Universities to face ‘severe strain’

Pledge to raise places will squeeze sector, says ex-Tory adviser

Economists warn of ‘gamble with poor odds’

Academics advise Scots not to ignore risks for future generations

Salmond hails ‘greatest campaign’ on eve of poll

SNP leader urges Scots to seize ‘opportunity of a lifetime’

Scotland ‘City of Yes’ is no pushover

Dundee seems to be holding a victory parade

A Yes vote would confound the pollsters

The size of the undecided electorate may decide the result

Beauty and terror divide Scots

Two years of referendum campaigning has divided a nation

Salmond urges Scots to defy ruling class

First minister waves aside worries a victory could roil markets

Nice urges review of new drug adoption

Regulator wants broad debate on access to new medicines

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Designers fly flag for a free Scotland

Representations of St Andrews Saltire add humour to campaign

Campaign leaves Scotland deeply divided

Both sides allege intimidation and threatsas countdown to poll becomes increasingly fraught

Brown returns to fire up No campaign

Former PM emerges as potential saviour

Scottish referendum on the night: Q&A

The basics on what to expect

UK farmers hit at curbs on migrants

Abolition of seasonal work scheme puts harvest at risk, NFU says

Whitehall prepares should Yes camp win

Briefing papers outline key talks that would be needed

Brown makes final push in No campaign

Cameron says he has no regrets over efforts to preserve union

Johnson mocks Murdoch’s Scottish hints

Sun opts to back neither side in referendum

Playing the odds with Scottish vote

Polls and punters split on outcome of referendum

NHS head backs workplace health plans

The Battle for Britain

Many Britons worry about an inclusive identity but allegiance has been eroding for decades

Brown could be the man who saved the union

The former premier’s indisputable Scottishness has made him so effective in campaigning for Britishness