Support for independent Scotland rebounds

Yes vote climbs to 47% after Salmond win in second TV debate

Cameron defends union on Scottish visit

CBI attacks government plans for EU referendum

Ukip defection exposes Tory faultlines

Party scrambles to see if other eurosceptics plan to follow

Restaurant Group boss takes company off Yes menu

Letter from pro-independence business people sparks row

UK to unveil anti-Isis plan at EU summit

Call for four ‘urgent’ steps to counter Islamist threat

Ukip’s existing Clacton candidate stands firm

Roger Lord says party can ‘fire me, shoot me, or blow me out’

Ukip defector wakens Cameron’s recurring nightmare

Pushing euroscepticism up agenda hurts PM

Migration soars on influx of EU workers

Figures derail Cameron’s pledge to cut immigration

Douglas Carswell, MP for Clacton
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Tory maverick takes gamble on re-election

Carswell has shown little respect for party managers

Douglas Carswell, MP for Clacton
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Douglas Carswell in quotes

Recent blog entries from Tory MP who has defected to Ukip

Minister open to joining Salmond’s team

Alistair Carmichael’s job as Scottish secretary in question

Cameron’s problem over immigration

Britain’s PM needs a new policy to confront Ukip threat

Carswell’s defection is a pivotal moment

The UK eurosceptics are true believers, and nothing is ever enough for them

Poland and Denmark vie for EU top job

Scottish patriots can vote for the union

If nations are to prosper they will have to pull closer together

UK net migration soars to highest since 2011

PM to warn of Scottish Yes vote threat

Cameron re-enters campaign with Scottish CBI speech

CBI diners face cut-price Scottish menu

Organisation scales back event to comply with electoral spending rules

Privately educated dominate UK’s top jobs

Britain ‘deeply elitist’ says government commission

City warns Scots on national debt threat

Salmond said country could walk away if currency union refused