Opposition politicians join Turkish cabinet

Kurdish group joins interim government ahead of early elections

Egypt jails Al Jazeera journalists

International outcry over crackdown on free speech

©Piotr Zalewski

Young Kurds take up arms against Turkey

Youths progress from throwing rocks to firing guns

Something rotten in the state of Lebanon

Support for the You Reek campaign has come from all religions and ethnicities

Erdogan’s election gamble in Turkey

President ignores June result to continue quest for one-man rule

New allies against Isis also pose threats

US-led coalition makes progress but militias’ rise signals future violence, writes Aaron Stein

Lebanon protests over rubbish intensify

Thousands chanting Arab uprising slogan demand PM’s resignation

Isis destroys ancient temple in Palmyra

Unesco deplores ‘systematic destruction of cultural symbols’

Thwarted attack exposes French vulnerability

Motives for Ayoub el-Khazzani’s planned assault remain unclear

Turkey’s Isis shift is a big US success

Ankara’s vision of an independent Middle East foreign policy has collapsed, writes Jeremy Shapiro

Olive oil exports boost Tunisian economy

Bumper crop coincides with high global prices after poor harvests in Italy and Spain

Violence brings despair to Turkey’s Kurds

Fighting cripples economy of region on cusp of recovery

Khaled al-Asaad, archaeologist, 1932-2015

Guardian of Syrian city strove to save his ‘Venice of the Sands’

Israeli aircraft strike Golan targets

Netanyahu government blames Iran for cross-border bombardment and protests to world powers

Israel points at Iran over military duel

Positions in Syria are hit after rocket attacks in Galilee

Greece could face September elections

Tsipras attempts to fortify leadership after bailout deal

Arab coalition to pursue Houthis in Yemen

Pledge by official could see fighting enter even deadlier phase

Germany to receive 800,000 asylum seekers

Record figures lay bare scale of Europe’s refugee crisis

Yemen on edge of famine, warns UN

Commercial and humanitarian food supplies held up amid conflict

A Beirut house and the memories beneath

Lebanon’s reluctance to delve into past has risked conflict