La Trompette, London

‘A Jerusalem artichoke soup sounds pretty straightforward until the extra ingredients are factored in’

Philip Kendall
©Charlie Bibby

Tufnell Park, London

This latest French influx has contributed to a new sense of affluence in the area

Dining out on London’s Walkie Talkie

First taste of Sky Garden on top of City landmark

From the chocolate board at Wild Honey, Mayfair
©Charlie Bibby

New restaurant trends for 2015

Venture capital is bolstering start-ups that aim to bring about changes to how, and especially where, people eat out

The Palomar restaurant in Soho, London
©Helen Cathcart

The counter-top revolution gathers apace

Table service and fawning waiters? Give me a seat at the bar, says Tim Hayward

Maison Pic

Maison Pic, Valence, France

In the spacious restaurant there is a studied calm, with nothing to detract from the pleasure of the food and wine

Maya Meron
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Profile: Maya Meron, Quince Organic

‘Music has its own beauty,’ Meron says, ‘but cooking brings immediate results’

The NoMad Bar
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Cheap eats in New York

The chefs make 800 tortillas an hour, filled with hunks of spit-roasted pork laced with pineapple

Fish la Boissonnerie, Paris

The meals that made my year

In his 25th year of writing for the FT, our Restaurant Insider shares his highlights from around the globe

The imposing interior of Spring restaurant
©Amber Rowlands

Spring, London

‘The redevelopment reveals a style of restaurant that London has not seen for many years’

Huertas and The Cecil, New York

‘On Tuesday nights, all pintxos are just a dollar each. One customer managed to eat a record 43’

Fu Lu Shou, Hong Kong

The most sought-after joints in this densely packed spit of land are those that are best hidden

The Araki, London

In just two hours, Araki prepared and served a remarkable 11-course ‘omakase’ menu to each guest

Gourmet gastropubs take centre stage

Venues where top-class food is the focus win high acclaim

Four restaurants in Catania, Sicily

The mozzarella was the whitest, freshest, saltiest and most delicious I have yet encountered

Tyneside Bar Café, Newcastle

City centre meeting place with a theatrical connection

McDonald’s: Eating their lunch

The restaurant chain has missed a dramatic shift in eating habits

Colbeh and Ariana II, London

‘The warmth generated by the naan oven made me realise that this set-up is the original “‘open kitchen”’

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London

‘We shared a glass of Barbeito Rainwater Madeira over Smyth’s signature dessert, a lemonade parfait’

The Walnut Tree Inn and The Foxhunter, Abergavenny, Wales

‘The skate had been sautéed, then the shrimps were added, alongside creamy mashed potatoes’