Cruz at a crossroads in Indiana

Cruzifer sign at La Porte, Indiana, May 1 2016

Tuesday may be last chance to deny Trump Republican nomination

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Trump’s war with best and brightest

His confused foreign policy still offers a legitimate contrast to Clinton’s

ID 24846029 © Henrik Stovring | Chicago skyline is mirrored in the Cloud Gate (the bean) in the Millenium Park with towering skyscrapers in the back.
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US public pensions crisis looms large

Huge problem of underfunding is crippling many cities and states

Sanders sends a mixed message to Democrats

The senator has shifted the Democratic centre of gravity from within, writes Jacob Weisberg

Chill wind buffets Emanuel in Chicago

Budget stand-off compounded by mistrust of authorities

What pawnbrokers can teach central banks

Just two American companies are still in the triple-A club; Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson

UK graduates have more debt than US peers

Sutton Trust says university may not be worth it

Trump crushes rivals in northeast primaries

Billionaire sweeps five Republican contests to boost convention standing

A moment of truth for divided Republicans

The gap between party rules and popular democracy is widening

Trump: Showman tries out for lead role

The Republican candidate loves the big stage but can he win the ultimate reality TV show?

Prince — Life in pictures

Musician was one of most prolific and successful pop stars of his generation

Singer-songwriter Prince dies aged 57

Prolific entertainer known for long-running dispute with Warner

Trade unions embrace reinvention

Rise in labour innovation and activism in US has UK lessons

Three men charged over Flint water crisis

Defendants accused of tampering with evidence and other felony counts

Harriet Tubman to feature on new $20 bill

Abolitionist to be first woman on US notes in more than a century 

World split in fight over drugs

Differences between east and west to be aired at special UN event

Clinton and Sanders hang on migration case

Challenge leaves campaign pledges reliant on Supreme Court ruling

Shared living moves beyond new-agers

The first co-living sitcom can’t be far off

George RR Martin, fantasy sorcerer bewitches

A universe is locked in the head of the ‘Game of Thrones’ creator

The Republicans face a historic rupture

The white working class’s sense it has been abandoned is perfectly justified, writes Jacob Weisberg