More powers sought for English cities

Think-tank sees Manchester taking greater financial role

Isis killing will fortify UK resolve, says PM

Britain will take ‘whatever steps necessary’ after beheading

Queen urges Scots to take ‘care’ over vote

Referendum on a knife-edge as final days of campaign begin

Fight heats up for Scotland’s undecideds

More than a tenth have yet to make up their minds

Call to unleash $1tn for social investments

UK says governments must do more to pave way for ‘impact’ projects

Salmond seeks to reassure Scottish voters

Both camps are trying to secure votes of 500,000 undecided people

Sir Ian Cheshire
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Kingfisher chief rejects Whitehall offer

Latest business leader reluctant to take government role

Scottish vote fuels Europe movements

Basque Country, Catalonia, Veneto and South Tyrol seek independence

Why a Yes vote would confound pollsters

If the polls are biased, then it won’t only be the No campaign that is left beaten on Thursday

Catalan activists look to Scots campaign

Breakaway state would face same legal and economic issues

Scotland faces hurdles to join EU

Edinburgh will have to steer course through potential vetoes

Isis militants say UK aid worker beheaded

Video of David Haines’ killing includes threat to kill another Briton

Scotland can learn from others’ mistakes

Independence could earn Scotland a spot in the Library of Mistakes

Salmond says ‘bullying’ will backfire

RMB bond to put UK at forefront

Renminbi bond will be added to UK foreign currency reserves

Johnson selected as Tory candidate in Uxbridge

London mayor will fight seat in 2015 general election

Better Together spurns Orange marchers

Yes vote would have far-reaching implications for Ulster unionism

Nationalism marches towards uncertainty

Academics divided over whether split from UK is for the best

Scottish nationalist warns of day of reckoning

Veteran takes aim at anti-Yes business with polls on knife-edge

The Yes shock awaiting the Scots

However amicably a divorce begins, that is rarely how it ends