Tunisia declares state of emergency

Army and police handed more authority and some public rights curbed

An alley in downtown Tunis: illegal mosques have proliferated amid a lack of infrastructure in neglected areas of Tunisia

Terrorism: Radical shift

Security services alarmed by Tunisia’s young killer and his progression to gun-wielding jihadi

RAF faces struggle to find more firepower

UK military challenged on commitments amid talk of Syria strikes

BBC’s Isis ‘impartiality’ upsets ministers

Broadcaster rejects pressure to change way it refers to group

Egyptian army hits at foreign media

Military says overseas journalists acting to dent morale

Iran Guards eye threat to business

Hardliners fear what nuclear deal will mean for commercial empire

Egypt militants kill at least 64 soldiers in Sinai

Clashes raise fears of spiralling violence

Terror must not trample on Tunisian institutions

It is not for the outside world to impose governance and economic reforms, writes Claire Spencer

Election of Turkish speaker signals coalition progress

Prospect raised of alliance between ruling party and nationalists

Soap opera casts Islamists as bad guys

The programme’s political message is that President Al-Sisi is returning Egypt to its true nature

Saudi prince pledges fortune to charity

Multibillion-dollar wealth to be donated in one of biggest philanthropic gestures in history

Charity challenges MoJ on Saudi jails bid

Human rights group seeks review of attempt to provide services

Tunisia PM calls for help to fight attacks

Essid says tourist killer was trained in Libya

Turkey eyes setting up Syria safe zone

Move would aim to stop Kurdish militia capturing new border areas

Coalition needed to defeat Isis

Mideast’s common threads must be pulled together before they unravel

Israeli anger grows over Leviathan deal

Netanyahu forced into climbdown over $6.5bn project amid growing disagreement with opposition MPs

Egypt’s top prosecutor dies in car bomb

Escalation in campaign of violence targeting members of judiciary

Jihadis draw on Tunisia’s poor districts

Islamists feed on social problems to recruit disaffected youth

Jordan to set up southern Syria buffer zone

Plans will provide first haven for refugees and fighters

Salvage security from the botched Iran deal

Israelis fear they may be left alone to face the ayatollahs