The ECJ has its facts wrong about Prism

Data collection neither ‘mass’ nor ‘unrestricted’, says Robert Litt

Russia must work with America in Syria

We should persuade Moscow to act with us in resolving such a problem, writes Zbigniew Brzezinski

Illustration for Ed Luce column
©Matt Kenyon

It’s still the middle class, dumbo

Yet no American populist has reached the Oval Office since the 19th century

Assad praises Russia’s new role in Syria

President dismisses efforts of US-led anti-Isis coalition

US investigates Afghan hospital attack

At least 19 dead in bombing of Médecins Sans Frontières hospital

Oregon shooting sharpens US gun debate

State police say gunman had been enrolled in class he attacked

Backlash over Bush ‘stuff happens’ remark

Double blow as poll puts support for presidential bid at 4%

Obama says Congress risks hurting economy

US has five weeks to raise $18tn US debt ceiling

Nobody wants to be the Goldman senator

No politician can fail by demanding Wall Street be disconnected from Washington, says John Dizard

Carson steals Trump show with true tale

Retired neurosurgeon is quietly winning over Republican voters

Weak US jobs rise adds to rate doubts

Economy adds fewer than expected positions in September

Putin risks Syria quagmire over US duel

Russian president goes out of his way to undermine US counterpart

Skirmishes ahead in long US budget war

The government remains open but the struggle to fund it continues

US tightens mortgage lending regulations

‘Know before you owe’ rules push borrowers to read fine print

Sanders gives Clinton a run for her money

Socialist is closing in on the Democratic favourite in cash race

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