Human traffickers advertise on Facebook

Screengrabs of three Facebook pages which offer advice and prices of transportation for migrants seeking to make the dangerous crossing to Europe

Smugglers promise reliable and comfortable journey

Egypt’s ‘hanging judge’ faces criticism

Fear that Egyptian judiciary has become too supportive of regime

Tripoli rejects military action

Self-declared authority wants recognition before military action

Egyptian autocracy bodes ill for region

Prospects bleak without alternative to extremism or autocratic rule

Saudi calls end to Yemen bombing operations

Riyadh halts first phase of anti-Houthi campaign

Iran charges journalist with spying

Move could be bid to sabotage detente with US, say analysts

Egypt’s Morsi sentenced to 20 years in jail

First elected leader guilty of using violence against protesters

Young Arabs lose faith in democracy

Many now see Isis as biggest threat, survey shows

US beefs up naval force off Yemen coast

Aircraft carrier and cruiser to help watch Iranian vessels

Smugglers proliferate in Libya chaos

Weak government allow gangs to move migrants across borders

Reality of Europe’s migrant crisis

Agreement on greater burden-sharing not certain since numbers are unknown

Obama’s welcome Kissinger realism

The essence of diplomacy: when adversaries come to terms, neither gets everything they want

The shame of Europe over migrant boat people

The bloc needs to fund a proper rescue mission in the Mediterranean

Iraq fails to halt Isis advance in Anbar

Attempts to reduce reliance on Shia militias results in gains by jihadists

Beauty and strife collide at Bardo

A place of horrible death only weeks ago now seems full of life

Truckers navigate Isis-controlled roads

Journeys underscore the disruption war is dealing to region’s trade links and economies

Syrian rebels heartened by Sunni unity

Military gains on northern and southern frontiers point to co-ordination

French judge leads fight against jihadism

Marc Trévidic says France faces surge of people back from Syria

Corruption claims plague Libya’s rulers

Rival administrations said to be inept or practising nepotism

Obama foreign policy doctrine takes shape

US president banks on engagement with old foes Iran and Cuba