Judges back state affirmative action ban

Supreme Court ruling upholds Michigan law on racial preferences

Fed on course for further $10bn taper

Expected slowdown in asset purchases driven by recovery

US judges review insider trading law

Appeals court considers fund managers’ convictions

US and Japan step up tariff deal talks

Negotiators warn they will struggle to reach agreement

Ingram Pinn

Obama’s Asia policy is ambiguous

The rise of China is the big strategic challenge facing the US and should focus its attention

Israel’s Ukraine silence at odds with US

Relations already under strain over Iran and Palestine issues

Wage rises seen as threat to low US rates

Economists say long-term unemployment may not curb inflation

Obama aims to revive ‘pivot to Asia’

US president visits region anxious over China’s rise

US could send troops to Poland, Estonia

Military exercises would reassure allies over Russia

US on back foot in web negotiations

Washington has lost ‘moral authority’ after Snowden leaks

US Ex-Im Bank faces fight to survive

Conservative critics regard agency as ‘corporate welfare’

US delays ruling on Keystone oil pipeline

Final decision could be deferred until after midterm elections

Business and state are best kept apart

Adventurism is crucial in a start-up but a menace in government

Democratic donor admits campaign fraud

US to help companies invest in Myanmar

Opening of commercial office follows lifting of sanctions