Era of ad hoc coalitions weakens democracy

Hung parliaments leave the officer class pulling the strings

Tory grandees at odds over tactics on SNP

Major warns of ‘blackmail’ but Forsyth sees danger in boosting nationalists

Ministers silent on Chilcot delay

Report into the Iraq war may not be published until next year

Cameron pledges to do more on human trafficking

Government has opposed search and rescue in Mediterranean

Leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party John Redmond (1856 - 1918, left) with Irish nationalist politician John Dillon (1851 - 1927), circa 1910. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
©Hulton/Getty Images

Rise of SNP echoes Irish nationalism

1910 election gave party the balance of power at Westminster

Miliband makes Scottish trade union plea

Thousands of once-loyal Labour members turn to SNP

Sturgeon woos voters across the UK

SNP leader attempts positive image as she launches manifesto

UK backs further welfare cuts, says poll

Tory plan wins backing but the public tires of austerity

UK economy failing to innovate

Key measure of progress in productivity falls for third year

Sturgeon presents her wish list to Labour

The SNP wants to eat its cake and have it too, courtesy of Ed Miliband

Tories pay high price for low reputation

Increasingly voting Conservative is a transgressive act, like being a punk or emo

Labour peer Lord Mason dies at 91

Former Barnsley MP was Northern Ireland secretary at height of the conflict in the province

Lipton raps housebuilders over ‘crisis’

Property developer warns new projects are ‘potential slums of the future’

Productivity gap has grown under coalition

Economists say government has not done enough to address problems

SNP says it will work to benefit all UK

Scottish nationalists use manifesto launch to address voter fears of bias

Key points of SNP election platform

Sturgeon leads manifesto with pledge to ‘make Scotland stronger’

Populus poll puts Labour ahead by 2 points

Survey suggests Tory ‘crossover point’ has not yet happened

Labour and Tories tied among students

Greens win support from former Lib Dem voters, poll finds

Parties agree on tax avoidance crackdown

As election looms, rivals agree on closing loopholes

Westminster minority not ideal but workable

Political uncertainty is troubling but it need not spell chaos