UK’s nuclear clean-up tender ‘manipulated’

Hinkley Point Nuclear power station seen from the coast. The site actually contains two nuclear power stations, Hinkley Point B on the left, an Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor and Hinkley Point A, a twin Magnox reactor. Hinkley Point A has been decommissioned.

High Court ruling raises prospect of potential £200m damages claim

May dismantles Cameron’s legacy

Hinkley decision is latest in series of bold policy shifts

Garden Bridge pushes back accounting year

Backers shift reporting date to avert collapse of £175m project on the Thames

Regions seek guarantees over EU funding

Westminster urged to confirm spending plans for local areas

Company results show Brexit winners and losers

General slowdown includes success stories for some sectors

Joe Cummings Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier: Fighting Brussels’ corner

Brexit negotiator defies the UK view of him as a panto villain, write Alex Barker and Jim Brunsden

Hinkley Point and cost and security issues

UK government was prudent to press pause on nuclear plant project

Hinkley delay catches China by surprise

May’s policy shift puts warming relations with Beijing in doubt

‘Revolving door’ trend takes hold

Former politicians and central bankers seeking high paid work in financial services has a long pedigree

May asserts her ‘method’ on Hinkley Point

Britain’s relationships with China and France thrown up in the air

MPs call time on pubs adjudicator

Tenants concerned by links to industry push for new appointment

Hinkley C should signal a strategy shift

UK industrial policy is hard to get right as there are no quick wins

Shock in eastern Europe

Some states fear that Brexit may leave much of the ex-communist half of Europe in the cold

Environment groups welcome Hinkley delay

Money better spent on renewables, say campaigners

Reactor review signals UK rethink on China

Chinese investors perplexed by decision linked to energy and security concerns

UK delay deals fresh blow to Hinkley Point

Review announced after French utility backs £18bn nuclear project

What Britain pays for an Olympic medal

UK Sport is investing more for Rio Olympics than it did for London

Liam Fox’s first foray into trade talks

Watch the FT’s Sebastian Payne round up the week’s Brexit news

Changing political winds buffet Hinkley Point

Fresh UK delay echoes wider doubts but Paris remains committed

UK trade minister faces questions over role

PM says Fox will not be leading talks on EU trade relations

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