Thatcher’s home on the market for £30m

Cinema and bar lie behind Iron Lady’s steel front door

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 04: A general view of Curzon Street on June 4, 2009 in London. (Photo by Bruno Vincent/Bruno Vincent)

Mayfair restaurants are off

Chefs packing up and cashing in on soaring West End rents

Survey of FTSE finds Brexit complacency

Despite potential impact, few companies have contingencies for leaving EU

Top UK businesses unprepared for Brexit

FTSE blue-chips making few contingency plans


UK business looks to woo ‘Chinese pound’

Tourism from China has shot up but spending is slowing

Tube strike off but more are scheduled

Maintenance workers’ dispute adds to action by station staff

A new in-take of workers arrice on the Kittiwake platform, in the North Sea
©Robert Omerod

North Sea oil companies in debt spillage

Operations in world’s most expensive field are under threat

The flaw in the campaign for Brexit

Advocates of departure from the EU cannot agree what ‘Out’ means

Age UK to ‘keep focusing on commerce’

Charity says its millions keep it independent from government

Burberry Womenswear

Burberry reshapes fashion’s seasons

Changing consumer culture prompts retail strategy revamp

Top London lawyers charge £1,000 an hour

Fees almost the same as US counterparts — only in sterling

MPs concern over clean-up of steel plant

Government pressed over lack of information over future of Redcar

HS2 headquarters opens amid cost dispute

Price tag for northern section has jumped 38%, it is claimed

UK refuses to give up bonus cap battle

Bank of England points to unintended consequences of EU rules

Age UK earning millions from commissions

Charity commercial arm promotes insurance, energy and funerals to elderly

Pensions minister warns on business costs

Ros Altmann says government will be careful about automatic enrolment

FCA extends accountability regime to HFT

Rules to capture traders working across wholesale markets

Bank of England cuts UK growth forecasts

Monetary Policy Committee votes 9-0 to keep interest rates on hold

Oil majors must tailor strategy to reality

A plentiful supply demands fresh ideas from the industry

Gurkhas lose savings in £50m Ponzi scheme

City of London police call on Nepalese community to come forward and give evidence

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