Trump in media attack over veterans funds

Republican candidate redirects debate away from money shortfall

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump montage
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Johnson is not the British Trump

The EU Outer is barely similar to the Republican presidential hopeful, writes Sebastian Payne

America’s ties could win friends for Isis

The US has privileged a tactical victory over a strategic one, writes Hassan Hassan

Trump plans to insult his way to victory

Tycoon applying technique that helped see off Republican rivals

Trump camp hits out at reports of discord

Campaign insists operation is a model for the US government

Paris climate deal vulnerable to Trump

How a Republican White House could undermine the accord

US navy officers seduced by cash and sex

Admirals investigated over allegations they traded secrets with ‘Fat Leonard’

Putin ‘crosshairs’ warning to Romania and Poland

Greek visit used for strong response to missile shield siting

Obama allays concern about Hiroshima trip

The Japanese will remember the US president’s gesture, writes Hisao Tonedachi

US growth at start of 2016 revised higher

GDP revision shows that economy has withstood global volatility

Sanders’ purism could cost the Democrats

Some supporters believe ‘the worse, the better’ on Trump victory

Trump puts fossil fuels at US energy core

Republican candidate says restricting fracking would leave US ‘begging for oil’ from Middle East

World leaders rattled by Trump, says Obama

Rare intervention in contest from US president while overseas

Trump tax affairs part of bigger concern

Real estate is producing profits, much of which escape tax net

Contradictions of Hiroshima visit

Obama’s trip is a chance to start working towards a nuclear weapon-free world, writes Joji Sakurai