Obama’s Cuba-led pivot in Latin America

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The US has turned the table on many of its critics in the region

On Cuba, no side has got it right

It is strange that the island is still a focal point of US foreign policy, says Cardiff Garcia

Marijuana leaf cannabis plant
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Marijuana becomes a proper yuletide gift

Few consumer goods have ever enjoyed as much free high-quality advertising as pot

Regulator eases bitcoin licence burden

New York is first to float rules for the fledgling cryptocurrency

US-Cuba script written in Papal Library

Obama’s secret diplomacy with the Pope closes a Cold War chapter

Obama opens door to new relations with Cuba

US president displays political courage in changing failed policy

US moves to restore relations with Cuba

Start of talks could end more than five decades of estrangement

Jeb Bush ‘exploring’ US presidential bid

News sets up clash within Republican party

Politics scupper Philadelphia’s gas deal

Council’s fears over utility sale end mayor’s fiscal vision

Thousands march in Washington and NY

Fresh rallies held to protest over black community policing

Business fears Obama migrant plan

Executive order introduces legal uncertainty over false documents

Economy healthy, inflation weak, Fed stymied

Officials may ignore prices as unemployment falls

Person of the Year: Apple CEO Tim Cook

The technology group’s chief executive has faced criticism but he turned things round in 2014

US to impose sanctions on Venezuela

Officials face travel curbs and asset freezes for alleged human rights abuses

CIA shielded from damning torture report

Agency has powerful backers in Republican-controlled Congress

Investec sorry for ‘I can’t breathe’ note

StanChart research headlined with Eric Garner’s words

Shifts and shocks on the soft power scale

The US tops the Monocle Magazine survey, bumping Germany into second

Six Guantánamo detainees moved to Uruguay

Transfers will leave 136 inmates in Cuba military complex

RGIII joins the bench of fallen heroes

The quarterback’s downfall has been played out in public

AstraZeneca wins ‘pay-for-delay’ ruling

Deal with Ranbaxy on generics passed by US court