Smith eyes wealth tax in Labour pitch

Leadership challenger seeks to prise voters from Corbyn

London airports decision due in the autumn

Commission recommended new runway at Heathrow last July

The cost of Brexit trade ambitions

The complex options that the UK pursues are core to how ‘hard’ Brexit will be

UK reacts coolly to Barnier Brexit role

French politician dubbed Scourge of the City for his EU work

Pension penalties for employers rise

Watchdog sees 300% increase in warnings over automatic enrolment

The Bank of England’s response to Out

The Monetary Policy Committee has to decide whether to seek an economic stimulus

Composite of Liam Fox and Theresa May, 2016

May is yet to stamp authority on Brexit

Trade conflicts highlight the difficulty of laying a path to a new deal, writes Sebastian Payne

Brexit: Sturgeon and May’s balancing act

It is in Scotland’s interest to settle for a Norway-style deal, writes Jim Gallagher

Workers’ pay cuts on par with Greece

Unions point to OECD data showing downside of ‘jobs miracle’

Spy services censured over personal data

GCHQ and MI5 accused of ‘aggressive’ use of powers

May pressed to leave EU customs union

Brexit tussle with Fox on trade deals threatens Anglo-Irish ties

Ukip needs to reshape or it will die

The Brexit party is locked in a battle to redefine itself

Ukip wrestles with Nigel Farage’s legacy

Party has to redefine itself following victory for Leave in the EU referendum

Whitehall split on EU customs union exit

Liam Fox hopes to prove gains from leaving union outweigh losses

Wriggle room on freedom of movement

An irony of Brexit vote is that UK net migration could come down without new border controls

High Court challenge to Jeremy Corbyn

Labour party donor claims leadership contest rules not applied correctly

Liberal UK voters in search of new politics

Options include a new party, pressure groups and local alliances

Homeowners’ £18bn tax relief under fire

Audit office calls for scrutiny of loophole for main residences

MPC member shifts stance on stimulus call

Stimulus measures all but certain at bank’s August 4 meeting

Break up FCA financial watchdog, say MPs

Treasury committee makes case for new separate enforcement division

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