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FCC shifts stance on net neutrality rules

ISPs could charge for faster traffic under certain conditions

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Internet conference document does not mention espionage

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Appeals court considers fund managers’ convictions

Judges back state affirmative action ban

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Colbert’s late-night laughs

My question is whether television’s gain is going to be satire’s loss

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Defence lawyers to seek acquittal or new trial

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Sant Singh Chatwal made illegal donations to three candidates

A textbook case of culture wars in Texas

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President reprises grim visit to Fort Hood

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Drift for work and lifestyle to cities outpaces migration from them

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Record-setting drought touches heart of Silicon Valley

Why Obamacare is a civil rights issue

There is a racial subtext to the American healthcare debate, writes Gary Silverman

Four killed in US military base shooting

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Former prisoners estimated to account for 1.5m-1.7m lost workers