Scots prefer being in UK to EU, poll says

YouGov survey shows only 45% back independence for sake of EU

MPs call time on pubs adjudicator

Tenants concerned by links to industry push for new appointment

Hinkley Point Nuclear power station seen from the coast. The site actually contains two nuclear power stations, Hinkley Point B on the left, an Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor and Hinkley Point A, a twin Magnox reactor. Hinkley Point A has been decommissioned.

UK’s nuclear clean-up tender ‘manipulated’

High Court ruling raises prospect of potential £200m damages claim

House prices lift inheritance tax receipts

London and south-east responsible for almost half annual bill

Stephen Martin new head at Institute of Directors at Iod Director of The Year Awards 2013. Winners. > >
©Simon Brooke-Webb

Construction chief to lead IoD

Stephen Martin has been at helm of Clugston Group for 10 years

Barclays shares rally after profits drop

Strong credit cards and debt trading performance offsets PPI cost

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