US productivity breaks three decades of rises

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Prospect of wage stagnation boosts fear of populist backlash

US fracking bust sparks car debt surge

Overdue loans rise in oil-rich parts of US after drilling falls

Democracy eroded by ‘responsive’ politics

Proper decision-making is through representatives who will trouble to evaluate the relevant facts

James Ferguson illustration, Trump plug pulled

How to defeat rightwing populism

There is a widespread belief that the system is being exploited by disreputable insiders

Officer acquitted in Freddie Gray case

Death in custody of young black man sparked riots in Baltimore

Ground Support, New York

Ground Support, New York

A popular destination for SoHo’s media and tech crowds

Stacie Al-Chokhachi and her son, Dalton, 11, who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, with hundreds of other Duchenne patients and family members at a Food and Drug Administration meeting about whether a new drug for for treatment of the disease should be approved, in Hyattsville, Md., April 25, 2016. The drug's manufacturer and patient advocates argued that it was clear from even a small study that the drug, called eteplirsen, was prolonging the ability of boys with the disease to walk well beyond when they would typically be in wheelchairs. (Eric Kruszewski/The New York Times) Credit: New York Times / Redux / eyevine For further information please contact eyevine tel: +44 (0) 20 8709 8709 e-mail:

US healthcare: Power to the patients?

Families of boys suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy push for approval of a new medicine

Warren’s Uber attack raises her profile

Democrat’s liberal credentials would help consolidate support for the party, writes Barney Jopson

Trump stands by casino scandal claim

Tycoon says he was ‘100% right’ over Native American casinos

US lawmakers break Puerto Rico deadlock

Republicans and Democrats to push emergency debt bill

US presidential bid: Trump’s casino war

Regulators say his tactics went too far against Native Americans

US announces new rules on overtime

Victory for unions that have been pushing for reform

Social entrepreneurs give lift to state

A new ecosystem for public problem-solving is emerging

Elites are to blame for the rise of Trump

A healthy republic requires a degree of mutual sympathy rather than equality

Trump, Putin and lure of the strongman

All vow to lead a national revival through force of personality and willingness to ignore niceties

Trump and the US-UK special relationship

The presumptive Republican nominee would test the bond between the two, writes Sebastian Payne

Anohni, troubadour for transgender rights

Singer has transitioned from ‘he’ to ‘she’ at a time of fraught debate, writes Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

Fed too ‘white and male’, say Democrats

Letter from 100 lawmakers criticises central bank system for lack of diversity

America’s middle class meltdown

The problems of lower median wages and inequality are catching up

Middle class takes a hit in most US cities

Household incomes have fallen in more than four-fifths of America’s metropolitan areas this century

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