Pupils offered courses in real-life maths

Syllabus to cover interest rates and profit margins

Will Pomory of the National Association of Pension Funds said 'a good pension' should be the priority for most fund members
©David Parry

Set up social pension funds, says report

Hundreds of billions of pounds could aid good causes, say authors

Most Scots back independence, says poll

SNP on course for election landslide in Edinburgh parliament

Northern cities back elected mayors

Regions keen to secure powers promised by Osborne

Academics lash ‘damaging’ Corbynomics

Economists say in letter to FT that policies not thought through

Osborne awaits sacrifices to austerity

Radical options may keep shake-ups in departments’ own hands

Labour leadership candidate A ndy Burnham aims to improve the party's relationship with the corporate world

Burnham plans to abolish business rates

Labour leadership candidate aims to boost party’s corporate links

Europe criticises Cameron’s No to migrants

UK’s refusal to take refugees complicates EU renegotiations

unrolling a gigantic green carpet
©James Fryer

Green heating subsidies to be pruned

Ministers have outlined cuts to the Renewable Heat Incentive

Eurostar delays after migrants found

Train operator suspended services as refugees found on tracks

UK PM pushed into deal on EU vote rules

Premier rows back on purdah period to head off eurosceptic ambush

North needs extra £50bn, says report

Region ‘condemned to mediocrity because of lack of investment’

Javid to cut business and student support

Minister believes industry should take more responsibility

Northern powerhouse minister pledges cash

Wharton says new funding is not always best way to stoke growth

Moderates urged to back Corbyn if he wins

Approval could come if candidate changes stance on EU, Trident and Nato

Cameron steers clear of initial Yes campaign

Pro-Europe group in hunt for leading cross-party players

Cameron wisely refrains from fighting old battles

Leave rows about the EU social chapter to nostalgic eurosceptics

Cameron told to rewrite Brexit poll question

Current phrasing biased towards staying in, says electoral watchdog

Brexit campaign under fire

Ukip leader Nigel Farage seen as partisan and divisive

London cabbies try to cut up Uber

Black taxis to offer fixed fares for journeys


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