Corbyn vows to dig in as Labour leader

Jeremy Corbyn is facing the biggest rebellion against a party leader in modern UK history

Party leadership faces the biggest rebellion in modern UK history

David Cameron

Cameron: decision to quit EU is ‘final’

PM urges both sides to reject ‘Little Britain’ mentality

Brexit live – Market turmoil resumes

Cameron appears before Commons; Osborne breaks silence in bid to reassure markets

Ireland greets UK’s Brexit with bafflement

After years of growing closer, islands are suddenly moving apart

Hate crime reports surge across UK

Prime minister and Polish leaders round on perpetrators

The facts, laws and politics of Leave vote

Various EU politicians can demand what they want but they may as well be whistling

Brexit tremors see pound tumble further

● Benchmark 10-year gilt yields fall below 1% ● Cameron rules out second referendum ● RBS shares down 26%

Answers to popular Google searches on Brexit

‘Can I get an Irish passport?’ among most common queries

Tory group breaks ranks on China policy

Human rights report targets ties seen as heralding ‘golden era’

Brexit: the big questions answered

The UK’s decision’s to leave the EU has ushered in an era of uncertainty

Tories opt for rapid leadership contest

1922 Committee timetable gives candidates little time to gain support from MPs or party grass roots

Push to oust Corbyn intensifies in Labour civil war

Mass Labour resignations after criticism of leadership

Brexit: voter turnout by age

Britain faces up to waning global clout

Cameron to address parliament; Osborne to reassure on economic stability

Osborne lies low post-Brexit

Chancellor set to stay at Treasury till PM leaves in October

Labour’s Cold War heats up

Warning that Corbyn will be unable to fill front bench

Brexit waves batter global markets

● S&P cuts UK credit rating ● Cameron rules out second referendum

Brussels to file new Google complaint

Commissioner eyes new ‘objections’ in ads and shopping probe

Juncker under post-Brexit attack from east

Brussels should admit mistakes, says Polish foreign minister

Brexit plan should reflect narrow victory

Control and sovereignty were main drivers of Leave vote


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