Algeria set to retain its ailing leader

State apparatus, business and public all support ailing president

An undue chill greets Iran’s nuclear spring

A Tehran with a stake in settling the Middle East’s lethal problems could be transformative

Corruption claims overshadow Iraq polls

Vast sums of money flow into parties’ campaigns

The Fragile Middle

Slowdown puts 1bn middle class at risk

FT analysis questions durability of march out of poverty in emerging markets

A Syrian refugee mother and son discuss which goods to buy in front of signs explaining how to use the credit cards given to Syrian refugees, Burqayel, Akkar, Lebanon, April 8th, 2014.
©Bridgette Auger

Mixed fortunes for Lebanon’s refugees

Business is driven by Syrians and the aid they bring

Oil price falls after Libya blockade deal

Terminals to reopen after eight months in rebel hands

The risks of a nuclear Saudi Arabia

A move into civilian power generation will have an enormous impact for the world’s energy markets

Accusations of blame fly in Mideast talks

Netanyahu and Abbas both say other side taking unilateral steps

Brotherhood probe stirs Whitehall tension

Inquiry ‘not intended to lead to proscription’

Olmert found guilty of corruption

Possible jail term of 10 years awaits former Israeli PM

Egypt presidential poll set for late May

Election expected to formalise Sisi’s de facto rule

Presidency could be poisoned chalice for Sisi

Former defence minister expected to coast to victory in elections

Obama meets Saudi king to mend relations

Monarch attempts to cement stability as president visits

Erdogan’s shallow democracy will falter

Popularity means little when leaders are losing legitimacy by the day

Can populism and putsch work in Egypt?

Unclear how Sisi can play unifying figure country needs

Sculptor caught up in Iran’s culture wars

Defence lawyers boycott Egypt mass trial

Death sentences in earlier case provoke outrage

Syrian rebels make first gains on coast

Anti-Assad forces focus on struggle for main port of Latakia

Ben Ali changed rules to family’s benefit

World Bank researchers say cronyism still stifles business

Shia fighters tip balance in Syria

Syria’s war has become embedded in Shia communities in the region