Turkey hits back at western Isis criticism

Ankara calls on partners to stop foreign fighters

Palestinians gather after ceasefire agreement

UAE and Egypt warned over Libya raids

Fears outside interference exacerbates divisions

Israel and Hamas agree open-ended truce

Hopes rise of end to 7-week-old Gaza war

Iraqi Kurds fear infiltration by Isis

Gun market does brisk business as suspicions grow

Libya’s neighbours call for international help

Fears that lawlessness could spill into other countries

Israel halves rate to lowest level yet

Tourism and exports hit by foreign reaction to Gaza operation

Hero of revolution wages war on Libyan government

Militia leader Badi tries to maintain Islamist domination

Iran claims to have downed Israeli drone

Tehran alleges aircraft trying to spy on Natanz nuclear facility

Isis gains hit business in Iraqi Kurdistan

Investors sit tight and hope for the best

Militia claims control of Tripoli airport

Islamist forces seize international hub after weeks of fighting

Hamas kills alleged Israeli spies

Suspected collaborators were shot dead in a crackdown

Use Assad to defeat Isis, says Rifkind

Senior British MP warns against being ‘squeamish’ about methods

Israeli strike kills 3 Hamas commanders

Gaza war appears to enter new phase of targeted killings

Deranged killers who pose as terrorists

The disturbed and the deluded swell the ranks of a black-clad army

Germany agrees to arm Iraq

Kurds take tough line in government talks

Premier-designate Abadi races to form cabinet

Rockets prompt Israel to end Gaza talks

Negotiators leave truce talks as conflict resumes

Iraqi forces fail to retake Tikrit

Fighting comes as pontiff calls for UN action to stop Isis

Yemen’s Shia rebels threaten transition

Surge in sectarian violence could spoil unity moves