Indiana signs ‘religious freedom’ bill

Law enables businesses to deny service to gay and lesbian patrons

The last bell tolls for the lethal injection

Now pharmaceutical companies shun association with state-sanctioned killing, writes Anjana Ahuja

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The American century will survive the rise of China

Entropy is a greater challenge than Chinese growth, writes Joseph Nye

US slows Afghanistan troop drawdown

Posture of 9,800 to remain until end of year

Supreme Court to rule on underwater loans

Decision set to have wide-reaching effect on mortgage market


Shuddle, HopSkipDrive: kids’ ride-hailing

Drivers have childcare experience and parents can track the journey

Obama faces invidious choice over Israel

US forced to confront Netanyahu or the Palestinians

Ted Cruz preaches to the converted

Texas Republican courts the voting power of US evangelicals

Ruling leaves Pharrell shaken not Blurred

Singer warns of handicap for creative industries

Bloomberg and Gates launch fund to fight Big Tobacco

Billionaires help poorer nations defend anti-smoking laws

Schock quits US House of Representatives

Questions raised about use of taxpayer and campaign funds

Luxury US malls retain their allure

Grittier complexes struggle as shoppers stay away

Google CFO adieu is classic in iffy genre

Resignation memo mixes work-life epiphany with job offer pitch

Workers of the gig economy, unite!

The founder of the US Freelancers Union wants the self-employed to forge a collective identity

Two officers shot in Ferguson protest

Incident comes hours after police chief quit following DoJ report

The Clinton emails: key questions

Has news conference drawn line under the scandal?

Truckers squeezed in US ports battle

West Coast backlog likely to take months to clear

Obama says racial progress still needed

President hails Bloody Sunday marchers 50 years on

US economy: Digging in for the downturn

Texas towns fear a struggle to survive as oil producers shrink operations

Businesses push to combat California drought

General Mills and Coca-Cola back plans to conserve water supplies as drought hits companies