Granger has opened his third London restaurant at King’s Cross
©Petrina Tinslay

Granger & Co, London

‘The ricotta pancakes are now so popular in Japan that they have become the design for a keyring’

The beach view from inside Hostal Empúries

Costa Brava, Spain

‘The inspiration for our mains was local — succulent pieces of octopus and paella with a profusion of squid’

Diners at Animal

Animal, Los Angeles

‘There was succulent marrow inside a roast bone; poutine lusciously topped with chunks of oxtail’

Thomas Burberry cafe London

Thomas’s, Burberry, London

A masterclass in luxury brand extension

Charles Dowson
©Charlie Bibby

Take it from the top

Charles Dowson is helping London pubs and restaurants to grow their own by making use of space on the roof

Bar Luce: The devil drinks at Prada

Where cocktails meet caffè meets Visconti film set

The interior of Taberna do Mercardo
©Joe Woodhouse

Taberna do Mercado and The Greek Larder, London

‘My favourite dish was an acorda of cod and cod tripe that had been gently cooked in a salt cod stock with olive oil, salt and coriander’

Start-up Blue Bottle Coffee raises $70m

Group transforms small artisanal cafés into big bucks

Spanish restaurant tops world’s best

Challengers for best restaurant title emerge in Latin America and Asia

Sage Restaurant, Midleton, Co Cork

Sage, Co Cork

‘Shortly after 9pm, craic, that other Irish ingredient, filled the room, helped by delicious desserts’

The wonder years

The FT’s Restaurant Insider picks his personal highlights from the past 30 years

Little Barwick House, Somerset

‘A restaurant with rooms can be run with a certain amount of eccentricity’

Dining venues revive City’s social heart

Broadgate Circle and old Midland Bank hope to lure weekend crowd

Kin Khao and Los Gatos, San Francisco

‘A hotter version of the dry-fried ribs in turmeric and curry paste left my head tingling’

Jago, east London

‘Solley’s menus get the attention they deserve at night; by day, Jago is mainly a staff canteen’

Ratapoil and Frenchie, Paris

‘Restaurateurs reported that as the fall in the euro attracts more visitors, business is improving here’

Shikumen, London

‘We were here for the Peking duck and the dim sum — and neither disappointed’

Camino, California

‘I have never agreed that service standards in the US are high because the customer controls the tip’

London’s new wave of French chefs

Will a small band of French wine bars and bistros opening in London be the start of a new trend?

Hawksmoor, Manchester

Mancunians do enjoy a special £15 rump-and-chips lunch