US Secret Service head quits after lapses

White House to review security procedures around president

US and Afghanistan sign security deal

About 12,000 foreign troops will remain in the country

Putin has fought his way into a corner

Russia’s president is hostage to his own belligerent posture, writes Lilia Shevtsova

US consumers start to lighten up

Household confidence is at its highest level since 2010

Matt Kenyon illustration

Obama’s Faustian pact with the Saudis

By suffocating freedom, Saudi Arabia multiplies the supply of recruits for groups such as Isis

Obama tries to shake off Carter aura

Risk of mission creep in president’s embrace of force in Syria

Politics, not bombs, will defeat Isis

Detente between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran is essential

US attorney-general Holder to step down

No immediate plans or successor identified

FBI claims to have identified Jihadi John

Isis militant is responsible for death of journalists and aid worker

Calls for US vote on Syria air strikes

Recall of UK parliament highlights limited role of Congress

Assad seeks to benefit from air strikes

Syria keen to claim west has joined fight against rebellion

Rouhani charm wasted on Iran’s hardliners

Opponents fear success in nuclear talks could reduce their sway

US hands foreign companies tax advantage

Curbs on ‘inversion’ takeovers hit American companies hardest

US attorney general Holder to step down

No immediate plans or successor identified

US strikes at Isis oil sites in Syria

Washington tries to choke off Isis financing by hitting oil facilities