Future of the union

Scotland will decide in a referendum to be held on September 18 whether or not to end the 307-year-old union with England

European business chiefs warn on Yes win

Concerns raised that investment in Scotland could drop


Pr-independence goodies are distributed by supporters outside the Birnam Highland Games in Perthshire, Scotland, on August 30, 2014. Support for Scottish independence is increasing three weeks ahead of a referendum, a poll published on August 29 showed, amid attempts by British Prime Minister David Cameron to make the business case for retaining the union. AFP PHOTO/ANDY BUCHANANAndy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images ©AFP
Why it is happening now and what a Yes vote might mean
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Scotland Poll tracker
As Scotland prepares to vote on independence, the FT takes a closer look at polling data in an interactive poll of polls
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What our Scottish readers are saying about the independence referendum
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Symbol of Scotland caught in crossfire

Banking group created by union faces painful move south

Spain warns of Scottish ‘torpedo’

Rajoy says independent Scotland would face long wait to join EU

Brown gives rousing pro-union speech

Scotland campaigners in final push

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 16: Yes campaigners stand near No supporters at Dumbarton Town Hall as former Prime Minister Gordon Brown leaves after attending a rally on September 16, 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland. Yes and No supporters are campaigning in the last two days of the referendum to decide if Scotland will become an indpendent country. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
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Campaigns highlight Scotland jobless fall

Jobless rate falls sharply from 6.6% to 6%, below the UK average

The referendum count: When to expect what

Voting results from 32 council areas will be declared

Johnson mocks Murdoch’s Scottish hints

Sun opts to back neither side in referendum

Polls put No camp’s lead at four points

Markets hopeful of continued Scottish union

Salmond urges Scots to seize the day

No campaign remains quiet but confident

Scotland rejoining EU ‘will take years’

Application to join bloc faces political hurdles

Brown endorses new powers for Scotland

Voters urged to back more control over tax and welfare

Barnett formula risks English backlash

Funding mechanism is seen as over-favourable to Scotland

Cameron faces showdown over Scots vows

Tory backbenchers object to public spending formula

Punters bet on Scotland staying put

Referendum set to be biggest political betting event to date

Better Together pins hopes on ‘shy Noes’

Pollsters sceptical over theory on low-profile unionists

Vote uncertainty hits Scottish building

Tool group says referendum uncertainty hurting sector

Working-class Scots key to Yes camp win

Polling data suggest SNP has support of voters on lower incomes

Cameron in last-ditch pledge to Scots

Promise on spending is signed with Labour and Lib Dem leaders

MPs vow to maintain Scots funding formula

Pledge on funding is likely to upset many in Westminster

Blame game starts as Scottish poll looms

Cameron makes final pitch for union amid claims he was slow to heed warnings

Aristotle and the Scottish vote rhetoric

Independence campaign holds lessons for business communicators

PM begs Scots to avoid ‘painful divorce’

Cameron makes plea at last appearance north of the border before vote

US alarmed by prospect of Scottish ‘Yes’

Greenspan warns independence would be ‘surprisingly negative’

Irish lessons in sterling for Scotland

The experience of Ireland in the 1920s has echoes for today

Trafalgar Square hosts No campaign rally

Event attempts to echo Montreal gathering against Quebec secession

Scots told sterling move risks ‘austerity’

Tighter economic conditions risk popular discontent, says Niesr

RBS ex-chair gives £20,000 to Yes campaign

Donations for fortnight to September 5 released

Salmond calls big business ‘foolish’

Downing Street accused of orchestrating scaremongering

Fears and hopes stirred in Nordic states

Norway’s path to independence not a neat parallel

Yes campaign winning social media battle

Analysis points to slim lead for Facebook interactions backing independence