Mandelson warns Labour over Corbyn

Labour must end the trade unions' "abuse and inappropriate" influence over its leadership selection process, Peter Mandelson has said as he savaged the party's election approach
©Jeff Overs/BBC/PA

Leftwinger’s policies would make party unelectable, says peer

Ex-MPs and aides pack list of new Lords

Non-party figures losing ground in upper house

Solar Panel

UK solar panel subsidies face deep cuts

Government plans to end assistance for small-scale projects

Spectre of IRA saps Stormont of stability

Fallout from murder of one-time member stirs renewed crisis

Net immigration hits high of 330,000

Government calls latest statistics ‘deeply disappointing’

Peerages pose questions for credibility of Lords

Additions to chamber forecast to cost taxpayers over £1.3m a year

SNP call for federal BBC raises alarm

Opponents worry broadcaster could fall under nationalists’ sway

Police Scotland chief resigns early

Confidence in force had been damaged by a series of controversies

Business hits at UK net migration target

Institute of Directors says ministers lack long-term plan

UK migration target a damaging sideshow

Making the country a less attractive place to visit is not a coherent policy

Community a foreign language in Britain

The UK’s atomisation should show up in public life but politicians struggle to talk about the individual

The Labour party is in mortal danger

The fightback has to end the belittling of our governmental record, writes Peter Mandelson

Tax tribunal fee proposals criticised

Lawyers warn that new charges would undermine access to justice

Enterprise zones attract £2.2bn investment

Tax-friendly areas create 19,000 jobs and draw in 540 companies

Proctor stirs unease at sex abuse probes

Police accused of pursuing inquiries based on incomplete evidence

Ulster Unionists move increases crisis

Withdrawal from executive risks undermining cross-party system

Britain’s never-ending inquiry into the Iraq war

The remit of Chilcot’s investigation was far too broad

Starter homes too expensive, says Shelter

Study challenges view that 200,000 planned properties will be affordable by those on typical incomes

Chilcot resists push for report deadline

‘Maxwellisation’ right-of-reply process extends inquiry timetable

Experts dubious on women-only carriages

Corbyn’s concept branded as a backward and difficult to introduce


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