Child’s murder unleashes social media storm

Setayesh Ghoreishi
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Outcry from Iran’s civil society prompts judiciary to fast-track case

Turkey realises Syrian refugees are staying

Sanliurfa region makes plans for 410,000 fugitives from war

Fading ceasefire brings carnage to Aleppo

US and Russia press warring parties to pull back from destruction

Ingram Pinn illustration

Egyptian satire and slim propaganda text

The country is more repressive than during the rule of Mubarak

Saudi Arabia pledges economic overhaul

Kingdom targets $2tn initial public offering of Saudi Aramco

Egypt protesters clash over Saudi move

Demonstrators gathered after a police lockdown in central Cairo

US and UK ‘desperate’ to stabilise Libya

Obama focuses on reinforcing new government in Tripoli

A protest in Kafranbel on the 5-year anniversary of the uprising against Assad. (Twitter/Raed al-Fares) On January 10, the Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group in Syria,
©Twitter/Raed al-Fares

Syrian protesters brave the streets

Rallies against Assad a reminder of early days of uprising

Samaritans form West Bank bridge of peace

Tiny, ancient community lives peacefully among warring sides

Israel says Hamas carried out bus bomb

Political stakes raised in a six-month wave of violence

Sisi loses lustre as anger grows in Egypt

Red Sea islands handover adds to economic discontent

Hundreds feared dead after Med shipwreck

Sinking would be worst refugee maritime tragedy for a year

Syrian peace talks close to collapse

Opposition announces ‘pause’ in participation in Geneva negotiations

Obama seeks to reshape US-Saudi relations

Despite frictions, the kingdom remains an important partner of America

Merkel should protect press freedom

The threats to freedom of speech in Europe are mounting

Saudis warn US on 9/11 responsibility law

Riyadh says it will protect its investments from any seizure attempt as Obama prepares visit

Israel will never give up Golan, says Netanyahu

PM digs in on occupied territory on Syria’s Independence Day

Cairo street protesters echo 2011 revolt

Rare display of public defiance at handover of Red Sea territories

EU yet to face moral reckoning on migrants

A tough returns policy is only half the story

Sisi attacks social media over student death

Egyptian president hits back at accusations that security forces murdered researcher