US scraps move to form Syrian rebel force

Switch to arming local groups fuels risk of proxy war with Russia

Herogram: Edward Snowden’s tweet to Max Schrems on Tuesday after his complaint against Facebook led to the scrapping of the Safe Harbour clause

Data protection: No safe harbour

Will ECJ’s ruling on a pact allowing the free flow of data across the Atlantic help or hurt Europe’s start-ups?

Banks give up US expats’ data to the IRS

US rules follow the public outcry over Swiss tax evasion scandals

Paul Singer on how charity meets politics

Philanthropists should use ‘all the tools in the tool box’

US House in chaos as McCarthy withdraws

Anti-establishment Republicans claim second scalp in two weeks

Clinton, the TPP and the trust problem

The Democratic frontrunner’s about-turn does not do her credit

Clinton tacks left with Wall St crackdown

Democrat tries to fend off challenges from within her own party

Global fight on personal data begins

One can’t blame Americans for complaining about European hypocrisy, writes Evgeny Morozov

US warships to challenge China sea claims

Navy set to sail past man-made islands in contested waters

Ingram Pinn cartoon
©Ingram Pinn

China spurs Modi’s pivot to Washington

The world’s largest democracy needs the investment of the most advanced one

Clinton opposes Obama Pacific trade deal

Move is blow to US president’s efforts to sell TPP to Congress

US targets Chinese groups in cyber feud

Chinalco and Baosteel in sights as espionage tension grows

Digital media disrupts US money politics

Web-savvy insurgents outpoll well-funded establishment candidates

US admits ‘mistake’ in Afghan air strike

Médecins Sans Frontières calls attack in Kunduz a ‘war crime’

Russia’s reckless Middle East adventure

Putin thinks he has taken leadership of the winning coalition

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