The fight of Hillary’s life

If she opts for politics as usual against the headline-grabbing Trump, prepare for a tense election

Donald Trump’s evening in America

A foreboding address from the Republican presidential nominee warns of darker future under Clinton

Central Park, Manhattan
©Danita Delimont/Getty Images

New York’s glory in grass and steel

Former mayor helped city regain its connection to the water, writes Philip Delves Broughton

Stoltenberg rebuffs Trump on Nato warning

Republican presidential candidate’s remarks alarm European allies

Trump and the shifting mood on austerity

The Republican convention is not the only place where debt watching is going out of fashion

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Global disorder: from Trump to China

The belligerence of domestic politics is spilling on to the world stage

Twitter’s overdue action on abuse

It is often impossible to separate good free speech from bad, writes Richard Waters

Trump’s flawed Cleveland convention

The Republican nominee has yet to reveal a serious campaign

Trump’s success is not the same as Brexit

Notebook: The populist GOP candidate is far worse than his UK counterpart, writes Sebastian Payne 

NBA basketball players (from left) Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James speak on stage at the ESPY awards

NBA stars’ call for end to racial violence

Stylistic echoes convey US basketball players’ unity via language

US steps up data access for allies

Legislation to boost intelligence co-operation in wake of Snowden leaks

Three police shot dead in Baton Rouge

Former army veteran identified as shooter in ‘ambush-style’ attack

Trump and the west’s flight from dignity

Republican candidate licenses society’s darkest instincts

The freedom of cutting down on choices

Notebook: Obama seeks to be in an optimum state for his role as Decider-in-Chief, writes Helen Lewis

US election: Unconventional times

Some Republicans fear Donald Trump will turn the party convention into a Las Vegas show

Obama urges Americans to reject despair

US not as divided as it seems, he tells ceremony for Dallas police

Help decile of discontent help themselves

Aim policy at improving some skills and leave the rest to robots

Obama calls for unity as Dallas mourns

President cuts short European trip in wake of police shootings

Dallas’s threat to the 2016 race

The vote takes place against the most divided society in a generation

Obama calls for tolerance after shootings

The country is not returning ‘to the situation in the 60s’, says president