Future of the union

After two years of campaigning, Scots have voted to retain their 307-year union and not break up the United Kingdom

Salmond opens prospect of new vote

Scottish first minister says UK leaders reneging on promises


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The fallout from the result of the Scottish independence referendum
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Two supporters from the "Yes" Campaign walk back home in Edinburgh, Scotland September 19, 2014 ©Reuters
FT editor Lionel Barber, economics editor Chris Giles and UK news editor Michael Stott discuss the impact of the No win
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'Better Together' supporters celebrate the result of the Scottish referendum on independence at the count centre for the Scottish referendum at Ingleston Hall on September 19 ©Getty
FT capital markets editor Ralph Atkins explains the implications of No vote for UK interest rates, EU membership and English devolution
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Scottish Saltire flags wave in front of the logo for the Royal Bank of Scotland during a demonstration for Scottish Independence, Edinburgh, 21/9 2013 Photo ©:Mark Pinder +44 (0)7768 211174

Salmond complains to FCA over RBS threat

Regulator asked to probe announcement of relocation

BoE reveals Scotland ‘Yes’ plans

Money would have been pumped into banks

Vox Scots: the No voters want to forget, the Yes voters plan to fight on

FT panelists consider what lies in store after the referendum

Brown calls on Scots to petition London

Former PM signs letter urging parties to honour devolution ‘vow’

Prime minister David Cameron gave a press conference in Downing Street after Scots rejected independence
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Tory MPs angry over Cameron vow to Scots

Backbenchers want to see Barnett formula renegotiated

Sturgeon vows to win more Scotland powers

Salmond’s deputy launches campaign to succeed him

Sturgeon declares Scottish leadership bid

Deputy first minister poised for the top job

Cameron says Queen ‘purred’ at Scottish No

UK PM’s candid remarks reveal his relief over result

Salmond insists on job-creating powers

Scottish leader still convinced SNP has strong hand to play

Schedule for Scottish devolution to be tight

Lord Smith’s commission wants November agreement on new powers

Tory anger as Cameron backtracks on pledge

No 10 says new Scottish powers not tied to English devolution

Scotland set for its first female leader

Nicola Sturgeon backed by ruling party heavyweights to lead SNP

Pro-independence parties see membership surge

Scotland’s Yes movement determined to keep fighting

Labour leader moves on English MPs’ role

Miliband calls for commission to look at constitutional change

Scottish vote awakens Brexit fears

‘Destabilising’ effect of referendum on EU membership feared

Brown vows to keep devolution promises

Draft legislation delivering more powers to Scotland could be ready by November

Salmond quits as vote shifts status quo

Referendum will change how UK is ruled

Queen calls for reconciliation

Monarch pledges support in healing divisions

How complacency almost lost a united kingdom

Westminster unconcerned until early September poll sparked panic

Sadness proves the epilogue to hope

Young Yes voters in Edinburgh believe they have time on their side

No vote demands a new settlement for UK

Relief at result must not hide the need for constitutional reform

The union lives, but it may as well be dead

The UK may have survived but the outcome is confusing

Salmond exits, hails moment of opportunity

Salmond to resign as first minister

Scotland votes decisively to remain part of the union

Dublin relieved by Scottish No vote

Break-up of union could have destabilised Northern Ireland

Cameron opens constitutional can of worms

PM angers Labour after linking new powers for Scotland to UK reform

Scottish No vote keeps economy on track

Pent-up demand may now be released

Swing voters hold key to winning formula

Leading pollster explains importance of studying the facts

Chill of reality sets in for ‘Yes Clacks’

Clackmannanshire had hoped to blaze a breakaway trail