Jerusalem on edge after shooting of rabbi

Israel to reopen access to al-Aqsa on Friday

Med becomes a no-man’s land for migrants

Journey to Europe looks set to become still more perilous

Mediterranean migrants test humanity

Letting refugees drown is an indecent policy, writes Paddy Ashdown

Yair Lapid
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Israeli minister vetoed settlement funds

Finance chief refused funding that would inflame tensions

Web draws western women to jihadi ranks

Networking helps foster ‘jihadi girl power subculture’

Isis shows political sophistication

Damaging the fragile cohesion of neighbouring states gives jihadis a reach beyond Syria and Iraq

Tunisia secular party claims poll victory

Nida Tunis says partial results give it at least 83 seats

Egypt steps up crackdown on militants

Vital infrastructure put under military authority after spate of attacks

Oil price fall temporary, says Saudi executive

Population growth will spur sales, says Sabic head

Lebanese army fights Sunni militants

Sectarian tensions have intensified in wake of Syrian conflict

Allure of Isis attracts Libya’s jihadis

Fears grow over dangerous partnerships to win civil war

Tunisians vote in landmark elections

Moderate Islamists and secular rival are frontrunners

Islamists kill 31 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai

Cairo said to be preparing retaliation

Tunisia police kill six ahead of poll

Violence highlights threats to the country’s fragile democracy

Tunisia poll takes place amid disillusionment

Nine out of 10 people surveyed describe economy as ‘bad’

US accuses allies of buying Isis oil

Islamist group earning as much as $1m a day, says Treasury official

A chance for Islam to unite against Isis

A lack of central authority leaves the Sunnis vulnerable

Battle revives Kurds’ nationalist ambitions

Defence of Kobani has become a rallying call for stateless Kurds

Houthi expansion threatens Yemeni strait

Interference with shipping could hit global trade through Suez Canal

Women targeted in Iran power struggle

Attacks part of campaign by hardliners to ‘propagate virtue’