PM to cut EU migrant benefit claim times

Cameron says he is acting to stop welfare tourism

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham
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Labour calls for NHS contracts moratorium

Voters face forced privatisation of health service, says Burnham

Let universities buy debt, says Willetts

Move aims to incentivise those with unemployed graduates

David Ruffley to stand down as Tory MP

Treasury committee member involved in assault case

Property tycoon gives £500,000 to Labour

Donation third-largest by private individual this parliament

Insiders say it is the first time that 'a successful career in private sector’ was an obligatory qualification for such a senior civil service role
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Whitehall seeks chief from private sector

Advert specifies ‘successful career’ outside civil service

UK loses 35,000 social homes in a year

Tenants receive benefits to help with cost of ‘affordable rent’

Tribunal fees ‘victory’ for bad employers

Trades Union Congress condemns 79% fall in complaints

Rental homes stimulus labelled a failure

UK scheme struggles to secure private sector backing

Social tenancy shake-up muddles rents

Nearly 75% of affordable rent tenants receive housing benefit

Business warns on SNP minimum wage plan

Scottish National party wants rise at least in line with inflation

Ukip online shop makes £80,000 in a year

Silk ties and safety jackets on offer

Housing boom forces conversion of offices

Strong market threatens to choke economic recovery

Lloyds finds it harder to sneer at RBS

Tables turning for banks as Lloyds agrees £226m settlement

Shale gas speed-up faces slow progress

Small businesses attack new HMRC powers

Smaller companies feel ‘unfairly targeted’ by proposals

Miliband’s talk of big ideas makes for risky politics

The Labour leader is happy to be seen as radical – he should not be

Labour plan to boost small housebuilders

Big housebuilders’ caution curbs growth

The onus for increasing supply falls on a few operators

London employers warn on housing costs

Companies find recruitment harder and wages rising