Brown vows to keep devolution promises

Draft legislation delivering more powers to Scotland could be ready by November

How complacency almost lost a united kingdom

Westminster unconcerned until early September poll sparked panic

Tension rises in Glasgow stand-off

Union flag-waving crowd seeks to provoke independence activists

Labour vows to tackle gender pay gap

Large employers would have to be more transparent on earnings

Sadness proves the epilogue to hope

Young Yes voters in Edinburgh believe they have time on their side

Queen Elizabeth greet Alex Salmond, who led the Yes campaign
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Queen calls for reconciliation

Monarch pledges support in healing divisions

Salmond quits as vote shifts status quo

Despite failing to gain independence, referendum will change how UK is ruled

Ellen Forson of the Yes campaign at their headquarters in Alloa, Scotland. To go with Mathew Engel copy.
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Chill of reality sets in for ‘Yes Clacks’

Clackmannanshire had hoped to blaze a breakaway trail

Britain in £12m Calais immigration plan

Joint project with French government aims to improve border controls

The union lives, but it may as well be dead

The UK may have survived but the outcome is confusing

Ministers acted illegally on legal aid cut

Swing voters hold key to winning formula

Leading pollster explains importance of studying the facts

Wales cautious Cameron’s pledge

Now is the time to refurbish the British state

The danger is that politicians in Westminster return to business as usual ahead of next year’s election

No vote demands a new settlement for UK

Relief at result must not hide the need for constitutional reform

Cameron opens constitutional can of worms

City relieved but wary of unresolved issues

Threat abates of mass exodus of financial institutions after Scots’ vote

David Cameron’s fightback begins

British PM’s promise of more powers for the English angers Labour

Tears and cheers in Scots’ night of passion

Mood swings as defeat and victory finally dawn

Greater autonomy will remain a UK issue

The country’s modest world role will shrink