Free trade suffers for conservative errors

The bogeyman approach has failed progressive agenda and the US economy, writes Adam Posen

Detroit retirees back city bankruptcy plan

Vote caps months of talks with unions and bondholders

Immigration: Life on the line

As the US grapples with a border crisis, FT reporters speak to the immigrants and the Americans who are torn over their fate

US recovery could test healthcare gains

White House claims reforms are tackling rising costs

Emerging economies: Taking a stand

The Brics are creating their own development bank. But critics warn the group is bound by frustration

Californians face water restrictions

Severe drought has caused billions in damage to state’s economy

Honduras welcomes back deportees from US

Women and children given promises of aid and jobs

Buffett, Gates, Adelson scold Congress

Billionaires use New York Times op-ed to urge immigration reform

Colorado pot market bigger than expected

Study puts annual marijuana demand at 4.5m ounces

Activists criticise US child migrant plan

‘We intend to do the right thing by these children,’ says Obama

Bahrain orders US diplomat to leave

Assistant secretary of state accused of meeting opposition group

Disproportionate influence of US ideas

Publishing in top journals has homogenising effect on research

DoJ vows financial sector crackdown

US union stalwart stokes inequality debate

American labour movement fights for its life

Relief for BNP Paribas after settlement

Shares rise and customers back the bank after $8.9bn fine

BNP’s big threat could be to its reputation

In-house investigation was not enough for US authorities

World Cup turns Americans on to football

Team USA has converted many but viewers still prefer other sports

Klinsmann and Low meet for pitch face off

German coach’s fast-passing US team starting to seduce a nation

US academe gives UK a lesson on bottom line

US climate change to hit south hardest

Report backed by ex-Treasury chiefs estimates potential costs