Cornish nationalists celebrate start of partity

Piran celebration - Jack Bolitho of Bude with a St. Piran flag decoration on his face.
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More powers may follow recognition as a minority community

Nick Clegg vows to fight for EU reform

Liberal Democrats launch European election campaign

Syria conflict a ‘magnet’ for British youngsters

Met warns over the number of Britons travelling to join rebel forces

Europe grants Cornwall minority status

English county gets same protection as Scots, Welsh and Irish

Crime in England and Wales at 33-year low

Downward trend masks rise in shoplifting and sex offences

Deal to house asylum seekers ‘risky’

MPs attack outsourcing efforts to save £140m

Clegg adopts risky pro-EU poll strategy

Lib Dem leader turns up volume in support for Brussels

DWP warns on Scottish welfare system

Report says it would cost up to £400m to create its own

Demonstrators protest against the trebling of university tuition fees

Trebling student fees saves taxpayer just 5%

Research says higher education funding ‘uncertain’

Salmond marches south for St George’s day

Cumbrian audience sceptical in spite of SNP leader’s charm

UK court orders delay in Kazakh asylum decision

Home Office action against Ablyazov on hold until May

UK science drive shaken by takeover fears

Pfizer’s interest in AstraZeneca raises concerns for key asset

Big pharma deals important to R&D

Partnerships will bring tens of millions of pounds to laboratories

Labour cuts ties with Co-op Bank

Party shifts £1m in loans to rival Unity Trust Bank

Shale gas ‘provides huge opportunity’

Industry has potential to generate 64,000 jobs

FBI seeks victims of globetrotting teacher

Sex offender taught at 10 international schools

A clear signal from a Christian Britain

The strength of the country’s religion is less doctrinal than social

Wanted: Multilingual, popular, UK heavyweight for EU job

Protesters say plant fuel may not be green

Biomass could be worse than burning coal in some scenarios

Drax shares hit by subsidy move

Government names eight projects eligible for support