EU member states act to curb migrants

London alone in trying to introduce limit on numbers

DYHG27 Bank of England
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BoE failure hits house sale transactions

Central bank system used to transfer money in property deals

Clegg seeks protection for journalists

Lib Dems push law change to assist responsible reporting

Ofgem defends price comparison websites

Business model depends on suppliers who pay commission

BoE launches review after payments crash

Settlement system down for more than 9 hours

Labour announces limited reshuffle

Pat McFadden, a former Tony Blair aide, is made shadow minister for Europe

Eurosceptics seek immigration trap for PM

Cameron to outline policy before Christmas

Alan Milburn who chairs the social mobility and child poverty commission
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UK risks permanent divide, says Milburn

Social mobility commission report warns of increase in poverty

Labour ‘mansion tax’ to cost £250 a month

Charge on £2m-£3m properties revealed by shadow chancellor

Tory plans risk EU exit, warns Clegg

Lib Dem leader accuses Conservatives of panicking on immigration

UK backs unlicensed medicines bill

New drugs for terminally ill would help cure cancer, says Saatchi

Companies question reliance on graduates

Apprenticeships seen as answer to skills shortages

Public sector cuts worsen low-pay trap

Employers missing chance to increase productivity

Investors weigh Venezuela debt default

Cost of buying insurance against default jumps to five-year highs

Cameron takes Britain closer to the exit door

The PM’s pledge to curb EU immigration is an unrealistic gamble

Borders and budgets could lay Europe low

Unrest over sovereignty issues risks pushing EU to the point of no return

Thatcher’s policy adviser Hoskyns dies

PM’s first policy unit chief drove efforts to reverse UK’s economic decline

Britons have little cause for miserablism

The country is now richer, freer, more roundly envied. Yet all talk is of decline

Miliband’s minimum wage plan under fire

Milburn says £8 target by 2020 is not ambitious enough

Britain ‘irrelevant’ without EU, says Barroso

Outgoing European president fires parting shot at Cameron