Cameron in last-ditch pledge to Scots

Promise on spending is signed with Labour and Lib Dem leaders

MPs call for passport fee refunds

Agency ‘making profit on a basic right’

Yes campaign winning social media battle

Analysis points to slim lead for Facebook interactions backing independence

Two UK universities ranked in top three

Cambridge and Imperial College London come in behind MIT in listings

Blame game starts as Scottish poll looms

Cameron makes final pitch for union amid claims he was slow to heed warnings

UK does not know location of Isis hostages

Foreign secretary adds Britain will play ‘leading role’ in coalition

Irish lessons in sterling for Scotland

The experience of Ireland in the 1920s has echoes for today

Let's Stay Together demo in Trafalgar Square
©Rosie Hallam

Trafalgar Square hosts No campaign rally

Event attempts to echo Montreal gathering against Quebec secession

PM begs Scots to avoid ‘painful divorce’

Cameron makes plea at last appearance north of the border before vote

US alarmed by prospect of Scottish ‘Yes’

Greenspan warns independence would be ‘surprisingly negative’

RBS ex-chair gives £20,000 to Yes campaign

Donations for fortnight to September 5 released

Salmond calls big business ‘foolish’

Downing Street accused of orchestrating scaremongering

A united kingdom requires more than gifted amateurism

Irreversible promises to do with governing are being thrown around by desperate men

Fears and hopes stirred in Nordic states

Vibrant nationalism fights shy unionism

Dismal times have made it easier to champion a brave new future

A very bad time to break up Britain

Scottish nationalists could soon find there are worse people in the world than London’s ‘Tory toffs’

Queen urges Scots to ‘think carefully’

More powers sought for English cities

Think-tank sees Manchester taking greater financial role

Isis killing will fortify UK resolve, says PM

Britain will take ‘whatever steps necessary’ after beheading

Fight heats up for Scotland’s undecideds

More than a tenth have yet to make up their minds