Silicon Valley faults immigration reforms

©Winni Wintermeyer

Tech groups want more help recruiting programmers and engineers

Ichiro Suzuki

Japan’s sporting stars have major league form

All told, 53 players have reached top-level US baseball

Cosby rejected by a betrayed America

Sexual assault allegations cast a pall over a TV icon

Jeb Bush speaks up for Common Core

Support of the educational standards could pose risks in 2016

Lower oil prices cut two ways for US

Boost from weaker prices offset by lower domestic production

Marley: Marlboro Man of marijuana?

Late reggae star to be the face of Seattle group’s cannabis brand

State of emergency before Ferguson ruling

Missouri governor acts ahead of grand jury decision

Pace of Chinese enrolments in US slows

Country still biggest source of international students

US confirms Isis has killed US hostage

Kassig death is the fifth such murder of a westerner

Matt Kenyon Ed Luce
©Matt Kenyon

An unholy alliance against school reform

The moment Obama endorsed this (originally local) initiative, it turned into ‘federal overreach’

‘Socialist’ NFL would fail in capitalist London

American football is subsidy junkie, while running a UK team is ruthless

The case for C-suite marriage counselling

High-profile divorce cases have dragged battle for control from bedroom to boardroom

Augusta golf club opens door to Rometty

Membership comes 2 years after the exclusive golf club failed to accept her

Podcasting enjoys a renaissance

Boom in spoken word content lures advertisers

Opinions clash between US and China

Sino-American relationship bedevilled by fundamental notions

An unethical bet in the climate casino

Election result may bury hope of tackling risks of climate change

US politics threatens Myanmar diplomacy

Washington battle over country’s transition may derail US president’s efforts to win influence

Bitter history tempers hope in Detroit

Decades of inequality stand in the way of the city’s renewal

North Korea frees two US prisoners

Release comes as Obama heads to Asia for Apec meeting

Obama picks low-profile Attorney-General

Lynch would be first African-American woman to hold the post