Councils warn of £10bn costs beside cuts

WEALTH MAGAZINE West Hall Care home Surrey, part of a trend for care catering to wealthy pensioners. Pictured Residents taking part in Tai Chi. Credit: David Parry/ FT
©David Parry

Living wage and social housing policies add to squeeze

Cameron walks tightrope ahead of EU talks

PM rejects opt-out call on social affairs but is upbeat on deal

Cameron waters down EU employment demands

Move to maintain cross-party coalition for in vote

London and Dublin to intervene in Stormont crisis

Unionists split in aftermath of murder of two former IRA gunmen

Osborne hails Scottish investments

SNP denounces chancellor’s arrogance over Faslane cash

SNP rails at Osborne’s Faslane investment

Party firmly opposed to Trident nuclear missiles

Osborne’s £500m sub base pledge

Fresh sign of government commitment to £23bn renewal of Trident

SNP’s incompetence as party of government

Scots should be asking hard questions about the nationalists’ record

An overview of the ‘jungle’, the camp that has grown up alongside the Jules Ferry refugee centre in Calais since it opened in January
©Charlie Bibby

France to build refugee camp in Calais

Site will be like that at Sangatte which was closed 13 years ago

David Cameron wants to capitalise on his general election triumph
©Charlie Bibby

Opposition not Cameron’s biggest problem

PM makes unforced errors by either disregarding advice or poor party management, writes Iain Martin

Refugee crisis shows how we have changed

Prewar heroism that rescued thousands of children is all but unthinkable today, writes Martin Sandbu

UK tax breaks spur £3bn North Sea project

Maersk-led development of Culzean field follows measures announced in March Budget

SNP pressed to reform unified police force

Opponents of nationalists identify target issue before poll

Migrants on agenda in Cameron’s EU quest

Home secretary wants incomers barred unless they have secured job

Ukip gains ground in Labour heartland

Doncaster locals cite border control, crime and benefit reform

Osborne is shown generous way to surplus

Goals are achievable with fewer cuts, says think-tank

Corbyn unites Brownites and Blairites in alarm

Former PM Blair steps up criticism of Labour leadership candidate

Ukip gears up against Labour in north

Party took second place in many seats in May election

The Labour party is too big to fail

Systemically important parties must have credible leaders

China unlikely to change BoE rate policy

Exchange rate movements and global weakness offset domestic strength in the UK economy


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