Sturgeon appoints Brexit minister

SNP seeks strong Scottish voice in talks with EU

NHS trusts record £461m deficit

Emergency cash injection fails to plug funding gap

Poles for the first time make up the largest part of the UK’s foreign-born population
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UK net migration stays near record level

ONS data say 303,000 came to the UK for work last year

Lord Sainsbury UK’s biggest political donor

More than £2m each for Labour and Lib Dems ahead of Brexit

GCSE passes fall because of forced resits

Those who score less than C grade in English and Maths must retake

The big social networks all rely on their massive international communities to flag up and report extremist content
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Social media accused of terror failings

MPs urge Facebook and Twitter to curb on extremist content

Digital hearing aids ID 19839917 © Aigarsr | Digital hearing aids on young woman ear

Deaf charity warns on mobile airwaves sale

Signal interference in hearing aids ‘catastophic’

Corbyn on train
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Training lessons from the Book of Corbyn

An aspiring prime minister should be able to reserve himself a seat on a train

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Housing construction picks up in England

Tories still short of target of delivering 1m new homes by 2020

Brexit offers opportunities to UK science

Britain needs light touch regulation similar to Switzerland to be global leader, writes John Bell

Call to focus industrial strategy on cities

May urged to follow lead of business and concentrate on urban areas

Automatic citizenship urged for EU medics

Think-tank warns on risk of key personnel leaving NHS

Farage’s Brexit message woos Trump fans

‘I wouldn’t vote for Clinton if she paid me,’ Ukip man tells rally

Oil slump hits SNP case for independence

Economists warn figures show breakaway nation would face huge fiscal challenges

Offshore wind farms hit by subsidy delay

Auction will not happen until early next year

Labour MPs bereft of ways to oust Corbyn

Co-operative will not offer salvation to opposition’s moderates

Carillion calls for infrastructure aid

Britain needs to invest in road, rail and power plants to remain competitive

What if Owen Smith wins?

Labour leader candidate could have impact on debate as it involves

Smith backers predict victory over Corbyn

Saving Labour says online sign-up drive will hit incumbent

UK targets offshore tax dodgers

Crackdown comes as HMRC prepares to receive big tranche of data

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