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Hawker House, London

‘For a snapshot of the exciting food-and drink scene in London, there is nowhere more stimulating’

Blood shot supper at Dairy restaurant

Chefs look to dine until dawn in London

Restaurants expected to open later when 24-hour tube starts

Rijks’ interior
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Rijks, Amsterdam

Fried dough balls were served with oyster ‘braaioli’, a sauce of puréed, grilled oysters

Din Tai Fung and A Wong, London

‘Sales of the dumplings, whether filled with pork, chicken or pork and crab roe, are a staggering 2.3 million a month’

Kosher haute cuisine finds niche in Paris

An innovative restaurant on the hunt for a Michelin star

Concept 13 Warsaw Poland

Concept 13, Warsaw

Traditional fare in a glitzy new society

Maru restaurant

Five of the best: Tokyo counter-top restaurants

An insider’s picks, from Michelin-starred sushi to Kyoto-style kaiseki and Cantonese tapas

Anchovies on the grill at Kitty Fisher’s
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Grill restaurants in London

‘The tendency has been to grill rather gently, merely adding stripes to a steak. No longer’

Starbucks brews UK profit after 17 years

Under-fire coffee shop chain hails turnround strategy

Dining out in Cape Town

‘This is South Africa, after all, where appetites are large and portion sizes have to be too’

La Trompette, London

‘A Jerusalem artichoke soup sounds pretty straightforward until the extra ingredients are factored in’

Tufnell Park, London

This latest French influx has contributed to a new sense of affluence in the area

Dining out on London’s Walkie Talkie

First taste of Sky Garden on top of City landmark

New restaurant trends for 2015

Venture capital is bolstering start-ups that aim to bring about changes to how, and especially where, people eat out

The counter-top revolution gathers apace

Table service and fawning waiters? Give me a seat at the bar

Maison Pic, Valence, France

In the spacious restaurant there is a studied calm, with nothing to detract from the pleasure of the food and wine

Profile: Maya Meron, Quince Organic

‘Music has its own beauty,’ Meron says, ‘but cooking brings immediate results’

Cheap eats in New York

The chefs make 800 tortillas an hour, filled with hunks of spit-roasted pork laced with pineapple

The meals that made my year

In his 25th year of writing for the FT, our Restaurant Insider shares his highlights from around the globe

Spring, London

‘The redevelopment reveals a style of restaurant that London has not seen for many years’