Nasa spacecraft reaches orbit around Mars

An illustration of the Nasa satellie Maven on the sunrise side of Planet Mars

Maven to study how red planet lost its water

Californian town runs out of water

East Porterville residents struggle with three-year drought

Two UK universities ranked in top three

Cambridge and Imperial College London come in behind MIT in listings

US more open to obesity drugs

Novo Nordisk medicine liraglutide given nod by US FDA

US citizen given hard labour in N Korea

Matthew Miller accused of acts hostile to the regime

Call for new US trade model

Labour and green groups want to reform ‘fast track’ power

‘Tier one’ sport ambition for America’s Cup

Five challengers for defending champions Oracle Team USA

Obama vows to target Isis militants

US president pledges to ‘go after’ Islamic militant group

Christie takes a bet on Atlantic City

New Jersey governor turns to sports betting to help boost city’s fortunes

Detroit seeks a vision through the blight

Restructuring plan divides bankrupt city’s leaders and residents

Record $350m donation for Harvard

Gift from Hong Kong’s Chan family to support public health school

US midterms: At arm’s length

Democrats are distancing themselves from their leader

China fraud unit questions Morgan Stanley

Shell seeks fresh Arctic drilling permits

Oil company says it wants to keeps option open

Airlines fight for the right to recline

Passenger row highlights problems of flight economy measures

Publishers seek US music licensing reform

US journalist freed by al-Qaeda linked group

Freeing of Peter Theo Curtis follows murder of Foley

Obama orders review of militarised police

Funeral for Ferguson teen shot dead by police is Monday

Earthquake shakes San Francisco

Biggest tremor to hit Bay Area in 25 years

US TV-ad buyers hold back

Advance bookings decline as viewers move online