Scottish independence

Scotland will decide in a referendum to be held on September 18 whether or not to end the 307-year-old union with England

Sturgeon hails ‘momentum’ for ‘Yes’ vote

Opponents vow more powers within the union in TV debate


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As Scotland prepares to vote on independence, the FT takes a closer look at polling data in an interactive poll of polls
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What our Scottish readers are saying about the independence referendum
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What the impact will be on finance, business and the economy should the Scots vote for independence
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Scots poll has investors rushing for cover

Bookies pull in odds on Yes vote and markets look for hedges

Salmond still claims to be underdog

Tactics over NHS in Scotland seen as masterstroke

Scots polls tighten and markets get nervous

Yes camp advance triggers share falls and currency volatility

Egg-proof Murphy rallies the nay-sayers

Labour MP appears unfazed over ‘no’ campaign’s shrinking lead

A quick guide to the Scottish referendum

Why it is happening now and what a Yes vote might mean

Rapid shift towards Scottish Yes vote

Sterling falls after YouGov survey shows dip in pro-union lead

UK has no contingency plans for Yes vote

Fears of complacency as officials say focus is on making case for union

Scotland’s oil reserves still unclear

Rival camps claim predictions likely to boost their cause

Scotland and the wish tree

Yes or No, the referendum on independence has galvanised a nation, writes John McDermott

Salmond dismisses intimidation claims

Cameron denies euroscepticism aids Yes vote

Salmond claims ‘outward-looking, internationalist approach’ for Scotland

Police probe attempt to sell Scottish vote

Scottish referendum ballot papers were listed on eBay

Scottish ‘Yes’ could be costly

Independence over policy will amount to a little fiscal fiddling

Support for independent Scotland rebounds

Scottish polls: Full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing?

Restaurant Group boss takes company off Yes menu

Cameron defends union on Scottish visit

CBI attacks government plans for EU referendum

Minister open to joining Salmond’s team

Alistair Carmichael’s job as Scottish secretary in question

PM to warn of Scottish Yes vote threat

Cameron re-enters campaign with Scottish CBI speech

City warns Scots on national debt threat

Salmond said country could walk away if currency union refused

Businesses join Scottish vote debate

Campaigners for and against independence claim support for causes

Scottish independence case ‘not made’

More than 120 business people sign open letter backing union

The reality behind Salmond’s rhetoric

Yes campaign in Scotland still has questions to answer

Scottish polls send conflicting messages

A win for Salmond, Scotland’s chancer

Nationalist leader will have given his side injection of confidence

Our Scottish readers’ panel: Salmond did better on rhetoric this time

Plea for Scottish independence may have won over unsure voters

Yes camp can take hope from debate

Salmond seen as winner in TV debate

Feisty exchanges with Darling again hinge on sterling

Three big questions for Scotland

The FT evaluates the position of both camps on currency, the NHS and oil