High-pay lobby group appoints new head

FT Staff. Stefan Stern byline.
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Stefan Stern calls for greater clarity on executive pay

Adonis to make plans for three big schemes

Experts doubt commission’s power and idea to tap pension funds

Steelworks supplier warns on redundancies

Efforts under way to preserve coke ovens at the historic complex

Lloyds share sale tests investor appetite

Bank’s £2bn offer to individuals is 5% discount to market price

High Court in London to rule on legality of Uber app

Transport authority asks judge to decide if app is a taximeter

Johnson warns Osborne over tax credits

London mayor wants to position himself as ‘One Nation’ Tory

Conservative Party conference in Manchester. Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, delivers his keynote speech this morning.
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Osborne’s vision for a devolved Britain

Chancellor has set out a coherent manifesto, poaching Labour turf

chart: Lloyds share price

Lloyds shares offered to retail investors

Analysts question value to taxpayer over ‘drip-feed’ programme

UK service sector growth slows

Unexpectedly weak data add to evidence economy is cooling

London City skyline
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CFOs signal sharp dip in UK risk appetite

Perceptions of uncertainty rise sharply, says Deloitte survey

Cameron pushes ahead with tax credit cuts

Think-tanks claim families will be significantly worse off

London mayor vetoes stricter diesel curbs

Cutting pollution has to be balanced with city’s economic health

Osborne’s minimum wage under attack

Low Pay Commission head warns of more job losses than predicted

Minimum wage tests Low Pay Commission

Body tasked with monitoring policy faces mixed picture across UK

Pro-Europe campaign plays catch-up

Out group has already formed its executive team

Hostility to Garden Bridge mounts

Project loses political support amid uncertainty over funding

Last chance to bag a free carrier

All retailers in England with more than 250 staff will be charging at least 5p

Virgin automatically pays for late trains

System ends need to fill in forms but is only for advance tickets

Stamp duty hits top London house prices

Most expensive homes fall 5% as buyers turn to cheaper options

Comment: Time to halt PPI gravy train

Banks have learnt their lesson; ambulance chasers have not

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