meal, I could never quite fit the two into the same evening’

Corallo Lobster Bar at La Rinascente, Milan

Five of the best: restaurants in department stores

Where top-notch shopping meets exceptional dining


António, Macau

Portuguese inspiration in the former colony’s quaint backstreets

Inside Baa Ga Din
©Salit Chairoongruang

Le Du and Baa Ga Din, Bangkok

‘Schultz did an immersion course in Thai street food. His dishes zing with flavour and heat’

The Pitt Boss Plate at Hang Fire Southern Kitchen
©Huw John

Hang Fire Southern Kitchen, Barry

‘The barbecue food they’re turning out in Wales is some of the best I’ve encountered outside the Deep South’

Gravetye’s gardens
©Claire Takacs

Gravetye Manor, Sussex

‘The beautiful location and celebrated gardens have inspired chef George Blogg to take his creativity to new heights’

Truc Vert on North Audley street, London - "Great place to meet" feature.
©Charlie Bibby

Truc Vert, Mayfair

French fare and a place for discreet conversation in Mayfair

Pidgin’s exterior
©Vivi Pham

Review: Pidgin, London

‘The brown butter cream shouldn’t be on the same plate as celeriac in any sane frame of reference. But it is, and it’s perfect’

Spain values service and a side of respect

Madrid Notebook: Waiters are courteous and attentive rather than overbearing, writes Tobias Buck

Zinfandel’s Restaurant, Zagreb

Indulge in tradition at the grand Esplanade hotel and take sparkling wine at your breakfast meeting

Tempura Yamanoue and Narukiyo, Tokyo

‘One of the highlights, a prawn from Kumamoto, was so fresh it could have been eaten as sashimi’

Ognisko, London

‘I get through a great deal of meat and this piece, pig-redolent, grill-marked and juicy as all hell, was definitely the best of the year’

No-nonsense Nordic restaurants

‘Brutal bistros’ and the restaurants that are championing an innovative, no-frills approach

Alléno Paris — Pavillon Ledoyen

‘The first course consisted of a grapefruit shell, burnt to a dark brown, that contained a soup made from sea urchins’

Hoppers, London

‘Chicken-heart chukka presents the adorable little organs grilled and bathed in sauce: a tour de force in red-hot offal’

Yoshino, London

‘Our philosophy here is, “Come in, sit down and let us feed you,” she explained’

Havana bars: fit for a president(e)

As Cuba prepares to welcome the Obamas, its capital is VIP-ready with an outstanding selection of bars

Florence’s Resort, Freetown

Sample laid-back Sierra Leone with lobster on the beach

Oklava, London

‘Medjool date butter is not one of the aphrodisiac ointments mentioned in myth but it should have been’


Martin Sandbu

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