New York doctor tests positive for Ebola

Aid agency worker recently returned from Guinea, west Africa

Democrats feel Senate is slipping away

Disillusionment with Obama and tepid economic recovery fuel race

Mexico warns US of sugar war retaliation

‘All hell will break loose’ if Nafta partner triggers duties

Big nations snub Beijing bank launch

Only 20 countries sign up for new institution after US lobbying

Tea Party favourites struggle to keep grip

Voters balk at cuts and policies that fail to deliver growth

Canada accuses US of protectionism

Trade minister says ‘Buy America’ hurts companies and workers

Water: Thirst for life

In California farmers are pulling crops, residents are fearful and politicians looking for answers

Turkey allows Kurds to relieve Kobani

Shift in policy as US drops weapons to city’s defenders

US trade agenda awaits midterm elections

Republican gains could help Obama secure ‘fast-track’ authority

ExIm warns US of export risk from China

New Beijing development banks could crowd out threatened agency

Political landscape shifts in US south

Social issues and race politics are changing allegiances

Boston Fed chief urges end of QE

Blow to calls for delay in ending bond purchases

Pentagon forms Ebola rapid response team

Obama administration seeks to deflect criticism over its reaction

Weak currency fails to benefit eurozone

Depreciation will only fuel inflation slowly, analysts warn

Jimmy Carter flashback – US midterms malaise

Leaders do not lead. Institutions repeatedly fail and no one seems to be held accountable