Smith & Wesson: rising demand

FBI checks on buyers were up 10% in three months to end July

Beware passionate preachers of populism

Jeremy Corbyn and his ilk are the Elect, not the electable, writes Simon Schama

US court backs NSA phone data collection

Justices overrule injunction on surveillance programme

The wild world of robot investing

Automated computer programs have changed how markets function

Fed’s Dudley cools September liftoff talk

Rate rise remarks show policy makers rattled by market turmoil

Republicans line up for potshots at China

Presidential hopefuls chide Beijing ahead of Xi’s Washington trip

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US watchdog faces shale quake legal threat

Call to update rules on wastewater disposal from oil

White House pushes homegrown power

Loan guarantees for renewables part of US climate change efforts

HOLLYWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 14: Director Joey Graceffa attends the 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards at The Palladium on November 14, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for DCP)

Online media: Small screen, big money

YouTube stars gain appeal even as rivals line up to snatch a piece of the video advertising market

US women launch assault on ‘brass ceiling’

The Pentagon could soon allow female soldiers into combat

Please, Obama, don’t build that library

The president ran for office as a different sort of candidate

Productivity dilemma for Fed

Slowdown flies in the face of popular belief that the western world is undergoing a technology boom

No one is forced to work in Amazon jungle

If it treats employees fairly, the retailer can be as spartan as it likes

Fury and finance fuel Republican campaign

Trump has channelled the anger best but it is not just him, writes Norman Ornstein

Anxiety over US student debt heightens

Despite minimal expectation of losses sharp downgrades could spur investor exit

Brewers’ craft poised to tap more of US

Artisanal beers whet mainstream appetites

Google: Letters of intent

Under the Alphabet umbrella, the internet group seeks to distinguish the visionary from the wacky

Deaths of the truth-seekers roil Mexico

Drugs violence undermines confidence in President Peña Nieto’s government

A balancing act in the Ailes-Trump circus

What’s good for the ratings of Fox News may be bad for the Republican brand

Zombie corporate cash infests US economy

Low interest rates make it hard to achieve returns in capital markets that many have given up trying