Libyan Islamists push hardline agenda

Three years after Gaddafi was overthrown the country is in chaos

Turkey opens border to 60,000 Syrian Kurds

Country also secures release of 49 hostages captured in Iraq

Yemeni Houthi militants clash with army

Fears that sectarian violence could derail democratic transition

Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey

Country opens border a day after Isis seizes 24 villages in the region

France launches air strikes in Iraq

French fighter jets ‘completely destroy’ Isis depot

Isis fighters surround Syria Kurdish town

Militias plead for help from Turkish Kurds

Isis beheading plan thwarted in Australia

Police arrest 15 people in raids in Sydney and Brisbane

For or against Isis, Iran must choose

Tehran will show its colours in its attitude to the caliphate it helped build, says Frederic Hof

Warning over Isis cyber threat

Leading security company says terrorists are hoarding technology

Al-Qaeda groups offer support to Isis

North African and Yemeni branches defy official leadership

Syrian Kurds eye greater role in Isis fight

YPG believed to be affiliated with blacklisted terrorist group

Turkey considers Isis buffer zone

Southern border seen as exposed to terrorist-held areas

US jets strike Isis to help Iraqi military

First attacks in direct support of Baghdad’s troops

US must win over Arab regimes on Isis

Superpower must explain past failures and demonstrate commitment

Think Lebanon not D-Day in Isis campaign

Insurgents can take comfort in the divisions plaguing its enemies

Israel denounces protesting reservists

Group refuses to spy on Palestinians

Doubts raised on US use of Somali strategy

Regional experts sceptical that policy can work in Iraq and Syria

Isis in Syria braces for western attack

Islamist extremists shifting their forces, say Syrian activists

Cautious Iraqi welcome for US intervention

Sunnis and Shias warn air strikes can only operate in certain areas

Obama prepares for fresh military action

US president sets out case on why Isis must be defeated