Gig economy poses benefits questions

Electrician wiring a switch

Workers and legislators want regulations for new marketplace

Algorithms can penalise by race

It is easier to blame individual psychology than look for systemic answers, writes Trevor Phillips

Pensions: Low yields, high stress

In the first article of a series, the Financial Times examines a creeping social and political crisis

US manufacturing’s ills misdiagnosed

Robots, not China, should be the focus of job creation policies


Pharmaceuticals: Staying power

An FT analysis shows big pharma still makes billions from drugs after patents lapse

Trump as Nixon
©Matt Kenyon

Trump’s dark inner Nixon

This is not how you win elections, but it is a great way to leverage your brand

Trump faces deep black voter distrust

Republican needs to do a lot of work to win over African-Americans

Park service shows America at its best

All that was missing was the sound of a Copland symphony, writes Philip Delves Broughton

Cyber espionage: A new cold war?

An online ‘auction’ signals a build-up of tension between Russia and America

Springsteen could not come from Sunderland

British cultural chronicles conscript luckless workers to a leftwing creed they have always rejected

US to phase out use of private prisons

Industry faced attacks for putting profits ahead of inmate needs

Clinton gains with educated white voters

Democrat has edge in traditional bedrock of Republican support

The US view

Main concern is influence of exit vote on the dollar

Populists’ picture of a better future

The new normal is unlikely to be a return to settled party rule, writes John Lloyd

The return of American exceptionalism

Clinton’s rhetoric and worldview are strikingly different to Obama’s

Simone Biles: Vaulting into record books

The US teenager stands out at the Rio Olympics as she revolutionises her sport, writes Murad Ahmed

Trump’s tactics make history irrelevant

What path to victory do his supporters see that the rest of us don’t, writes Philip Delves Broughton

Trump’s campaign is harming US democracy

His shock-jock style has a clear undercurrent of violence

Investors hoard to offset economic despair

Asset managers fear that the policy landscape is about to get even weirder and more disorienting

Danger in Trump’s gun remarks

Republican is expert at appealing to wilder rightwing fringe, writes Gideon Rachman