Clinton paves way for White House run

Speech highlights fragility of recovery and takes aim at business

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Future of US healthcare hangs on a phrase

A Supreme Court challenge could unravel the Affordable Care Act

Democrats split on Netanyahu speech

Questions remain over whether Israeli leader won over centrists

Vote averts homeland security shutdown

Republican leaders extend funding by nine months to end crisis

Petraeus pleads guilty over leaks to lover

Deal caps spectacular fall for celebrated former CIA boss

Clinton defends use of personal emails

Former secretary of state used private account in office

Netanyahu’s brazen challenge to Obama

Israeli leader has shown more courage than wisdom in Washington

Israel PM warns against Iran nuclear deal

Obama administration reacts angrily to Congress speech

Obama tests power of sanctions to limits

Economic penalties punish, but there is little evidence they change behaviour, writes Ian Bremmer

Turkey loses friends and regional influence

Erdogan embraces solitude but wonders why no one comes around any more

Riches and perils of the fossil-fuel age

If nations could agree a carbon tax, it would help create a more efficient, less polluting future

Venezuela orders US to cut diplomats

Tensions have been rising between the countries since Maduro became president 2 years ago

US labour market in charts

Snapshots of the US labour-market’s performance

Netanyahu on Iran — an assessment

In run-up to Congress speech, how accurate have leader’s claims been?

Obama seeks reboot of China cyber laws

Call for change to new rules seen as favouring Chinese tech