Fundraising watchdog to oversee charities

High pressure calls and data sharing to be monitored

Lord Denis Healey at his home in Sussex, 03/04/2006. Photographed for WEFT p.3 Interview.

Denis Healey: political heavyweight who raised eyebrows

An intellectual with the common touch who saved Labour from disintegration

London mayor contest offers stark contrast

Millionaire Old Etonian takes on son of an immigrant bus driver

Banks braced for extra £15bn PPI bill

FCA sets 2018 deadline on claims in rapprochement with lenders

Erica Wagner Illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

A refuge for London’s huddled hipsters

Pricy breakfast cereals from around the world find a home in the East End, writes Erica Wagner

Spectre of Europe hangs over Tories again

Two court rulings set to heighten ‘Brexit’ tensions in party

Two mavericks fight for London mayor

Old Etonian Goldsmith versus ex-human rights lawyer Sadiq Khan

Sheffield agrees £900m devolution deal

Elected mayor to oversee transport, planning and skills

Secretary of State for the Environment, Liz Truss, photographed at DEFRA for UK News.
©Charlie Bibby/FT

Supermarkets urged to promote British food

Liz Truss wants more ‘protected’ brands registered with EU

What to make of Labour economic policy

Corbyn’s cocktail is a mix of delusion and plausibility

Tories field Goldsmith as London mayor

Multimillionaire MP with rebellious streak opposed to Heathrow expansion to take on Labour’s Sadiq Khan

Cameron faces brewing Tory storm on EU

Lawson says he expects prime minister to fail in renegotiation

Corbyn warned of Scottish Labour struggle

Polls predict dire result for party in next year’s Holyrood election

Tory penchant for protecting big business

Ministers could do more to defend the free market in some sectors

Uber rallies customers against TfL plans

More than 118,000 people sign petition backing ride-hailing app after TfL proposes crackdown

EU ‘flawed concept’, says City fund manager

Morrissey feels perils of UK leaving bloc have been exaggerated

Corbyn’s challenges to economic convention

Policy to cut deficit with tax rises for business has merit

UK-Saudi ‘secret deal’ on UN rights panel

WikiLeaks cables say London, Riyadh helped elect each other to council

Sign e-petitions and change the world

Despite high-tech trappings, they remain a feudal mechanism

Belfast and Dublin property row deepens

Irish ‘bad bank’ refuses to appear before N Ireland committee probing £7m ‘fixer’s fee’ claims

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