Social tenancy shake-up muddles rents

Nearly 75% of affordable rent tenants receive housing benefit

Business warns on SNP minimum wage plan

Scottish National party wants rise at least in line with inflation

Ukip online shop makes £80,000 in a year

Silk ties and safety jackets on offer

Murli Mirchandani

Private prosecutions grow amid state cuts

Growing trend for victims bringing own criminal proceedings

Golden games performance boosts Scotland

Event raises morale before referendum on independence

UK census to go ahead in 2021

Government backs National Statistician’s recommendation

Senior British officers ordered to language schools

Army to make knowledge of foreign tongues necessary for promotion

PERTH, SCOTLAND - MARCH 21: Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party gives his speech to the Scottish Labour conference on March 21, 2014 in Perth, Scotland. Mr Miliband told party members that a yes vote in the independence referendum and a Conservative win in the next general election, would force Scotland and the rest of the UK to compete on cutting taxes and wages to compete globally. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
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Miliband’s talk of big ideas makes for risky politics

The Labour leader is happy to be seen as radical – he should not be

Labour plan to boost small housebuilders

Bank loan guarantees designed to support creation of 10,000 homes

Big housebuilders’ caution curbs growth

The onus for increasing supply falls on a few operators

London companies warn on housing costs

Employers find recruitment harder and wages rising

New fracking licences cover half the UK

Ministers say tougher rules will protect national parks

David Cameron’s four housing ministers

Reshuffle brings planning and housing back into a single role

More homes – but not in my back yard

Efforts by government run up against forces of localism

Housing scheme sucks cash from north

Little evidence New Homes Bonus boosts planning approvals

Germany: A nation of tenants

Only 40% of Germans own their homes

Scots poll the Scots Poles

Polish-born people account for 1% of Scotland’s population

English accents pipe up in Scots debate

More than 450,000 people in Scotland were born in England

Top UK chairmen back EU renegotiation

Disenchantment with status quo among FTSE 100 groups

Cameron attacked over oligarch’s gift

Miliband says UK prime minister has ‘questions to answer’