Liability talks key to UN climate summit

Issue of who pays for losses a sticking point in negotiations

States warn US climate plan is illegal

West Virginia and Texas stage intervention ahead of Paris summit

Trumpism has triumphed, whoever wins

Donald Trump’s invective has disrupted the character of US politics. It will be hard to change

Corporate tax: The $240bn black hole

The $21bn tax savings from Pfizer’s merger with Allergan make need for US to close loopholes more urgent

Pfizer seeks US support for Allergan deal

Drugmaker defends $160bn tie-up as politicians mount attack

It’s who you meet not what you learn

Intrigue your colleagues and increase your allure by getting out of the office, writes Jeremy Shapiro

James Ferguson illustration
©James Ferguson

A case for rapprochement with Russia

Finding a middle ground between entrenched Moscow and Washington could help end the Syria conflict

West sees hope of Syria deal with Moscow

Optimism nurtured by growing signs of Russia’s co-operation as its military intervention falters

Trump hits out over refugees and security

Republican frontrunner says he would waterboard terror suspects

SUV boom
©Matt Kenyon

America’s inconvenient SUV boom

Gas-guzzling models are back in vogue in the US, so why should poorer nations cut emissions?

US divided amid refugee backlash

Calls to close borders to Syrians overshadows compassion

US releases convicted spy Jonathan Pollard

Former naval intelligence officer was sentenced to life in prison for passing secrets to Israel

Scandal-hit Malaysia PM tests Obama push

Corruption claims complicate US efforts to court Najib

US unveils new tax inversion deterrents

Jack Lew heaps scorn on groups seeking to avoid paying US taxes

US House rebuffs Obama’s refugee policy

Nearly 50 Democrats break ranks despite president’s veto threat

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