Osborne to pledge £500m to submarine base

Fresh sign of government commitment to £23bn renewal of Trident

SNP pressed to reform unified police force

Opponents of nationalists identify target issue before poll

Migrants on agenda in Cameron’s EU quest

Home secretary wants incomers barred unless they have secured job

Who - Dereck Jennings Where - Hatfield Miners Club When - 13/07/2015 Why - Labour Voter
©Stephen Burke/FT

Ukip gains ground in Labour heartland

Doncaster locals cite border control, crime and benefit reform

Osborne is shown generous way to surplus

Goals are achievable with fewer cuts, says think-tank

Corbyn unites Brownites and Blairites in alarm

Former PM Blair steps up criticism of Labour leadership candidate

Ukip gears up against Labour in north

Party took second place in many seats in May election

The Labour party is too big to fail

Public interest requires that the party’s leadership must be be credible, writes Paul Collier

China unlikely to change BoE rate policy

Exchange rates and global weakness offset domestic strength, says Carney

Beware passionate preachers of populism

Jeremy Corbyn and his ilk are the Elect, not the electable, writes Simon Schama

Cut bloated House of Lords down to size

A surfeit of donors, cronies and ex-MPs corrodes trust in UK politics

Boris’s summer of discontent

Tory pretender plans relaunch as post-election star fades

Google chief takes aim at BBC

Missed opportunities on openness and online audiences

Ministers to alter money-laundering rules

Move follows complaints from businesses about additional costs

Isa deposits swell £20bn in a year

Budget boosts accounts despite average interest of less than 1%

Mandelson warns Labour over Corbyn

Leftwinger’s policies would make party unelectable, says peer

Ex-MPs and aides pack list of new Lords

Non-party figures losing ground in upper house

UK migration target a damaging sideshow

Making the country less attractive to visit is not coherent policy

Community a foreign language in Britain

The UK’s atomisation should show up in public life but politicians struggle to talk about the individual

The Labour party is in mortal danger

The fightback has to end the belittling of our governmental record, writes Peter Mandelson


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