Lamont quits as Scottish Labour leader

Departure prompts speculation about return for Brown

Cameron angry over €2.1bn EU surcharge

UK officials played role in endorsing budget calculations

Brussels cash: Who knew what and when?

ONS and Treasury knew; PM found out in car on way to summit

Cameron overreacts to a modest EU matter

PM’s dispute with Brussels over a £1.7bn surcharge is unwarranted

London’s luxury housing market freeze intensifies

Sales in prime central London market fall by a third

UK report ‘clears’ Muslim Brotherhood of terrorism

Lawyers say inquiry found no links to terror groups

Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

Close the door on an accidental migration

If you can loosen the rules, you can also tighten them, writes David Goodhart

©Charlie Bibby

‘Mansion’ owners ponder prospect of tax

Many are contemplating selling to avoid Labour’s proposed levy

Poppies: enduring symbol of war and peace

In centenary year of first world war, the poppy’s ubiquity is assured

Why is Brussels demanding back-payment?

Technical issues have caused political mess over €2.1bn charge

EU tells Britain to pay extra €2.1bn

Better-performing UK economy leads to bigger slice for Brussels

UK spies collect international emails

Agencies do not need ministerial sign-off, says Hammond

Cameron puts on brave face in Europe

PM tries to look confident at summit with troubles at home

Osborne says Tories may raise NHS budget

Hint that party could spend extra £8bn yearly by 2020

Hard facts about England’s health service

The NHS boss has put politicians on the spot about future funding

BoE sets out plans for failing lenders

Central bank aims to prevent costs failing on taxpayers

Low rates here to stay, says BoE deputy

Ben Broadbent cites lack of inflationary pressures over 30 years

Osborne to back ‘northern powerhouse’

Greater control, rather than tax powers, to be handed to region

Sharp rise in UK train passenger numbers

Demand beats levels last seen during demobilisation after 1918

Cameron’s pro-EU comments redacted online

Pledge to campaign “with all my heart” to stay in EU not included