Cameron plans fast-track bill for EU vote

Moves on Human Rights Act likely to be held back

Cameron bullish on achieving Brussels reforms

France and Germany say no to treaty overhaul before 2017

Labour MP Tom Watson speaks during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, London.

Labour’s Tom Watson steps into limelight

‘Marmite’ man emerges as possible deputy leader

UK welfare cuts seen as hard to achieve

IFS study finds proposals will reduce spending only £1bn

Umunna backs Kendall to lead Labour

Union favourite Andy Burnham remains frontrunner

Labour MP, Chukka Umunna, visits a stained glass factory in Brighouse and gives an interview to the FT on the train today.
©Charlie Bibby

End silence on Brexit, says Umunna

Labour urges companies to speak out on benefits of EU membership

Sturgeon vows to fight UK spending cuts

SNP casts itself as leading voice of opposition in Westminster

Founding fathers offer UK a union lesson

A more extensive form of solidarity compensates for differences in needs and resources

SNP must do better on education standards

Reading and writing skill levels are slipping in Scottish schools

Cameron expands Right to Buy scheme

Controversial programme a central measure in Queen’s Speech

Housebuilders set to grow after election

Surprise poll result has caused an upsurge in home construction

Cameron warned not to rush EU referendum

Early vote would not leave time for European reform

Cold-blooded case for staying in Europe

If In camp are traduced as accountants, they are on to a winner

UK market review to push for tougher sentences

FEMR expected to take punitive approach after string of City scandals

Tory whips tell MPs to stay in London

Travel restrictions part of push to ensure government wins votes

TUC warns EU renegotiation may backfire

Frances O’Grady says diluting workers’ rights will hit ‘Yes’ vote

Cameron, Europe and the hand of history

Britain has always attempted to be both a European and a global power

Rigour of BoE report into forex scandal questioned

Charles Béar QC asks if bank’s review could be called ‘thorough and comprehensive’

Cameron points migrant talent towards exit

UK government doubles down on its most business-unfriendly policy

EU citizens barred from UK plebiscite

Only British, Irish and Commonwealth voters will be allowed to participate


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