Scotland votes to remain part of the UK

Army of ‘silent’ No voters set to defeat challenge to 307-year union

Flood of results drains Salmond’s hopes

From Dumfries to Shetland, No votes pile up

Cameron poised to address ‘English question’

PM to move quickly on constitution to settle Tory nerves

Pro-union campaigners cheer first result

Clackmannanshire shows convincing return against Yes side

Piper, Ryan Randall, leads a march to the polling station in Craigmillar, Edinburgh.
©Charlie Bibby/FT

Peaceful celebrations follow poll tussle

Few arrests and a carnival atmosphere in Scotland

NHS workers back strike action over pay

Up to 300,000 Unison members in line for first action in 32 years

Piper, Ryan Randall, leads a march to the polling station in Craigmillar, Edinburgh.
©Charlie Bibby/FT

Scots vote to decide their country’s future

Largest electorate on record expected as opinion polls suggest close result

Sterling soars as markets bet on No vote

Rising expectations Scots will reject independence

Wales faces prospect of diminished voice

Scottish vote reduces chances of getting better deal from London

Scots trauma creates EU poll headache

Lessons of No campaign ominous for pro-Europeans

Scotland decides

Scots head for polls in historic vote

Scottish referendum rhetoric highlights

What local and world leaders have said leading up to the poll

Scottish vote inspires English apathy

Referendum has been met by indifference south of the border

Gloom gathers among Scotland Yes voters

As results come in the pro-union campaign looks strong

Hedge Fund Survey

Live charts of results from each of Scotland’s 32 council areas.

Salmond remains divisive figure for Scots

First minister has been a tireless campaigner but critics see him as overbearing

Tax changes hit wealthy foreign homebuyers

Foreign assets face capital gains or income tax

Universities to face ‘severe strain’

Pledge to raise places will squeeze sector, says ex-Tory adviser

Economists warn of ‘gamble with poor odds’

Academics advise Scots not to ignore risks for future generations

Salmond hails ‘greatest campaign’ on eve of poll

SNP leader urges Scots to seize ‘opportunity of a lifetime’