US recovery masks tale of many cities

Data on 100 urban areas show patchwork of fortunes post crisis

Immigration reform protesters demonstrate in Washington

Court puts Obama immigration plan on hold

Move to shield 5m illegal immigrants from deportation put on ice

Productivity: It’s a drag

Restoring productivity levels is crucial to boosting living standards and filling tax coffers

A bonus signals a change in elite living

Rich New York husbands often pay their wives for performance, writes John McDermott

Baltimore police charged for Gray’s death

Death in police custody sparked Baltimore riots

Paul launches bid to block NSA programme

Senator wants to stop mass collection of telephone call data

Philadelphia crash shows up signal strains

New system faces morass of regulatory, technical and financial delays

Customers shop in the stores of The Shops At Columbus Circle shopping center in New York, NY, Monday, May 27, 2013.

JPMorgan uses big data to read US economy

Bank launches research unit to analyse 30m of its customers

Los Angeles boosts fight on minimum wage

City council votes for $15 an hour level by 2020

Immigration reform protesters demonstrate in Washington

Republicans need to court Latino voters

Presidential contenders walk tightrope over illegal immigrants

Spy revelations turn the tables on Berlin

German intelligence agency accused of helping NSA snoopers

Nine bikers die in Texas shootout

Tensions have been simmering among rival gangs for months

Boston bomber sentenced to death

Three killed and 264 hurt in worst attack on US soil since 2001

Brown’s balancing act in California

Governor restores surplus by raising taxes and cutting spending

Rubio vows tough stance on China

US presidential hopeful outlines expansionist foreign policy

Global art markets surge ahead

Record-breaking $179m Picasso sale is part of a much bigger picture

A shrine to Barack Obama

Library represents what is good and bad about president’s style

SEC charges ITT Educational with fraud

College operator and executives in ‘campaign of deception’

Obama chooses Chicago for legacy library

Project expected to bring $220m a year to city’s south side

NFL penalises Brady over ‘deflategate’

Patriots punished and star quarterback suspended for four games