Calais ‘Jungle’ raises Anglo-French heat

Rudd and Cazeneuve to meet amid calls to end border control deal

BMW 330e handout

Salary sacrifice schemes face reform

Treasury to review pay-for-perks swap as cost to public purse rises

European group offers post-Brexit plan

Move would see UK budget payments but immigration controls

The competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager circulated a 130-page ruling on Apple's tax affairs in Ireland
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Apple faces multibillion EU tax bill

Brussels decides tech group received illegal Irish state aid

Corbyn could be Labour party’s saviour

Social democrats have been laid low in Europe by the populist left, writes Stephen Bush

Challenges facing British housing market

A crash may be avoided but serious structural problems remain

Stephen Howard will step down after 11 years at the helm of Business in the Community in September
©Anna Gordon

Tax practices ‘open sore’ of business

Head of CSR charity says scandals about avoidance undermine public trust

The Lee Tunnel will connect with the Thames Tideway Tunnel Please credit Thames Water
©Thames Water

London’s ‘super sewer’ in funding probe

Audit Office to examine cost of £4.2bn tunnel to taxpayers

Whitehall woes: Europhile mandarins were reported to be 'miffed' about having to make Brexit happen
©Charlie Bibby

Tory MPs accused of Brexit ‘paranoia’

Head of union for top civil servants says they are not trying to block the process

The FT visits Hinkley Point Nuclear Powerstation in Somerset for UK News.

Hinkley supporters make last-ditch push

Union leaders call for an end to ‘faffing’ over £18bn scheme

Union boss blames cuts for rail strikes

Mick Cash, head of the RMT, insists trains will be less safe without guards

Weak EU champions hasten a hard Brexit

The defeated should now argue the case for a close relationship

Political Diary

Mariano Rajoy will submit his candidacy for a second term as prime minister of Spain

Labour’s voter disconnection

Corbyn or Smith will need to be radical

The burkini and a crisis of confidence

Muslims’ visibility reflects an ownership over their dual identities, writes Mehreen Khan

Whitehall faces racial inequality audit

Departments will publish data on how they treat different ethnic groups under May’s One Nation drive

UK nuclear industry hit by fresh turmoil

Threat of legal action over botched £7bn clean-up

Bars and restaurants toast night Tube

City searches for ‘tsar’ to champion night economy

Business defiance highlights Labour crisis

Companies ignore Opposition as leadership vote hangs over party

Obituary: Peter Barry, 1928-2016

Architect of 1985 Anglo-Irish deal that paved way for peace

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